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Ministry of Defence acronyms and abbreviations


1ACC No.  1  Air Control Centre 1SL First Sea Lord 200D Second OOD 200W Second 00W 2C Second Customer 2C (CL) Second Customer (Core Leadership) 2C (PM) Second Customer (Pivotal Management) 2CMG Customer  2  Management Group 2IC Second in Command 2Lt Second Lieutenant 2nd PUS Second Permanent Under Secretary of State 2SL Second Sea Lord 2SL/CNH Second Sea Lord Commander in Chief Naval Home Command 3GL Third Generation Language 3IC Third in Command 3PL Third Party Logistics 3PN Third Party Nationals 4C Co‐operation Co‐ordination Communication Control 4GL Fourth Generation Language A&A Alteration & Addition A&A Approval and Authorisation A&AEW Avionics And Air Electronic Warfare A&E Assurance and Evaluations A&ER Ammunition and Explosives Regulations A&F Assessment and Feedback A&RP Activity & Resource Planning A&SD Arms and Service Director A/AS Advanced/Advanced Supplementary A/D conv Analogue/ Digital Conversion A/G Air‐to‐Ground A/G/A Air Ground Air A/R As Required A/S Anti‐Submarine A/S or AS Anti Submarine A/WST Avionic/Weapons, Systems Trainer A3*G Acquisition  3 ‐Star Group A3I Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative A3P Advanced Avionics Architectures and Packaging AA Acceptance Authority AA Active Adjunct AA Administering Authority AA Administrative Assistant AA Air Adviser AA Air Attache AA Air‐to‐Air AA Alternative Assumption AA Anti‐Aircraft AA Application Administrator AA Area Administrator AA Australian Army AAA Anti‐Aircraft Artillery AAA Automatic Anti‐Aircraft AAAD Airborne Anti‐Armour Defence

AAAD All Arms Air Defence AAAI Association of Australian Aerospace Industries AAAM Advanced Air‐to‐Air Missile AAAP Advanced Avionics Architecture and Policy AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAAW Advanced Airborne Anti‐Armour Weapon AABM Air‐to‐Air Battle Management AABW Antarctic Bottom Water AAC All‐Aspect Capability AAC Army Air Corps AAC Automatic Amplitude Control AACMI Autonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation AACOMS Army Area Communications System AACP Advanced Airborne Command Post AACR Anglo‐American Community Relations AACS Airborne Advanced Communications System AACS Automatic Access Control Systems AACT Air‐to‐Air Combat Test AAD Area Air Defence AAD Army Armament Depot AADEOS Advanced Air Defence Electro‐Optical Sensor AADGE Allied Command Europe Air Defence Ground Environment AAE Arms Ammunition & Explosives AAED Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy AAEE Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment AAF Auxiliary Air Force AAFCE Allied Air Forces Central Europe AAFSS Advanced Aerial Fire‐Support System AAG Air‐to‐Air Gunnery AAG Anti‐Aircraft Gun AAGW Air‐to‐Air Guided Weapon AAH Advance Attack helicopter AAI Ambient Attitude Detector AAI Angle of Approach/Attack Indicator AAICP Air‐to‐Air Interrogator Control Panel AAIED Anti Armour Improvised Explosive Device AAIP Analogue Auto‐land Improvement Programme AAL Above Aerodrome Level AAL ATM Adaptation Layer AALAAW Advanced Air‐Launched Anti‐Armour Weapon AALC Amphibious Assault Landing Craft AALPS Automated Air Load Planning System AAM Air‐to‐Air Missile AAMC Alternative Acceptable Means of Compliance AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation AAMOUR Anglo‐Australian Memorandum Of Understanding on Research AAMTU Automatic Antenna Matching and Tuning Unit AANCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post AAO Agency Accounting Officer AAO Air‐to‐Air Operations AAOS Acoustic Artillery Observer Sub‐system AAP AA Practice ammunition AAP Allied Administrative Publication

AAP Annual Application Plans AAP Anti‐Aircraft Practice AAPSO Afro‐Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation AAQMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General AAR After Action Review AAR Air to Air Refuelling AARA Air‐to‐Air Refuelling Area AARADCOM Army Armament Research and Development Command AARB Advanced Aerial Refuelling Boom AARMAC Air‐to‐Air Macro AART Ab‐initio Airborne Radar Trainer AAS Advanced Automation System AAT All Arms Trencher AATDC Army Air Transport and Development Centre AATH Automatic Approach to Hover AATS Anti‐Aircraft Training System AATU Automatic Antenna Tuning Unit AAUS Active Adjunct Undersea Surveillance AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicles AAV Autonomous Aerial Vehicle AAVP Assault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel AAVR Assault Amphibian Vehicle Recovery AAW Advanced Analysts Workstation AAW Anti‐Air Warfare AAW Anti‐Armour Weapon AAWC AAW Commander AAWC Anti‐Air Warfare Commander AAWC Anti‐Air Warfare Controller AAWC Anti‐Air Warfare Co‐ordinator AAWC As And When Contract AAWO Anti‐Air Warfare Officer AAWS Advanced Anti‐tank Weapon System AAWS‐H Anti‐Armour Weapons System – Heavy AAWS‐M Advanced Anti‐tank Weapon System – Medium AAWWS Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System AB Able Seaman AB Admiralty Board AB Air Base AB Airborne AB Army Board AB Assault Breaker AB  88  Lift Equipment Register Form Book ABA Adaptation Box Assembly ABACUS All Arms Battlefield Computer Simulation ABACUS Artillery Battery Computer Support system ABC Acquisition Behavioural Competences ABC Activity Based Costing ABC All purpose Ballastable Crawler ABC All purpose Battle Computer ABC America Britain and Canada ABC Argentina Brazil, Chile ABC Atomic Biological/Bacteriological and Chemical ABC Automatic Boost Control

ABC Automatic Brightness Control ABC PARETO Cost Accounting ABCA American British Canadian Australian ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre ABCD American British Chinese and Dutch ABCF Acquisition Behavioural Competence Framework ABDR Aircraft Battle Damage Repair ABES Air Breathing Engine System ABF Adaptive Beam Forming ABF Annular Blast Fragmentation warhead ABF Army Benevolent Fund ABFM American Board of Foreign Missions ABI Application Binary Interface ABI Association of British Insurers ABICS ADA Based Integrated Control System ABIOS Advanced Basic Input Output System ABIS All‐Bus Instrumentation System ABIT Advanced Built‐In Test ABL Airborne Laser ABLE Automated Bridge Launching Equipment ABM Activity Based Management ABM Adaptive Bandwidth Management ABM Anti‐Ballistic Missile ABM Assignment Bid Manager ABM Assistant Bandmaster ABMD Advanced Ballistic Missile Defence ABMS Air Battle Management System ABMT Anti‐Ballistic Missile Treaty ABNL Admiral, Benelux and Netherlands ABO Access Basing and Overflight ABO Army Band Office ABO’s Agents of Biological Origin ABOT Al Basrah Oil Terminal ABPW Admiralty Board Professional Warning ABRC Advisory Board for the Research Councils ABRES Advanced Ballistic Re‐Entry System ABRO Army Base Repair Organisation ABRV Advanced Ballistic Re‐entry Vehicle ABS Accounting & Banking Services ABS Activity Breakdown Structure ABS Amphibious Bridging System ABS Anti‐Lock Braking System ABs Awarding Bodies ABS(T) Amphibious Bridging System (Tracked) ABS(W) Amphibious Bridging System (Wheeled) ABSA Advanced Base Support Aircraft ABSD Army Blood Supply Depot ABSOC Advanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada ABSV Armoured Battlefield Support Vehicle ABT Advanced Back‐plane Technology ABT Advanced Bi‐CMOS Technology ABTA Association of British Travel Agents ABTAL Aircraft Branch Temporary Amendment Leaflet

ABTC Air Battle Training Centre ABU Aviation Bird Unit ABW Abbey Wood AC Acceptance Criteria AC Accounting Code AC Active Component AC Additional Capability AC Air Coordinator AC Aircraft Controller AC Aircraftman AC Alternating Current AC Ammunition Container AC Analyst Console AC Area Coverage antenna AC Authorisation Committee AC Authorisation Condition. AC & CS Air Command & Control Systems Ac Comd Aircraft Commander Ac Tech Aircraft Technician AC(H) Aircraft Controller (Helicopters)) AC/RC Active Component/Reserve Component ACA Airspace Control Authority ACA Allied Control Authority ACA Ammunition Container Assembly ACA Application Control Architecture ACA Army Cataloguing Authority ACAB Air Cavalry Attack Brigade ACAC Air Cargo Allocation Centre ACADA Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm ACALS Army Computer aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support ACAM AUV Concept Assessment Model ACAP Advanced Composite Airframe Programme ACARD Advisory Council for Applied Research and Development ACARS Automatic Communications and Reporting System ACAS Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ACAS Airborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System ACAS Airfield Chemical Alarm System ACAS Assistant Chief of the Air Staff ACAST Advisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology ACBS Atmosphere Control Breathing System ACC Air Component Commander ACC Aircraft Commodities ACC Alternative Command Centre ACC Area Control Centre ACC Army Catering Corps ACC Artillery Control Console ACC Avionics Computer Control ACC Axis Controlled Carrier ACCAC Qualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales ACCAP ACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool ACCE AFCEA Computing Conference and Exhibition ACCESS Aircraft Computerised Equipment Support System ACCESS WAH64 Attack Helicopter Logistic Support System

ACCHAN Allied Command Channel ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System ACCM Acoustic Counter Counter Measure Accn Accommodation ACCOMS Acoustic Communications ACCORD Advanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator ACCORD Application to Co‐ordinate Comments On Repository ACCS Advanced Communications Control System ACCS Air Command and Control System ACCS Airborne Computing and Communications System ACCS Allied Command and Control System ACCS Army Command and Control System ACCS Authorisation Condition Compliance Statement ACCSA Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency ACCSCO ACCS Company Acct Accountant Acctng Accounting ACCU Alternate Current Charging Unit ACCV Armoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle ACD Access Control Device ACD Authentication Control Device ACD Automated Chart Display ACD Automatic Call Distribution ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency ACDP Armament Control and Display Panel ACDS Advanced Combat Direction System ACDS Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System ACDS Air Combat Direction System ACDS Assistant Chief of Defence Staff ACDS Automatic Computer‐controlled Dispensing System ACDS Automatic Countermeasures Dispensing System ACDS (Ops) Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Operations) ACDS(CIS) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command‐Control‐Comms and Info Sys) ACDS(L) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Logistics) ACDS(O) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Overseas) ACDS(Prog) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Programmes) ACDSLogOps Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff Logistic Operations ACDU Area Clearance Diving Unit ACE Actuator Control Electronics ACE Advanced Computing Environment ACE Agile Control Experiment ACE Allied Command Europe ACE Analogue Code Encryption ACE Armoured Combat Earth‐mover ACE Army Collaborative Environment ACE Asset Control and Evaluation ACE COMSEC ACE Communications Security ACE High ACE tropo‐scatter communications system ACEATM Aimed Controlled Effect Anti Tank Mine ACELIP ACE Long‐term Infrastructure Plan ACEP Automatic Contact Evaluation Plotter ACES Advanced Carry‐on ELINT/ESM Suite ACES Advanced‐Concept Escape System

ACES Aeroequip Corp. Engineering Standard ACES Arrow Continuation Experiments ACET Air‐cushion Equipment Transporter ACETEF Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility ACEWS Automated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System ACF Acquisition Competence Framework ACF Army Cadet Force ACG Amphibious Combat Group ACGC Agency Clinical Governance Committee ACGF Aluminium‐Coated Glass‐Fibre ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff ACH Advanced Compound Helicopter ACH Anti‐Condensation Heater ACHDF Air Commander Home Defence Forces AChE AcetylCholinEsterase ACI American Concrete Institute ACI Armament Control Indicator ACIA Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter ACID Atomicity Consistency Isolation and Durability ACINT Acoustic Intelligence ACIS Armament Control Indicator Set ACISA Army CIS Authority ACISG Arms Command and Control, Communications and Information Systems Group ACL Access Control List ACLANT Allied Command Atlantic ACLOS Automated Command to Line Of Sight ACLS Air Cushion Landing System ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System ACLT Aircraft Carrier Landing Trainer ACM Advanced Cruise Missile ACM Air Chief Marshal ACM Air Combat Manoeuvre ACM Anti‐Armour Cluster Munitions ACME Advanced Core Military Engine ACMEST Air Combat Manoeuvring Expert Systems Trainer ACMI Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation ACMR Air Combat Manoeuvring Range ACMS Air Combat Manoeuvring Simulator ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System ACMS Application Control and Management System ACMS Armament Control and Monitoring System ACMS Automatic Communication Management System ACMT Advanced Cruise Missile Technology ACN Activity Control Number ACN Aircraft Classification Number ACNIP Auxiliary Communications, Navigation and Identification Panel ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff Acnts Accounts ACO Administrative Contracting Officer ACO Airspace Control Order ACO Airspace Co‐ordination Order ACO Allied Command Operations ACO(W) Atomic Co‐ordinating Office (Washington)

ACOD Access Code ACOP Approved Code of Practice ACOR Authorised Contractor Record ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff ACOS(AV) Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN ACOS(CIS) Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems) ACOS(M&D) Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental) ACOS(OPS) Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans) ACOS(P&S) Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support) ACOS(POL) Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy) ACOS(W) Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare) ACOST Advisory Committee on Science and Technology ACOVS Artillery Combat Observer Vehicle Simulator ACP Active Cathodic Protection ACP African/Caribbean/Pacific ACP Airborne Command Post ACP Airspace Change Proposal ACP Allied Communications Publication ACP Altimeter Check Point ACP Ammunition Control Point ACP Anti‐Collision Plot ACP Armament Control Panel ACP Automatic Colt Pistol ACPA Adaptive‐Controlled Phased Array ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers ACPS Action Plot Supervisor Acq Acquisition ACR Advanced Combat Rifle ACR Aerial Combat Reconnaissance ACR Air Control Radar A‐CREDIT Automated Cost Resource and Data Integration Tool ACRIM Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor ACRV Armoured Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle Acs Agreed Characteristics ACS Air Command Simulator ACS Air Commando Squadron ACS Airborne Control System ACS Aircraft Cross‐Servicing ACS Airspace Control System ACS Application Control Structure ACS Armament Control System ACS Assisted Carriage System ACS Attitude Control System ACS Automatic Channel Selection ACSA Acquisition cross‐service agreement ACSA Allied Communications Security Agency ACSA Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor ACSA(C) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Capabilities) ACSA(N) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Nuclear) ACSA(P) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Projects) ACSA(R) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Research) ACSAS Army Command Support Application Suite ACSC2 Advanced Command and Staff Course  2 

ACSE Association Control Service Element ACSM Advanced Conventional Stand‐off Missile ACSM Air Commodore Supply and Movements ACSM Assemblies Component Spare parts and Materials ACSR Active Control of Structural Response ACSSB Amplitude Companded Single Side‐Band ACSTB Air Command System Test Bed ACSTP ACE Command and Staff Training Program ACSU Air Combat Support Unit ACT Acquisition and Commercial Team ACT Active Control Technology ACT Air Combat Training ACT Air Control Team/Technology ACT Air‐portable Cargo Trailer ACT Allied Command Transformation ACT Anti‐Communications Threat ACT Area Capability Training ACTCOST Activity Cost Analysis ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator ACTEW Acoustic Charged Transport Electronic Warfare ACTIS Advanced Compact Thermal Imaging System ACTO Attractive to Criminals and Terrorist Organisations ACTS Advanced Communications Technology Satellite ACTS Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances ACTS Air Commodore Training Support ACTUR Aviation Turbine Fuel ACU Acceleration Control Unit ACU Adaptive Control Unit ACU Air Chiller/Conditioning Unit ACU Airborne Computer Unit ACU Aircraft Control Unit ACU Analysis Control Unit ACU Antenna Control Unit ACU Artillery Computer Unit ACU Automatic Calling Unit ACU Avionics Control Unit ACV Acquisition and Command Vehicle AcV Acquisition View ACV Air Cushion Vehicle ACV Armoured Cannon Vehicle ACV Armoured Command Vehicle ACVT Armoured Combat Vehicle Technology Programme ACVT Armoured Combat Vehicle Tracked ACW Adjusted Charge Weight ACWAR Agile Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar ACWS Advanced Colour Work Station AD Accidental Damage AD Action Data AD Air Defence AD Air Division AD Analogue/Digital AD Anno Domini AD Area‐Denial munitions

AD Armament Division AD Army Department AD Arrival Date AD Assistant Director AD Assistant Director or Air Defence AD Authorised Demander AD BISA Air Defence BISA AD SM Assistant Director Service Management AD/ADE Assistant Director/Armaments, Documentation and Engineering AD/ADRP AD/Airworthiness, Design Requirements and Procedures in the DPA AD/Cycle Analysis and Design (through life) to Code generation AD/Eng Pol AD/Engineering Policy in DGES(Air) DLO AD/IE Assistant Director Information Engineering AD/MR(Nuc) Assistant Director Material and Research (Nuclear) AD/OE Assistant Director/Ordnance Engineering AD/QOI Assistant Director/Quality Ordnance Inspection AD/TC Assistant Director Trident Co‐ordination AD/XJAM Artillery Delivered Expendable Jammer ADA Action Data Automation ADA Air Danger Area ADA Air Defence Area ADA Air Defence Artillery ADA Air Defended Area ADAC ASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre ADACS Airborne Digital Automatic Collection system ADACS Alarm and Distributed Access Control System ADAD Air Defence Alerting Device ADAM Area Denial Artillery Munitions ADAMS Air Defence Advanced Mobile System ADAMS Air Defence Anti‐Missile System ADAMS Allied Deployment & Movement System ADAPS Automatic Data Acquisition and Processing ADAPT Acquisition of NEC and Dabinett Programme Team ADAR Airfield Damage And Repair ADARIO Analogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output ADARS Adaptive Antenna Receiver System ADAS Airborne Data Acquisition System ADAS Airfield Damage Assessment System ADAS Auxiliary Data Annotation Set AdatP Allied Data Publication ADat‐P3 Automatic Data Processing (Standard) ADATS DT Air Defence and Air Traffic Systems Delivery Team ADAU Auxiliary Data Acquisition Unit ADAWS Action Data Automatic Weapons System ADAWS Action Data Automation Weapon System ADAWW Assistant Director Above Water Warfare ADAZ Air Defence Zone ADBMS Air Defence Battle Management Simulation ADBriC Air Defence Bridging Capability ADC Acoustic Device Countermeasure ADC Action Data & Control ADC Additional Duties Commitment (type of reserve service) ADC Aide‐De‐Camp

ADC Air Data Computer ADC Air Defence Command ADC Air Defence Commander ADC Analogue to Digital Converter ADC Analogue‐to‐Digital Conversion/Converter ADC Annual Delegate Conference ADC Armament Directors Conference ADC Army Doctrine Committee ADC Assessment and Development Centre ADC Assistant Director Contracts ADC Asynchronous Digital Combiner ADC(X) Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier ADC/WDO Action Data & Communications / Weapons Delivery & Ordnance ADCA Advanced Design Composite Aircraft ADCAP Advanced Capabilities ADCAPARM Advanced Capabilities Anti‐Radar Missile ADCC Air Defence Control Centre ADCC Air Direction Control Centre ADCIS Air Defence Communication and Information System ADCIS Army Air Defence CIS System ADCOM Aerospace Defence Command ADCON Administrative Control ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profile ADCP Assistant Director Corporate Planning ADCS Air Data Computer System ADCT Aircraft Data Configuration Tool ADD Agency for Defence Development ADDC Air Defence Data Centre ADDS Advanced Decoy Dispenser System ADDS Advanced Digital Dispensing System ADDS Army Data Distribution System ADE Aerial Delivery Equipment ADE Aeronautical Development Establishment ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency ADECS Advanced Digital Engine Control System ADEKS Advanced Design Electronics Key System ADELA Atlantic Development Group for Latin America ADELT Automatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transponder ADEN Armament Designed Enfired ADESM Automatic Data Extraction from Signal Messages ADEWS Air Defence Electronic Warfare System ADEX Air Defence Exercise ADF Automatic Direction Finding ADF Automatic Document Feeder ADFCC Air Force Defence Control Centre ADG Accessory‐Drive Generator ADG Aircraft Delivery Group ADGBS Air Defence Ground Based Systems ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment ADGS Air Defence Gun Sight ADH Air Danger Height ADI Accounts Desktop Interrogator ADI Air Defence Initiative

ADI Attitude Director Indicator ADIB Air Deployable Ice Beacon ADIMP Ada Improvement Programme ADIRS Air Data and Inertial Reference System ADIRS Airfield Damage Information and Reporting System ADIT Automatic Detection and Tracking Unit ADITT Aerially Deployed Ice Thickness Transponder ADIVS Air Defence Inter‐operability Validation System ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone adj adjustment Adjt Adjutant Adjt‐Gen Adjutant‐General ADKEM Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile ADL advanced distributed learning ADL Armament Data Line ADL Authorised Data List ADL Authorised Demander Level ADLBS ASACS Data Link Buffer System ADLIPS Automatic Data Link Plotting System ADLS Assistant Director Logistic Support ADM Adaptive Delta Modulation ADM Add Drop Mux Adm Admiral ADM Advanced Development Model ADM Aerodrome Design Manual ADM African Democratic Movement ADM Air Decoy Missile ADM Asynchronous Data Modem ADM Atomic Demolition Munitions ADMD Administrative Managed Domains ADMD Administrative Management Domain ADMEM Academic Department of Military Emergency Medicine Admin Administrator/Administration ADMIS Army Department Management Information System ADMT Assistant Director Movements and Transport ADMU Air Distance Measuring Unit ADNAR Assistant Director Nuclear Accident Response ADNC Air Defence Notification Centre ADNOCS Advanced Digital Optical Control System ADNP Assistant Director Nuclear Propulsion ADOC Air Defence Operations Centre ADOP Advanced Distributed Onboard Processor ADOPT Aerodynamic Design Optimisation for Long Duct Nacelles ADP Admiralty Driving Permit. ADP Air Defence Philosophy ADP Arab Democratic Party ADP Army Doctrine Publication ADP Auto Data Processing ADP Automated Data Processing ADP Automatic Data Processing ADP Automatic/Advanced Data Processing ADPA American Defence Preparedness Association ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

ADPCM Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment ADPG Air Defence Planning Group ADPMP(QA) Assistant Director Procurement Management Policy (Quality Assurance) ADPS(SS) Assistant Director Programmes and Support (Strategic systems) ADPSO Automatic Data Processing Selection Office ADQS Assistant Director Quality and Safety ADQUAL Additional Qualification ADR Accident Data Recorder ADR Accord Dangerous Routier ADR Active Decoy Round ADR Air Data Relay ADR Air Defence Region ADR Airfield Damage Repair ADR Allocation Deficiency Report ADR(LS) Assistant Director Research (Life Sciences) ADR+ Advanced Digital Radio + ADRC Advanced Defence Radar Controller ADREF No Admiralty Reference Number ADRG ARC Digital Radar Graphics ADRG ARC Digitised Raster Graphics ADROWPU Advanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit ADRP Aircraft Design Approvals Requirements & Procedure ADRS Airfield Damage Repair Squadron ADRTIES Advanced Digital Radar Imagery Exploitation System ADRU Advanced Defence Radar Unit ADS Accreditation Document Set ADS Acoustic Detection System ADS Active Dipping Sonar ADS Advanced Deployable Systems program ADS Air Data System ADS Air Defence System ADS Aircraft Document Set ADS Ammunition Delivery System ADS Architectural Design Study ADS Astronomical Data Services ADS Audio Distribution System ADS Automatic Defence System ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance ADS/PS Assistant Director Project Support AdSAAMS Advanced Surface‐to‐Air Missile System ADSAF Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field ADSCM Advanced Ship Communications ADSI Air Defence Systems Integrator ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency ADSL Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop ADSM Air Defence Suppression Missile ADSP Advanced Digital Signal Processor ADSR(CD)) Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development) ADST Assistant Director Supply and Transport ADSU Air Data Sensor Unit ADT Additional Duty for Training

ADT Administrative Delay Time ADT Advanced Display Terminal ADT Air Data Terminal ADT Air Defence Technology programme ADT Airborne Data Terminal ADT Alphanumeric Display Terminal ADT Assistant Director Training ADT Assured Deterrent Time ADT Automatic Data Transmission ADT Automatic Detection and Tracking ADT3 Air Defence Tactical Training Centre ADTC Armament Development and Test Centre ADTD Assistant Director Tactical Development ADTM Aircraft Data Transfer Module ADTU Auxiliary Data Transfer Unit ADU Air Data Unit ADU Air Defence Unit ADU Annotation Display Unit ADU Automatic Dialling Unit ADU Auxiliary Display Unit ADU Avionics Display Unit Adv Advanced ADV Air Defence Variant Adv Sig Advanced Signaller Adv Sig(S) Advanced Signaller (Systems) Advc Advice ADVC Airborne Digital Video Cassette ADVCAP Advanced Capability ADVICE Analogue and Digital Video Integrator and Contrast Advn Adventurous AdvnTrg Adventurous Training ADVON Advanced Echelon Advsr Advisor ADW Area Defence Weapon ADW Area Denial Weapon ADWRFS Armament Depot Weapon Repair Facility Statement ADZ Air Danger Zone AE Adult Education AE Aircraft Established AE Assault Echelon AE Authorising Engineer AEA Aircrew Equipment Assembly AEA Atomic Energy Authority AEA/SRD Atomic Energy/Safety & Reliability Directorate AEB Active Electronic Buoy AEC Air Element Co‐ordinator AEC Army Education Centre AEC Army Education Corps AEC Associated Equipment Company AEC Atomic Energy Commission AECB Arms Export Control Board AECC Aeromedical Evacuation Control Cell AECC Aeromedical Evacuation Control Centre

AECM Active Electronic Countermeasures AECMA Association European des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial AECO Aeromedical Evacuation Coordinating Officer AECU Advanced Electronic Control Unit AED Air Engineering Department AED Arms & Explosives Dog AED Automated Electronic Defibrillators AEDC Arnold Engineering Development Centre AEDF Asian Economic Development Fund AEDIT Aircraft Engineering Development & Investigation Team AEDS Atomic Energy Detection System AEF Air Experience Flying AEFSS Automatic Explosion/Fire Sensing and Suppression system AEGIS Advanced Engine/Gearbox Integrated System AEGIS Airborne Early Warning Ground Integration Segment AEGIS Airborne Early Warning Ground Integration System AEI Australian Electronics Industry Association AEL Accessible Emission Limit AEM Aviation Engineering and Maintenance AEMI Army Equipment Management Instruction AEMIS Army Equipment Management Information System AEMS Aviation Error Management System AEN Alternative ELINT Notation AEO Air Electronics Officer AEO Aircraft Engineer Officer AEO Army Estates Organisation AEOOW Assistant Engineer Officer of the Watch AEP Application Environment Profile AEQB Air Engineering Qualifying Board AER Approval Early Retirement AERE Atomic Energy Research Establishment AERS Access/Egress Roadway System AES Aeromedical Evacuation System AES Aircrew, Escape and Survival AES Application Environment Specification AES Arms and Explosives Search AES Auger Electron Spectroscopy AESB Army Environmental and Safety Board AESITS Aviation Equipment Support IT System AESOP Aircraft Equipment Support On‐Line Packages AESP Army Engineering Support Publication AESP Army Equipment Support Publication AESS Allied Environmental Support System AET Awareness, Education and Training AETG Advanced Electronic Technology Group AETIWG Air Environment Threat Information Working Group AETMS Airborne Electronic Terrain Mapping System AEU Aeromedical Evacuation Unit AEU Airborne Electronics Unit AEV Armoured Engineer Vehicle AEV Association of External Verifiers AEW Airborne Early Warning AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control

AEWTF Air‐crew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility AF Admiral of the Fleet AF Air Force AF Amphibious Force AF Armed Forces AF Army Form AF Attributable Faults AF Audio Frequency AFA Air Force Association AFA Area Firearms Adviser AFA Audio Frequency Amplifier AFA06 Armed Forces Act  2006  AFAAC Air Force and Anti‐Aircraft Command AFAALC Air Force and Anti‐Aircraft Logistics Command AFAAMS Anglo‐French Air‐to‐Air Missile System/Anti‐air Multi‐spectral Seeker AFAATC Air Force and Anti‐Aircraft Training Command AFAP Artillery‐Fired Atomic Projectile AFARV Armoured Forward‐Area Rearm Vehicle AFAS Advanced Field Artillery System AFASD Air Force Aeronautics systems Division AFASPO Air Force Automated Systems Project Office AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System AFATL Air Force Armaments Laboratory AFB Air Force Base AFB Air Force Board AFBMA Anti‐Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association AFBMD Air Force Ballistic Missile Division AFBMO Air Force Ballistic Missile Office AFBSC Air Force Board Standing Committee AFC Air Force Cross AFC Air Freight Centre AFC Armed Forces Committee AFC Automatic Frequency Control AFCAS Automatic Flight Control Augmentation System AFCC Air Force Communications Command AFCEA Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe AFCG Air Force Capability Group AFCMD Air Force Contract Management Division AFCO Armed Force Careers Office AFCPB Armed Forces Chaplaincy Policy Board AFCS Armed Forces Compensation Scheme AFCS Artillery Fire‐Control System AFCS Automatic Fire Control System AFCS Automatic Flight Control System AFD Air Fleet Division/Department, DTEO AFD Air Force Department AFD Automatic Feeding Device AFDC Air Freight Distribution Centre AFDE Arctic Fuels Dispensing Equipment AFDRG Anglo French Defence Research Group AFDS Advanced Flight‐Deck Simulator AFDS Air Fighting Development Squadron

AFDS Automated Fuel Dispensing System AFDS Automatic Flight Director System AFE Adult Further Education AFE Airborne Forces Equipment AFE Archaeological Field Evaluation AFE Authority Furnished Equipment AFED Available Force Element Day AFEDDS Automatic Fire and Explosion Detection and Suppression System AFES Automatic Fire Extinguishing System AFESD Air Force Electronic Systems Division AFEWC Air Force Electronic Warfare Centre AFEWES Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator AFEX Anglo‐French Exchange meeting AFFAS Armed Forces Financial Advisory Services AFFF Anglo‐French Future Frigate AFFF Aqueous Film‐Forming Foam AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Centre AFG Afghanistan AFG Anti‐Frogman Grenade AfgCC Afghan COIN Centre AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory AFGS Automatic Flight Guidance System AFI Annual Formal Inspection AFIC Air Force Intelligence Command AFIS Air Force Intelligence Service AFIS Allied Information Flow System AFLC Air Force Logistics Command AFM Air Force Manual AFM Armed Forces Memorial AFMC Air Force Materiel Command AFMM Assistant Functional Machinery Manager. AFMM (M) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Maintenance) AFMM (P) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Proc) AFMM(PROC) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Procurement) AFMS Automatic Flight Management System AFNCP Anglo‐French‐Netherlands Collaboration Programme AFNO Amphibious Forces Notes and Orders AFNON Allied Forces North Norway AFNOR Association Francais de Normalisation AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe AFNW Allied Forces North West AFO Area Flag Officer AFOLTS Automatic Fire Overheat Logic Test System AFOPG Air Force Operating and Performance Group AFOPS Armed Forces Overarching Personnel Strategy AFOPS Armed Forces Over‐Arching Personnel Strategy AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFP Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP Assault Fire Platoon AFP+ Assault Fire Platoon Plus AFPAA Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency AFPAK Afghanistan / Pakistan AFPRB Armed Forces Pay Review Body

AFPRO Air Force Plant Representative Office AFR Accident Frequency Rate AFR Air Force Regulation AFRES Air Force Reserve AFRP Aramid Fibre Reinforced Plastics AFS Advanced Flight Simulator AFS Air Force Station AFS Automatic Flight System AFS Automatic Frequency Selection AFS Auxiliary Fleet Support AFS Auxiliary Forward Support AFS(H) Auxiliary Fleet Support (with Helicopter) AFS(N) Auxiliary Forward Support (Helicopters) AFSARC Air Force Systems Acquisition Review Council AFSAT Air Force Satellite AFSATCOM Air Force Satellite Communications System AFSC Air Force Systems Command AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network AFSD Air Force Space Division AFSED Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development AFSH Auxiliary, Fleet Support, Helicopter carrying AFSK Audio Frequency Shift Keying AFSONOR Allied Forces South Norway AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Centre AFSV Armoured Fire Support Vehicle AFT Array Function Tester AFTA Advanced First Term Avionics AFTI Advanced Fighter Technology Integration AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network AFTS Air‐tech Firearms Training System AFU Air Filtration Unit AFU Assault Fire Unit AFV Armoured Family of Vehicles AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle AFV Det Armoured Fighting Vehicle Detector AFWAL Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory AFWS Airfield Frost Warning System AG Adjutant General AG Air Gunner AG Antenna Group AG Army Garrison (US) AG Attention Getter AGAI Army General and Administrative Instructions AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development AGC Adjutant General’s Corps AGC Automatic Gain Control AGCAS Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services AGCS Advanced Guidance and Control System AGCW Autonomous Guidance for Conventional Weapons AGCW Autonomously Guided Conventional Weapon

AGE Advanced Graphics Engine AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment AGE Aircraft Ground Equipment AGES Air Ground Engagement System AGES/AD Air‐to‐Ground Engagement/Air Defence AGETS Automated Ground Engine Test System AGEX Anglo‐German Exchange meeting AGF Army Ground Forces AGI Association for Geographic Information AGL Above Ground Level AGL Aeronautical Ground Light(Ing) AGL Airborne Gun Laying (radar) AGL Automatic Grenade Launcher AGLS Automatic Gun Laying System AGLT Airborne Gun Laying Turret AGM Air‐to‐Ground Missile AGM Annual General Meeting AGMA American Gear Manufacturers Association AGOG Air Ground Operation Group AGOUTI System for raising propellor cavitation speed AGPPE Advanced General Purpose Processor Element AGR Advanced Gas‐cooled Reactor AGRA Automatic Gain Ranging Amplifier AGREE Advisory Group on Reliability in Electronic Equipment AGS Advanced Ground Station AGS Aeronautical Ground Station AGS Aircraft General Spares AGS Aircraft General Stores AGS Air‐to‐Ground Surveillance AGS Air‐to‐Ground System AGS Alliance/Airborne Ground Surveillance AGS Armoured Gun System AGSS Auxiliary research submarine AGTS Air Gunnery Target System AGV Assault Gun Vehicle AGV Automated Guided Vehicle AGVT Advanced Ground Vehicle Technology AGZ Actual Ground Zero AH Artificial Horizon AH Attack Helicopter AHB Air Historical Branch AHB Attack Helicopter Battalion AHCA Additional Housing Cost Allowance AHCP Ad‐Hoc Collective Protection AHD Ad Hoc Duties (type of reserve service) AHdR Assistant Head Resettlement AHE Ammunition Handling Equipment AHEAD Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction AHEM Association of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers AHIP Army Helicopter Improvement Programme AHIT Advanced Hover Intercept Technology AHM Anti‐Helicopter Mine AHP Allied Hydrographic Publication

AHQ Air Headquarters AHQ Allied Headquarters AHQ Alternative DC HQ AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System AHRU Attitude and Heading Reference Unit AHS American Helicopter Society AHTOC Attack Helicopter Target Operational Characteristics AI Administrative Instruction AI Air Interdiction AI Airborne Intercept AI Airborne Interception AI Artificial Intelligence AI Automatic Identification AI2S Advanced Infra‐red Imaging Seeker AIA Aircraft Interface Assembly AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAAM Advanced Intercept Air‐to‐Air Missile AIAC ACCS Implementation Advisory Committee AIAG Automotive Industries Action Group AIAH Advanced Integrated Avionic Helmet AIAIT Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis AIB Admiralty Interview Board AIBU Advanced Interference Blanker Unit AIC Air Intelligence Centre AICORN Adaptive Intelligent Control of Radio Networks AICP Anglo‐Italian Collaboration Programme AICRO Association of Independent Contract Research Organisations AID Agency for International Development AIDB Anti‐Intrusion Defence Barriers AIDC Aero Industry Development Centre AIDLO Atomic and International Defence liaison Officer AIDS Acoustic Intelligence Data System AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS Advanced Integrated Display System AIDS Airborne Integrated Data System AIDU Aeronautical Information Documentation Unit AIDU Aeronautical Information Documents Unit AIEFSO Accident Investigation and Engineering Flight Safety Officer AIEWS Advanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System AIFF Advanced Identification Friend or Foe AIFF Audio Interchange File Format AIFFC Audio Interchange File Format plus Compression AIFS Advanced Indirect Fire System AIFTA Anglo‐Irish Free Trade Agreement AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle AIG Address Indicating Group AIG Address Indicator Group AIG Assistant Instructor of Gunnery AIG Automatic Indicator Group AII Accuracy Improvement Initiative AIIM Association for Information and Image Management AIL Advance Information Leaflet AILA Airborne Instrument Landing Approach system

AIM Active Inert Missile AIM Air Intercept Missile AIM Air Interceptor Missile AIM Air traffic control beacon IFF Mk XII system AIM Aircraft Inter‐phone and Mixer AIM Anti‐Invasion Mine AIM Armaments Inventory Management AIME Aircraft Integrity Monitoring Equipment AIMES Avionics Integrated Maintenance Expert System AIMIS Advanced Integrated Modular Instrumentation System AIMS Accident Information Management System AIMS Advanced Integrated MAD System AIMS Aircraft Identification Monitoring System AIMS Arctic Ice Monitoring System AIMS Armaments Information Management Systems AIMS Attitude Indicator Measurement System Aimval Air Intercept Missile Evaluation A‐in‐A Appropriations in Aid AINC Army Incident Notification Cell AINS Airborne Inertial Navigation System AIO Action Information Organisation AIP Accelerated Incremental Progression AIP Aeronautical Information Publication AIP Agreed Implementation Plan AIP Air‐Independent Propulsion AIPS Advanced Integrated Propulsion System AIPT Advanced Image Processing Terminal AIR Accident Incident Rate AIR AIR Command AIR Air Intercept Radar AIR Annual Infrastructure Report AIR Area Of Intelligence Responsibility Air Cdr Air Commodore Air Mshl Air Marshal AIRBALTAP Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches AIRNON Allied Air Forces Northern Norway AirOpsCen Air Operations Centre AIRS Advanced Inertial Reference System AIRS Airborne Integrated Reconnaissance System AIRS2P2 Air Sensors, Systems and Platform Protection AirSH Air Support Helicopter AIRSONOR Allied Air Forces Southern Norway AIRSOUTH Allied Air Forces Southern Europe AIRT Air‐to‐air Interceptor Radar Training AIS Advanced Instrumentation SubSystem AIS Aeronautical Information Service AIS Auto ID System AISD Advance Interoperability Services Demonstrator AISEC Army Information Engineering Command AISR Advanced Initial Spares Requirements AISS Alliance for Information Systems Skills AISS Armament Interim Stores System AISS Armaments Interim Supply Solution

AIT Advanced Intruder Test AIT Assembly Integration and Test AIT Automatic Identification Technology AITAT Armoured Infantry Training and Advisory Team AITT Association of Industrial Truck Trainers. AIU Active Inject Unit AIU Airborne Installation Unit AIU Aircraft Interface Unit AIU Armament Interface Unit AIU Audio Interface Unit AIVA Association of Internal Verifiers and Assessors AIWG Aeronautical Information Working Group AIWS Advanced Interdiction Weapon System AIX Advanced Interactive Executive AJ Anti‐Jam AJ Anti‐jamming AJF Allied Joint Force AJFHQ Allied Joint Force Headquarters AJM Anti‐Jam Modem AJOD Allied Joint Operations Doctrine AJOD WG Allied Joint Operations Doctrine Working Group AJP Allied Joint Publication AJPO Ada Joint Program Office AJS Advanced Jamming System AJT Advanced Jet Trainer AK Avtomat Kalashnikov AKX Army Knowledge Exchange AL Amendment List AL Analogue Loop AL xx Helicopter Alert State ALA Army Licensing Authority ALAAVA Advanced Light Armoured/Amphibious Vehicle System ALAD Automatic Liquid Agent Detector ALADEIN Assets Liabilities And Depot Equipment / Information Network ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable ALARM Air‐Launched Anti‐Radiation Missile ALARMS Airborne Laser Radar Mine Sensor ALARP As Low As is Reasonably Practicable ALARR Air‐Launched, Air‐Recoverable Rocket ALASIS Assignment Ledger and Automated Sales Invoicing System ALB Automatic Load‐dependent Brake ALBF Airland Battle Future ALBM Air‐Launched Ballistic Missile ALC Air Logistics Command ALC Alternate Logistics control number (LCN) Code ALC Army Learning Centre ALC Army Legal Corps ALC Automatic Level Control ALCAM Air‐Launched Conventional Attack Missile ALCC Airborne Launch Control Centre ALCE Army List of Classified Equipments ALCM Air‐Launched Cruise Missile ALCS Airborne Launch Control System

ALCV Armoured Land‐mine Clearing Vehicle ALDC Army Logistic Development Committee ALDP Airborne Laser Designator Pod ALDS Acquisition Leadership Development Scheme ALDS Acquisition Leadership Development Team ALDT Administrative & Logistics Delay Time ALE Arbitrary Lagrange‐Euler code ALE Automatic Link Establishment ALEBI Air/Land Enhancement for BFG Intelligence Alert Warning that an incident has occurred ALERTDECL Alert Stage / State Declaration ALERTS Airborne Laser Electronic warfare Receiver Training ALES Authorised List of Explosive Stores ALEX Automatic Launching of Expendable’s ALF Atomic Line Filter ALFENS Automated Low Flying Entry and Notification System ALFENS Automated Low Flying Flight Planning Enquiry and Management System ALFENS Automated Low‐Flying Flt‐Planning Enquiry & Notification System ALFS Airborne Low Frequency Sonar ALFS Automatic Low Flying Systems ALG Action Learning Group ALG Autonomous Landing Guidance ALGMS Advanced Laser‐Guided Missile System ALGOL Algorithmic Language ALGW Air Launched Guided Weapon ALH Active Laser Homing ALI Adult Learning Inspectorate ALI Air Land Integration ALI Automatic Line Integration ALIS Autonomic Logistic Information System ALISS Advanced Lightweight Influence Sweep System ALL Admiralty List of Lights ALLA Allied Long Lines Agency ALLD Airborne Laser Location Designator ALLDB Analysis and Lessons Learned Data Base ALLOCATION The band of frequencies available for a certain equipment, these are internationally cleared and form part of the International Telegraph Union (ITU) regulations. ALLOTMENT The list of frequencies available for the operation ALLTV All Light Level Television ALM Air and Littoral Manoeuvre ALM Air Launched Munitions ALM Air Loadmaster ALMDS Airborne Laser Mine Detection System ALMSS Air Launched Marine Sound Signal ALMV Air Launched Miniature Vehicle ALO Air Liaison Officer ALOC Air Line of Communications ALOFT Airborne Light Optical Fibre Technology ALOOS Air Liaison Officer Offensive Support ALOR Advisory Levels of Release ALOS Airborne Light Observation System ALOSH Air Liaison Officer Support Helicopters ALOTS Airborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System

ALP Ammunition Logistic Process ALPOS Anti‐Laser Protected Optical Sight ALPS Accidental Launch Protection System ALPS Air Load Planning System ALQA Automatic Link Quality Analysis ALRAAM Advanced long‐range Air‐to‐Air Missile ALRAD Airborne Laser Range‐finder And Designator ALRI Airborne Long‐range Radar Input ALRS Admiralty List of Radio Signals ALS Acquisition Logistics Standard ALS Advanced Launched System ALS Advanced Life Support ALS Army Legal Services ALS Augmented Logistics Support ALS Auxiliary Lighter ALSAD Aircraft Logistics Supply And Demand ALSG Air Logistics and Support Group ALSI Army Liability Staffing Instruction ALSL Alternative Landing Ship Logistic ALSP Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol ALSS Advanced Logistics Support Site ALSS Air‐Launched Saturation System missile ALT Administration Lead Time ALT Airborne Laser Tracker ALT Altimeter ALT Armoured Launching Turret ALT Attack Light Torpedo ALTA Advanced Lightweight Tactical Antenna ALTAIR ARPA Long‐range Tracking And Instrumentation Radar ALTBMD Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence ALTE Approved List of Test Equipment ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit ALW Air / Land Warfare ALW Amphibious and Land Warfare ALWT Advanced Lightweight Torpedo ALYCAT Aeromechanics Lynx Control and Agility Testbed AM Aircrew Manual AM Amplitude Modulation AM Ante Meridian AM Anti‐Material AM Application Manager AM Assignment Manager AMA Adaptive Multi‐function Antenna AMA Advanced Modern Apprenticeship AMA Artillery Manoeuvre Area AMACS Advanced Multi‐Axis Cueing Seat AMAD Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive AMANDA Ammunition Management Area Network Depot Aid AMANDA Ammunition Management Area Networked Depot Assistance AMANS Army Management Services AMARV Advanced Manoeuvring Re‐entry vehicle AMAS Alternate Main Access Switch AMAS Automated Manoeuvring Attack System

AMB Active Magnetic Bearing Amb Ambulance AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance AMC Acquisition Management Cell AMC Advanced Micro‐Electronics Converter AMC Air Material Command AMC Air Mobility Command AMC Aircraft Management Computer AMC Airframe/Armament Modification Committee AMC Army Material Command AMCA Air Movement and Control Association AMCA Avionic Modular Component Acquisition AMCAPS Affordable Manufacture of Composite Aircraft Primary Structure AMCB Army‐Marine Corps Board AMCCOM Armament Munitions and Chemical Command AMCM Advanced Mine Countermeasures AMCO Air Maintenance Control Office AMCS Airborne Missile Control System AMCS Alert Monitoring System Computer AMCSA Army Material Command Support Activity Office AMD Ammunition Marking Drawing AMD Army Medical Directorate AMDI Acoustic Miss Distance Indicator AMDP Aeromedical Panel AMDR Automatic Missile Detecting Radar AMDS Anti‐Missile Discarding Sabot AMDS Automatic Manoeuvring Device System AMDS Automatic Message Distribution System AME Air Movements Executive AME Amplitude Modulation Equivalent AME Angle Measuring Equipment AME Authorised Medical Examiner AMED Advanced Mechanical Engineering Demonstrator AMEDP Allied Medical Publication AMEPP Allied Maritime Environmental Protection Publication AMES Advanced Multiple Environment Simulator AMES Assistant Manager Engineering Services AMET Advanced Military Engine Technology AMET Advanced Military Engineering Technology AMETS Artillery Meteorological System AMEWS Automated Mobile EW System AMEX American Express AMF ACE Mobile Force AMF Allied Mobile Force AMF Attributable Mission Failures AMF(L) Allied Command Europe mobile Force (Land) AMF‐A ACE Mobile Force ‐ Air AMFCTS Artillery and Mortar Fire Control Training Simulator AMF‐L ACE Mobile Force ‐ Land AMG Aircraft Maintenance Group AMG Antenna Mast Groups AMGOT Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories AMH Allied Message Handling

AMHA Automatic Message Handling Assistance AMHMS Advanced Magnetic Helmet‐Mounted Sight AMHS Automated Message Handling System AMI Accounting and Management Information AMI Alternate Mark Inversion AMIDARS Airborne Minefield Detection And Reconnaissance System AMIDS Airborne Minefield Detection System AMIEE Associate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineering AMIK Automatic Target Recognition System AMIPSC Aircraft Maintenance Information Programme Steering Committee AMIR Anti‐Missile Infra‐Red AMIR Average Monthly Issue Rate AMIS African Mission in Sudan AMIS Air Movements Information Systems AMIS Anti‐Materiel Incendiary Sub‐munitions AMIS Automated Management Information System AMIT Aerospace Maintenance Information Technology AML Additional Maternity Leave AML Additional Military Layer AML Air Member for Logistics AML Augmentation Manning List AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display AMM Airworthiness Maturity Model AMM Anti‐Missile Missile AMN Admiralty Manual of Navigation AMNS Airborne Mine Neutralisation System AMO Air Movements Operations AMOP Amplitude Modulation On Pulse AMOPS Army Machine Readable‐Format Output Production System AMOS ARPA Maul Optical Station AMP Adaptive Mission Planning AMP Air Member for Personnel AMP Allied Minewarfare Publication AMP Assisted Maintenance Period AMP Aviation Modernisation Plan AMPA Advanced Mission Planning Aid amph Amphibious AMPO Assistant Management Planning Officer AMPS Automated Message Processing System AMPS Automated MILSTRIP Progression System AMPSS Advanced Manned Precision Strike System AMR Assistant Master Rigger. AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air‐to‐Air Missile AMRAD Armament / Munitions Requirements and Development AMRAD Atomic Military Research and Development AMRAD Automated Message Routing and Distribution AMRAD Automatic Message Routing And Distribution AMRE Aeromedical Role Equipment AMREP Ammunition logistic Report AMRS Advanced Maintenance Recorder System AMS Acquisition Management System AMS Advanced Missile System

AMS Aerospace Materials Specification AMS Air Maintenance Squadron AMS Air Management System AMS Aircraft Management System AMS Alenia Marconi Systems AMS American Material Standard AMS Antenna Matching System AMS Armoured Mortar System AMS Army Medical Services AMS Automatic Marking System AMS Automatic Meteorological System AMS Automatic Mode Scheduling AMS Avionics Management System AMSAR Airborne Multimode Solid State Active array Radar AMSAR Airborne Multimode/function Solid‐state Array Radar AMSAT Ammunition Status AMSCREP Automated Messaging Systems and Commcen Replacement Equipment Programme AMSG Airspace Management Steering Group AMSG Allied Military Security General AMSG Allied Military Standards Group AMS‐H Advanced Missile System ‐ Heavy AMSL Above Mean Sea Level AMSO Air Member for Supply and Organisation AMSPAR The Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists AMSS Advanced Multi‐Sensor System AMSS Automatic Message Switching System AMT Action Messing Team AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technology AMTAT Air Manoeuvre Training and Advisory Team AMTD Adaptive Moving Target Detection AMTE Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment AMTI Air Moving Target Indication AMTI Airborne Moving Target Indicator AMTN Active Matrix Twisted Nematic AMU Antenna Matching Unit AMU Auxiliary Memory Unit AMU Average Monthly Usage AMV Advanced Marine Vehicle AMV Armoured Maintenance Vehicle AM‐VSB Amplitude Modulation‐Vestigial Sideband AMW Advanced Microwave AN Autonomous Network ANA Advance Notification of Amendment ANA Afghan National Army ANA Army Navy Air Force ANBCDO Assistant NBCD officer ANC African National Congress ANCA Allied Naval Communications Agency AND Alphanumeric Display ANDVT Advanced Narrow‐band Digital Voice Terminal ANEP Allied Naval Engineering Publication ANF Atlantic Nuclear Force ANG Air National Guard

ANI Automatic Number Identification ANLO Assistant Naval Liaison Officer ANMI Air Navigation Multiple Indicator ANN Artificial Neural Network ANN Automatic Neural Networks ANO Abu Nidal Organisation ANO Air Navigation Order ANODE Ambient sea Noise Directionality Estimator ANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion ANR Active Noise Reduction ANRI Automatic Net Radio Interfacing ANS Air Navigation School ANS Airborne Navigation System ANS American Nuclear Society ANS Automatic Navigation System ANSI American National Standards Institute ANSSM Assistant Nuclear Support Service Manager ANSSM (DC) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Design Control) ANT Air Navigation Trainer ANV Advanced Naval Vehicle ANVIS Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System ANZUK Australia New Zealand and United Kingdom military ANZUS Australia New Zealand and USA security treaty AO Administrative Officer AO Army Officer AO Army Order AO Artillery Observation AO Assisting Officer AO Authorising Officer AO Auxiliary Oiler AO/MT Administrative Officer/Motor Transport AOA Activity on Arrow AOA Air Officer Admin AOA Airborne Optical Adjunct AOA Aircraft Operating Authority AOA Amphibious Objective Area AOA Amphibious Operating Area AOA Angle Of Arrival AOA Angle Of Attack AOA Army Operational Architecture AOB Air Order of Battle AOB Aircrew Operating Brief AoB Angle of Bank AOB Any Other Business AOB Arctic Ocean Buoy AOB Automatic Optical test‐Bench AOC Adaptive Optical Camouflage AOC Agreed Operational Characteristic AOC Air Officer Commanding AoC Association of Colleges AOC Association of Old Crows AOC Assumption Of Control AOC DAUs Air Officer Commanding Directly Administered Units

AOC Mus Air Officer Commanding Maintenance Units AOC Sus Air Officer Commanding Signals Units AOCinC Air Officer Commanding in Chief AOCinC STC Air Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command AOCIS Air Officer Communications & Information Systems AOCM Advanced Optical Countermeasures AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System AOD Area Of Display AOF Auxiliary Oiler Fleet AofD Angle of Departure AofP Angle of Projection AofS Angle of Sight AOG Aircraft on Ground AOI Arab Organisation for Industrialisation AOI Area of Interest AOII Area of Intelligence Interest AOM Accounting Officer Memorandum AOM Air Officer Maintenance AON Activity On Node AO‐N Administrative Office, Navy AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty AOO Analysis Of Options AOO Area of Operations AOOI Area of Operational Interest AOP Airbome Observation Post AOP Airborne Observation Post AOP Allied Ordnance Publication AOP Area Of Projection AOPF Active Optical Proximity Fuze AOPL Advance Ordering Percentage Limit AOPR Area Of Prime Responsibility AOPT Advanced Optical Position Transducer AOR Acquisition Organisation Review AOR Acquisition Organization Review AOR Annual Operating Requirements AOR Area of Operational Responsibility AOR Area of Responsibility AOR Assault Operations Room AOR Auxiliary Oiler Refueller/Replacement AORegt+STO Air Officer Regiment and Survive to Fight AOS Add‐On Stabilisation AOS Airborne Optical Sensor AOS Airfield Operations Support AOSA Airborne Optical Sensor Adjunct AOSNI Air Officer Commanding, Scotland and Northern Ireland AOSP Army Operational Shooting Policy AOSPP Air Officer Strategic Policy & Plans AOT Asset Optimisation Tool AOT Automated Operations Tool AOTC Associated Offices Technical Committee AOTF Acousto‐Optic Tuned Filter AOU Area Of Uncertainty AOV Artillery Observation Vehicle

AOW Asia Oceania Workshop AP Action Point AP Air Publication AP Allied Publication AP Ammonium Perchlorate AP Ammunition Point AP Anti‐Personnel AP Application Protocol AP Armour Piercing AP Assessment Phase AP Authorised Person APA Advanced Pilots Aid APA All Points Addressable APA Amphibious transport APACHE Advanced Phased Array Chemical High Energy laser equipment APACHE Analysis of Pacific Area Communications for Hardening to EMP APACHE Arme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables APAG Atlantic Policy Advisory Group APAM Anti‐Personnel, Anti‐Material APAR Actively Phased‐Array Radar APART Advanced Phased Array Radar Technology APB Acquisition Policy Board APB Air Portable Bridge APB Analysing Printer Base APB Assessment Phase Board APC Air Pollution Control APC Armoured Personnel Carrier APC Armour‐Piercing Capped APC Army Personnel Centre APC Automatic Phase Control APC(L) Air Picture Compiler (Local) APCBC Armour‐Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped APCOM Air Picture Compilation APC‐T Armour‐Piercing Capped ‐ Tracer APCT‐BF Armour‐Piercing Capped ‐ Tracer Base Fuze APCU Alarm and Power Remote‐Control Unit APD Amplitude photodiode APDS Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot APDS Armour‐Piercing Discarding Sabot APDS‐T Armour‐Piercing Discarding Sabot ‐ Tracer APE Armour Piercing Explosive APEI Armour Piercing High Explosive and Incendiary APEP Armour Piercing Enhanced Performance APERS‐T Anti‐Personnel Tracer APES Azimuth Position and Elevation System APEX Advanced Photovoltaics and Electronic eXperiment APEX Analysis of Public Expenditure Statistics System APFC Air‐Portable Fuel Container APFD Autopilot Flight Director APFIDS Armour‐Piercing Fragmentation Incendiary Discarding Sabot APFS Air Publications Forms and Stationery APFSDS Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot APFSDS Armour‐Piercing Fin‐Stabilised, Discarding Sabot

APFSDS(P) Armour‐Piercing Fin‐Stabilised Discarding Sabot (Practice) APFSDS‐T Armour‐Piercing Fin‐Stabilised Discarding Sabot‐Tracer APG Aberdeen Proving Ground APG Army Publications Group APG Aspect Project Group APGM Autonomous Precision Guided Munition APHAZ Aircraft Proximity Hazard APHC Armour‐Piercing High Capacity AP‐HC Armour‐Piercing ‐Hard Core APHCI Armour‐Piercing Hard Core Incendiary APHCS Admiralty Pilotage & Harbour Control Service APHCS Army Primary Healthcare Service APHE Armour Piercing High Explosive APHEI Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary APHEI Armour‐Piercing High Explosive Incendiary APHE‐SD Armour‐Piercing High Explosive Self‐Destroying APHIDS Advanced Panoramic Helmet Integrated Display System APHIDS Advanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System API Aim Point Initiative API Air Photo Interpreter API Air Position Indicator API American Petroleum Institute API Application Programme Interface API Application Programming Interface API Applications Program Interface API Armour Piercing Incendiary APIA Application Programming Interface Association APIC Allied Press Information Centre APICS American Production Inventory Control Society APIHC Armour Piercing Incendiary Hard Core APIT Armour Piercing Incendiary Tracer APL Accreditation of prior learning APL Allowance Parts List APL Application Programme Libraries APLD Advanced Passive Localisation Demonstrator APLM Anti‐Personnel Landmine APLN Automatic Position Location Navigator & Reporting APLS Advanced Procurement and Logistics Support APLS Advanced Procurement and Logistics Systems APM Anti‐Personnel Mine APM Association for Project Management APM Authority Project Manager APMI Armour Piercing Marker Incendiary APMS Automated Personnel Management system APOBS Anti‐Personnel Obstacle Breaching System APOD Air Port of Debarkation APOD Air Port of Delivery APOD Air Port of Disembarkation APOE Air Port of Entry APOE Air Ports of Embarkation APP Allied Procedural Publication APP Application Portability Profile APP Armour Protection Program

App Admin Applications Administrator APP OEU Air Platform Protection Operational Evaluation Unit App Op Applications Operator App Spec Applications Specialist APPC Advanced Programme to Programme Communication AppID Application ID APPLABS Appleton Rutherford Laboratory AppSpec Application Specialist APQ Armaments Planning Questionnaire APR Air Photo Reader APR Auto Power Reserve APR(F) Air Picture Reporter (Force) APR(L) Air Picture Reporter (Local) APRE Army Personnel Research Establishment APRO Army Pay and Records Office APS Adaptive Processor System (sonar) APS Advanced Fighter Crew Protection System APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling system APS Aerial Post Squadron APS Air Plot Supervisor APS Aircraft Position Sensor APS Aircraft Prepared for Service APS Assistant Private Secretary APS Automatic Pointing System or Air Planning System APSE Ada Programming or Project Support Environment APSE ADA Programming Support Environment APSE Armour Piercing Special Effect APSE Armour‐Piercing Secondary Effect APSEC Advanced Power System Electronic Control APSE‐T Armour‐Piercing Secondary Effect‐Tracer APSI Aircraft Propulsion System Integration APSOH Advanced Panoramic Sonar ‐ Hull‐mounted APSS Atlas Port Surveillance System APT Aerospace Project Team APT Armour‐Piercing Tracer APTC Army Physical Training Corps APTCI Army Physical Training Corps Instructor APTE Abrams Power Train Evolution APU Armoured Patrol Unit APU Auxiliary Power Unit APV Armoured Patrol Vehicle APV Auto‐piloted Vehicle APWG ASMA Priorities Working Group APWG Assessment Phase Working Group APWT Annual Personal Weapon Test APX Extended Assessment Phase AQ Acceptance Questionnaire AQ Al‐Qaeda AQAP Allied Quality Assurance Paper AQAP Allied Quality Assurance Publication AQD Aeronautical Quality Assurance Directorate AQL Acceptable Quality Level AQL Advanced Quick‐fix sensor

AQMS Artificer Quatermaster Sergeant Major AQRD Air Quartermasters Readiness Date AR Accident Reporting AR Air Reconnaissance AR Air Route AR Allied Reach AR Architectural Requirement AR Army Regulation AR Assault Rifle AR/AAV Armoured Reconnaissance / Airborne Assault Vehicle ARA Aircraft Research Association ARA Army Rifle Association ARA Artillery Reserved Area ARALL ARAMID Reinforced Aluminium ALLoy ARAMIS American Requisitions And Management Information System ARBS Angle Rate Bombing Set ARC Admiralty Raster Chart. ARC Air Refuelling And Comms ARC Ames Research Centre ARC Area Reprogramming Capability ARC Army Recovery Capability ARC Army Reserve Centres ARC Authority Responsible Code ARCADS Armament Control and Delivery System ARCE Amphibious River Crossing Equipment ArcGIS Arc Geographic Information Centre ARCM Anti‐Radiation Countermeasures Arcrw Aircrew ARCS Acquisition Radar and Control System ARCS Aerial Rocket Control System ARCS Automatic Radio Control System ARCS Automatic Release Consent Switch ARCS(HCRF) Admiralty Raster Chart (Hydrographic Chart Raster Format) ARD Acquired Rights Directive ARD All Round Defence ARD Anti‐Radar Drone ARD Applied Research Technology Demonstration ARD Auxiliary Repair Dry dock ARDEC Armament Research, Development and Engineering Centre ARDNOT Automatic Day / Night Optical Tracker ARDS Airborne Radar Demonstrator System ARE Addressable Remote Encoder ARE Admiralty Research Establishment ARE Airborne Radar Extension AREN Army Radio Engineered Network ARES Active Relief Sensor ARETS Armoured Remoted Target System ARF Accreditation Request Form ARF Air Reserve Forces ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency ARG Amphbious Ready Group ARGS Advanced Resolution Gunnery Simulator ARH Active Radar Homing

ARH Anti‐Radar / Radiation Homing ARI Airborne Radio Installation ARI Air‐power Research Institute ARI US Army Research Institute ARIC Air‐borne Radio and Intercom Control system ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated ARJS Air‐borne Radar Jamming System AR‐L Airborne Reconnaissance ‐ Low ARLT Administrative Repair Lead Time ARM Advanced RISC Machines ARM Aerodrome Retroreflective Marker ARM Anti‐Radar Missile ARM Anti‐Radiation Measures ARM Anti‐Radiation Missile ARM Artillery Re‐arm Module ARM Availability, Reliability, Maintainability ARM  1  Armament  1  ARM&T Availability, Reliability, Maintainability & Testability ARMA Annual Report of Material Accounted ARMAD Armoured and Mechanised Unit Air Defence ARMADAS Anti‐Radiation Missile Airborne Data Analysis System Armd Armed ARMD Armoured ARM‐D Anti‐Radiation Missile Decoy ARMP Allied Reliability and Maintainability Publication armr armour Armr Armourer ARMS Advanced Radar Missile Scoring System ARMS Advanced Reconfigurable Mission Simulator ARMS Advanced Remote Mine‐hunting System Arms Armaments ARMS Armoured Re‐supply Maintenance System ARMSCOR Armament Manufacturing Corporation ARMVAL Anti‐Armour Vehicle Evaluation ARNE ATM Network Research Environment ARNG Army National Guard ARO Accident Response Officer. ARO Army Research Office ARO Auxiliary Readout ARP Address Resolution Protocol ARP Aerodrome Reference Point ARP Air Raid Precautions ARP Air Reconnaissance Panel ARP Anti‐Radiation Projectile ARP Applied Research Programme ARP Attack Reference Point ARPA Advanced Projects Research Agency ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aid ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ARPS Acoustic Range Prediction System ARPS Advanced Radar Processing Subsystem Arpt Airport

ARPTT Air‐Refuelling Part‐Task Trainer ARQ Automatic Repeat Request ARR Audit Recommendations Report ARRADCOM Armament Research and Development Command ARRC ACE Rapid Reaction Corps ARRC Allied command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps ARRC ACE Rapid Reaction Corps ARRL American Radio Relay League ARROW ADP assistance to RAOC and REME Operations in Work ARRV Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle ARS Advanced Rocket System ARS Air Reinforcement Squadron ARS Alternate Route Select ARS Attack Radar Set ARS Automatic Reporting System ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar ARSV Armoured Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle ART Air Refuelling Transport ART Air‐Refuelling Transport Art Artificer Art Ac Artificer Aircraft Art Av Artificer Avionics ARTADS Army Tactical Data Systems ARTBASS Army Training Battle Simulation System ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Centre ARTD Applied Research Technology Demonstrator ARTD Army Recruitment & Training Division ARTE Air Related Technology Exploitation ARTEMIS Array Technology for MIssile Seekers ARTHUR Artillery Hunting Radar ARTI Aeronautical Research and Test Institute ARTS Agile Radar Target Simulator ARTY Artillery Arty Artillery Equipment ARTYSYS Artillery Systems ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle ARW Airborne Rotary Wing ARW Anti‐Riot Weapons ARWAR Advanced Radar Warning Receiver ARWS Advanced Radar Warning System AS Acceptance Strategy AS Acquisition Stream AS Adaptive Sport AS Air and Space AS Air Staff AS Air Station AS Air Superiority AS Air Systems AS Aircraft Support AS Air‐to‐Surface AS Ammunition Storage AS Anti‐Scintillation AS Application Server

AS Armament Stores AS Assistant Secretary AS Associated Support As & As Alterations & Additions AS90 Artillery System for the Nineties ASA Advanced Security Agency ASA Advanced System Architecture ASA Analogue Signature Analysis ASA Appropriate Superior Authority ASA Army Scaling Authority ASAAC Allied Standardisation Avionics Architecture Council ASAC Air‐borne Surveillance, Air‐borne Control ASAC All Source Analysis Cell ASACS Air Surveillance And Control System ASaCS Airborne Surveillance and Control System ASALA Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia ASALM Advanced Strategic Air‐Launched Missile ASAM Advanced Surface‐to‐Air Missile ASAP Air‐borne Shared Aperture Program ASAP As Soon As Possible ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council ASARG Autonomous Synthetic Aperture Radar Guidance ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System ASARS Air‐borne Search and Rescue System ASAS All Source Analysis System AsAs Alterations and Additions ASAT Advanced Subsonic Aerial Target ASAT Anti‐SATellite ASAT Anti‐Satellite Missile ASAT Avionics Situation Awareness Trainer ASAV Air Safety Assurance Visits ASB All Stations Broadcast ASBM Air‐to‐Surface Ballistic Missile ASC Accredited Standards Committee ASC Air Systems Controllerate ASC Airspace Control ASC Allied Submarine Command ASC Analytical Studies Committees ASC Automatic Sensitivity Control ASC/PAM Advanced System Control / Processor And Memory ASCA Army Scaling and Cataloguing ASCA Army Scaling and Codification Authority ASCAIPS Army Scaling and Cataloguing Authority Initial Provisioning System ASCB Aircraft Standard Communication Bus ASCC Air Standardisation Coordinating Committee ASCE Assurance and Safety Case Environment ASCETT Advisory Scottish Council for Education and Training Targets ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASCL Advanced Sonobuoy Communications Link ASCM Advanced Space‐borne Computer Module ASCM Anti‐Ship Cruise Missile ASCON Automatic Switched Communications Network

ASCOT Accounting Software Catalogue Options ASCOT Air Support Command On Transit ASCOT Airspace Control and Operations Training simulator ASCU Armament Station Control Unit ASD Advanced System Development ASD Aerospace and Defence ASD Arms and Services Directors ASD Automatic Stopping Device ASDA Accelerate‐Stop Distance Available ASDAP Army Sustainable Development Action Plan ASDAWC Aircraft Self Damage from Air Weapons Committee ASDC Alternative Space Defence Centre ASDC Army Strategic Defence Command ASDI Analogue Simple Data Interface set ASDIC Allied Submarine Devices Investigation Committee ASDL Air‐borne Self‐Defence Laser ASDP Advanced Seeker Development Program ASDS Advanced Seal Delivery System ASDs Army Supply Depots ASDU Armament Signal Data Converter ASE Admiralty Signal Establishment ASE Air Support Executive ASE Aircraft Support Executive ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment ASE Ancillary Support Equipment ASE Automatic Stabilisation Equipment ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Countries ASEM Anti‐Ship Euro‐missile consortium ASEMA Advanced Special Electronics Mission Aircraft ASEMS Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System ASES Active Sonar for Entrance Surveillance ASET Automatic Scoring Electronic Target ASETS Air‐borne Seeker Evaluation Test Set ASF Additional Secondary Factors ASF Aeromedical Staging Facility ASF Anti‐Surface Force ASF Army Standard Family (shelters) ASG Active Shaft Grounding ASG Air Studies Group ASG Air Systems Group ASG Air‐borne System Gun ASG Assistant Secretary General ASG Availability Steering Group ASGC Air Surveillance and Gun Control console ASGC Air‐borne Surveillance, Ground Control ASGW Air‐to‐Surface Guided Weapon ASGW Ant‐Surface Guided Weapon ASH Advanced Seeker Homing ASH Advanced Support Helicopter ASHE Approval to Store and Handle Explosives ASHFCG Air Systems Human Factors Co‐ordination Group ASI Accounting Systems Integrator ASI Aircraft Structural Integrity

ASI Airspeed Indicator ASI All Source Intelligence ASIC Aircraft Systems Integration Corporation ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASIC Applications Specific Integrated Circuit ASID Application Specific Integrated device ASIG Aviation Safety Implementation Group ASIL American Society of International Law ASIMS Aviation Safety Information Management System ASIP Aircraft Structural Integrity Program ASIR Airspeed Indicator Reading ASIS Advanced Schedule Information Signal ASIT Armament Systems IT ASJ Automatic Search Jammer ASK Amplitude Shift Keying ASL Above Sea Level ASL Applied Science Laboratories ASL Authorised Stockage List ASLC Accruing Superannuation Liability Contribution ASLO Accident Site Liaison Officer ASLR Air / Surface Laser Ranger ASLS Army Recruiting & Training Division (ARTD) Staff Leadership School ASM Advanced Sea Mine ASM Advisory Services Manager ASM Aircraft Support Management ASM Aircraft Systems Management ASM Airfield Survivability Measures ASM Airfield Survival Measures ASM Airport Services Manual ASM Air‐to‐Surface Missile ASM Anti‐Ship Missile ASM Armoured Systems Modernisation programme ASM Artificer Sergeant Major ASM Attack Submarines ASMA Air Staff Management Aid ASMA Air Systems Management Authority ASMD Anti Ship Missile Defence ASMD Anti‐Ship Missile Defence ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASMI Airport Surface Movement Indicator ASMS Advanced Surface Machinery System ASMS Advanced Surface Missile System ASN Advanced Secure Network ASN‐ 1  Abstract Syntax Notation One ASNE American Society of Naval Engineers ASNI Ambient Sea Noise Indication ASNR Air Senior National Representative Asnrc Assurance ASO Air Staff Officers ASOC Air Support Operations Centre ASOM Autonomous Stand‐Off Missile ASP Active Server Page ASP Advanced Signal Processor

ASP Advanced Sound Ranging Program ASP Air‐base Survivability Program ASP Ammunition Storage Point ASP Application Service Provider ASPC Aircraft Self Protective Chaff ASPJ Air‐borne Self‐Protection Jammer ASPO Army Standing Operating Procedures ASPR Armed Services Procurement Regulation ASPRO Armament Supply Provisioning System ASQC American Society of Quality Control ASR Acoustic Self‐Ranging system ASR Air Staff Requirement ASR Allied Standardization Requirement ASR Annual Staff Report ASR Approach Surveillance Radar ASR Automatic Send / Receive ASR Automatic Send and Receive ASR Available Supply Rate ASRAAM Advanced Short‐Range Air‐Air Missile ASRAMM Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile ASRAO Advanced Systems Research and Analysis Office ASRAP Acoustic Sensor Range And Prediction ASRAP ASW Range Prediction ASROC Anti‐Submarine Rocket ASRP Admiralty Service Raster Product. ASRP ARC Standard Raster product ASRP Artillery Systems Research Programme ASRT Air support Radar Team ASRV Alternative Source of Relative Velocity ASS Afloat Support Ship ASS Ammunition Storage Sites ASS Anti‐Shelter Sub‐munitions ASS Aviation Support Ship ASSAM Active Sensors System Assessment Model ASSATS Advanced Ship to Shore Automatic Telegraph System ASSATS Advanced Ship‐to‐Shore Automatic Telegraph System ASSC Aviation Systems Standardisation Committee ASSESSREP Assessment Report ASSET Association for Schools, Science, Engineering and Technology ASSG Acoustic Sensor Signal Generator ASSID Accelerated Army Support System Integration & Development ASSIGNMENT The actual frequency being used on a certain network at a certain time AssltPnrWO Assault Pioneer Warrant Officer ASSM Anti‐Ship Supersonic Missile ASSM Anti‐Surface Ship Missile ASSMs Anti‐Surface Ship Missiles ASSP Airfield Services Support Programme AS‐Spec Armament Specialisation Specification ASSS Active Search Sonobuoy System ASST Anti‐Ship Surveillance and Targeting Asst Assistant ASSTASS Advanced Surface Ship Towed Array Surveillance System ASSW Anti‐Surface Ship Warfare

ASSWG Air System Safety Working Group AST Advanced Simulation Technology AST Advisory Support Teams AST Agreed Service Time AST Air Staff Target AST Atlantic Standard Time AST Avionics Systems Trainers AST SYS Asset Tracking System AST WG Asset Tracking Working Group ASTA Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids ASTABS Automated Status Board ASTAR Advanced Series of Tactical Air Defence Radars ASTAR Air‐borne Search Target Attack Radar ASTE Aircraft Servicing Tools and Equipment ASTEC Advanced Small Turbine Engine Core ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASTO Assistant Supply and Transport Officer ASTO(N) Assistant STO(N) ASTOR Airborne Stand Off Radar ASTOVL Advanced Short Take Off Vertical Landing ASTPA Area Search Tactical Planning Aid ASTRAL Air Surveillance and Targeting Radar L‐band ASTRAL ASMA/SOMA Transaction Link ASTRID Ammunition System Two Revision & Interactive Development ASTROS Artillery Saturation Rocket System ASTT Action Speed Tactical Trainer ASTT Attack Submarine Team Trainer ASU Accommodation Services Unit ASU Accommodation Stores Unit ASU Acoustic Simulation Unit ASU Automatic Switching Unit ASU Aviation Supply Unit ASUs Accommodation Services Units ASuW Anti Surface Ship Warfare ASUW Anti Surface Unit Warfare ASuW Anti Surface Warfare ASUW Anti‐Surface Unit Warfare ASUW Anti‐Surface Warfare ASUWC Anti‐Surface Warfare Commander ASV Air‐to‐Surface Vessel ASV Ammunition Supply Vehicle ASV Anti‐Ship Variant radar ASV Anti‐Surface Vessel ASV Auxiliary and Specialist Vessels IPT ASVEH Air‐Surveillance Vehicle ASVM Anti‐Surface Vessel Missile ASVU Army Security Vetting Unit ASVW Anti‐Surface Vessel Warfare ASW Air to Surface Weapons ASW Anti Submarine Warfare ASW Anti‐Ship Weapon ASW Anti‐Submarine Warfare ASW Area Suppression Weapon

ASW/SOW Anti‐Submarine Warfare / Stand‐Off Weapon ASWAC Anti‐Submarine Warfare Analysis Centre ASWACS Anti‐Submarine Warfare Air Control Ship/System ASWC Anti‐Submarine Warfare Commander ASWD Anti‐Submarine Warfare Director ASWDS Anti‐Submarine Warfare Data System ASWE Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment ASWFA Antisubmarine Warfare Free Area ASWHQ Alternative Subordinate War Headquarters ASWT Anti‐Submarine Warfare Trainer ASXV Air‐launched Expendable Sound Velocimeter ASYD Air Systems Definition ASZ Air Surface Zone AT Acceptance Test AT Advanced Technology AT Advanced Trainer AT Air Transport AT All Terrain AT Allied Tactical (Task) AT Ammunition Technician AT Antiterrorism AT&E Aircraft Test and Evaluation AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Company ATA Actual Time of Arrival ATA Advanced Tactical Aircraft ATA Advanced Test Accelerator ATA Aerospace Technologies of Australia ATA Air Transport Association of America ATA Air Transport Auxiliary ATA Atlantic Treaty Association ATA Auxiliary Ocean Tug ATAAC Anti‐Torpedo Air‐launched Acoustic Countermeasures ATAC Air‐Transportable Acoustic Communications buoy ATAC All Terrain All Climate ATAC All Terrain Amphibious Carrier ATAC Applied Technology Advanced Computer ATACC Advanced Tactical Command Central ATacCS Army Tactical Command System ATacCS Army Tactical Communications System ATACDIG Army Tactical Digital Image Generator ATACMS Army Tactical Communications Management System ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATACO Air Tactical Control Operator ATACS Advanced Tank Cannon System ATACS Advanced Target Acquisition Counter‐fire System ATAD Advanced Towed Acoustic Decoy ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force ATAFCS Air‐borne Target Acquisition and Fire Control System ATAGS Advanced Technology Anti‐G Suit ATAR Air‐To‐Air Recognition device ATAR Air‐To‐Air Recovery ATARS Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System ATAS Active Towed Array Sonar

ATAS Advanced Target Acquisition Sensor ATAS Air‐To‐Air Stinger missile ATATS Automatic Target Acquisition and Tracking System ATB Advanced Technology Bomber ATBM Anti‐Tactical Ballistic Missile ATC Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasures ATC Acquisition Training Cell ATC Air Traffic Control ATC Air Training Corps ATC Airborne Tactical Communications ATC Automatic Threat Countering ATC Automatic Tuning Control ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency ATCAP Army Telecommunications Automation Program ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System ATCO Air Traffic Control Officer ATCOM US Army Troop Command ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System ATCS Air Traffic Control Subsystem ATD Actual Time of Departure ATD Advanced Technology Demonstrator ATD Agreed Target Date ATD Annual Training Directive ATD Authority to Deploy ATDB Air Target Database ATDD Acquisition Training Development Directory ATDL Army Tactical Data Link ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplex(er) ATDS Air‐borne Tactical Data System ATDSIA Allied Tactical Data Systems Inter‐operability Age ATDT Automatic Target Detection and Tracking ATDU Acquisition and Tracking Detector Unit ATDU Armoured Trials and Development Unit ATE Army Training Estate ATE Automatic Test Equipment ATE SP Army Training Estate Salisbury Plain ATEM Air Total Engagement Model ATEMS Advanced Threat Emitter Simulator ATER Advanced Triple Ejector Rack Aterr Anti‐terrorist ATESS Advanced Tactics and Engagement Simulation System ATEX Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères Explosible ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter ATF Air Transport Force ATF Amphibious Task Force ATFCS Advanced Tank Fire Control System ATFOC Air Transport Force Operations Centre ATG Anti‐Tank Gun ATG Automatic Test Guide ATGM Anti‐Tank Guided Missile ATGW Anti‐Tank Guided Weapon ATH Automatic Target Hand‐over

ATH Autonomous Terminal Homing ATHS Automatic Target Hand‐over System ATI Air Target Identification ATI Automated Technical Information ATIM Advanced Technology Insertion Module ATIRCM Advanced Threat Infra‐Red Countermeasures System ATIS Anti‐Tank Influence Sensor ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service Atk Anti‐tank ATL Above the Line ATL A‐in‐U Transaction Listing ATL Automated Tape Library ATLAS Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems ATLAS Advanced Technology LADAR System ATLAS Assessment Tool for Land Systems ATLAS Azimuth Target Intelligence and Acquisition System ATLIS Automatic Tracking Laser Illumination System ATLJ Assault Troop Life Jacket ATLV Artillery Target Location Vehicle ATM Air Targeting Mode ATM Air Tasking Message ATM Air Traffic Management ATM Anti‐Tactical Missile ATM Anti‐Tank Mine ATM Apprentice Training Manager ATM Army Tactical Mission ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM Automated Teller Machine ATMA Air Transport Management Aid ATMC Air Transport Movement Control ATMDS Anti‐Tank Mine‐Dispensing System ATMOS Ammunition, Toxic Material Open Space ATMP All Terrain Mobile Platform ATMS ASW Track Management System ATN Army Telephone Network ATO Air Tasking Order ATO Ammunition Technical Officer ATO Apprentice Training Officer ATO Assemble To Order ATO Authorised Telecommunications Officer ATO Authorised Telephone Officer ATOC Air Tactical Operations Centre ATOC Allied Tactical Operations Centre ATOPS Advanced Transport Operations System ATOS Automated Technical Order System ATOTN Air Traffic Operational Telephone Network ATOTN Air Traffic Operations Telephone Network ATP Acceptance Test Procedures ATP Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing ATP Adenosine Triphosphate ATP Agency Training Plan ATP Air Technical Publications ATP Air Turbine Pump

ATP Allied Tactical Publication ATP Anti‐Tactical Patriot ATP Application Test Programme ATP Attack Plot ATP Australian Technical Publications ATP Automatic Train Protection ATP Available to Promise ATPFC Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing and Fire Control ATPG Automatic Test Program Generation ATPG Automatic Test Programme Generator ATR Acceptance Test Reports ATR Advanced Tactical Radar programme ATR Air Transportable Racking ATR Automatic Target Recognition ATR Automotive Test Rig ATR/I Automatic Target Recognition/Identification ATRA Army Training and Recruiting Agency ATRAN Automatic Terrain Radar And Navigator ATRJ Advanced Threat Radar Jammer ATS Accelerator Test Stand ATS Acoustic Tracking System ATS Advanced Tracking System ATS Aerial Target Systems ATS Agile Target System ATS Air Traffic Services ATS Air Traffic System ATS Air Transport Support ATS Air Turbine Starter ATS Aircrew Training Standard ATS Air‐crew Training System ATS Applied Technology Services ATS Assisted Travel Scheme ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service ATS Aviation Training Ship ATSA Army Technical Support Agency ATSC Advanced Television Standards Committee ATSC Aircraft Technician Supervisors Course ATSO Automatic Test Systems Organisation AT‐ST Artillery survey vehicle ATSU Accelerator Test Stand Upgrade ATT Anti Torpedo Torpedo ATT Anti‐Torpedo Torpedo ATT Artillery Tactical Terminals Att Attachment ATT Automatic Target Tracking ATTD Advanced Technology Test Demonstrator ATTS Air‐Transportable Towed System ATTU Atlantic To The Ural’s ATTV All Terrain Tow Vehicle ATU Aerial Tuning Unit ATU Air Treatment Unit ATU Aircraft Target Unit ATU Antenna Tuning Unit

ATU Authority to Use ATUFT Aircraft Taken Up From Trade ATV All Terrain Vehicle ATV(P) All Terrain Vehicle (Protected) ATVS Advanced TV Seeker ATW Air Transport Wing ATW Area Target Weapons ATWCS Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System ATWM Army Transition to War Measure AU Access Unit AUASS Automatic Upper Air Sounding System AUC Accounting Unit Code AUF Augmentation Force AUI Advanced User Interface AUI Attachment Unit Interface AUM Air‐to‐Underwater Missile AUM All up Mass AUMB Army Utilities Management Branch AUP Acceptable User Policy AUR All Up Round AURA Autonomous Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft AURORA Automatic Recovery Of Remotely piloted Aircraft AUS Above and Underwater Systems AUS Assistant Under Secretary AUS Assumed Usage Spectrum AUS(EPF) Assistant Under Secretary of State (Export Policy AUS(FS) Assistant Under Secretary of State (Fleet Support) AUS(H&O) Assistant Under Secretary (Home and Overseas) AUS(IL) Assistant Under Secretary of State (Infrastructure and Logistics) AUS(SPPol) Assistant Under Secretary (Service Personnel Policy) AUSA Association of the US Army AUSCANUKUS Australia Canada UK and US Eyes Only AUSLO Australian Liaison Officer AUSO Assistant Utilities Service Officer AUSOM Autonomous Stand Off Missile AUSTACCS Australian Automatic Command and Control System AUTEC Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre AUTEC Atlantic Underwater / Undersea Test & Evaluation Centre AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network AUTODIN Automatic Distribution Network AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUVS Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems AUW All Up Weight AUWE Admiralty Underwater Warfare Establishment Aux Auxiliary AV Air Vehicle AV All View(s) AV Anti‐Vehicle AV Audio Video AV Avionics Av Tech Avionic Technician AVA Adaptive Vehicular Antenna

AVAD Automatic Voice Alerting System AvailMgr Availability Manager AVC Automatic Volume Control AVCAT Aviation Carrier Air turbine Fuel AVCAT Aviation Fuel (F44) AVCI Association for Vocational Colleges International AVD Atmospheric Vehicle Detection AVDS Armoured Vehicle Driving Simulators AVE Air‐borne Vehicle Equipment AVE Asset Verification Exercise AVG Average AVGAS Aviation Gasoline AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose AVH Armoured Vehicle Heavy AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AVI Audio Video Interleave AVICOS Available In Course Of Supply AVIM Aviation Intermediate Maintenance AVIP Avionics Integrity Program AV‐IT Avionics Installation and Test AVL Armoured Vehicle Light AVL Automated Vehicle Location AVLB Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge AVLF Airborne Very Low Frequency AVLP Armoured Vehicle‐Launched Bridge AVM Air Vice Marshal AVM Air‐borne Vapour Monitor AVM Application Virtual Machine AVM Armoured Vehicle ‐ Medium AVMRL Armoured Vehicle Multiple Rocket Launcher AVP Advanced Video Processor AVP Air Vehicle Performance AVR Armoured Vehicle ‐ Reconnaissance AVR Army Volunteer Reserves AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator AVRE Armoured Vehicle ‐ Royal Engineers AVRS Air‐borne Video Recording System AVS Advanced Vertical Strike AVS Air Vehicle Specification AVS Automated Vulnerability Scanner AVS Avionics and Sensors AVSCOM U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command AVSP Avionics Systems Panel AVT Analogue Voice Terminal AVT Automatic Video Tracker AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship AVTR Airborne Videocassette Tape Recorder AVTS Armoured Vehicle Training Service AVTUR Aviation Turbine Kerosene AVUM Aviation Unit Maintenance AW Above Water AW All Weather AW Allied Warrior

AW Amphibious Warfare AW Atomic Weight AW Automatic Weapon AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System AWALS Amphibious Warfare Airborne Laser System AWARDS Advanced Wide‐Angle Reflective Display System AWARE Advanced Warning of Active Radar Emissions AWB Air Waybill AWBC Air Weapons Ballistic Committee AWC Air Warfare Centre AWC Air‐Weapons Centre AWCCV Advanced Weapons Carriage Configured Vehicle AWCLS All Weather Carrier Landing System AWCS Automatic Weapons Control System AWDATS Automatic Weapon Data Transmission System AWDREY Atomic Weapon Detection, Recognition and Estimation of Yield AWE Air Weapons Effects AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment AWES Area Weapons Effect Simulator AWESS Automatic Weapons Effects Signature Simulator AWF Accumulated Welfare Fund AWG Acceptance Working Group AWG Air Weapons Group AWG American Wire Gauge AWG Applications Working Group AWG Armament Working Group AWGS Army War Graves Service AWHE Air Weapon Handling Equipment AWHQ Alternate War HQ AWHQ Alternative War Headquarters AWI Advanced Weapon Inspection AWILS Abbey Wood Information & Library Service AwIS Airworthiness Information Service AWKWARD Operation for use against swimmer attack (MISCEX 840) AWLS All Weather Landing System AWNIS Allied Warning Navigation Information System AWNIS Allied Wartime Navigational Information System AWO All Weather Operations AWOC Alternate War Operations Centre AWOL Absent without Leave AWOP All Weather Operations Panel AWR Air Weapons Range AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment AWRS Air Weapon Ranges Scoring AWRSO Air Weapon Range Safety Officer AWS Above Water Scientist AWS Above water Systems AWS Air & Weapon Systems AWS Air Weather Service AWS American Welding Society AWS Area Weapon System AWS Army Welfare Service

AWSAS All Weather Stand‐off Attack System AWSEM Anti‐ship Weapon System Engagement Model AWSM Acoustic Warfare Support Measures AWTLWG Above Water Target Level Working Group AWTM Above Water Threat Manual AWTSS All Weather Tactical Strike System AWW Above Water Warfare AWX All weather fighter AWX All Weather Interceptor AX Attack Experimental AXBT Air‐launched Expendable Bathythermograph AXCON Axis Controller AXP Allied Exercise Publication B&C Bacteriological and Chemical Weapons B&C Biological and Chemical weapons B&CE Building & Civil Engineering. B&GS Bombing and Gunnery School B/L Bill of Loading B2TC Batch  2  TRAFALGAR Class BA Batchelor of Arts BA Breathing Apparatus BA Bring Alive BA British Airways BA British Association (for the Advancement of Science) BA Business Analysis BA Business Architect BA2000 British Army  2000  (a new strategy for the Army) BAA British Astronomical Association BAA Broad Agency Announcement BABS Beam / Blind Approach Beacon System BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunications BAC Battlefield Area Clearance BAC British Aircraft Corporation BAC Business Assurance Co‐ordinating BAC Business Assurance Coordinator BAC Business Assurance Co‐ordinator BACCS Backbone Air Command and Control System BACS Bankers Automated Clearance System BADD Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination BADGE Base Air Defence Ground Equipment BADS Battlefield Air Defence System BAE Behind Armour Effect BAe British Aerospace BAe British Aerospace Company BAEE British Army Equipment Exhibition BAEMMA Brandt Aero‐Engine Module Management Aid BAES BAE Systems BAFO Best and Final Offer BAGTT Battlegroup Training Team BAI Battlefield Air Interdiction BALMET Meteorological Information required for Gunnery Ballistics BALO Brigade Air Liaison Officer BALTAP Baltic Approaches

BALUN Balancing Unit (antenna) BAME Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic BAMP Base Assisted Maintenance Period BAMPS BOWMAN APACHE Mission Planning System BAOR British Army of the Rhine BAOS Basic Artillery Observer Sub‐system BAP Bomb’s Anti‐Personnel BAP Bridge Adapter Pallet BARB Boosted Anti‐Radar Bomb BARC Beach Amphibious Re‐supply Cargo BARV Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle BAS Battle Attrition Study BAS(W) British Army Staff (Washington) BASCCA Breathing Apparatus Self‐Contained Compressed Air BASE British Aerospace Systems Engineering Div BASE Broadband environmentally Adaptive Sonar Experiment BASEDAM Base Damage Report BASEEFA Atmospheres BASEEFA British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment BASIC Beginners All‐purpose Symbolic Instruction Code BASIS Budget and Accounting Structures Information System BASO Brigade Air Support Officer BASS Boats and Sea Survival BAT Basic Aviation Trainer BAT Brilliant Anti‐Tank guided anti‐armour sub‐munitions BAT Business Analysis Team BATCIS Bowman and Tactical Comms And Information Systems BATCO Battle Code BATES Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System BATMAN BATtery MANagement expert system BATNA Best Alternative To No Agreement BATNEEC Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Costs BATNEEC Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Costs BATR Bullets At Target Range BATS Ballistic Aerial Target System BATS Battle Area Tactical Scenario BATS Battle Area Tactical Simulation BATS Biological Agent Treatment Set BATUS British Army Training Unit Suffield BAU Beacon Aerofoil Unit BAU Business As Usual BB Base Bleed BB Base Burn BB Battery Block BB Blow‐Back BB Broadband BBA British Board of Agreement BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Broad‐Band Chaff BBC Bromobenzylcyanid BBC Built‐in Ballistic Computer BBCD Binary‐Coded Decimal BBE Bridge Boat Erection

BBGT Brigade & Battlegroup Trainer BBGT Brigade and Battle Group Trainer BBNC bayonet‐Neil‐Concelman BBP Bulk Breaking Point BBS Brigade and Battalion Simulation BBS Bulletin Board System BBSAG Battleship Surface Action Group BBTFM Bath Bristol Total Facilities Management BBU Base Bleed Unit BBV Blood Borne Viruses BC Basic Check BC Battery Commander BC Bayonet Cap BC Before Christ BC Bomber Command BC Business Case BC Business Continuity BC/WC Ballistic Computer / Weapon Controller BC2A Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation BC2T Battlegroup Command and Control Trainer BCA Buoyant Cable Antenna BCAR British Civil Air‐worthiness Requirement BCAU Backup Control and Audio Unit BCB Broadband Communications Bus BCC Battery Control Centre BCC Block Check Character BCC British Chamber of Commerce BCC Business Community Co‐ordinator BCCM Business Change Communications Manager BCD Binary Coded Decimal BCD Biological and Chemical Defence BCD Bulk Chaff Dispenser BCD Buoyancy Control Device BCDP Business Case Development Plan BCE Baseline Capability Equipment BCE Battlefield Control Element BCF Briefing Co‐ordination Facility BCF Bromo‐Chloro‐di‐Fluoromethane BCH Boots Combat High BCH Bose‐Chadhuri‐Hocquenghem BCI Bulk Current Injection BCIP BOWMAN and CIP BCM Baseline Comparator Model BCM Basic Combat Manoeuvring BCM Bulk Current Monitoring BCM Business Capability Manager BCM Business Continuity Management BCMS BOWMAN Communications Management System BCO Bombardment Control Officer (NGS) BCOE BOWMAN Common Operating Environment BCP Battery Control Post BCP Battle Command Post BCP Business Change Programmes

BCPT Basic Communications Procedures Trainer BCR Battle Casualty Replacement BCR Bomblet’s Cargo Round BCS Ballistic Computer System BCS Baseline Comparison System BCS Battery Computer System BCS British Calibration Service BCS British Computer Society BCS Broadcast Control Segment BCS Broadcast Control Ship BCSS BOWMAN Communication Simulation System BCT Battlefield Command Terminal BCT Battlefield Command Trainer BCTE Baseband Control and Traffic Exchange BCU Battery Computer Unit BCU Battery Coolant Unit BCU Bird Control Unit BCW Binary Chemical Warhead BCWD Biological and Chemical Weapon Disposal BD Base Detonating BD Bomb Disposal BD Business Development BD Eye Rep Beady Eye Replacement BDA Battle Damage Assessment BDA Bomb Damage Assessment BDAR Battle Damage Assessment & Repair BDD British Defence Doctrine BDE BOWMAN Development Environment (UDT + Software) Bde Brigade BDE HQ Brigade Headquarters BDF Belize Defence Force BDI Battle Damage Intelligence BDI Bearing Distance Indicator BDIG Belgian Defence Industry Group BDL Bi‐stable Diode Laser BDLS British Defence Liaison Staff BDM Bunker Defeat Munitions (US Army) BDM Business Development Manager (MWC term) BDMT Bowman & Digitization Military Team BDMT Business Development Management Tool BDO Bomb Disposal Officer BDR Base Drag Reduction Bdr Bombardier bdry boundary BDS British Defence Staff Bdsm Bandsman BDT BOWTAT Delivered Training BDTF Bulk Data Transfer Facility BDX Battle Damage Exercise BDZ Base Defence Zone BE Base Ejection BE Belgium BEAB British Electro‐technical Approvals Board

BEAMA British Electro‐technical and Allied Manufacturers BEAR Beam Experiment Abroad Rocket BEAUTY Multi‐Level Security Device BECTa British Educational Communications and Technology BEEO Battlefield Electromagnetic Environments Office BEES Basic ECM Environment Simulator BEF British Expeditionary Force BELO Belgian Liaison Officer BELPA Bond and Etch SOI for Low Power Applications BEM Business Excellence Model BEMA British Equipment Manufacturers Association BEME Brigade Electrical and Mechanical Engineer BEMS Building Energy Management System BENECHAN BENELUX‐Sub Area Channel BENELUX Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg BER Beyond Economic Repair BER Beyond Economical Repair (MRPII) BER BIT Error Rate BERP British Experimental Rotor Programme BERP British Experimental Rotor Project BERR Battle winning Equipment Reliability Return BERT Bit Error Rate Tester BES Budget Estimate Submission BESD Base Environmental Support Department. BESOI Bond and Etch Silicon On Insulator BET Best Estimated Trajectory BETA Battlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition BEU Bulk Encryption Unit BEV Billion Electron Volt BEWO Brigade Engineer Warrant Officer BF Base Fuzed BF Bring Forward BFAP British Forces Arabian Peninsula BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service BFC British Forces Cyprus BFD Bearing / Frequency Display BFDAS Basic Flight Data Acquisition System BFES British Families Education Service BFFI British Forces Falkland Islands BFG British Forces Germany BFHK British Forces Hong Kong BFIS Bulk Fuels Inventory Solution BFM Battlefield missions BFN Beam‐Forming Network BFO Beat Frequency Oscillation BFP Bearing Frequency Plot BFPO British Forces Post Office BFPQ Block Floating Point Quantisation BFSA Blue Force Situational Awareness BFSAI British Forces Southern Atlantic Islands BFT Basic Fitness Test / Training BFT Binary File Transfer BFT Blue Force Tracking

BFT Bulk Fuel Transporter BFTA Bulk Fuel Tank Assembly BFU Battlefield Utilities BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle BG Battle Group BG Bomb Group BGE Battle Group Engineer BGE BOWMAN Gateway Equipment BGHE Business Gas Home Energy Ltd BGM Basic Grade Message BGP Border Gateway Protocol BGR BOWMAN Gateway Router BGT British Gas Trading Ltd BGTI Battle Group Thermal Imaging BGTI Battlegroup Thermal Imager BGTU Battlegroup Training Unit bhd Beach‐head BHJ Black Hole Jamming BHMD binocular HMD BHN Brinnel Hardness Number BHP Brake Horsepower BHQ Battalion Headquarters BIB Business Improvement Board BICC Battlefield Initial Core Capability BICES Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System BICS Battlefield Information and Command System BICS Battlefield Information and Control System BID British Industrial Development BID British Inter Departmental (crypto equipment) BIDS Battlefield Information Distribution System BIDS BOWMAN Information Distribution System BIFF Battlefield Identification Friend or Foe BIFFU Banking Insurance and Finance Union BIFRONS Batched Information For RN Overseas Notification System BII Battlefield Information Infrastructure BIKINI Alert System for Terrorist Threats BIL Burst Illumination Laser (sensor) BILL Bofors, Infantry, Light and Lethal BIM Ballistic Intercept Missile BIMS Battle Information Management System BIOS Basic Input Output System BIP Blown In Place (minefields) BIP Business Improvement Programme BIR Biennial Infrastructure Review BIR Business Improvement Request BIRADS Bi‐static Receiver And Display System BIRIS Battlefield Inoculation Remote Initiation System BIS Battlefield Information System BIS Built in Spare BIS Bulk Issue Store BIS Business Information System BIS Business Information Systems BISA Battlefield Information System Application

BISA Battlefield Information Systems Architecture BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network B‐ISDN Broadband‐Integrated Services Digital Network BISM Business Information System Manager BISPA British Independent Steel Products Association BIST Built‐In System/Self Test BIT Binary digit BIT Built In Test BIT Built‐In Test BIT Business Improvement Team BITC Business in the Community BITE Build‐in Test Equipment BITE Built In Test Equipment BITES Built In Test Signals BITS Basic Information Technology Skills BITS Binary Information Technology System BIWMS Base Inventory & Warehouse Management Services BJA Baseline Jamming Assets Bk Barrack BK Battery Captain BKEP Boosted kinetic Energy Penetrator BKI Batch Key Indicator BL Blank BL Bomb Line BL Bottom Line BL Breech Loading BL Buttock Line BLA Batch Lot Acceptance BLAMS Barrel Launched Adaptive Munitions BLB Base/Bottom Level BLBH Basic Level Budget Holder BLD BOWMAN Land Digitization Bldg Building. BLink Business Link BLIS BOWMAN Logistic Information System BLISAdmin Bowman Logistics Information System Administrator BLISK Blade plus Disk fabricated in one piece (turbine) BLISOp Bowman Logistics Information System Operator BLITS Beta Lighted Infantry Telescope System BLO Binary Large Objects BLO Branch Liaison Officer (CHOtS) BLOS Beyond Line Of Sight BLP Back Loading Point BLPG Bulk Loaded Liquid Propellant Gun BLR Beyond Local repair BLS Basic Life Support BLT Briefing and Liaison Team BLT British Liaison Team BL‐T Blank Tracer BLU Bomb Live Unit BLUH Battlefield Light Utility Helicopter BM Band Master BM Battle Management

BM Berthing Manager. BM Bosun’s Mate BM Brigade Major BM Business Modelling BMA Battery Manoeuvre Area BMA Benefits and Money Advice BMA Brigade Maintenance Area BMA British Medical Association BMC Bench Maintenance Components BMC3 Battle Management Command Control and Communications BMCC British Metal Castings Council BMD Ballistic Missile Defence BMDO Ballistic Missile Defence Office/Organisation BMDSC Ballistic Missile Defence Systems Command BMDT BOWMAN Management Data Terminal BME Basic Mass Empty BMEC British Marine Equipment Council BMETS Battlefield Meteorological System BMEWS Ballistic Missiles Early Warning System BMF Belgian Mechanical Fabrication BMH British Military Hospital BMM Battle Model Module BMMG British Microcomputer Manufacturers Group BMMS Battlefield Mission Management System BMO Ballistic Missile Organisation BMP Base Maintenance Period BMP Bit Mapped Picture BMP BITMAP BMP Land Forces Battlefield Maintenance Panel BMRA Brigade Major RA BMS Battalion Mortar System BMS Battlefield Management System BMS Bureau Militaire de Standardisation BMS Buried Mine Sonar BMS Business Management System BMTR Basic Marksmanship Training Range BMTS Ballistic Missile Target System BMU Bubble Memory Unit BMWC Basic Maintenance Work Card Bn Battalion BN Belgian Navy BNA British Naval Attach[M1]é BNAU BOWMAN Network Access Unit BNC Bayonet Net Coupler (RF connecter) BNCE Brazilian Naval Commission in Europe BNEA British Naval Equipment Association BNF plc British Nuclear Fuels BNFMF British non‐ferrous Metals Federation BNG British National Grid BNRID Basic Net Radio Interface Device BNS BILL Night Sight BNS BOWMAN Network Services BNS British Naval Staff

BNSA Base Nuclear Safety Agency BNSC British National Space Centre BNSO Base Nuclear Safety Organisation. BOA Basic Ordering Agreement BOA Broad Ocean Area BOAT Byway Open to All Traffic BOB Best Of Breed BOBS Beacon‐Only Bombing System BOC Base Operating Centre BOC Brought / Bring On Charge BOCV Battery Operations Centre Vehicle BOD Biological Oxygen Demand BODMS Base Ordnance Depot Management System BOE Bureau Of Explosives BOFORS ASW mortar system Bogey time Time in which something should be achieved BOI Balance Of Investment BOI Board Of Inquiry BOI Bofors Optronic Fire‐control Instrument BoIT Balance of Investment Tool BOL Bearing Only Launch BOLD Battlefield Operations Laser Designator BOM Bill Of Material (MRPII) BOM Breach of Moratorium BOMBREP Bomb Report BONUS Budget and Organisation UIN System BOO Board of Officers BOOKWORM IT System ‐ transfer of print onto optical disc BOP Balance of Payments BOP Bearings Only Plot BOS90 Grenade, Buoyant Orange Smoke,  90  Second BOSC Base Operating and Support Costs BOSC Base Operation Services Contractor BOSS Battalion Operated Surveillance System BOSS Bureau of State Security BOST Basic Operational Sea Training BOTB British Overseas Trade Board BOW Basic Operating Weight BOWMAN Bearer for Digital Communications: future tactical combat net radio for the UK; replaces CLANSMAN in 2000+ BOWO Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer BOWTAG BOWMAN Training Advisory Group BOWTAT BOWMAN Training and Advisory Team BP Black Powder BP Business Process BPA Battlefield Psychological Activities BPA British Ports Association BPA Business Process Assurance BPD Boundary Protection Device BPDMS Base Point Defence Missile System BPE Bomber Penetration Evaluation BPEO Best Practicable Environmental Option BPFM Building & Property Facilities Management

BPG Business Process Guide BPI Bits Per Inch BPICS British Production Inventory Control Society BPIF British Printing Industries Federation BPL Basic Priority List BPM Best Practicable Means BPM Business Process Management BPM Business Process Manager BPM Business Process Model BPO Business Process Officer BPO Business Process Option BPPR Business Procedures and Process Review BPR Business Process Re‐Design BPR Business Process Reengineering BPR Business Process Re‐engineering BPR Bypass Ratio bps Bits per second BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying BPSK Bi‐phase Shift Keying BPSO Blind Pilotage Safety Officer BPSS Baseline Personnel Security Standard BPT Business Process Team BPTE Beam Pattern Test Equipment BPWG Business Process Working Group BQMS Battery Quartermaster Sergeant BQS BOWMAN Quality of Service BR Beyond Repair BR Books of Reference BR British Commonwealth BR Business Requirement BR Business Resilience BR Business Rule (as used in Business Use Cases) BR (F) Book of Reference ( Microfiche). BRACI(I) Biological, Radiological & Chemical IS (Integrated) BRACIS Biological Radiological and Chemical Information System BRAMIS Battle Readiness Automated Management Information BRASS Broadcast and Ship Shore BRAT Basing Repair And Tanking BRAVE Boeing Robotic Air Vehicle BRC British Retail Consortium BRDEC Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Centre BRDL Babcock Rosyth Defence Limited BRE Battlefield Recovery and Evacuation BRE Building Research Establishment BRECSU Building Research Energy Conservation Support Unit BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BRENT Digital terminal encryption device BRH Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter BRI Basic Rate Interface BRIC Brigade and Regimental Intelligence Course Brig Brigadier Brig‐Gen Brigadier‐General BRISC Bi‐polar/BiCMOS reduced instruction set computer

BRITE Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Euro BRITFOR British Forces BRITMISS British Maritime Intelligence Support System BRM Basic Reference Model BRM Beacon radar mode BRMP Benefits Realisation Management Board BRNC Britannia Royal Naval College BRNC British Royal Naval College Dartmouth BRO Branch Records Officer BRO Brigade Reconnaissance Officer BRP Bi‐ennial Financial Planning BRP Braked Retarded Parachute BRSL Bomb Release Safety Lock BRT Base Replenishment Team BRU Bomb Release Unit BRU Boresight Reticle Unit BRV Base Recovery Vehicle BRW Brake Release Weight BS Batchelor of Science BS Below Standard Assessment BS British Standard BS EN ISO British Standard, Euro. Standard, Intern. Organisn. for Standardisation. BSA Basic Skills Agency BSA Basic Standardisation Agreement BSA Beach Support Area BSA Boresight Assembly BSA Business Software Alliance BSA Business Support Applications BSAF Bosnian Serb Air Force BSAM BOWMAN Situational Awareness Module BSAP Battle Staff Activities Plot BSAs Bomb Shelter Areas BSB British Sky Broadcasting BSc Balanced Scorecard BSC Binary Synchronous Communications BSD Base Supply Department. BSD Burst Safety Distance BSD Business System Design BSDGW Basic Structural Design Gross Weight BSE Building and Support Equipment BSF British Support Forces BSG Brigade Support Group BSG Business Support Group BSGM Base Safety Group Manager. BSI BOWMAN Signals Instructor BSI British Standards Institute BSI British Standards Institution BSIA British Security Industry Association BSIGS  1  Voice Operators Log Book BSIN Bus System Interface Unit BSIU Bus Subsystem Interface Unit for cockpit management system BSL Basic Safety Limit BSM Battery Sergeant Major

BSM Building Services Manager BSM Business Support Manager BSM(DML) Base Services Manager (Devonport Management Limited) BSO Base Supply Officer BSO Basic Safety Objective BSO Branch Security Officer BSO Business Support Officer BSO Business Systems Option BSP Barrel Stave Projector BSP Business Services Package BSP Business Solution Process BSR Base Safety Report BSS Battlefield Sensor Simulator BSSC Basic Sea Survival Course BSSO(G) British Security Service Organisation (Germany) BST Battle Staff Training BST British Standard Time BST British Summer Time BSTS Boost Surveillance and Tracking Satellite BSU Blood Supply Unit BSVCI BSVCI Broadcast Signalling VCI BSW British Standard Whitworth screw thread BT Bathythermograph BT British Telecommunications BT British Telecommunications plc (trademark) BT Bullet‐Through BT Burn Time BTA Best Technical Approach BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method BTEC Business and Technician Education Council BteX BT digital communications switch BTF Baseline Test Facility BTG British Technology Group BTH Beyond The Horizon BTI Balanced Technology Initiative BTI British Training International (now part of the British Council) BTL Below the Line BTM Business Team Manager BTO Barbed Tape Obstacle BTOS BAOR Transport Operating System BTR British Tempest Regulations BTSC Broadcast Television Systems Committee BTT Basic Training Target BTTG British Textile Technology Group BTU British Thermal Unit BTU Bullet Trap Universal BTWC Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Bty Battery BU Business Unit BUCS Back Up Control System Bud Budget(s) BUDCOM Budget & Finance Computer BUDFIN Budget & Finance

BUDFIN Budget and Finance Division, SHAPE BUDS BOWMAN User Data System Bug Bugler BUG Business User Group BUIC Backup Intercept Control BUN Bath Union Newsletter BUNI Broadband User Network Interface (ATM) BUR Back‐Up Reserve BURP Bottom Up Re‐Plan (MRPII) BUS Break Up System Bus Business BusMgr Business Manager BUSSS BOXER UNITER Specialist Support Services BUTEC British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre BV Boost Vehicle BVD Base Vehicle Depot Bveh B Vehicles BVG BRENT VPN Gateway B‐VIT Base station Video Imaging Terminal BVR Beyond Visual Range BVRAAM Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile BW Bacteriological Weapons BW Biological Warfare BW Biological Weapon BW Bomb Wing BW Bridleway BWA Buoyant Wire Aerial BWC Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate BWP Basic Work Package BWS Brigade Workshop/Work Station BYPASS Bypassed Demand. BZ Beaten Zone BZ Benactyzin C Ballistic Coefficient c Cables (navigation) C  3  I Command Control Communications and Intelligence C and E Customs & Excise Department C of C Certificate of Competence C Supply O Command Supply Officer (RAF) C sups Combat supplies C Surv Counter Surveillance C&BS Cash and Banking Services C&FD Coating and Filter Design C&M Care and Maintenance C&R Control and Reporting C&R Counter‐rotating (propellers) C&T Clothing and Textiles C/JFHQ(A) Combined/Joint Headquarters (Afloat) C/O Change Over C/S Callsign C1 Customer  1  (When referring to DEC) C130J Lockheed Martin private venture improved Hercules C130K Hercules Tactical Transport Aircraft

C2 Command and Control C2 Customer  2  (When referring to PJHQ & FLC) C2CS Command and Control Communications System C2CS Command and Control Communications Systems C2DC Command and Control Development Centre C2I Command Control and Intelligence C2I COE Command, Control and Intelligence Common Operating Environment C2I System Command, Control and Intelligence System C2IEDM C2 Information Exchange Data Model C2Int Command and Control Intelligence C2IS Command and Control Information Systems C2IS Command, Control and Intelligence Systems C2PC Command and Control Picture Compiler C2S Command And Control System C2W Command and Control Warfare C3 Command, Control and Communications C3 Consultation, Command and Control C3I Command, Control and Communication Intelligence C3I Command, Control, Comms and Intelligence C3I Command, Control, Communications and Information C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence C3ISRTA Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computation (in the artillery system) C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computers C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computing C4I C2, Communication, Computers and Intelligence C4I Command Control Communications Computers and Intelligence C4I Command, Control, Comms, Computers and Intelligence C4ISR C4I, Surveillance and Reconnaissance C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance CA Civil Affairs CA Close Armour CA Coarse Acquisition CA Combined Arms CA Command Account CA Command Accountant CA Configuration Audit CA Conformal‐array Aerial CA Controller Aircraft CA Corrective Action CA Counter Air CA Counter‐Aggression CA/CD Contractual Acceptance/Concluding Development CA/FWA Contractual Acceptance/Fleet Weapon Acceptance CAA Civil Aviation Authority CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) CAA Civilian Aviation Authority CAA Clean Air Act CAA Counter Air Attack CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAIS Computer Assisted Action Information System CAAS Cost Assurance and Analysis Service

CAAT Commissioning and Advisory Team CAB Citizens Advice Bureau CAB Common Avionics Baseline CAB Corrective Action Board CABA Closed Air Breathing Apparatus CABE Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment CAC Coastal Artillery Computer CAC Combat Air Command CAC Combat Assessment capability CAC Combined Arms Centre CAC Computer‐Aided Classification CAC Connection Access Control (ATM) CAC Control and Analysis Centre CAC Cost Accounts Code CAC Customer Account Code CAC2 Combined Arms Command and Control programme CACCC Combat Air Command and Control Centre CACE Computer Aided Control Engineering CACGs Consolidated Alliance Capability Goals CACM Central American Common Market CACOS Computer Aided Cable Optimisation System CACS Computer Assisted Command System CAD Central Ammunition Depot CAD Chemical Agent Decontaminant CAD Chemical Agent Detector CAD Close Air Defence CAD Close‐in Air Defence CAD Collective Address CAD Combat Assault Dory CAD Computer Aided Design CAD Computer‐Aided Detection CAD Computer‐Aided Doodling CAD Contract Acceptance Date CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing CAD/CAM Computer‐Aided Design and Manufacture CAD/CAM Computeraided design/manufacturing CADA Coordinated Air Defence Area CADB Composite Air Defence Battalion CADD Computer‐Aided Design and Drafting CADDET Centre for Analysis & Dissemination of Demonstration Energy Technologies CADE Combined Allied Defence Experiment CADE Computer‐Aided Design Evaluation CADES Computer‐Aided Design Evaluation System CADF Commutated Aerial Direction Finder CADIMS Coordinated Air Defence in Mutual Support CADM Clustered Airfield Defeat / Dispersed Munitions CADMAT Computer‐Aided Design, Manufacture And Test CADMID Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In‐Service, Disposal CADMID Concept, Assessment, Design, Manufacture, In‐Service, Disposal CADMID Concept, Assessment, Development, Manufacture, In‐Service, Disposal CADMIN The acronym for the SMART acquisition cycle which is comprised of six stages ‐ Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, IN‐service and Disposal CADMIT Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Migration, In‐Service, Termination (Smart Acquisition Lifecycle

CALFAC Calibration Facility CALFEX Combined Arms Live Firing Exercise CALIB Compact Air‐Launched Ice Beacon CALM Crane Attachment Lorry Mounted CALO Canadian Liaison Officer CALS Commerce At Light Speed CALS Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support CALS Computer Aided Life‐cycle Support CALS Computer Aided Logistics Support CALS Computer‐Aided Acquisition and Logistics support CALS Computer‐aided Acquisition and Logs System CALS Computer‐Aided Logistics Support system CALS Continuous Acquisition & Lifecycle Support CALS Continuous Acquisition & Life‐cycle Support CALS Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support CALS Continuous Acquisition Lifecycle support CALWG Critical Assets List Working Group CAM Centre of Aviation Medicine CAM Chemical Agent Monitor CAM Chemical Agent Munitions CAM Cockpit‐Angle Measure CAM Computer Aided Manufacture CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM Conventional Attack Missile CAM Cost Allocation Model CAM/RV Chemical Agent Monitor/ Residual Vapour Detector CAMAD Computer‐Aided Magnetic Anomaly Detection CAMBS Command Activated Multi‐Beam Sonobuoy CAMDS Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System CAMEL Cartridge Active Miniature Electro‐Magnetic CAMIS Calibration Management Information System CAML Cargo Aircraft Minelayer CAMMS Computer Aided Maintenance Management System CAMPS Computer Aided Message Processing System CAMPS Computer Assisted Message Processing System CAMS Combat Aviation Management System CAMS Configuration and Asset Management System CAMSIM Camouflage Simulation System CAMU Central Audio Management Unit CAN Canada CAN Computer Network Attack CANAL Coded Meteorological Analysis CANLANT Canadian Atlantic Sub‐Area CANTASS Canadian Towed Array Sonar System CANVASS CAPITAL NSC Valued Accounts for Stock System CAO Contract Administration Office CAO Contracts Authorising Officer CAO Counter‐Air Operation CAOC Combined Air Operations Cell CAOC Combined Air Operations Centre CAOR Communications Area of Responsibility CAP Capability Area Plans CAP Capability Assessment Panel

CAP Care Assessment Plan CAP Carrier Air Patrol CAP Chloroacetophenon CAP Civil Aviation Publication CAP Class Ammunition Procedures CAP Combat Air Patrol CAP Combat Air Patrol (aircraft) CAP Combat Ammunition Production CAP Combustible Augmented Plasma CAP Common Agricultural Policy CAP Contingency Asset Pool CAP Control and Audio Panel CAP Conventional Armaments Plan CAP Crisis Action Planning CAP ISTAR Capability: Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance CAPC2II Capability Command and Control and Information Infrastructur CAPES Capability Evaluation System CAPFASFLOT Captain Faslane Flotilla CAPITAL Cost‐based Accounting & Planning Implementation An CAPITAL Cost‐based Accounting and Planning, Implementation CAPMIS Capability Area Plan Management Information System CAPP Computer Aided Process Planning CAPP Computer Aided Production Planning CAPPS Computer Aided Priority Progression System CAPS Computer Aided Publication System CAPS Computer Assistance to the Production System CAPS Conventional Armaments Planning System CAPSS Commuter Assistance to the Production and Stores System Capt Captain Capt SM Captain Submarine Squadron CAPWG Communication Actions Plan Working Group CAR Change Analysis Record CAR Civilian Airworthiness Regulations CAR Conformal‐Array Radar CARA Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter CARABAS Coherent All Radio Band Sensing CARAD Civil Aircraft Research And Demonstration CARAF Carrier/Commando Ship/Airfield CARAFE Computer Assisted Ration Accounting and Food Evaluation CARCAT Capability And Requirements CATalogue CARDS Capital Asset Reporting Database CARDS Computer‐Assisted Radar Display System CARDS Conceptual Architecture Design Studies CARE Command Agents Research Executive CARES Cratering And Related Effects Simulation CARICOM Caribbean Community CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association CARM Chemical Agent Resistant Material CARM Counter Anti‐Radiation Missile CARMEN Computerised Aircraft Repair & Maintenance Network CARMEN Computerised Assisted Repair Management Engineering CARMS Chemical Agent Remote Monitor System CARO Computer Anti virus Research Organization

CAROLS Calibration and Retrieval On Line System CARP Computed Air Release Point CARRFA Computer‐Aided Radio Relay Frequency Assignment system CARRIFF Computer Assistance to RAOC and REME In the Field Force CARSTAT Carrier State CART Central Analysis and Reporting Team CART Combat Aircraft Repair Team CAS Calibrated Air Speed CAS Casualty Assessment System CAS Chief of the Air Staff CAS Close Air Support CAS Collision Avoidance System CAS Combat Advice System CAS Combined Antenna System CAS Communicating Applications Specification CAS Contract Administration Service CAS Cost Account Standards CAS Cost Allocation Statement CAS Cost Assurance Service CAS Crisis Action System CASAP Canadian Submarine Acquisition Programme CASC Customer Assured Service Centre CASCAD Close Air Support Cargo Dispenser CASCADE Computer Assistance to the Scaling and Cataloguing CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command CASCOMEX Close Air Support Communications Exercise CASD Continuous At Sea Deterrence CASE Chief Above water Systems Executive CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering CASE Computer Assisted Software Engineering CASE Computer‐Aided Software Engineering CASEVAC Casualty Evacuation CASEX Combined Anti‐Submarine Exercise CASEX Co‐ordinated Anti‐Submarine Exercise CASF Composite Air Strike Force CASH CIS Assistance for Headquarters CASH Command and Control, Communications and Information CASH Computer Assistance for Support Headquarters CASH Computer Assistance to Subordinate HQs CASM CESG Architecture for Secure Messaging CASM Conventional Arms Stand‐off Missile CASO Communication, Navigation And Surveillance Air Traffic Management Support Office CASOM Conventional Air‐launched Stand‐Off Missile CASOM Conventionally Armed Stand‐Off Missile CASP Coordinated Air/Sea Procedures CASP Coordinated Air‐Sea Procedures CASREP Casualty Report CASS Camouflage Support System CASS Channel Associated Signalling System CASS Close Air Support System CASS Command Active Sonobuoy System CASS Consolidated Automatic Support System CASS Crypto And Secure Systems

CAST Canadian Air‐Sea Transportable Brigade CAST Combined Arms Staff Trainer CAST Command And Staff Trainer CAST Computer Aided Software Testing CAST Computer Assisted Supervision of Transmission CAST Computer‐Aided Search Technique CAST Conventional Armament Study Team CAST Conventional Armaments Study Team CASTE Computer Aided Stock Taking – Enhancements CASTOR Corps Air‐borne Stand‐Off Radar CASTT Combat Air Support and Training Transformation CASU Compact Air Supply Unit CASWS Close Air Support Weapon System CAT Change Action Team CAT Chemical Agents Tracer CAT Clean Air Turbulence CAT Combat Aircraft Technology CAT Computer Assisted Training CAT Configuration Accountancy Transmittal CAT/FCS Command Adjusted Trajectory / Fire Control System CAT/LCV Combined Arms Team / Lightweight Combat Vehicle CATARA Centralisation of Air Transport and Air‐to‐Air Refuelling Assets CATCC Carrier Air Traffic Control Centre CATCS Central Air Traffic Control School CAT‐D Chemical Agent Training Dispenser CATE Computer‐Assisted Threat Evaluation CATEX Categorical Exclusion CATF Commander Amphibious Task Force CATFAE Catapult Launched Fuel Air Explosive CATFAE Catapult‐launched Fuel‐Air Explosive CATG Computer‐Aided Test Generator CATIES Combined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System CATIS Computer Aided Technical Information System CATM Chemical Agent Training Mixture CATNAP Cheapest Available Technique Narrowly Avoiding Pro CATO Civilian Air Traffic Operation CATPAC CATering Provision and Accounting CATS Catamarans CATS Comator Advanced Training System CATS Combined Aerial Target Service CATT Combined Arms Tactical Trainer CATT Combined Arms Tactical Training CATT‐B Component Advanced Technology Test‐Bed CATTS Combined Arms Tactical Training Simulator CATV Community Antenna Television CAU Central Alarm Unit cav Cavalry CAWC Combined Air‐Warfare Course CAWS Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems CAWS Close Assault Weapon System CAWSEM Countermeasures And Weapon Systems Engagement Mode CAX Computer Aided (Assisted) Exercise CB Chemical and Biological

CB Chemical, Biological CB Citizens Band (Radio) CB Classified Book (RN) CB Confidential Book CB Confined to Barracks CB Contract Branch CB Contracts Bulletin CB Counter Battery Fire CBA Corporate Business Application CBA Cost Benefits Analysis CBD Chemical and Biological Defence CBD Chemical and Biological Defence Sector, DERA CBD Commerce Business Daily CBDE Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment CBE Chemical Beam Epitaxy CBE Commander of the British Empire CBFM Corporate Banking & Fund Manager CBFS (S) Contract Branch Fleet Support (Surface). CBG Carrier Battle Group (US Navy) CBHK Captive Boresight Harmonization Kit CBI Computer Based Instruction CBI Confederation of British Industry CBIC Course Information and Booking Centre CBIT Continuous Built In Test C‐BITE Continuous Built‐In Test Equipment CBL Computer Based Learning CBLS Carrier, Bomb, Light Store CBLT Contracts Branch Lead Time CBM Chief Bosun’s Mate CBM Command and Battlespace Management CBM Command Battlespace Management CBM Condition Based Monitoring CBM Confidence Building Measure CBM Corporate Business Manager. CBML Corporate Business Modelling Language CBO Classified Books Officer (responsible for Cbs) CBP Captain Base Personnel CBPB Class Batch Planning Budget CBPM Converged Business Process Model CBPP Converged Business Process Product CBPS Chemically and Biologically Protective Shelter CBR California Bearing Ratio CBR Chemical, Biological, Radiological CBR Chemical, Biological, Radiological warfare CBR Common Bomb Rack CBR Constant Bit Rate CBRLT Contract Branch Repair Lead Time CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear CBRN‐E Caribbean Basin Radar Network, Extended programme CBS Captain Base Safety CBS Communications Buoy System (Vanguard Class) CBS Corps Battle Simulation

CBS Cost Breakdown Structure CBSO Command Blind Safety Officer (for live firings) Cbt Combat CBT Computer Based Teaching CBT Computer Based Trainers CBT Computer Based Training CBT Computer‐Based Trainer CBTE Carrier / Conventional, Bomb Triple Ejector CBU Cluster Bomb Unit CBW Chemical and Biological Warfare CBW Chemical and Biological Weapons CC Carbon Copy CC Charge Cruez CC Chief Constable CC Close Combat CC Closed Circuit CC Coastal Command (Royal Air Force) CC Cognitive Compatibility CC Component Command CC Component Commander CC Composite Command CC Compression Chamber CC Configuration Control CC Cost Centre (MRPII) CC Cubic Centimetres C‐C Carbon‐Carbon CC&II Command Control & Information Infrastructure CC(L) Charge Chief (Electrical) ‐ senior rating for electricity CC(M) Charge Chief (Mechanical Engineering) ‐ senior rating for engine rooms CC3 Counter‐C3 CCA Cable Communication Association CCA Capability Coherence Authority CCA Captain’s Combat Aid CCA Carrier‐Controlled Approach CCA Central Control Agency CCA Circuit Card Assembly CCA Close Combat Attack CCA Contamination Control Area CCA Current Cost Accounting CCAF Customer Consent & Acceptance Form. CCAI Canadian Centre for Advanced Instrumentation CCAT Carrier Control Approach Trainer CCATF Commander of the Combined Amphibious Force CCATF Commander, Combined Amphibious Task Force CCATTD Common Chassis Advanced Technology Transition Demonstrator CCB Communications and Control Board, SHAPE CCB Configuration Control Board CCC Change Configuration and Control CCC Combat Control Centre CCC Combustible Cartridge Case CCC Combustible Case Charge CCC Combustible Charge Container CCC Communications Control Centre

CCC Configuration Control Committee CCC Crisis Co‐ordination Centre (US Secretary of Defense) CCCC Cross Channel Co‐ordination Centre CCCES Combat Control Concept Evaluation System CCD Camouflage, Concealment and Deception CCD Charge Coupled Device CCD Charged Coupled Device CCD Closed Cycle Diesel CCD Customer Confirmed Date CCDP Central Career Development Panel CCDU Control, Communication and Display Unit CCE Commercial Construction Equipment CCE Common Communication Environment CCE Common Communications Environment CCE Core Capability Equipment CCEB Combined Communications and Electronics Board CCEB Combined Communications Electronic Board CCEML Cannon‐Calibre Electro‐Magnetic Launcher CCET Community Councils for Education and Training CCETT Centre Commun d’Etudes de Telediffusion et de Telecommunications CCF Combined Cadet Force CCF Combined Catering Facility (at Northwood) CCF Corporate Customer Function CCF(RN) Combined Cadet Force (Royal Navy) CCG Cartesian Coordinate Grid CCH Close Combat Helicopter CCI Common Communications Interface CCI Communication Interface to fire direction system CCI Cyalume Chemical Illuminator CCII Command and Control Information Infrastructure CCIL Command and Control Interface Language CCIL Continuously Computed Impact Line CCIP Continuously Computed Impact Point CCIR Comite Consultative International des Radiocommunication CCIR Commanders Critical Information Requirements CCIR Commander’s Critical Information Requirements CCIRM Collection, Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management CCIRM Collection, Co‐ordination and Intelligence Requirements Management CCIRM Coordination of Collection & Intelligence Requirements Management CCIRs Commander’s Critical Information Requirements CCIS C2 Information System CCIS Command & Control Information System CCIS Command and Control Information System CCIS Command, Control and Information System CCIT Comite Consultatif International Telegraphes et Telephones CCITT Committee Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique CCITT Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone CCITT International Consultative Committee on Telephony and Telegraphy CCITT International Telephone & Telegraph Consultative Committee CCITT No.7 CCITT No.7 Signalling System CCL Chart Correction Log CCL Climate Change Levy C‐CLAW Close Combat Laser Weapon

CCLF Commander Combined Landing Force CCM Configuration Change Management CCM Conventional Cruise Missile CCM Core Catering Manpower CCM Counter Counter Measures CCMDP Chief Constable Ministry of Defence Police CCMEA Charge Chief Marine Engineering Artificer CCMEA(ML) Charge CPO Marine Engineering Artificer (Marine Propulsion & Electricity) CCMS Committee on the Challenges to Modern Society CCN Change Control Notice CCO Chief Claims Officer CCO Contact Cell Officer CCO Contract CO‐ordination Officer CCOC Combustion Change Outer Case CCP Casualty Collection Point CCP Central Control Point CCP Chest Counter Pressure CCP Chief Crown Prosecutor CCP Coherent Countermeasures Processor CCP Combat Command Post CCP Communication Control Panel CCP Computer Control Panel CCP Contingency Communications Package CCP Contractor Conversion Package CCP Control and Correlation Processor CCPC Civil Communications Planning Committee CCPDS Command and Control Processing and Display System CCPDSR Command & Control Passive Display System Replacement CCPO Charge Chief Petty Officer CCR Classified Cabinet Register CCR Communications Control Room CCR Comprehensive Core Requirement CCR Computer‐Controlled Range CCRF Civil Contingency Reaction Force CCRP Continuously Computed Release Point CCRT Commodities Cluster Restructuring Team CCS Casualty Clearing Station CCS Central Casualty Section CCS Combat Control System CCS Combined Cadet Service CCS Command and Control Station CCS Commander’s Crew Station CCS Common Communications Support CCS Communications Control System CCS Conformal Countermeasures System CCS Control Communication System CCS Course Corrected Shell CCSA Command and Control Support Agency (DAMO) CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems CCSE Call Control Signalling Entity (ATM) CCSS Communications Channel Signalling System CCSSA Combined Cryptographical Shore Support Activity CCSSA Combined Cryptological Sigint Support Activity

CCSU Council of Civil Service Unions CCT Capability Change Team CCT Circuit CCT Combat Control Team CCT Combat Crew Trainer CCT Compulsory Competitive Tendering CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency CCTC Command and Control Technical Centre CCTE Chambers of Commerce Training and Enterprise CCTI Charged Couple Thermal Imaging CCTO Cost/Capability Trade Off CCTR Covert Co‐operative Target Recognition Ccts Circuits CCTT Close Combat Tactical Trainer (US Army) CCTV Close Circuit Television CCTV Closed Circuit Television CCTV Closed‐Circuit Television CCTW Combat Crew Training Wing CCTWT Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tube CCU Central Control Unit CCU Certificate of Clearance for Use CCU Certificate of Clearance for Use (for software) CCU Cockpit Control Unit CCU Combat Control Unit CCU Common Control Unit CCU Communication Control Unit CCU Computer Crime Unit CCV Close Combat Vehicle CCV Control Configured Vehicle CCV‐L Close Combat Vehicle, Light CCW Controller and Communications Workstation ccw counter clockwise CCWAC CINO Conventional Weapon Accident Committee CCWEA Charge Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer CCWEA Charge Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer CCWG Change Control Working Group CCY CPO Communications Yeoman (visual signalling & message handling) CD Capability Development CD Carrier Detect CD Civil Defence Cd Coefficient of Drag CD Combat Development CD Compact Disc CD Concept Development CD Conceptual Design (LITS) CD Conference on Disarmament CD Controlled Drugs CD Cost Data CD (C&C) Commercial Director (Command & Centre) CD Cell Concepts Development Cell (MWC) CD/SSA Commercial Director Ships Support Agency CDA Centre for Defence Analysis CDA Compound Document Architecture

CDA Co‐ordinating Design Authority CDA Cryptographic Distribution Agency CDA(HLS) Centre for Defence Analysis (Higher Level Studies) CDAA Circularly Disposed Antenna Array CDAS Common Defensive Aids System CDAS Counter DAS CDAS Counter Defensive Aids System CDB Cast Double‐Base propellant CDBA Clearance Diving Breathing Apparatus CDBP Command Data Buffer Program CDC Central Demand Cell CDC Command and Control Centre CDCN Controller Defence Communication Network CDCN Controller of Defence Communications Network CDCN Controllerate of Defence Comms Network CDCN Controllerate of Defence Communications Network CDD Common Data Dictionary CDDS Compact Disc Distribution Service CDE Chemical Defence Establishment CDE Clearance Diving Element CDE Collateral Damage Estimate CDE Concept Development and Experimentation CDE Conference on Disarmament in Europe CDEC Chief of Defence Equipment Collaboration CDEL Capital Delivery CDF Channel Definition Format file CDF Ciskei Defence Force CDFR Commercial Demonstration Fast Reactor CDG Colour Display Generator CDI Chief of Defence Intelligence CDI Collector Diffusion Isolation CDI Compact Disc Interactive CDI Conventional Defence Improvements CDI Course Deviation Indicator CD‐I Compact Disc‐Interactive CDIP Continuously Displayed Impact Point CDIRRS Control and Display of Infra‐Red Reconnaissance System CDL Career Development Loans CDL Chief of Defence Logistics CDL Common Data Link CDM Centre for Defence Medicine CDM Chief of Defence Materiel CDM Conditioned Di‐phase Modulation CDM Configuration and Data Management CDM Construction (Design and Management) Regulations  1  CDM Contract Data Management CDM Corporate Data Manager CDM Corporate Data Model CDMA Central Data Management Authority CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDMA Command Decision Making Aid CDMG Central Data Management Group CDMG DGICS Central Data Management Group

CDMS Common Data Management System CDN Canadian CDN Contracts Drawing Number CDNS CSI CDO Central Design Office Cdo Commando CDO Commando (Royal Marines) CDOS Concurrent Disk Operating System CDP Canadian Dry Pin CDP Career Development Panel CDP Chief of Defence Personnel CDP Chief of Defence Procurement CDP Common Defence Policy (European) CDP Concept Demonstration Phase CDP Countermeasures Dispenser Pod CDP Critical Decision Point CDP Critical Decision Point (Helicopters) CDPI Chief of Defence Procurement Instruction CDPI Chief of Defence Procurement Instruction for Project Management CDR Classified Document Register CDR Contract Data Requirement CDR Critical Design Review CDR The Commander ‐ XO of HMS DRAKE CDR AIR CDR in charge of all aviation on board CVS CDRB Canadian Defence Research Board CDRL Contact Data Requirements List CDRL Contract Data Requirements List CDRL Contractor Data Requirements List CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Media CD‐ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory CD‐ROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory CDRS Container Design Retrieval System CDRS ASST Commanders Assistant CD‐RW Compact Disk ‐ Read Write CDS Candelas CDS Centre for Defence Studies CDS Chief Direction System CDS Chief of Defence Staff CDS Chief of the Defence Staff CDS Civil Direction of Shipping CDS Combat Direction System CDS Continuing Design Services CDS Corporate Document Services CDSDO Chief of Defence Staff Duty Officer Cdt Cadet CDT Compulsory Drug Testing CDT Critical Defence Technology Cdtr Conductor Cdts Cadet(s) CDTV Compact Disc Tele Vision CDU Clearance Diving Unit CDU Cockpit Display Unit CDU Commander Display Unit

CDU Control and Display Unit CDV Cell Delay Variation CDV Civil Defence Volunteers CDV Compressed Digital Video CD‐V Compact Disc – Video CDW Collision Damage Waiver CE Chemical Energy CE Chief Engineer CE Chief Executive CE Chief Executive (title used by DE & DSTL) CE Composition Exploding (Tetryl) CE Concept Exploration CE Concurrent Engineering CE Conformation European CE Connection Endpoint (ATM) CE Controlled Environment CE Corps of Engineers Command (US Army) CE Crisis Establishment CE (DSA) Chief Executive/Disposal Sales Agency CE DPA Chief Executive, Defence Procurement Agency CE(RAF) Chief Engineer (Royal Air Force) CE/DE Chief Executive Defence Estates CEAC Committee for European Airspace Co‐ordination CEB Combined Effects Bomblets CEC Central Electricity Council CEC Commission for the European Community CEC Commission of the European Committees CEC Cooperative Engagement Capability CEC Co‐operative Engagement Capability CEC Council for Education in the Commonwealth CECM Communications Electronic Counter Measures CED Chief Executive Dockyards CED Contract Effective Date CEDA Cost Effectiveness Decision Aid CEDAM Combined Electronic Display and Map CEDAMAT Cost‐Effective manufacture of Defence and Aerospace MATerials CEDRIC Computerised Engineering Data Retrieval Information Centre CEDRIC Conventional Explosives Defect Information Catalogue CEDS Competitive Engineering Design Studies CEE Central and Eastern Europe CEE Certificate of Extended Education CEES Cartridge Electric Engine Starter CEESIM Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force CEFO Combat Equipment Fighting Order CEG Career Employment Group CEG Careers Education & Guidance CEGB Central Electricity Generating Board CEGS Current Expenditure on Goods and Services CEI Centre for Education and Industry CEI Common Equipment Identifier CEI Communication Electronic Instruction CEI Communications Electronic Instruction

CEI Council of Engineering Institutes CEL Commercial Exploitation Levy CEL Contractor Expensive List CEL Contractor Experience List CEL Critical Equipment List CELT Combined Emitter Locator Testbed CELT Crypto Equipment for Low speed Telegraphy CELTICS Commander Extended Link for Thermal Imaging Combat Sight CEM Combined Effects Munitions CEM Continuous Emissions Monitor CEMCONS Centralised Emissions Control System CEMO Combat Equipment Marching Order CEMS Capital Equipment Management Sub‐system CEMS Capital Equipment Management System cen Central CEN Comite European de Normalisation CENG Chartered Engineer CENTAF Central Air Force CENTAG Central Army Group CENTCOM Central Command CENTLANT Central Sub‐Area Eastern Atlantic Command CENTO Central Treaty Organisation CENTREM Centralised Repair Item CEO Comprehensive Electronic Office software package CEO RFA Chief Engineer Officer CEOA Central Europe Operating Agency CEOD Chemical Explosive Ordnance Disposal CEOI Communications Electronics Operating Instructions CEOT Communication Equipment Operator Trainer CEOU Civilian Equal Opportunities Unit CEP Central Engineer Park CEP Circular Error of Probability CEP Circular Error Probable CEP Competitive Evaluation Phase CEP Concept Evaluation Program CEP Contact Evaluation Plot CEP Contact Evaluation Plot (passive plotting) CEP Contextual Enhancement Processor CEPA Common European Priority Area CEPA Common European Priority Area ‐ Western European Union (EUCLID) CEPA Common European Priority Areas CEPIS Council of European Professional Information Societies CEPP Carrier Enabled Power Projection CEPS Central European Pipeline System CEPT Cockpit Emergency and Procedures Trainer CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations CEQ Career Employment Qualification CER Communication Equipment Room CER Compulsory Early Retirement CER Cost Estimating Relationship (risk analysis) CERES Computer Enhanced Radio Emission Surveillance CERN Controller Establishments Research and Nuclear Programmes CERP Communications Electronics Recovery Plan

CERRRS Central European Region Recce Reporting System CERT Computerised Examination and Records in Training CERU Cartridge Ejector Release Unit CES Chemical Electrical Centre CES Combat Effects Simulator CES Concept Evaluation Stag CESE Communications Equipment Support Element CESG Communications‐Electronics Security Group CESM Communications Electronic Support Measures CESO Chief Environment and Safety Officer MoD CESO Chief Environmental Science Officer CESO Command Equipment Safety Officer (for live firings) CESO(A) Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Army) CESO(MOD) Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Ministry of Defence) CESO(N) Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Navy) CESO(RAF) Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Royal Air Force) CESP Communications Equipment Support Plan CEstO Customer Estates Organisation CET Central European Time CET Combat Engineer Tractor CETW Council for Education and Training for Wales CEU Computer Electronics Unit CEV Combat Engineer Vehicle CEW Communications Electronic Warfare CEW Continental Early Warning CEWI Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence CEWS Communications Electronic Warfare System CF Cadet Force CF Carbon Fibre CF Central Finance CF Chaplain to the Force CF Coalition Forces CF Contingency Force CF Contingency Forces CF Contracts Finder CF Controlled Fragmentation CF Customer Focus CFA Commander Field Army CfA Contracting for Availability CFA Corporate Finance & Accounting CfA Council for Administration CFAC Constant‐Frequency Alternating Current CFAL Combined Frequency Allocated List CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate CFAT Cash flow after taxes CFAT Corporate Financial Accounting Team CFB Canadian Forces Base CFB Central Finance Branch CFBL Combined Federated Battle Laboratory CFC Carbon Fibre Composite CFC Carbon Fibre Composites CFC Central Fire Control CFC Chlorofluorocarbons

CFC Chloro‐Fluoro‐Carbons CFCC Canadian Forces Communication Command CFCI Call Forward Coordinating Instructions CFD Captain of the Flight Deck (not the same as the FDO) CFD Chaff / Flare Dispenser CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics CFDIU Centralised Fault Display Interface Unit CFDS Central Fault Display System CFE Canadian Forces Europe CFE Central Fighter Establishment (Royal Air Force) CFE Contractor Furnished Equipment’s CFE Conventional Armed Forces in Europe CFE Conventional Forces Europe (the international treaty) CFE Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty CFER Consolidated Fund Extra Receipts CFF Call For Fire CFFE Certified Free From Explosives CFG Commonwealth & Foreign Governments CFG Customer Focus Group ‐ now CWG CFI Chief Flying Instructor CFIM Corporate Financial Information Model CFIT Controlled Flight Into Terrain CFM Captain Fleet Maintenance CFM Centralised Fleet Management CFM Crane Field Medium CFM (DE) Captain Fleet Maintenance Duty Engineer CFME Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment CFMO Command Flight Medical Officer Cfn Craftsman CFP Communications Focal Point CFP NIG Crown, Fire and Police National Interest Group CFPG Central Finance and Planning Group CFQ Competing for Quality CFR Code of Federal Regulations CFR Communications Facilities Requirement CFR Customer Feedback Record CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics CFS Central Flying School CFS Central Flying School (Royal Air Force) CFS Chief of Fleet Support CFS Close Fire Support CFS Common Functional Specification CFSMB Chief of Fleet Support Management Board CFSME Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering CFSO Command Flight Safety Officer CFSP Common Foreign & Security Policy CFSR Contractor Field Service Representative CFT Captive Flight Trainer CFT Common Fleet Time CFT Communications Fleet Tasking CFV Cavalry Fighting Vehicle CFX Confirmatory Field Exercise

CFY Chief Communications Yeoman CFY Current Financial Year CG Chaplain General CG Clinical Governance CG Coastguard CG Guided Missile Cruiser CGA Colour Graphics Array CGA Consolidated Account for Central Government CGBR Central Government Borrowing Requirement CGCC Centre of Gravity Control Computer CGCSS Commander and Gunner Crew Station Simulator CGDA Common Geographic Data Architecture CGEN Character Generator CGEY Cap Gemini Ernst & Young CGF Central Group of Force CGF Computer Generated Forces CGH Computer Generated Hologram CGHA Compressed Gas Association CGI Common Gateway Interface CGI Computer Generated Image CGI Computer Generated Imagery CGI Computer‐Generated Image CGM Computer Graphics Metafile CGNTO Central Government National Training Organisation CGp Command Group CGPM Compendium of Guidelines for Project Managers CGR Converted Gallery Range CGRAFRegt Commandant General Royal Air Force Regiment CGRM Commandant General Royal Marines CGS Centimetre‐Gram‐Second (Units system) CGS Central Gunnery School (Royal Air Force) CGS Chief of the General Staff CGS COMSEC Guard Ship CGS Crew Gunnery Simulator CGSE Common Ground Support Equipment CGV Computer‐Generated Voice ch charge Ch Chief CHA Cylindrical Hydrophone Array CHAALS Communications High Accuracy Air‐borne Location System CHADMPILOT Chief Admiralty Pilot CHAIR Control Handling Aid for Increase Range CHALS‐X Communication High‐Accuracy Location System – Exploitable CHAMP Configurable Hardware Algorithm Mappable Pre‐processor CHANCOM Channel Command Chap Chaplain CHAPS Chamberlain Armour Protection System CHAPS Chaplains CHAPS(A) Chaplains (Army) CHARITS Casualty Handling and Reporting IT System CHARM Challenger/Chieftain Armament CHARRV Challenger Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle CHARRV TRL Challenger Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle Trailer

CHASE Chemical Agents Sensor CHASMAL CHOTS/ASMA Link CHASP Central Health And Safety Project ChClk Chief Clerk CHE Controlled Humidity Environment Chf Tech Chief Technician (or below) Chg Change CHI Commission for Health Improvement CHIMPS Civilian Help and Information Management & Pay System CHIMPS Computerised Help for Information to Management and Pay Systems. BAOR PLSU system CHIP Challenger Improvement Programme CHIP Chemical Hazard Information and Packaging CHIP Chemical Information and Packaging CHIP Chemicals (Hazardous Information and Packaging for Supply) CHK Chinook CHM Civilian Hood Mask CHOD Chief Of Defence CHODS Chiefs Of Defence Staff CHOFF Chief Officer (RFA) CHOP Change of OPCON CHOP Change of Operational Command or Control CHORSI CHOTS/RAF Systems Interconnection CHOSC Commando Helicopter Operations and Support Cell CHOtS Corporate Headquarters Office Technology CHOTS Corporate Headquarters Office Technology System CHP Combined Heat and Power CHQ Collocated Headquarters CHRL Central Health Records Library CHS Centre for Human Sciences CHS Common Hardware System CHSP Construction Health & Safety Plan Chukar Type of remote controlled AA Target CI Candidate Item CI Channel Islands CI Chief Instructor CI Communications Information CI Compression Ignition CI Configuration Identification CI Configuration Item CI Control Indicator CI Counter‐Intelligence CI Crown Indemnity CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIA Critical Impact Angle CIAP Change Impact Assessment Process CIAP Continuous Improvement Action Plan CIAV Coalition Interoperability, Assurance and Validation CIBIS Common Infrastructure for Battlefield Information CIC Combat Information Centre CICAT Centre for Industry Co‐operation and Trade CICC Commanders‐in‐Chief’s Committee CICERO Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research CICP Central Inventory Control Point

CIC‐PT Combat Information Centre Procedure Trainer CICR CINO Incident Control Room CID Charge‐Injection Device CID Commander’s Integrated Display CID Configuration Identification Do CID Criminal Investigation Department CIDA Central Installation Design Authority CIDA Coordinating Installation Design Authority CIDA Co‐ordinating Installation Design Authority CIDIS Combat Information Display System CIDNE Combined Information Data Network Exchange CIDS Collateral Information Display Station CIDS Critical Item Development Specification CIE Chief Inspector Explosives CIE (ND) Chief Inspector Explosives (Navy Department). CIE(MOD) Chief Inspector of Explosives (Ministry of Defence) CIED Counter IED C‐IED Counter Improvised Explosive Device CIEG Common Information Exchange Glossary CIEL Common Information Exchange Language CIEM Common Information Exchange Mechanism CIF Customer Health & Safety Information Form CIFD Communication Information Fill Device CIG Communications Industries Group CIGARS Console Internally Generated And Refreshed Symbols programme CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff CIGTF Central Inertial Guidance Test Facility CIH Communications Information Handler CIJ Close‐In Jamming CIL Candidate Item List CILOCT Contribution(s) In Lieu of Council Tax CILON Compensation In Lieu Of Notice (ex PILON CILOR Cash in Lieu of Rations CILOR Contribution In Lieu Of Rates CILOR Contributions In Lieu Of Rates CIM Centre for Information Management CIM Computer Integrated Manufacture CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM Continuous Improvement Management (MRPII) CIM Controlled Interval and Memory (risk analysis) CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants CIMAH Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards CIMIC Civil Military Co‐operation CIMUP Candidate Item Maintenance & Upkeep Plan CINC Commander‐in‐Chief CINCENT C in C Allied Forces Central Europe CINCENT Commander‐in‐Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe CINCEUR Commander‐in‐Chief, European Command CINCFLEET Commander in Chief Fleet CinCFleet Commander‐in‐Chief Fleet CINCGERFLT Commander‐in‐Chief, German Fleet CINCHAN C in C Channel CINCHAN Commander‐in‐Chief, Channel

CINCHEL Commander‐in‐Chief, Channel and Eastern Atlantic Areas CINCLANT Commander‐in‐Chief, Atlantic Command CINCNORTH C in C AF Northern Europe CINCNORTH Commander‐in‐Chief, Northern European Command (NATO) CINCPAC Commander‐in‐Chief, Pacific Command CINCSAC Commander‐in‐Chief, Strategic Air Command CINCSOUTH C in C AF Southern Europe CINCSOUTH Commander‐in‐Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe CINCUKAIR C in C UK Air Forces CINCUKAIR Commander‐in‐Chief UK Air Forces CINE CRISP Interim Network Enhancement CINE CRISP Interim Network Enhancement CINO Chief Inspector Naval Ordnance CINO Chief Inspector of Naval Ordnance CIO Central Imagery Office CIO Chief Information Officer CIO SDG Chief Information Officer Systems Direction Group CIP Call In Progress CIP Capability Integration Plan CIP COMBAT, Infrastructure and Platform BISA CIP ComBAT, Infrastructure, Platform BISA CIP Crane Improvement Programme CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPF Central Intermediate Processing Facility CIPMIS Civilian Personnel Management Information System CIR Commander’s Information Requirement CIR Committed Information Rate CIR Consultancy, Inspection and Review CIR Continuous Infra‐Red CIRC Central Information Reference and Control (FASTC) CIRE Command Instrument Rating Examiner CIRI Command Instrument Rating Instructor CIRPLS Computer Integration of Requirements Procurement Logistics and Support CIRPLS Computer Integration of Requirements, Procurement and Logistic and Support CIRPLS Computer Integration of Requirements, Procurement, Logistics and Support CIRTEVS Compact Infra‐Red Television System CIRTO Civilian Industrial Relations & Training Organisation CIS Cavitation Inception Speed CIS Combat Identification System CIS Combined Influence Sweep CIS Command and Control Communications and Information Systems CIS Command Information System CIS Command Information Systems CIS Command Intelligence System CIS Command, Control Communications and Information System CIS Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union) CIS Communication and Information Services CIS Communication and Information System CIS Communications and Information Systems CIS Communications Information Systems CIS Computer and Information Systems CIs Configuration Items CIS Continuous Improvement Strategy (MRPII)

CISC Command Information Systems Centre CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer CISC Construction Industry Standing Conference CISD Communications and Information Systems Division, SHAPE CISEC Command Information Systems Executive Committee CISIM Communications and Information Systems and Information Management CISO CIS Officer CISPR Committee of the International Special Committee on Radio CIT Combined Interrogator‐Transponder CITB Construction Industry Training Board CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITG Commander, Initial Training Group CITIS Computerised Integrated Technical Information System CITIS Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service CITIS Contractors Integrated Technical Information Services CITIS‐(UK) Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (UK) CITS Central Integrated Test System CITS Centrally Integrated Test System CITS Communications and Information Transfer Services CITS Communications Information Transfer Service CITS Communications Information Transfer System CITSS Central Information Technology Security Section CITV Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer CIU Communication Interface Unit CIU Control Interface Unit CIV Certified Issue Voucher civ Civil(ian) CIV Compartment Isolation Valve CIV Complete Inventory Visibility Civ Lab Civil Labour Civ Sec Civil Secretariat Civ Sec Civil Secretary CIV SEC Civilian Secretary Civpol Civilian Police CIW Close‐In Weapon System CIWG Capability Integration Working Group CIWS Close In Weapon System CIX Commercial Internet exchange CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CJIIM Combined, Joint, Intra‐governmental, Inter‐agency, Multinational CJMOC Combined Joint Maritime Operations Centre CJO Chief of Joint Operations CJO Chief of Joint Organisation CJO Commander Joint Operations CJP Competence to Job Profiles CJRDFO Chief, Joint Rapid Deployment Force Operations CJS Communication Channel and Jammer Simulator CJTF Combined Joint Task Force CJTF Combined Joint Task Forces CJTFC Combined Joint Task Force Commander CK Coningham Keyes CK Cyanogen Chloride CKD Component Knocked Down

CL Centre Line CL Chemical Laser CL Circular Letter CL Combat Load CL Command Link CL Configuration Librarian CL Contract Loan CL Core Leader CL Light Cruiser CL2C Core Leader (Customer 2) CLA Civil Labour Administrator CLAES Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer CLAIT Computer Literacy and Information Technology CLAMS Clear Lane Marking System CLAN Contracts Land, Air & Navy (Contract IT system) CLAP Close Air Picture CLARA Compact Laser Radar CLARA Compact LAser RAdar (UK/F demonstrator) CLAS Coherent Laser radar Air‐borne Shear Sensor CLASP Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Programme CLASP Computer Linked Assistance to the Scaling Process CLASP Consolidated Logistics Automated Support Programme CLASP RCS code for UHF/VHF CLASS Closed‐Loop Artillery Simulation System CLASSIC Covert Local Area Sensor System for Intruder Classification CLAW Close Assault Weapon CLAW Control of Lead at Work CLAWS Close Combat Light Armour Weapon System CLC Charge Linear Cutting CLC Command Launch Computer CLD Chemiluminescent Detection CLD Communications Logistics Depot CLDA Closed Loop DeAmping CLDA Closed Loop De‐Amping CLDG Closed Loop DeGaussing CLDG Closed Loop De‐Gaussing CLDP Convertible Laser Designation Pod CLDS Cockpit Laser Designation System CLEF Certified Licensed Evaluation Facility CLEF CESG (was Commercial) Licensed Evaluation Facility CLEWP Cleared Lane Explosive Widening Path Charge CLF Commander Land Forces CLF Commander Landing Force CLF Consolidated Location file CLGE Cannon‐Launched Guidance Electronics CLGP Cannon Launched Guided Projectile CLI Call Level Interface CLI Civil Labour Inspection CLI Command Line Interpreter CLIME Consolidation in the Management Environment Clin Clinical Clk Clerk CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol

CLNS Connectionless Network Service CLNS Connection‐less Network Service CLO Civil Labour Officer CLOS Command to Line of Sight Guidance CLP Cell Loss Priority (ATM) CLRSTAR Cueing L‐band Rugged Search Track and Acquisition Radar CLS Capsule Launch System CLS Central Legal Services CLS Chief of Logistics Support CLS Clear Screen CLS Contractor Logistics Support CLSSA Co‐operative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement CLSW Conventional Launched Sea Wolf CLT Container Load Trailer CLU Command Launch Unit CLVF Closed Loop Validation Facility CM Capability Manager CM Change Management CM Civilian Management CM Class Modification CM Cluster Munitions CM Command Management CM Commodity Manager CM Cost Management CM Counter Measure CM Court Martial CM Crisis Management CM Cruise Missile CM Customer Milestone or Counter Measure CM (M) Capability Manager (Manoeuvre) CM (S) Capability Manager (Strike) CM (SD) Capability Manager (Strategic Deployment)) CM(IR&C) Civilian Management (Industrial Relations and Conditions of Service) CM(IS) Capability Manager (Information Superiority) CMA Communications Managers Association CMA Continuation Material Assessment CMAG Cruise Missile Advanced Guidance CMAS Crisis Management ADP System CMath Chartered Mathematician CMB Change Management Board CMB Configuration Management Board CMBG Canadian Mechanised Brigade CMC Cache and Memory Controller CMC Central Military Commission CMC Ceramic Matrix Composites CMC Computer Mediated Conferencing CMC CONDO Mounting Cell CMC Configuration Management Committee CMC Contract Management Control CMC Crisis Management Centre CMC Cruise Missile Carrier CMCPW Civilian Management Corporate Personnel Web Site Cmd Command

CMD Configuration Management Database CMD Conventional Munition Disposal CMD Countermeasures Duties CMD Cratering Munitions Dispenser CMDS Cockpit Management and Display System CMDS Countermeasures Dispenser System CME Central Medical Establishment CME Continuing Medical Education CMEM(M) Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical) CMF Central Management Facility CMF Conceptual Military Framework CMFA Command Management Functional Area CMFT Client Facilities Management Team CMG Capability Management Groups CMG Composite Maintenance Group CMG Course Made Good CMH Community Mental Health CMHN Community Mental Health Nurse CMHR Combustion Modified Highly Resilient CMI Compilation, Mission support, Integration and training facility CMI Computer Managed Instruction CMI Cruise Missile Interface CMIK Cruise Missile Integration Kit CMIP Common Management Information Protocol CMIS Capability Manager Information Systems CMIS Common Management Information Services CMIS CSDE Management Information System CMLO Command Manpower Liaison Office CMLSA Commercial Microwave Landing System Avionics CMM Capability Management Measure CMM Component Maintenance Manual CMM Configuration Management Methodology CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines CMM Core Military Manpower CMMCA Cruise Missile Mission Control Aircraft Cmnd Command Paper Cmnty Community CMO Career Management Officer CMO Central Mail Office CMO Chief Medical Officer CMO Crisis Management Organisation CMOD Compact Meteorological and Oceanographic Drifter CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon (semiconductor) CMP Capability Management Plan CMP Central Mess Party CMP Configuration Management and Planning CMP Countermeasures Precursor CMP Counter‐Military Potential CMR Commander Maritime Reserves CMRA Cruise Missile Radar Altimeter CMRB Composite Main Rotor Blade CMRR Central Medical Records Repository CMRR Common Mode Rejection Ratio

CMRS Countermeasures Receiver System CMRS Crash / Maintenance Recorder System CMRST Committee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology CMS Capability Management Strategy CMS Cockpit Management System CMS Code Management System CMS Combat Management System CMS Combat Mission Simulator CMS Combat Monitoring System CMS Community Mail Server CMS Compucat Message System. CMS Content Management System CMS Control Monitor Set CMS Corporate Management Information System. CMS Crown Metro Salchi SpA cms Cubic Metres CMSA Certificate of Material State Assessment CMSA Continuous Material State Assessment CMSA Cruise Missile Support Activity CMSAF Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force CMSN Central Message Switching Network CMT Cadmium Mercury Telluride CMT Cadmium Mercury Telluride (chemical abbreviation CdHgTe) CMT Capability Management Teams CMT Category Management Team CMT Client Management Team CMT Combat Medical Technician CMT Computer Managed Training CMT Contract Management Team (CFQ) CMT Conversion Management Team CMT Critical Military Target CMT Crypto Maintenance Team CMTR Coalition Mission Training Research CMU Chart Maintenance Unit CMU Control and Monitoring Unit CMU Course Measuring Unit CMV Combat Mobility Vehicle CMW Compartmented Mode Workstation CN Chloroacetophon CN ADMIN Communications & Navigation Admin CN2H Conduit Nuit, second generation, Helicopters CNA Centre for Naval Analyses CNA Chief Naval Architect CNAC Contractors’ Name and Address Code. CNAD Conference of National Armament Directors CNAD NATO Council of National Armament Directors CNAESPC Conventional Naval Armament Explosive Stores Packaging Committee CNB CNB CNB HM Naval Base Clyde CNBSO Chief Naval base Safety Officer CNBV Current Net Book Value CNC CaNcelled Clinic CNC CNC

CNC Commander National Component CNC Computerised Numerical Control (of a machine) CNCE Communications Nodal Control Element CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CND Captain Naval Drafting CND Computer Network Defence CND EG Computer Network Defence Executive Group CNE Computer Network Exploitation CNE Control & Network Equipment CNES Centre Nationalle Etudes Spacialle CNG Compressed Natural Gas CNGF Common New Generation Frigate CNGF Common Next Generation Frigate CNH CINCNAVHOME CNI Communications, Navigation and Identification CNIU Communications / Navigation Interface Unit CNJA Chief Naval Judge Advocate CNLP Connection‐less Network Layer Protocol CNN Cable News Network CNNRP Chairman Naval Nuclear Regulatory Panel CNNTSP Chairman Naval Nuclear Technical Safety Panel CNO Chief of Naval Operations CNO Computer Network Operations CNOCS Captain Naval Operational Combat Systems CNOCS Commander, Naval Operations Control system CNOE Chief Naval Ordnance Engineer CNP Chief of Naval Personnel CNPV Cumulative Net Present Value CNR Calibration Not Required CNR Captain Naval Recruiting CNR Combat Net Radio CNRE Combat Net Radio Environment CNRI Combat Net Radio Interference CNRMIS Combat Net Radio Management Information System CNRS Chemical and Nuclear Reconnaissance System CNS Central Nervous System CNS Chief of the Naval Staff CNS CNS CNS Communications Network Simulator CNS Communications, Navigation, Surveillance CNSA Commodore Naval Ship Acceptance CNSO Chief Naval Signals Officer CNSRP CPG’s neutral seat reference point CNST Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts CNT Canister CNWSE Chief Naval Weapon System Engineer CO Central Office CO Commanding Officer Co Standard Ballistic Coefficient CO2 Carbon dioxide COA Concept of Analysis COA Course of Action COATI Committee On Awards To Inventors

COB Captain of the Base COB Carried On Board (spares) COBIP Customer Order Book Interface Plan COBLOGS Captain of Base, Parent Unit, Wider Fleet Unit COBLU Cooperative OutBoard Logistic Upgrade COBOL Common Business‐Oriented Language COBRA Cabinet Office Briefing Room A COBRA Com Bureau Replacement Activity COBRA COunter Battery RAdar CoC Chain of Command COC Combat Operation Centre COC Command Operations Centre COCC Contractor’s Operational Control Centre COCC Cost Of Capital Charge COCH Cost to Order Cost to Hold CoCo Code of Connection COCO Contractor Owned Contractor Operated COCOM Co‐ordinating Committee for East‐West Trade Policy COCOM Co‐ordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls COCOMO Constructive Cost Model (Boehm) CoCoMs Coordinated Combat Management COCS Combined Operational Command System COCT Cab‐Over Cargo Truck COD Carrier Onboard Delivery COD Cash On Delivery COD Central Ordnance Dept COD Certificate Of Design CoD Cost of Defence CODAG Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine CODEC Compressor / DE Compressor CODERM Committee for Defence Equipment Reliability & Maintainability CODERM Committee Of Defence Equipment Reliability and Maintainability CODFM Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex CODLAG Combined Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine CODLAG Combined Diesel, Electric and Gas Propulsion CODOG Combined Diesel or Gas Turbine CODSIA Council Of Defence and Space Industry COE Cab Over Engine COE Centres Of Excellence COE Common Operating Environment COEA Cost and Operational Effective Analysis COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis COEC Council Operations and Executive Committee, NATO HQ COED Concise Oxford English Dictionary COEIA Combined Operational Effectiveness & Investment Appraisal course COEIA Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal COEIA Combined Operational Evaluation and Investment Appraisal COEIA Common Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal CoF Channels of Fire CofA Certificate of Airworthiness CofA Controller of the Air Force COFAM Computer Facility for Mine Warfare CofC Certificate of Competency

COFDEN Commander, Operational Forces, Denmark CofF Cone of Fire COFFER Computerised Office for Field Force Enquiry’s and Records CofG Centre of Gravity CofH Corporal of Horse CofM Correction of the Moment C‐of‐M Centre of Mass CofN Controller of the Navy CofR Commencement of Rifling CofS Chief of Staff, SHAPE COFT Conduct of Fire Trainer CofWC Clerk of Works Construction CofWE Clerk of Works Electrical CofWM Clerk of Works Mechanical COGAG Combined Gas and Gas Propulsion COGO Contractor Operated Government Owned COGOG Combined Gas Turbine or Gas Turbine COGOG Combined of Gas or Gas Propulsion COGS Confederation of Group Training Schemes COH Clyde Operational Headquarters COHV Cartridge Operated HAP Valve COIC Careers and Occupational Information Centre COIL Chemical Oxygen‐Iodine Laser COIN Counter Insurgency COINS Computer and Information Handling System COINS Computer Operated Instrument System COJACS Combat Jamming / Communication Support System COJAS Coherent Jammer Simulator Col Colonel COL Command Open Line (internal circuit in Ops Room & bridge) COLA Cost of Living Allowance COLD Computer Output to Laser Disc COLDS Common Opto‐electronic Laser Detection System COLOC Change of Locations of Command COLOS Command off Line of Sight COLPRO Collective Protection COLS Command Off the Line of Sight COLT CO2 Laser Technology Com Commodore COM Compact Optronic Mast COM Company Operating Manual COM Component Object Model COM(L) Commander (Land) Materiel COM(OPS) Commander(Operations) COMA Civil Owned Military Aircraft COMA Civil‐Owned Military‐type Aircraft COMA Contractor Owned Military Aircraft COMAAFCE Commander Allied Air Forces Central Europe COMAAFCE Commander, Allied Air Forces, Central Europe COMAH Control of Major Accident Hazards regulations COMAIRNON Commander Air, Northern Norway COMAJF Commander, Allied Joint Force COMAL Communications Analysis

COMAMF(L) Commander, ACE Mobile Forces, Land COMAN Configuration Management COMAO Composite Air Operations COMATG Commander Amphibious Task Group COMATG Commodore Amphibious Task Group COMAW Commodore Amphibious Warfare COMBALTAP Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches COMBAT Command Battlespace Toolset ComBAT Common Battlefield Applications Toolset ComBAT Common Battlefield Toolset Combat ID Combat Identification COMBAT‐SIM Computerised Battle Simulation COMBO Calculation of miss between objects COMBOPEN® Nerve Agent Antidote Injection Device COMBRITFOR Commander British Forces COMBS Commodity Management Business System COMCAT Computer Output Microfilm Catalogue System COMCENTAG Commander, Central Army Group COMCJTF Commander, Combined Joint Task Force COMCLYDE Commander, Clyde Area Comd Commander Comd Sec Command Secretary/Secretariat COMDEF Common Defence Exhibition and Seminar COMDEV Commodore Devonport COMDEVFLOT Commodore Devonport Flotilla Comdt Commandant ComdTpLdr Command Troop Leader Comdty Commodity COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance COMED Combined Map and Electronic Display COMEDCENT Commander, Central Mediterranean COMEDEAST Commander, Eastern Mediterranean COMEX Commencement of ASW Action (in CASEX) COMFAIRMED Commander, Fleet Air Arm Mediterranean COMGIBMED Commander, Gibraltar Mediterranean COMICS Computerised Indulgence Control System COMINT Communication Intelligence COMINT Communications Intelligence COMIS Combat Supplies Operational Management Information System COMJAM Common Jammer COMLANDJUT Commander, Allied Land Forces, Jutland COMLANDNON Commander, Allied Land Forces, North Norway COMMCEN Communications Centre COMMHQ Communications Head COMMITS Command Management IT Strategy COMMITSS Command & Management IT Strategy Study Comms Communications COMMS Customer‐Orientated Manufacturing Management System Comms Z Communications Zone CommsOp Communications Operator COMMW Commander, Mine Warfare / War vessels COMMW Commodore Minewarfare & Minor War Vessels COMMW Commodore Minor War Vessels

Commy Commissary COMNA Commodore Naval Aviation COMNAEWF Commander, NATO Air‐borne Early Warning Force COMNAVNON Commander, Allied Naval Forces, North Norway COMNON Commander, Northern Norway COMNORLANT Commander, North Atlantic Sub‐Area COMNORTHAG Commander Northern Army Group Comp B Composition B comp rat Composite Ration (Compo) COMPASS Computer Assurance COMPLAN Communications Plan COMPORFLOT Commodore Portsmouth Flotilla COMPREP COMPuter assisted REPair planning COMPREP Computer Planning of Repair Comptia Computing Technology Industry Association, USA COMPUSEC Computer Security COMPUSECRA Computer Security Risk Analysis COMR Civil‐Owned Military Registered (Aircraft) COMRFA Commodore Royal Fleet Auxiliary COMSEC Communication Security COMSEC COMmunications SECurity COMSERVGRU Commander, Service Group COMSFOR Commander SFOR COMSIM Communications Simulator COMSIXATAF Commander, 6th Allied Tactical Air Force COMSONOR Commander, Southern Norway COMSTRKFLT Commander Strike Fleet COMSUBMED Commander, Submarines Mediterranean COMTWOATAF Commander, 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force COMUKTG Commander UK Task Group COMUKTG Commander United Kingdom Task Group COMVAT Combat Vehicles Armament Technology CONAS Combined Nuclear And Steam CONDOR Covert Operations Night Day for Rotorcraft CONEMP Concept Of Employment CO‐NEWS Communications Naval Electronic Warfare System CONF Confidential CONLOG Concept of Logistics CONLOG Contracted Logistics CONMAROPS Concept of Maritime Operations CONOLD Consolidated On‐line Documentation CONOP Concept Of Operations CONP Connection‐Oriented Network Protocol (ISO) CONPLAN Contingency Plan CONS Connection‐Oriented Network Service CONTMAN CONTracts MANagement CONUS Continental United States (not Hawaii/Alaska) CONUS Continental USA CONUSE Concept Of Use CONVIS Consignment Visibility COO Chief Operating Officer COOP Craft Of OPportunity coord Coordinate/coordination/coordinator

CoP Close of Play COP Close of Play (end of working day) COP Code of Practice COP Commitments and Operation Planning (MRPII) COP Contingency Operation Plan COPA74 Control Of Pollution Act  1974  COPEX Covert and Operational Procurement Exhibition COPL Commitments Operational Priority/Priorities List CORAD Co‐ordinated Roland Air Defence CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORCEN CORrelation CENtre CORDA Coronary Artery Disease Research Association COrE ComBAT ORBAT Editor (COrE) Toolset CORE Controlled Requirements Expression CORIPD Correction of IP Data CORPID Correction of Initial Provisioning Data CORSAIR Computer Output for REME Support of AIRcraft COS Chief of Staff COS Chiefs of Staff COS Company Operating System COS Contracted Out Services COS VAT Contracted Out Services VAT COS(T) Chief of Staff, Transformation COS2SL Chief of Staff to Second Sea Lord COSAG Combined Steam And Gas Turbine COSALX Compressable Stability Analysis (version X) COSC Chief of Staff Committee COSE Common Open Systems or Software Environment COSHH Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health COSMIC Combat Systems Multi‐format Information Centre COSPAR Committee for Space Research COSSACS Computerised Stock Segregation and Control System COSSEC Chief of Staff Secretariat COSSEC Chief(s) of Staff Secretariat COSSHE Control of Substance Hazardous to Health & The Environment COSTIND Commission of Science Technology and Industry COSUT Certificate Of Safety Under Test COTS Commercial Off The Shelf COTS Cost Off‐The‐Shelf COTT Control Of Transmission Test CoV Calculus of Variations COV Counter‐obstacle Vehicle COW Contract of Work Coxn Coxswain Coy Company CP Captain of the Port CP Close Protection CP Command Post CP Commander of the Port CP Complete Provisions CP Concrete‐piercing CP Corporate Plan CP Corporate Planning

CP2 Contractor Performance Certification Program CPA Cabin Public Address CPA Closest Point of Approach CPA Consumer Protection Act CPA Continuous Patrol Aircraft CPA Control Panel Assembly CPA Credit Protection Association CPA Critical Path Analysis CPA Critical Protected Areas CPA/SG Central Pulse Amplifier / Symbol Generator CPACS Coded Pulse Anti‐Clutter System CPB Change Planning Board CPC Civilian Personnel Committee CPC Conflict Prevention Centre CPCA Central Plant Control Authority CPCC Computer Policy Consultative Committee CPCN Command Post Communication Network CPD Centralized Planning Documents CPD Commander’s Pointing Device CPD Communications Project Division CPD Confidential Policy Date CPD Continuing Professional Development CPD Corporate Personnel Database CPE Canadian Patrol Frigate CPE Circular Probable Error CPE Customer Premises Equipment CPERS Captured Interned and Detained Persons CPET Commercial Project Enablement Team CPF Conflict Prevention Fund CPG Co‐Pilot/Gunner CPGS Cassette Preparation Ground System CPI Catering Price Index CPI Characters Per Inch CPI Common Programming Interface CPI Communications Processor Interface CPI Cost Performance Indicator CPL Capillary Pump Loop CPL Characters Per Line CPL Classification Packaging and Labelling Cpl Corporal CPL Customer Price List CPM Civil, Police, Military activities CPM Control Processor Module CPM Control Programme Microcomputer CPM Critical Path Method CPM/P Command Post Modem / Processor CPMA Civilian Personnel Management Authority CPN Community Psychiatry Nurse CPO Chief Petty Officer CPO Command Pay Office CPO(H) CPO(Hull) ‐ shipwright CPOMA CPO Medical Assistant CPOMEA(L) CPO Marine Engineering Artificer (Electrical)

CPOP Command Post /Observation Post CPOSA Chief Petty Officer Stores Accountant CPOWTR CPO Writer (Secretarial) CPP Central Posting Point CPP Common Promotion Procedure CPP Controlled Pitch Propeller CPP Controlled Pitch Propellor CPPS Contracts Proposals and Progress CPPU Central Print Purchasing Unit CPR Cardio‐Pulmonary Resuscitation CPR Central Price Record CPR Chief of Public Relations CPR Coherent‐Pulse Radar CPR Consolidated Position Report CPR Covert Penetration Radar CPRE Campaign for the Protection of Rural England CPRES Captured Personnel CPRL Constant Price Resource Line CPRO Central Public Records Office CPRO Civilian Pay & Records Office CPRO Command Public Relations Officer CPS Cardinal Point Specification CPS Carrier Pre‐Selection CPS Centrally Provided Services CPS Characters Per Second CPS Command Process System CPS Component Life Survey CPS Covert Penetration System CPS Cryptographic Sub System CPSA Clay Pigeon Shooting Association CPSM Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine CPT Cockpit Procedures Trainer CPT Collision Presence Test CPT Contingency Planning Team CPT Core & Personnel Training CPT Crisis Planning Team CPU Central Processing Unit CPU Central Processor Unit CPU Communications Processing Unit CPU RMP Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police CPV Command Post Vehicle CPW Captains Professional Warning CPX Command Post Exercise CPX Command Post Exercises CQ Clarification Questions CQB Close Quarter Battle CQBR Close Quarter Battle Range CQBR(R) Close Quarter Battle Range (Rural) CQBR(U) Close Quarter Battle Range (Urban) CQE Close Quarter Engagements CQI Continuous Quality Improvement CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant CQMST Company Quartermaster Sergeant (Technical)

CQT Certificate of Qualification on Type CR Capability Requirement CR Central Region CR Clarification Request CR Close Range CR Collection Requirement CR Combat Radio (VHF & HF) CR Communications Requirement CR Continuous Rod (warhead explosive design) CR Contract Repair CR Control Room CR Counter‐Rotating (propeller) CR&J Carriage Release & Jettison CR2 Challenger  2  CR2 Challenger  2  Main Battle Tank CR2 Challenger  2  Tank CR2 Challenger II CRA Closure Risk Assessment CRA Cost Risk Analysis CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet CRAFFTS Controller RAF Fixed Telegraphic System CRAFT Commander’s Review of Aircraft Fault Trends CRAFT Computerised Rapid Assessment of Fragments against a Target CRAMM CCTA Risk Analysis and Management Methodology CRAMM CCTA Security Risk Analysis and Management Methodology CRAMS Calibration Recall And Maintenance System CRAPP Computerisation Regime Against Productivity and Plans CRARRV Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle CRAST Commander’s Review of Aircraft Supply Trends CRB Central Records Branch CRB Civil Rented Bearer CRBS Cost Resource Breakdown Structure CRC Camera Ready Copy CRC Contact Reporting Centre CRC Control & Reporting Centre CRC Control and Reporting Centre CRC Current Replacement Cost CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC Cyclical Redundancy Check CRCCIS Central Region Command & Control Info System CRCU Crypto Remote Control Unit CRD Capability Requirements Document CRDEC Chemical Research, Development and Engineering Centre CRDM Control Rod Drive Mechanism CRDN Civil Rented Data Network CRE Commander Royal Engineer’s CRE Commission for Racial Equality CRE Communications Radar Exciter CREAM Cosmic Radiation Environment and Activation Monitor CREATE Challenger  2  Equipment support Analysis Tool for Equipment managers CREDIT Capability Renewal by Evolutionary Development & Insertion of Technology CREDIT Capability Renewal by Evolutionary Development and Insertion of Technology (MOD(PE) initiative) CREDO Cosmic Radiation Effects and Dosimetry

CREMIS CR  2  Equipment Management Information System CREST Committee of Scientific and Technological Research CREST Comprehensive Radar Effects Simulator Trainer CREST Creativity in Science and Technology CRETE Common Range Electrical Testing Equipment CRETE Common Range Electronic Test Equipment CREW British Complementing tool CREW Complement Regime Evaluated for Warships CRF Capstans Requirement Form CRH Calibre Radius Head CRI Corporate Reference Information CRI Corporate Research Initiative CRI(PER) Critical (Performance) CRI(SAF) Critical (Safety) CRIAP Central Region Initial ACCS Programme CRIP Crisis Resupply from Industry Procedures CRIP Crisis Resupply from Industry Programme CRIS Coastal Radar Integration System CRISC Complex Reduced Instruction Set Computer CRISD Computer Resources Integrated Support Document CRISP Comprehensive RNSTS Inventory Support/Supply Programme/Project CRISP Comprehensive RNSTS Inventory Systems Project CRISP Computer Reconstructed Images from Scene Photographs Crit Elev Critical Elevation CRITCOM Critical intelligence Communications CRITLIST Critical List CRL Catering, Retail and Leisure CRL Common Rail Launcher CRL Component Replacement List CRL Contingency Rear Link CRM Corrosion Related Magnetic CRM Crew Resource Management CRM Customer Relationship Management CRMP Corps of Royal Military Police CRN Co‐operative Research – Naval CRN Cross Related NIIN CRO Criminal Records Office CROFT Crane Operator Aloft (a safety process) CROP CRISP Remote Output Printing CROW Countryside and Rights Of Way Act CROWCASS Criminals of War Commission CRP Capacity Requirements Planning (MRPII) CRP Component Replacement Programme CRP Compressed Raster Product. CRP Conference Room Pilot CRP Contact Reporting Point CRP Control and Reporting Post CRP Corporate Research Programme CRPA Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna CRPA Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna CRRC Combat Rubber Raiding Craft CRRD Common RAF Reference Data CRRES Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite

CRRL Comprehensive ReReferencing List CRS Co‐operative Research on Ships CRS CPO Radio Supervisor CRSA Contractors Requiring Special Attention CRSP Contractor Repair Spares Programme CRSP Contractor Repair Supply Procedures CRSS Contractor Repair Support Stock CRT Cathode Ray Tube CRTD Corporate Research Technology Demonstrator CRTE Combat Rescue Training Exercise CRU Control Radio Unit CRUFT CRaft of opportunity taken Up From Trade CRUSH Computer Recording Usage Stock Handling CRUX Cosmic Ray Upset eXperiment CRV Certified Receipt Voucher CRW Counter Revolutionary Warfare CRYPCEN Crypto Centre Crypto Cryptographic CryptoCust Crypto Custodian CryptoNCO Crypto Non‐Commissioned Officer CS Carrier Sense CS Central Services CS Close Support CS Combat Support CS Combat System CS Command Secretary/Command Secretariat CS Commodore Superintendent CS Common Services CS Cone‐Stabilised CS Confined Space CS Contract Sponsor CS Convergence Sub‐layer CS Core Services CS Cost Saving CS (E) Customer Services (Establishment) CS/AUS(NP) Command Secretary to 2SL/CNH, and Assistant Under Secretary Of State (Naval Personnel) CS1 Combat System  1  CSA Called Subscriber Answer CSA Canadian Space Agency CSA Canadian Standards Association CSA Chief of Staff of the Army CSA Chief Scientific Adviser CSA Chlorosulphonic Acid CSA Commercial System Application CSA Common Support Authority CSA Communications and Situational Awareness Team CSA Computing Services Association CSA Configuration Status Accounting CSA Customer Service Agreement CSA Customer Supplier Agreement CSA Customer Supplier Agreements CSA Customer Support Agreement CSAB Civil Service Appeals Board

CSABM Collaborative System for Air Battlespace Management CSAF Chief of Staff (USAF) CSAR Combat Search and Rescue CSAS Command and Stability Augmentation System CSB Clyde Submarine Base CSB Combat Support Boat CSB Corporate Service Board CSBM Confidence and Security Building Measures CSBM Confidence and Security‐Building Measures CSBM Confidence‐and‐Security Building Measure CSBS Clyde Submarine Base Scheme (Productivity) CSC Civil Service Commission CSC Codification Status Code CSC Communication System Control CSC Communications System Control CSC Compass System Controller CSC Computer Software Component CSCE Communications Systems Control Element CSCE Conference on Security and Co‐operation in Europe CSCE Confidence on Security and Cooperation in Europe CSCF Coordinator of Supporting Command Functions CSCG Communications Security Control Group CSci Chartered Scientist CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item CSCIs Computer Software Configuration Items CSCP Central Server Communications Pack CSCS Contractor’s Satellite Control Site CSCW Computer Supported Co‐operative Working CSCW Computer‐Supported Co‐operative Working CSD Combat System Databus CSD Common Source Data Base CSD Common Strategic Doppler CSD Constant Speed Drive CSDA Co‐ordinating System Design Authority CSDB Common Source Database CSDE Central Servicing Development Establishment CSDF Central Storage & Distribution Facility (RNSD Port) CSDF Communications Shore Development Facility CSDT Control for Submarine Discharge Torpedo CSE Central Services Establishment CSE Certificate of Secondary Education CSE Combat Support Equipment CSE Combined Services Entertainment CSED Combat System Engineering Database CSEDS Combat Systems Engineering Development Site CSEG Common Support Expert Group CSEP Civil Service Employee Policy CSEPO Chief Safety & Environmental protection Officer CSESD Communications Security Equipment Systems Document CSEU Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions CSF Cardinal Safety Feature CSF Combined Service Forces CSF Critical Success Factor

CSF Critical Success Factors CSFF Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form CSFR Czech and Slovak Federal Republic CSG Capability Steering Group CSG Central Scenario Generator CSG Commercial Services Group CSG Contact Signature Generator CSG Control Site Group (radar control and communication adaption) CSgt Colour Sergeant CSH Combat Support Helicopter CSH Combat System Highway CSI Commercial Satellite Imagery CSI Computer Synthesised Image CSI Control Sequence Introducer CSICDB Czechoslovak Independent Chemical Defence Battalion CSICS Combatant Ships Integrated Communications System CSID Crew Station Interface Document CSIP Computer Software Implementation Plan CSIS Command SIS CSIS Command Support Information Systems CSIT Computer Science and Information Laboratory CSLT Control for Surface Launched Torpedoes CSM Combat Support Module CSM Common Support Module CSM Company Sergeant Major CSM Continental Shelf Mine CSM/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access & Collision Detection CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access CSMA Civil Service Motoring Association CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance network CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection network CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection CSMS Corps Support Missile System CSMU Crash Survivable Memory Unit CSN Catalogue Sequence Number CSN Common Service Node CSNA Careers Services National Association CSNI Communication Systems and Network Interoperability CSNI Communication systems network integration (NATO sponsored study) CSNI Communications System Network Interoperability CSO Chief Scientific Officer CSO Chief Signal(s) Officer CSO Chief Staff Officer CSO chlorobenzolmalonitrile CSO Civilian Security Officer CSO Command Signals Officer (Royal Air Force) CSO Contractor Support to Operations CSO Counter‐Signing Officer CSO(AE) Chief Staff Officer(Air Engineering) ‐ the SD authorising officer in ACOS(AV) CSO(E) Chief Staff Officer (Engineering) CSO(MS)CNH Chief Staff Officer (Material Support), Naval Home Command CSoB Consolidated Set of Books CSOC Consolidated Space Operations Centre

CSOR Calibration Statement of Requirement CSOs Captains Standing Orders CSP Capability Sustainment Programme CSP Client Support Package CSP Community Security Policy CSP Concentrator Service Pack CSP Constraint Satisfaction Programming CSP Contractor Spares Package CSP Contractor Support Period CSP Contractor’s Spares Package CSPP Common Support Policy Paper CSPS Central Services Publication System (CSE Llangennech) CSR Centre for Software Reliability CSR Comprehensive Spending Review CSR Configuration Status Record CSR Covert Strike Radar CSR Customer Supply Relationship CSRA Combat System Requirements Analysis CSRC Conflict Studies Research Centre CSRDF Crew Station Research and Development Facility CSRL Common Strategic Rotary Launchers CSS Cell Site Switch CSS Chinese Surface‐to‐Surface missile CSS Circuit Switch Sub‐system CSS Circuit Switched Service CSS Combat Support System CSS Command Support System CSS Command Support Systems CSS Component Servicing Sheet CSS Computer Sighting System CSS/DPEE Central Scientific Services DPEE CSSA Captain Surface and Submarine Acceptance CSSA Computing Services and Software Association CSSC2 BISA CSS Command and Control Battlefield Information System Application CSSCS Civil Service Sports Council CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System CSSD Command Support System Demonstrator CSSE Chief Strategic Systems Executive CSSF Communications Shore Support Facility CSSG Combat Service Support Group CSSG Commander Supplies Support Group CSSH Clansman Secure Speech Harness CSS‐N Chinese Surface‐to‐Surface (Navy) missile CSSS Certificate of Safety ‐ Structural Strength – Ship CSSS Combat Service Support System CSST Captain Submarines Shore and Sea Training CSSU Canberra Sensor Support Unit CSSWO Combat Service Support Warrant Officer CST Central Standard Time CST Close Support Tanker CST Combat Support Trailer CST Commander Sea Training (Head of sea‐going Staff) CST Contractor Sea Trials

CST Conventional Stability Talks CST Customer Support Team C‐STAR Counter Surveillance and Targeting CSTB Combat System Test‐Bed CSTD Committee on Science and Technology for Development CSTDF Combat System Technical Demonstration Facility CSTDF Combat System Technology Demonstrator Framework CSTF Cross‐Scan Terrain‐Following radar mode CSTS Combat Simulation Test System CSTTG Command Staff & Tactical Training Group CSU Command Sensor Unit CSU Communications Switching Unit CSU Complete System Unit CSU Computer Software Unit CSU Control Selection Unit CSU Cost Scrutiny Unit CSUF Current System User Forum CSV CHOtS System Version CSV Close‐range Surveillance system CSV Coastal Survey Vessel CSV Combat Support Vehicle CSV Combat Support Vehicles CSV Comma Separated Variable (for, example) CSV8 CHOtS\CASH System Version  8  CSVH Combat Support Vehicle Heavy CSVn CHOTS Software Version n CSW Combat Survival Waistcoat CSW Conventional Stand‐off Weapon CSW Crew Served Weapon CSWG Communication Strategy Working Group CSWG Communications Systems Working Group CSWS Corps Support Weapon System CT Chief Technician CT Combat Team CT Communications Technician CTA Case Telescoped Ammunition CTA Cased Telescopic Ammunition CTA Circuit Technology CTAPS Contingency Theatre Air Planning System CTAPS Contingency Theatre Automated Planning System CTAS Costed Technical Architecture Study (LITS) CTB Common Trailer Base CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTC Cadet Training Centre CTC Centralised Traffic Control CTC Civil Type Certificate CTC Combat Training Centre CTC Communications Training Centre (Royal Navy) CTC Contracts Training Centre CTC Counter Terrorism Checks CTC Counter Terrorist Check CTC Counter Terrorist Checks CTCRM Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

CTCSS Carrier Tone Control Signalling System CTD Colour Tactical Display CTD Conductivity/Temperature/Depth probe CTDB Civilian Training and Development Board CTE Case Transporting Explosives CTE Collective Training Establishment CTE Commander Task Element CTE Contractual Technical Evaluation Ctee Committee CTESP Contractor Training Equipment Spares Package CTF Central Training Facility CTF Commander, Task Force CTFR Calibration Test and Failure Report CTG Carrier Task Group CTG Combat Track Group CTG Command Task Group CTG Commander Task Group CTG Commander, Task Group CTG Common Tactical Grid CTG Compact Tank Gun CTI Central Tyre Inflation CTIA Cellular Technology Industry Association CTL Commanders Target Locator Sight CTL Core Team Leader CTLB Central Top Level Budget CTM Captains Temporary Memorandum CTMO Chief Transport and Movement Officer CTMS Compact Tactical Message Switch CTN CALS Test Network CTO Chief Technical Officer CTO Chief Technology Officer CTO Commercial Telecommunications Officer CTO(M) Combined Technical Office (Mechanical) CTOL Conventional Take Off & Landing CTOL Conventional Take‐Off and Landing CTP Career Transition Partnership CTP Core Team Personnel CTP Course Training Plan CTPB Carboxy‐Terminated Polybutadiene (propellant) CTPS Cine Target Projection System CTR Controlled Thermonuclear Reaction CTRPS Cine Target Range Projection System CTS Central Tactical System CTS Clear to Send CTS Command Tactical Aid component CTS Communications Training System CTS Configuration Trace System CTS Corporate Technical Services CTS/TD Corporate Technical Services/Technical Documentation (formerly Aircraft Technical Publications) CTT Challenger Training Tank CTT Combat Tactics Trainer CTT Command Tactical Trainer CTT Command Team Trainer

CTT Command Team Training CTT5 Combined Tactical Trainer, Stage  5  feasibility study CTTE Cine Target Trainer Equipment CTTO Central Tactic and Trials Organisation CTTO Central Tactics and Trials Organisation CTU Commander Task Unit CTU Control Terminal Unit CTVS Cockpit TV Sensor CTW Career Transition Workshop CTWS Cased Telescoped Weapon System CTWSSPT Command / Tactical Weapon System Software Proving Trial CTZ Corps Tactical Zone CU Control Unit CUA Common User Access CUA Computer Users Association CUCV Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle CUDIXS Common User Digital Information Exchange System CUDS Common User Data Services CUG Closed User Group CUHTs Common User Hand Tools CUIL Common User Item List CUIS Common User Item System CUM CRISP User Manual CUP Capability Update / Upgrade Period / Programme CUP Capability Upgrade Period CUSE Chief Underwater Systems Executive CUSRPG Canada/US Regional Planning Group CV Combat Vehicles CV Component Valve CV Crypto Variable CV Cryptographic Variable CV Curriculum Vitae CV(F) Carrier Vessel (Future) CV(F) Future Aircraft Carrier CV(S) Carrier Vessel (anti‐Submarine) CVAST Combat Vehicle Armament System Technology CVBG Aircraft Carrier Battle Group CVC Combat Vehicle Crewman CVC2 Combat Vehicle Command and Control programme CVCC Combat Vehicle Command and Control System CVCP Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals CVD Capable Vessel Days CVD Central Vehicle Depot CVD Chemical Vapour Deposition CVF Carrier, Vehicular, Future CVL Correlation Velocity Log CVM Centralised Voice Messaging CVM Control Virtual Machine CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier CVNS continuous visual navigation system CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder CVR Cross Validation Rule CVR(T) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)

CVR(W) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled) CVRDE Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment CVROS Compact Video Rate Optical Scanner CVS Anti‐Submarine Aircraft Carrier CVS Carrier Vertical Strike CVS Carrier Vertical Strike (was CAHN) CVS Computer Vision Syndrome CVSD Continuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation) CVSO Command Visual Safety Officer (for live firings) CVT Controlled Variable Time CVTTS Combat Vehicle Thermal Targeting System CVW Carrier air wing (US Navy) CVw Crypto Variable of the week CVWW Council of Voluntary Welfare Workers CVX Carrier Vessel (US) CW Carrier Wave CW Chemical Warfare CW Chemical Weapons CW Chilled Water cw clockwise CW Continuous Wave CW Conventional Weapon CW Core Works CWA Civilian Work Attachment CWAR Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar CWARF Conventional Weapon Accident Response Facility CWAs Common Weak Areas CWC Chemical Weapons Convention CWCD Chemical Weapons and Civil Defence CWCS Common Weapons Control System CWD Chemical Warfare Defence CWDD Chemical Warfare Directional Detector CWDD Continuous Wave Deuterium Demonstrator CWE Collaborative Working Environment CWE Common Working Environment CWEM(O/R) CPO Weapons Engineering Mechanic(Ordnance or Radar) CWFM Continuous Wave Frequency Modulation CWFT Compulsory Withdrawal From Training CWG Capability Working Group CWG Customer Working Group (formerly Customer Focus Group) CWI Constant Wave Illumination (radar) CWI Conventional Weapon Incident CWID Continuous Wave Identification CWILL Continuous Wave Illuminating Radar CWIRS Component Work Inspection Record Sheet CWLSS Conventional Weapons Logistics Support Study CWP Central Warning Panel CWP Centralised Warning Panel CWP Contractors Working Party CWP Core Works Programme CWR Continuous Wave Radar CWREN Chief WREN CWS Central Warning System

CWS Collision Warning System CWS Common Weapon Sight CWS Computerised Work Station CWS Container Weapon System CWS Co‐ordination and Weapon System CWS Coupler Warehouse System CWS Cupola Weapon Station CWT Customer Wait Time (See ITMRT) CWTA Captain Weapon Trials & Acceptance CWTA Captain Weapons Trials and Acceptance CWW Cruciform Wing Weapon CXO Communications Exercise Office CXRs Chest X‐Rays CY Communications Yeoman (Senior Signal Rating) CZ Combat Zone CZ Convergence Zone (sonar) CZCS Coastal Zone Colour Scanner CZMCS Combat Zone Mobile Communication System CZP Correct Zeroing Point D Delay (fuses) D Deputy D Air Arm Directorate of Air Armament D and B Design and Build D and C Design and Construct D CBW POL Directorate of Chemical and Biological Weapons Policy D Def Acq Directorate of Defence Acquisition D Def Sy Directorate of Defence security D Fin Pol Director Finance Policy D Fin Pol Director Financial Policy D Flying Director of Flying D Inf Director of Infantry D INT Director Intelligence D Log BM Directorate of Logistic Business Management D Mil Svy Director Military Survey D of C Director of Contracts D of C POL Directorate of Commercial Policy D of C/CIS Director of Contracts/Command Information Systems D of C/CP Directorate of Contracts/Central Purchasing D of C/LS Director of Contracts/Land Systems D of C/SS Director of Contracts/Surface Ships D of C/SSE Director of Contracts/Strategic Systems Executive D of C/US Directorate of Contracts/Underwater Systems D of C/WES Director of Contracts Weapons + Electronic Systems D of Q Denomination of Quality D Pats Director of Patents D Pkg A Defence Packaging Authority D SEF Pol Director Safety, Environmental and Fire Policy D SEF Pol Directorate of Safety, Environment and Fire Policy D Stan Director of Standardization D Strat Director Strategy and Resources D Sy Director of Security D&P Demonstration & Procurement D&V Demonstration and Validation programme

D(A)AG Deputy (Assistant) Adjutant‐General D(F + S)US Director (Finance + Secretariat) Underwater System D(F+S)Air1 Directorate (Finance + Secretariat) Air  1  D(F+S)Air2 Director (Finance + Secretariat) Air  2  D(F+S)CSI Director (Finance and Secretariat) Command Information Systems D(F+S)LS Director (Finance + Secretariat) Land Systems D(F+S)SSE Directorate (Finance + Secretariat Strategic Systems D(F+S)WES Director (Fin + Sec) Weapons + Electronic Systems D(NUC)C Director (Nuclear) Compliance D(NUC)P Director (Nuclear) Projects D/Bowman Director Bowman D/CNGF Director Common New Generation Frigate D/EFA Directorate of Eurofighter Aircraft D/IPR Directorate of Intellectual Property D/ISIS Director Intelligence, Simulation + Information Systems D/MAP Directorate of Military Aircraft Projects D/Maritime Directorate of Maritime Projects D/MCA Directorate of Military Combat Aircraft D/MCP Director Military Communications Programmes D/PQS Directorate of Pricing & Quality D1200 Stores Delivery Voucher D1200B Suppliers Invoice Local Purchase D44A Direct Delivery Note D44B Delivery Note D71 Packing Note D83A Stores Return Note D845B Work Instruction DA Decision Altitude DA Defence Advisor/Attaché DA Delayed Action DA Denmark DA Design Authority DA Diphenylchloroarsin DA Direct Action DA Direct Action (Fuze) DA Distribution Authority DA District Attorney DA Double Action (Revolvers) DA Double‐Action DA Ed Director of Army Education DA/Z Danger Area/Zone DAA Defence Accounts Agency DAA Digital / Analogue Adapter DAA Divisional Administrative Area DAACM Direct Airfield Attack Combined Munitions DAASC Defence Automatic Addressing System Centre DAASG Danger Area Airspace Steering Group DAAT Digital Angle of Attack Transmitter DAATM Defence Airspace And Air Traffic Management DAAvn Director Army Aviation DAB Defence Acquisition Board DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting DABM Defence Against Ballistic Missile

DAC Dangerous Air Cargo DAC Defence Administrative Committee DAC Defence Audit Committee DAC Defence Augmentation Cell DAC Digital to Analogue Converter DAC Discretionary Access Control DAC Dockyard Accounting Code DACAS Digitally Aided Close Air Support DACC Dangerous Air Cargo Committee DaCC Display and Computer Console DACED Days After Contract Effective Date DACM Data Adapter Control Mode DACOS Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff DACOS(T&E) Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (Training & Education) DACP Defence Acquisition Change Programme DACS Deployable Acoustic Calibration System DACS Directorate of Aerospace Combat System DACT Dissimilar Air Combat Training DACU Defence Arms Control Unit DACU Digital ACU DAD Deep Air Defence DADC Digital Air Data Computer DADR Design Authority De‐commissioning Requirement DADS Digital Air Data System DADS Digital Audio Distribution System DADS Direct Air Discharge System DADS Direct Application De‐contamination System DAENG(N) Director Aircraft Engineering DAEPC Defence Ammunition & Explosives Packaging Committee DAER Daily Ammunition Expenditure Rate DAF Directory Amendment Form DAFCS Digital Automatic Flight Control System DAFIS Digital Aeronautical Flight Information System DAFSD Directorate of Air Staff Duties DAG Defence Administration Group DAG Defence Air‐worthiness Group DAG Deputy Adjutant General DAG Design Authority Group DAG Divisional Artillery Group DAGR Defence Advanced GPS Receiver DAIS Digital Avionics Information System DAISY Digital Action Information System DAIT Deployed Air Integration Team DAL Defence Acquisition Learning DALO Divisional Air Liaison Officer DALP Defence Advanced Lithography Program DALS Director of Army Legal Services DAM Draft Amendment (to an ISO standard) DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access DAMA Demand Assignment Multiple Access DAMASS Damage Assessment DAMO Duty Air Movements Officer DAMP Docking & assisted Maintenance Period

DAMP Dockyard (Docking) Assisted Maintenance Period DAMS Design Authority Maintenance Schedule DAMS Drum Auxiliary Memory Sub‐Unit DAMSON Doppler And Multipath SOunding Network DAMTOS DAMage TOlerant Sandwich Materials DAN Drawing Alteration Number DANCER Design Analysis Network Common Environment DANCS Distributed Advanced Naval Combat System DAO Departmental Accounting Officer DAO Director Air Operations DAO Dockyard Advanced Orders DAOS Design Approved Organisation Scheme DAP Data Access Point DAP Decontamination Apparatus, Portable DAP Directorate of Airspace Policy DAP Directory Access Protocol DAP Display Adjust Panel DAP Distributed Array Processor DAP Duly Appointed Person DAPS Defence Administrative Planning Staff DAPS Directorate of Army Personnel Strategy DAQ Data AcQuisition DAQ Directory of Army Quartering DAR Defence Acquisition Regulation DAR Design Authority Requirement DAR Dynamic Adaptive Routing DARA Defence Aviation and Repair Agency DARA The German Space Agency DARCOM Development and Readiness Command (US Army) DARIC Defence Automatic Resources Information Centre DARIUS Drawings and Raster Images for User Support DArmRD Directorate of Armament Research and Development DARP Defense Research Projects Agency (US) DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARR Design Authority Refit Requirement DARS Digital Attitude‐Reference System DART Data Analysis & Retrieval System DART Data And Remote control Terminal DART Deployable Automatic Relay Terminal DART Development Analysis and Research Team DART Disappearing Automatic Retaliatory Target DARTS Digital Air‐borne Radar Threat Simulator DARTS Distributed Architecture Robust Tactical System DAS Decision Analysis System DAS Defect Analysis System DAS Defence Accommodation Stores DAS Defence Agency Status DAS Defensive Aid Suite DAS Defensive Aids Suite (armoured vehicle technology) DAS Defensive Aids Suite (or System) DAS Defensive Avionics System DAS Dual Attachment Station

DASA Daimler Benz Aerospace DASA Defence Analytical Services Agency DASA Defence Analytical Services and Advice DASA DESA Defence Analytical Services and Advice Division for Economic Statistics and Advice DASAR Decimetric Airborne Solid‐state Active‐array Radar DASATC Defence Adaptive Sport and Adventure Training Centre DASB Defence Aviation Safety Board DASC Defence Aviation Safety Centre DASC Direct Air Support Central DASCU Digital Automotive System Control Unit DASD Directorate of Army Staff Duties DASE(N) Directorate Aircraft Support Executive (Navy) DASH Drone Anti‐Submarine Helicopter DASO Demonstration And Shakedown Operation DASP Director Aircraft Support Policy DASP Discrete Analogue Signal Processing DASP(N) Directorate of Aircraft Support Policy (Navy) DASS Defensive Aid Sub‐System DASS Defensive Aids Sub‐System DASST Defence Air Support Services Team DAST Drones for Aerodynamic and Structural Testing DAT Digital Audio Tape DATAR Detection And Tactical Alert of Radar DATE Depot Automatic Test Equipment DATEC Data And Telecommunications DATO Deputy Authorised Telecommunications Officer DAU Data Acquisition Unit DAU Digital Amplifier Unit DAU Dominie Avionics Upgrade DAVE Do Anything Very Easily DAVRS Director Army Veterinary and Remount Services DAW Dedicated all‐weather aircraft DAWN Delivering the Abbey Wood Network DAWP Design Authority Work Package DB Data Base DB Database db decibels DB Diffusion Bonded DB Double Base dB (A) Decibel ‘A’ weighted DBA Database Administrator DBA Defence Billing Agency DBA Defence Bills Agency DBAS Declared Baseline Availability Schedule DBAU Data Bus Acquisition Unit DBB Delayed Blow back DBF Digital Beam Forming DBFM Defensive Basic Flight Manoeuvres DBFO Design Build Finance Operate DBGF Database Generation Facilities DBL Digitization of the Battlespace (Land) DBM Database Manager DBm Decibels relative to  1  milliwatt

DBMS Database Management System DBNS Doppler Bombing / Navigation System DBP Draw Bar Pull DBR Director Business Resilience DBS Defence Business Services DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite DBS Director Group B DBS Doppler Beam Sharpening DBSO Defence Board Strategic Objective DBSO (FAC) Deputy Base Supply Officer (Fleet Accommodation Centre) DBSO (WF) Deputy Base Supply Officer (Water Front) DC Daily Combat Supply Rate DC Damage Control DC Data Cartridge DC Defence Clothing IPT DC Defence Council DC Definite Contract DC Depth Charge DC Detection Centre for missile system DC Digital Computer DC Diphenylcyanoarsin DC Direct Current DC Display Controller dC Drag Coefficient DC&L (F&S) Director Claims & Legal (Finance/Secretariat) DCA Defence Codification Authority (Kentigern House) DCA Defence Communications Agency DCA Defence Co‐operation Agreement DCA Defence Cryptosecurity Authority DCA Defensive Counter Air DCA Defensive Counter‐Air DCA Defensive Counter‐Air (operations) DCACAS Data Collection Analysis and Corrective Action System DCADM Defence Command and Army Data Model DCAL Dynamic Consolidated Allowance List DCAP Draft Conventional Armaments Plan DCB Defence Contracts Bulletin DCBA Defence Corporate Business Applications DCBA Defence Corporate Business Applications (website) DCBRNC Defence Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear Centre DCBS(N) Deputy Captain Base Safety (Nuclear) DCC Data Communication Computer DCC Defence Communication Centre DCC Defence Communications Centre DCC Digital Compact Cassette DCC Digital Computer Complex DCC Dismounted Close Combat DCC Documentation Control Centre DCC Drone Control Centre DCC IPT Dismounted Close Combat Integrated Project Team DCC(N) Defence Corporate Communications (Navy) DCCIS Defence College of Communications and Information Systems DCCM Data Collection, Conversion and Migration

DCCS Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, SHAPE DCCT Dismounted Close Combat Trainer DCD Data Carrier Detect DCD Data Carrier Detect (RS232C) DCD Data Collation Device DCD Design Collapse Depth DCD Director of Corporate Development DCDC Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre DCDP Deputy Chief of Defence Procurement DCDR Damage Control Data Retrieval System DCDRS Damage Control Detail Response System DCDS Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff DCDS (Cap) Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Capability) DCDS (Ops) Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Operations) DCDS(C) Deputy Chief of The Defence Staff (Commitments) DCDS(EC) Deputy Chief of The Defence Staff (Equipment Capability) DCDS(S) Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Systems) DCDS(S) Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Systems) DCE Data Circuit‐terminating Equipment DCE Data Communications Equipment DCE Date Circuit Terminating Equipment DCE Distributed Computing Environment DCEC Defence Communications Engineering Centre DCEE Defence Components and Equipment Exhibition DCEE Directorate of Central and Eastern Europe DCF Defence Capability Framework DCF Directorate of Cost Forecasting DCF Discounted Cash Flow DCFM Deputy Captain Fleet Maintenance DCFM (E) Deputy Captain Fleet Maintenance (Engineering) DCFM (S) Deputy Captain Fleet Maintenance (Support) DCG Defence Catering Group DCH Defect Case History DCH Defence Contracts Handbook DCHC Data Communications Harmonisation Committee DCI DeCompression Illness DCI Defence Capabilities Initiative DCI Defence Council Instruction DCI Directorate of Cataloguing and Identification DCI(RN) Defence Council Instructions (Royal Navy) DCINC Deputy Commander‐in‐Chief Fleet DCIO Deputy Chief Information Officer DCIRT Defence Computer Incident Response Team DCIS Directorate of Communications Information Systems DCIS (FS) Director, Communication Information Systems (Fleet Support) DCIS(A) Director CIS (Army) DCIS(FS) Directorate of Communications& Information Systems (FS) DCIS(N) Director CIS (Navy) DCIS(N) Directorate Of Communications and Information Systems (Navy) DCIS(RAF) Director CIS (RAF) DCISA Defence CIS Agency DCISB Defence CIS Board DCISB Defence Communications & Information Systems Board

DCISB Defence Communications and Information Systems Board DCISIA Defence CIS Interoperability Agency DCISIA Defence Communication and Information Systems Integration Authority DCISISC Defence CIS Interoperability Steering Committee DCISPO Defence Communications Information Service Provider DCISS Defence CIS Standards DCISSEC Defence Communications and Information Systems Standards Executive Committee DCISSEG Defence CIS Standards Executive Group DCISSEG Defence Command IS Standards Executive Committee DCJSS Direct Coupled Jamming / Surveillance System DCL Defence College of Logistics DCL Defence Contractors List DCL Detection, Classification & Localisation DCL Detection, Classification and Localisation DCL Digital Command Language (Trade name) DCM Data Collection and Management DCM District Court Martial DCMA Defence Combined Material Agency DCMC Defence Calibration and Metrology Committee DCMC Defence Crisis Management Centre DCMH Department Community Mental Health DCMO Defence Crisis Management Organisation DCMS Defence Container Management Service DCMS Digital Communications Management System DCN Defence Communications Network DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations DCNRI Dismounted Combat Net Radio Interface DCNS Defence Core Network Services DCO Damage Control Officer DCO Defence Contracts Organisation DCO Demolitions Conducting Officer DCO Design Clip‐On DCOA Defence Cryptosecurity Operating Authority DCOMMARRES Deputy Commander Maritime Reserves DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff DCP Defence Change Programme DCP Defence Community Psychiatry DCP Defence Corporate Plan DCP Defence E‐Commerce Collaboration Programme DCP Deputy Commander Port DCP Development Cost Plan DCP Digital Communications Processor DCPB Defence Communication Procedures Branch DCPG Defence Communications Planning Group DCPMA Delegated Civilian Personnel Management Authorities DCPN Defence Contractors Pricing Notebook. DCPU Display Control Power Unit DCR Digitally Coded Radar DCRS Director Capability Resources & Scrutiny DCRS Director of Capability, Resources and Scrutiny DCS DeCompression Sickness DCS Defence Communications Service DCS Defence Communications System

DCS Defence Construction Service DCS Defence Costs Study DCS Defence Courier Service DCS Depot Computer System DCS Deputy Command Secretary / Secretariat DCS Distributed Computer System DCS Distributed Control System DCS(A) Defence Communications Services (Agency) DCS(R&T) Deputy Chief Scientist (Research and Technology DCS(S&T) Deputy Chief Scientist (Systems and Technology) DCS/R&D Deputy Chief of Staff for Research and Development DCS/SM Director Combat Systems/Submarines DCS14 Defence Costs Study Report #14 DCSA Defence Communication Services Agency DCSA Defence Communications Service Agency DCSA Defence Communications Services Agency DCSA Defence Communications Support Agency DCSA Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser DCSA(G) Defence Communication Services Agency(Germany) DCSE Director Combat Systems + Equipment DCSO Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations DCSO Deputy Chief Scientific Officer DCSO Deputy Commander for Space Operations DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations DCSPERS Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel DCSS Defence Communications Strategy Study DCSS Deputy Chief of Staff, Support DCSS Deputy Chief Scientist (Scrutiny and Analysis) DCSSC Defence Computer Security Sub Committee DCSSC Defence Computer Security Sub‐Committee DCT Depth Charge Thrower DCT Digital Communications Terminal DCT Director of Clothing and Textiles DCT Discrete Cosine Transform DCTA Defence Clothing & Textile Agency DCTA Defence Clothing and Textiles Agency DCTM Defence Contracts Temporary Memorandum DCTO Directorate of the Chief Technology Officer DCU Data Collection Unit DCU Digital Computer Unit DCU Digital Control Unit DCU Dispenser Control Unit DCU Display / Controller Unit DCU Duke of Connaught’s Unit DCW Digital Chart of the World DD Data Dictionary DD Departure Date DD Detached Duty DD (Army) Director of Doctrine (Army) DD&LP Docking, Defuel & Lay‐up Procedures DD(MSS) Director of Marine Services Support DD/FF Destroyer/Frigate DDA Defence Dental Agency

DDA Defence Disposal Authority DDA Defence Diversification Agency DDA Delegated Design Authority DDA Demolition Danger Area DDA Detroit Diesel Allison DDA Device Delayed Arming DDA Disability Discrimination Act DDBR Director Defence Business Resilience DDC Digital Data Comms DDE Direct Data Entry DDE Divisions, Departments and Establishments DDE Dynamic Data Exchange DDEC Director of Defence Equipment Collaboration DDefEnvPol Directorate of Defence Environmental Policy DDefS Director of Defence Studies DDESB Department of Defence Explosives Safety Board DDG Dawn Development Group DDI Developing Defence Industry DDI Digital Display Indicator DDI Direct Dial In DDIPIC Distributed Defence Intelligence Production Policy Implementation Committee DDL Digital Data Links DDL Dynamic Data Link DDLP Decommissioned, Defueled & Laid Up DDLP De‐equip Defuel & Lay‐up Period DDLP Docking, De‐fuel and lay‐up DDM Direct Delivery Mine DDMP Director of Defence Material Policy DDN Defence Data Network DDN Digital Data Network DDN Digital Data Node DDNBSA(SS) Deputy Director Naval Base Supply Agency (Safety and Security) DDP Declaration of Design and Performance DDP Detailed Deployment Plan DDP Digital Data Processor DDP Director of Defence Psychiatry DDPR Deputy Director Public Relations DDR Defence Data Repository DDR Dial on Demand Routing DDR&E Director of Defence Research and Engineering DDRE Danish Defence Research Establishment DDRF Defect Deficiency Report Form DDS Data Dictionary System DDS Defence Diving School DDS Department of Defence Support DDS Detached Duty Station DDS Digital Data Set DDS Digital Data Storage DDS Direct Digital Synthesis DDSA Director for Deepening Smart Acquisition DDSTP Deep Diving System Test Pressure DDSTP Depth Dependent System Test Pressure DDT Deflagration to Detonation Transition

DDT Dichloro‐Diphenyl‐Trichoroethane DDT Digital Data Transmission DDTD Digital Data Transmission Device DDU Data Distribution Unit DDU Digital Display Unit DDU Driver Display Unit for land navigation system DDVR Displayed Data Video Recorder DE Defence Estates DE Directed Energy DE E&E Pol Defence Estates Estate and Environment Policy DE SpS Defence Estates Specialist Services DE&S Defence Equipment & Support DE(CR) Defence Estates (Customer Relations) DEA Data Encryption Algorithm DEA Delegated Engineering Authority DEAMS Defence Equipment Acquisition & Material Support DEAMS Defence Equipment Acquisition and Materiel Support DEB Documentation Engineering Bulletin DEC Defence Environmental Committee DEC Defence Equipment Capability DEC Defence Estates Committee DEC Digital Electronic Control DEC Digital Equipment Corporation DEC Director Equipment Capability DEC Director of Equipment Capability DEC (AWB) Director Equipment Capability (Above Water Battlespace) DEC (ELS) Director Equipment Capability Expeditionary Logistic Support DEC (IBE) Director Equipment Capability (Indirect Battlefield Engagement) DEC(CCII) Director of Equipment Capability for Command, Control and Information Infrastructure DECA Defence and Economic Co‐operation Agreement DECA Digital Electronic Control Assembly DECB Defence Equipment Collaboration Board DECCA DECCA DECIP Defence Electronic Commerce implementation Programme DECM Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures DECODA DEtection of COmposite DAmage of composites decon Decontamination DECS Defence e‐Collaboration Service DECS Defence Electronic Commerce Service DECS Digital Engine Control System DECs Directors of Equipment Capability DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications DECU Digital Engine Control Unit DED Data Element Definition DED Data Element Directory DED Data Entry Display DED Digital Entry Device DED Docking & Essential Defect (maintenance period) DED Docking & Essential Defects DED Docking and Essential Defects DEDAS Decontamination Emulsion Direct Application System DEDS Digital Enhancement Database System DEE Digital Encryption Equipment

DEEC Digital Electronic Engine Control DEEP Dangerous Environment Electrical Protection system DEEP Design Excellence Evaluation Process DEESC Defence Engineering Standardisation Committee DEF FORM Defence Form DEF No Defiance Number Def Stan Defence Standard DEFCOMNON Defence Command, North Norway DEFCOMNOR Defence Command, Norway DEFCON Defence Condition DEFCON Defence Contract Condition DEFCON DEFence CONtract standard clause DEFCS Digital Electronic Flight Control System DEFM Defence Estates Facilities Manager DEFPA Defence of Ports and Anchorage’s DEFPOL Defence Policy DEFRA Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs DEFSTATS Defence Statistics DEFTESC Defence Test Equipment Steering Committee DEG Defence Estate Guide DEI&IS Directorate of Engineering Interoperability and Information Services DEL Defence Expenditure Limit DEL Departmental Expenditure Limits DEL Directly Employed Labour DELDMC Defence Electronic Learning Delivery and Management Capability DELEX Destroyer Life Extension programme DELNI Department for Education and Learning (Northern Ireland) DELO Devonport Explosive Licensing Officer DEM Demolition DeMAS Deployable Multiple Accounting System DEME(A) Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Army) DEMSUP Supplementary Demand (Involves Upgrading SPC) DEMWG Defence Energy Management Working Group DENI Department for Education, Northern Ireland DEnis Defence Estates networked information service DEO Defence Estate Organisation DEO Defence Estates Organisation DEODS Defence Explosives Ordnance Disposal School DEOT Defence Employment and Opportunities Team dep Depot DEP Director Equipment Plans DEP Documentation & Equipment Proving DEPC Defence Expenditure Procurement Committee DEPCO Defence Electronic Parts Committee DEPM Defence Estates Project Manager DePS Defence eProcurement Services DER Directed Early Retirement DERA Defence Evaluation & Research Agency DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (from  1  Jul  01  split into DSTL and QinetiQ) DERP Disposable Eye Respiratory Protection Derv Vehicle Diesel Fuel DES Data Encryption Standard DES Data Exchange Specification

DES Defence Engineering Service DES Department of Education and Science (now DFE) DEs Departmental Expenses DES Design Environmental Simulator des Designated DES Discrete Event Simulator DES Dismounted Extension Switch DES ISS Defence Equipment and Support, Information Systems and Services DES RG Defence Enabling Services Reference Group DES(BM) Defence Export Services (Budget Management) DES(C) Director Equipment & Systems (Contracts) DES(FBD) Director Equipment & Systems (Finance and Business Development) DES(GW) Director Equipment & Systems (Guns and Weapons) DES(L) Director Equipment & Systems (Logistics) DES(ME) Director Equipment & Systems (Marine Engineering) DES(OAE) Director Equipment & Systems (Ordnance and Armament Engineering) DES(WE) Director Equipment & Systems (Weapon Engineering) DESA Defence Explosives Safety Authority DESA Devonport Explosive Safety Advisor DESAG Devonport Explosive Safety Advisor Group DESAT Dangerous Engineering Substances Advisory Team DESB Defence Environment and Safety Board DESB Defence Environmental and Safety Board DESC Defence Electronic Support Centre DESC Defence Environmental and Safety Committee DESG Defence Engineering & Science Group DESG Defence Estates Steering Group DESIB DES Investment Board DESM Devonport Explosive Safety Manager DESO Defence Export Services Organisation DESO Deputy Environmental Support Officer DESP Director Estate Strategy & Policy DESS Defence Export Services Secretariat Det Detachment DET Detonate Det Detonator DETR Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions DETS (A) Director(ate) of Educational and Training Services (Army) DETS(A) Directorate Educational & Training Services (Army) DEU Display Electronics Unit DEW Directed Energy Weapon DEW Directed Energy Weapons DEW Distant Early Warning DEWCS Duty EW Coordination Ship DEWDB Defence Electronic Warfare Data Base DEWDB Defence Electronic Warfare Database DEWIS Distant Early Warning Identification Zone DEWO Divisional Electronic Warfare Officer DEWS Digital EW Simulator DF Defensive Fire DF Delivery Forecast DF Deterrent Force DF Deuterium Fluoride

DF Direction Finding DF&LC Defence Fuels and Lubricants Committee DF/GA Day Fighter / Ground Attack DF/SSL Direction Finding / Single Station Location DFA Duty First Aider DFAD Digital Feature Analysis Data DFAU Defence Fraud Analysis Unit DFC Daily Food Charge DFCS Digital Fire‐Control System DFCT Directorate of Foreign & Commonwealth Training DFD Data Flow Diagram DFD Data Fusion Demonstrator/Display DFD Director Force Development DFD Directorate of Force Development DFDAU Digital Flight Data Acquisitions Unit DFDP Director Financial Development Projects DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder DFE Department For Education DfEE Department for Education and Employment DFG Defence Fuels Group DFGC Digital Flight Guidance Computer DFI Director of Flying Instructions DFID Department for International Development DFL Description for Location DFLP Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine DFM Digital Frequency Meter DFM Director Financial Management DFM Director Fleet Maintenance DFMI Director of Finance and Management Information DFMS Defence Financial Management System DFMS Departmental Financial Management System DFMS (AO) Departmental Financial Management System (Accounting Operations) DFN Defence Fixed Networks DFN/DFTS Defence Fixed Network/Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service DFO Defence Final Output DFO Departmental Final Output DFOST Deputy Flag Officer Sea Training DFP(N) Director Future Projects (Naval) DFP(N) Director Future Projects (Navy) DFR Direct Fire Rocket DFRF Decontamination and Fleet Return Facility DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility DFRMO Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation DFRS Defence Fire & Rescue Service DFS Daily Flight Servicing DFS Defence Food Services IPT DFS Depth Fire Support DFS Derived File System DFS Director Fleet Support ‐ Contracts DFS Director Fleet Support ‐ Future Developments DFS(Air) Directorate of Future Systems (Air) DFS(CIS) Director of Fleet Support (Communications + Information Systems) DFS(Pers) Directorate of Fleet Support (Personnel)

DFS(S)RP Director Fleet Support ‐ Resources and Personnel DFS(SM) Director Fleet Support ‐ Submarines DFS(SS) Director Fleet Support ‐ Surface Ships DFSC Defence Fuel Supply Centre DFSD Director Fleet Supply Duties DFSV Direct Fire Support Vehicle DFSWG Defence Flight Safety Working Group DFT Defence Flying Training DFT Duty Fleet Tender DFTDC Defence Fire Training and Development Centre DFTDS Data Fusion Technology Demonstrator System DFTS Defence Fixed Telecommunication Service DFTS Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service DFTS Defence Fixed Telecommunications System DFU Defence Fraud Unit DFU Deployable Flotation Unit DFV Defence Food Vote DFWES Direct Fire Weapon Effect Simulator DFWES Direct Fire Weapons Effect Simulator DG DeGaussing DG De‐Gaussing DG Degaussing System DG Diesel Generator DG Directional Gyro DG Director General DG (E) Director General (Equipment) DG (S&A) Director General Scrutiny & Analysis DG BS Director General Business Strategy DG C Director General Commercial DG Def Log Director General Defence Logistics DG ES Director General Equipment Support DG LS&E Director General Logistics, Support and Equipment DG Mktg Director General of Marketing DG Res Director General Resources DG Sec Pol Director General Security Policy DG T&CS Director General Transformation and Corporate Strategy DG(CB&F) Director General (Central Budget & Finance) DG(Nuc) Director General (Nuclear) DGA Dispersed Ground Alert DGA Displacement Gyro Assembly DGA(N) Director General Aircraft (Navy) DGAC Dangerous Goods by Air Committee DGALS Director General Army Legal Services DGAMS Director General Army Medical Service DGAS1 Directorate General Aircraft Systems  1  DGAS2 Directorate General Aircraft Systems  2  DGC Defence Geographic Centre DGCC Directorate General Corporate Communications DGCIS Director General Command Information Systems DGCIS Director General of Command Information Systems DGCP Director General Civilian Personnel DGDA Director General Defence Accounts DGDC Director General Defence Contracts

DGDES Director General Defence Export Services DGDQA Director General Defence Quality Assurance DGE Data Gathering Equipment DGE Director General Equipment DGES(A) Director General Equipment Support (Army) DGES(A) Director General of Equipment Support (Army) DGES(Air) Director General Equipment Support (Air) DGF(S) Director General Fleet Support (Ships) DGFM Director General Finance Management DGFM SSC Director General Financial Management Shared Services Centre DGFS Director General Fleet Support DGFS(ES) Director General Fleet Support (Equipment and Systems) DGFS(ES) Director General Fleet Support (Equipments and Systems TLB) DGFS(OP) Director General Fleet Support (Operations and Plans) DGFS(S) Director General Fleet Support (Ships TLB) DGI Defence Geospatial Intelligence DGI Directional Gyro Indicator DGIA Defence Geographic Imagery Intelligence Agency DGIA Director General of Internal Audit DGICS Director General Information and Communication Services DGICS Director General Information and Communications Systems DGICS Directorate General of Information and Communication Services DGICS Directorate General of Information and Communication Systems DGII Defence Geographical and Imagery Intelligence DGIS DoD Gateway Information System DGITS Director General Information Technology Systems DGLFS Director General Land Fighting Systems DGLS Director General Legal Services DGLS Directorate General Land systems DGM Defence General Munitions DGM Director General Medical DGM IPT Defence General Munitions Integrated Project Team DGME Director General Marine Engineering DGMil Svy Directorate General of Military Survey DGMIS Director General (DGST(N)) Management Information System DGMO Director General Management & Organisation DGMO Director General Management Organisation DGNBS Director General Naval Bases and Supply DGP Defence Group on Proliferation DGP Director General of Police DGPS Differential Global Positioning System D‐GPS Differential‐Global Positioning System DGPSO Director General Procurement Support Organisation DGRP Director General Resources & Plans DGS Director General Ships. DGS Director General Staff DGS(N) Director General Surface Weapons (Naval) DGSAP Director General Saudi Armed Forces Project DGSAP Directorate General Saudi Armed Forces Projects DGSM Director General Submarines DGSM Director General Submarines + Deputy Controller DGSM Director General Supply & Maintenance DGSM(RAF) Director General of Support Management (RAF)

DGSP Pol Director(ate) General Service Personnel Policy DGSR Director General Ship Refitting DGSS Director General Support Services DGSS Director General Surface Ships DGST(N) Director General Stores and Transport (Navy) DGSTI Director General Scientific and Technical Intelligence DGSW Director General Surface Weapons DGSW (N) Director General of Surface Warfare (Naval) DGSWS Director General Strategic Weapon Systems DGTS(L) Director General Training Support (Land) DGU Display Generator Unit DGUW Director General Underwater DGUW Director General Underwater Weapons DGWES Directorate General of Weapons + Electronic Systems DH Decision Height DHCIWP Defence Human Computer Interaction Working Party DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHE Defence Housing Executive DHFS Defence Helicopter Flying School DHO Defence HUMINT Organisation Dhobeying Washing of clothes or the clothes that have been washed DHOD Deputy Head of Department DHP Directorate of Helicopter Projects DHR Data Handling Review DHRS Defence Hotel Reservation Service DHS Data Handling System DHS Director Helicopter Support DHSA Defence Helicopter Support Agency DHSS Data Handling Sub‐System DI Defence Intelligence/Infantry DI Departmental Instruction DI Developed Item DI Development Item DI Direction Indicator DI Directional Indicator DI Double Impulse DI(NC) Defence Intelligence (Naval Collection) DI(ST) Defence Intelligence (Science & Technology) DIA Defence Industry Association DIA Defence Intelligence Agency DIA Defence Internal Auditors DIA Defense Intelligence Agency (US) DIA Department of Internal Audit dia diameter DIA Director of Internal Audit DIA Directorate of Internal Audit DIADEM Data Input and Distribution on Exchangeable Media DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency Manual DIANA Digital Analog DIANE Digital Integrated Attack Navigation Equipment DIAS Distributed Information Architecture for Ships DIB Defence Internal Brief DIB Directory Information Base

DIBUA Defence In built‐up Areas DIC Defence Intelligence Centre DIC Defence Intelligence College DICASS Directional Command Active Sonobuoy System DICM Directorate of Internal Communications and Media DICU Display Interface Control Unit DICWA Defence Industries Council of Western Australia DID Data Item Description DID Defence In Depth DID Defence Industry Day DID Defence Industry Directorate DID Distance Indicating Device DIDA Defence Industry Development and Support Administration DIDA Delegated Installation Design Authority DIDs Data Items Descriptions DIE Defence Interoperability Environment DIESO Diesel Fuel Oil (F76) dieso Diesel Oil DIET Defence Inventory Effectiveness Transformation DIF Data Interchange Format DIF Difficulty Importance Frequency DIF Difficulty, Importance, Frequency DIFAR Direction Frequency And Ranging DIGEST Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard DIGMIS Directors Management Strategy Support System for RNSTS DII Defence Information Infrastructure DII Defence Intelligence Industries DII (F) Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) DII (HO) Defence Information Infrastructure (Head Office) DII © Defence Information Infrastructure (convergence) DII FD Defence Information Infrastructure – Future Deployed DII IPT Defence Information Infrastructure Integrated Project Team DII(A) Defence Information Infrastructure (Army) DII/C Defence Information Infrastructure Convergence DII/F Defence Information Infrastructure Future DIL Dual In Line (IC’s) DILFOR Dangerously Ill ‐ Forwarding of Relatives DILSA Distributed Integrated Logistic Support Analysis DIM Document Image Management DIMHS Defence Information Message Handling System DIMHS Defence Intelligence Message Handling Service DIMHS Defence Intelligence Message Handling System DIMM Dual In‐line Memory Module DIMP Defence Intelligence Modernisation Programme DIMPS Distributed Information Message Processing System DIMPS Distributed Internal Message Processing System DIMSMM Defence Information Management Skills Maturity Model DIMTIS Director‐Mounted Thermal Imaging System DIN Defence Instruction Notices DIN Defence Instructions and Notices DIN Deutsche Institut fur Normung (German equivalent of BSI or ANSI) DINAS Digital Inertial Navigation / Attack System DINS Digital Inertial Navigation System

DINSA Defence Interoperable Network Services Authority DIntP Defence Intranet Programme DIO Defence Information Operations DIO Defence Infrastructure Organisation DIO Directorate of International Organisations DIP Defect Investigation Panel DIP Defence Information Plan DIP Defence Information Programme DIP Digital Image Processing DIP Document Image Processing DIP Dual In‐line Package DIPR Director Intellectual Property Rights DIPS Defence Instantanee Position Strategique DIPS Dynamic Isotope Power Subsystems DIPTL Deputy Integrated Project Team Leader DIQAP Defence Industry Quality Assurance Panel now DIQF DIQF Defence Industry Quality Forum DIR Digital Instrumentation Range DIRAMS Dockyard Installed Reactor Accident Monitoring System DIRCM Directed Infra‐Red Countermeasures DIRCM Directed IR CM DIRG Defence Information Reference Group DIRGE Defence Information Reference Group Executive DIRO Directorate Information and Records Officer DIRSP Dynamic InfraRed Scene Projector DIRSUP Direct Intelligence Support DIS Defence Industrial Strategy DIS Defence Information Strategy DIS Defence Intelligence Services DIS Defence Intelligence Staff DIS Defence Investigative Service DIS Distributed Information System DIS Distributed Intelligence System DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation DIS Draft International Standard DIS FM Directorate of Information Systems Facilities Management DISA Defence Information Security Agency DISA Defence Information Systems Agency DISC Defence IFF Steering Committee DISC Defence Industrial Support Centre DISC Defence Intelligence and Security Centre DISCAS Depot Integrated Storage Control and Accounting System. Replaces former Depot System DISCOM Division Support Command DISCON Distributed Integrated Secure Communications Network DISD Directorate of Information Services Delivery DISG Defence Intelligence Steering Group DISM Director In Service Submarines DISN Defence Information Strategy and News DISP Directory Information Shadowing Protocol DISP Docking & Intermediate Support Period DISS Defence Intelligence and Security School DISS Director In Surface Ships DISSUB DIStressed SUBmarine

DIST Defence Implications of Strategic Trends dist Distance DISTAFF Directing Staff DISTAN Distributed Interactive Secure Telecom DISTEX Disaster Relief Exercise DISTEX Distributed Experiments distr Distribution DIT Directory Information Tree (X500) DIT(SYS)N Director of Information (Systems) Navy DITACS Digital Tactical System DITCC Defence Information Technology Co‐ordinating Committee DITCC Defence IT Co‐ordinating Committee DITCC Director of Information Technology Co‐ordinating Committee DITMB Defence Information Technology Management Board DITMB Director of Information Technology Management Board DITS Digital Information Transfer System DITWC Defence Information Technology Management Training Centre DIU Data Interface Unit DIU Digital Interface Unit DIV DIVision DIVAD Division Air Defence DIVADS Division Air Defence Gun System DIWG Defence Infosec Working Group DIY Do It Yourself DJ Dinner Jacket DJ Disc Jockey DJE Deception Jamming Equipment DJW Directorate of Joint Warfare DKP Decontamination Kit, Personal DKPH Duchess of Kent Psychiatric Hospital DL Deputy Lieutenant DL Design Limit DL Digital Loop DL Distance, Distant or Distributed Learning DLA Defence Land Agent DLA Defence Logistics Agency DLC Data Link Control DLC Direct Lift Control DLC Down‐link Communications DLCRJ Detect, Locate, Classify, Record and Jam DLD Director Land Digitization DLE Data Link Enable DLF Ship Launched Floating Anti‐Missile Decoy DLH/DLB Decoy Launching Systems DLICC The Defence Language Intelligent Customer Cell DLIS Directorate of Logistics Information Systems DLL Data Link Layer DLL Dynamic Link Libraries DLL Dynamic Link Library DLMS Digital Land Mass System DLO DASO Liaison Officer DLO Defence Logistics Organisation DLOD Defence Lines of Development

DLOIO Defence Logistics Organisation Infrastructure Organisation DLOS Dismountable Line‐Of‐Sight DLOS Disturbed Line‐Of‐Sight DLP Data Link Processor DLP Defence Learning Portal DLPM Defence Logistics Performance Management DLPP Data Link pre‐processor DLPS Data Links Processor System DLR Defence Land Range DLR German Aerospace Research Establishment DLRP DATA Link Reference Point DLRSC Defence Land Ranges Safety Committee DLS Data Loader System DLS Defence Lands Service DLS Defence Logistic Support DLS Defence Logistics School DLS(Air) Director Logistic Services (Air) in DGES(Air) DLO DLSA Director Land Service Ammunition DLSA Director of Land Service Ammunition DLSA Director, Land Service Ammunition DLSC Defence Logistics Services Centre DLSG Defence Logistics Steering Group DLSSD Defence Logistics System Standardisation Division DLSU Defence Logistics Security Unit DLT Data Link Terminal DLT Directly Linked Terminal DLTP Defence Logistics Transformation Programme DLTU Dismounted Line Termination Unit DM Data Management DM Data Miles DM Defence Munitions DM Demand Management (MRPII) DM(A) Directorate of Manning (Army) DMA Defence Manufacturers’ Association DMA Defence Mapping Agency (US) DMA Delay Arming Mechanism DMA Direct Memory Access DMA Directorate of Manpower Audit (now DMCS) DMA Divisional Maintenance Area DMAB Defended Modular Array Basing DMB Defence Management Board DMB Dvadesetprvi Maj Beograd Ro TMT DMC Data Module Code DMC Defence Manufacturers Council DMC Deployable Medical Capability DMC Director Media and Communications DMCA Direct Maintenance Cost Analysis DMCS Defence Management Consultancy Service DMCS Directorate of Management Consultancy Services DMCS Directorate of Manpower Consultancy Services DMCS Directorate of Military Communications Supply DMD Digital Message Device DME Dimethyl Ether

DME Direct Machine Environment DME Director Marine Engineering DME Distance Measuring Equipment DME Distributed Management Environment DMEA Damage Mode and Effects Analysis DMEO Deputy Marine Engineer Officer DME‐P Distance Measuring Equipment Precision DMESR Duty Marine Engineering Senior Rating DMETA Defence Medical Education & Training Agency DMF Defence Modernisation Fund DMG Digital Map Generator DMGWS Director Military Guided Weapon Systems DMHSC Defence Message Handling Steering Committee DMI Delegated Management Item DMICP Defence Medical Information Capability Programme DMIP DCS Mediterranean Improvement Program DMIS Distribution Management Information System DMktg Svcs Director of Marketing Services DML Decision and Modelling Language dml Demolish DML Devonport Management Limited DML Draft Modification Leaflet DMM Digital Multi‐Meter DMO Director of Military Operations DMP Daily Maintenance Pack DMP Defence Management Planning DMP Dense Metal Penetrator DMP Director of Manpower Planning DMP Document Management Plan DMP Drake Management Plan. DMR Daily Messing Rate DMR Defence Management Review DMR Digital Microwave Radio Dmr Drummer DMRC Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre DMRL Data Module Requirement List DMS Data Management Strategy DMS Data Management System DMS Data Monitoring System DMS Data Multiplexer Sub‐unit DMS Defence Medical Services DMS Defence Messaging System DMS Departmental Management Strategy (U.S. Department of Defense) DMS Departmentally Mandated Standards DMS Digital map System DMS Digital Mapping System DMS Direct Moulded Sole DMS Domestic Military Sales DMS Dosimetry Monitoring System DMS Dual Mode Seeker DMS Dynamic Mission Simulator DMS  100  NT public switch DMS boots Direct Moulded Sole boots (safety footware)

DMS(N) Director of Maritime Services (Naval) DMSC Defence Material Standardisation Committee DMSD Defence Medical Services Department DMSK Differential Minimum Shift Keying DMSO Defence Modelling & Simulation Office DMSP Defence Meteorological Satellite Programme DMSP Dual Mode Speech Processor DMSTC Defence Medical Services Training Centre DMT Deep Mobile Target DMT Defence Management Training DMT Dual Mode laser / TV Tracker DMTI Digital Moving Target Indicator DMTO Defence Medical Training Organisation DMTOM Deputy Motor Transport Operations Manager DMTS Deck‐Mounted Torpedo‐launch System DMU Data Management Unit DMU Digital Master Unit DMVS Desert Mobility Vehicle System DMWR Depot Maintenance Work Requirement DMWS Defence Medical Welfare Service DMZ Demilitarised Zone DN Directory Number DNA Defence Nuclear Agency DNA Deoxyribo‐Nucleic Acid DNA Did Not Attend DNA Director Naval Armament DNA Documentation Needs Analysis DNA&FP Director Naval Architecture & Future Projects DNA+FP Director Naval Architecture + Future Projects DNAM Deputy Nuclear Audit Manager DNAWE Directorate North Atlantic and Western Europe DNBCC Defence NBC Centre DNBSA(BM) Director Naval Basses + Supply Agency (Business Management) DNC Direct Numerical Control DNCCC Defence National Communications Control Centre DNCM Director of Naval Career Management DND Department of National Defence (Canada) DNDS Director of Naval Dental Service DNEO Duty Nuclear Engineering Officer DNES Director Naval Environment and Safety DNES Director of Naval Environment and Safety DNI Director of National Intelligence DNIC Defence Common Numbering Plan DNIS Director Naval Information Systems DNLIS Director of Naval Logistics Information Systems DNLP Directorate of Naval Logistic Policy DNLSD Director of Naval Logistics Staff Duties DNM Director Naval Manning DNM Director of Naval Manning DNMC Delivery of New Military Capability DNMCIS Director of Naval Management, Communications and Information DNO Director Naval Operations DNO Directorate Naval Operations

DNOM Directorate of Naval Oceanography and Meteorology DNOT Director of Naval Operations and Trade DNP Director Nuclear Propulsion DNPS Director of Naval Personnel Systems DNPTS Director of Naval Physical Training and Sport DNR Director Naval Recruiting DNR Director of Naval Recruiting DNRS Day / Night Range Sight DNS Day/Night Sight DNS Direct Network Subscriber DNS Domain Name Service DNS Domain Name System DNS Domain Naming Services DNSC Defence Nuclear Safety Committee DNSC Director Naval Service Conditions DNSCI Director of Naval Support Command Implementation DNSD Director of Naval Staff Duties DNSOM Director of Naval Surveying Oceanography & Meteorology DNSOM Director of Naval Surveying Oceanography + Meteorology DNSP Director Networks And Special Projects DNSSM (DC) Deputy Nuclear Services Support Manager (Design Control) DNST Director Naval Signals Traffic DNST Directorate of Naval Shore Telecommunications DNSY Director of Naval Security DNuc Pol Directorate Nuclear Policy DNVT Digital Non‐secure Voice Terminal DNW Director of Naval Warfare DO Demi‐official DO Design or Drawing Office DO Designated Officer DO Diversion Order DO Divisional Officer (Royal Navy) DOA Dead On Arrival DOA Direction of Arrival DOAC Defence Operational Analysis Centre DOAE Defence Operational Analysis Establishment DOB Defence Operating Board DoB Digitisation of the Battlefield DOB Dispersed Operating Base DOC Defence Operations Centre DOC Delayed Opening Chaff DOC Directorate of Operational Capability DOC District Officer Commanding doc Document DoC Duty Of Care DOCC DCA Operational Control Complex DOCC Director of the Operational Command Committee DOCCISS Defence Operational Command & Control IS Strategy DOCCISSS Defence Operational Command & Control IS Strategy Study DOCEX Document Exploitation DOCISS Defence Operational CIS Strategy DOCISS Defence Operational Communication & Information Systems Strategy DoD Department of Defense (US)

DoD US Department of Defense DoDAF Department of Defense Architectural Framework DODCI Department Of Defence Computer Institute DODD Department of Defense Directive DOD‐HDBK Department of Defense Handbook DODIIS Department of Defence Intelligence Information System DOD‐STD Department of Defense Standard DOE Defence Operations Executive DOE Department Of Energy DOE Department Of Environment DOE Department of the Environment DOF Degree of Freedom DOF Degrees Of Freedom DofC(NBSA) Director of Contracts (Naval Bases and Supply Agency) DOG Directing Organisation Group DOGD Defence Open Government Document DOLE Detection Of Laser Emissions DOLRAM Detection Of Laser, Radar and Milli‐metric Threats DOM Department Output Map DOM Director of Music DOM&PC Defence Operational Movements & Policy Committee DOMD Director of Organisation and Management Development DOMS Defence Operational Movements Staff DOMSTOCK Domestic Stock (RFAs) DOP Department of Productivity DOP Designated Overhaul Point DOP Directory Operational Binding Management Protocol DOP Drop‐Off Point DOPC Defence and Overseas Policy Committee DOPIN Dispenser / On‐board Processor and Inertial Navigation DOPS Duty Operations Officer DOPT Defence Organisation Project Team DOR Directorate of Operational Requirements DOR(Sea) Director of Operational Requirement (Sea Systems) DOR(Sea) Directorate of Operational Requirements (Sea) DORSI Dornier Radar Scoring Indication System DOS Disc Operating System DOS Disk Operating System DOSB Defence Ordnance Safety Board DOSG Defence Ordnance Safety Group DOST Deployment Operational Sea Training DOT Department of Trade DOT Department of Transport DOT Designating Optical Tracker (now known as Queen Ma DOT Distributed Object Technology DOV Data Over Voice DOV Discreet Operational Vehicle DOW Died Of Wounds DOW Digital Orderwire channel DOWO Divisional Ordnance Warrant Officer DOWR Diving Operations at Work Regulations DP Data Processing DP Defence Plan

DP Delivery Partner DP Departmental Plan DP Dew Point DP Diphasgen DP Director of Projects DP Display Processor DP Docking Period DP Dual Purpose (gun for surface or AA use) DP Fin Directorate of Procurement Finance DP Plans Directorate of Procurement Plans DP&RG Development, Projects and Research Group DP&S Director of Personnel & Services DPA Data Protection Act DPA Defence Procurement Agency (formerly MOD PE) DPA Delegated Publication Authority DPA XD Defence Procurement Agency Executive Director DPAs Defence Planning Assumptions DPC Defence Planning Committee (NATO) DPC Direct Protocol Conversion DPCA DE&S Posting and Collation Application DPCA Displace Phase Centre Antenna DPD Defence Programme Directory DPDB Delivered Publication Database DPEE Director of Proof and Experimental Establishments DPERS(PE) Directorate of Personnel (Procurement Executive) DPF Defence Performance Framework DPF Defence Policy Fund DPG Director of Programmes DPGs Defence Policy Goals DPI Dots per Inch DPICM Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition DPL Director Port Logistics DPL (QM) Director Port Logistics Quality Manager DPL (QR) Director Port Logistics Quality Representative DPM Director of Port Management DPM Director Port Management DPMG Defence Procurement Management Guide DPMP Directorate of Procurement Management Policy DPMT Defence Procurement Management Training DPNSS Digital Private Network Signalling System DPO Data Protection Officer DPO Design Project Officer DPO Development Project Officer DPO Duty Petty Officer DPP Directorate of Procurement Policy DPR Defence Property Register DPR(A) Director of Public Relations (Army) DPRAG Defence Procurement Risk Advisory Group DPRC Defence Passenger Reservation Centre DPS Dots Per Second DPS(A) Directorate Personal Services (Army) DPSG Defence Programme Steering Group DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying

DPSK Digital Phase Shift Keying DPSN Defence Packet Switched Network DPSN Defence Packet Switching Network DPT Defence Processing Time DPU Data Processing Unit DPU Digital Processing Unit DPU Display and Processing Unit DPV Directional Probability Variation. Whittaker’s DPV DQ Data Qualifier DQ Directory Enquiries DQA/TS Directorate of Quality Assurance / Technical Support DQAB Defence Quality Assurance Board DQAG Defence Quality Assurance Group DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus DQET Design Quality Evaluation Tool DQHM Deputy QHM DQM Depot Quality Manager DR Dead Reckoning DR Defence Role DR Departmental Report DR Design Repository DR Desirable Requirement of an Operational Requirement DR Dispatch Rider DR&A Data Recording & Analysis DR(C) Director Research (Corporate) DR1, 2,  3  Defence Role 1,  2  or  3  DRA Defence Research Agency DRA Director Royal Artillery DRA Malvern Defence Research Agency Malvern DRAC Director Royal Armoured Corps DRACAS Data Recording And Corrective Action System DRACAS Data Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System DRAGONFLY Dual field‐of‐view IR imager DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory DRAMA Digital Radio And Multiplex Acquisition DRAMATIC DRA Mobile Armoured Target Interdiction Concepts DRAMS Depot Recall And Maintenance System DRAP Data Recording & Presentation system DRASH Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter DRASTIC DRA Static Target Interdiction Concepts DRAT Defect Reliability Analysis Tool DRAWS DRA Workload Scales DRB Defence Resources Board DRB Demonstration Review Board DRC Defence Research Committee DRC Defence Review Committee DRC Development and Research Command DRCA Defence Root Certificate Authority DRCS Defence Rail & Container Services DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture DRDL Defence Research and Development Laboratories DRDL Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited DRDL BM DRDL Berthing Manager

DRDO Defence and Research Development Organisation DRE Disability Rights Commission DREA Defence Research Establishment Atlantic DREAM Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method DREP Defence Research Establishment Pacific DRES Defence Research Establishment Suffield D‐Res Director of Resources DRF Dual Role Fighter DRFC Director of Reserve Forces and Cadets DRFM Digital Radio Frequency Memory DRFM Digital RF Memory DRG Defence Research Group DRI Detection, Recognition, Identification DRIC Defence Research Information Centre DRIR Direct Readout Infra‐Red DRIT Directorate of Recruitment and Initial Training DRIU Damage Repair Instruction Unit DRLC Director Royal Logistic Corps DRLM Digital Radar Land Mass DRLMS Digital Radar Land Mass Simulator DRM Digital Range Meter DRM Drawing Requirements Manual DRMC Deputy Regional Commander DRMP Defence Resource Management Programme DRMR Defence Re‐utilisation and Marketing Region DRMS Defence Resource Management System DRN Demand Reference Number DRO Departmental Records Officer DROC Disaster Relief Operations Course DROPS Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System DROPS Demountable Rack Off‐Loading and Pick‐up Service DRP Defect Rectification Period DRP Defence Research Package DRP Direct Requisitioning Procedure DRP Distribution Requirements Planning DRPI DARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative DRPS Defence Radiological Protection Service DRR Defence Risk Register DRS Data Relay Satellite DRS Detection and Ranging Set DRS Distributed Resource System DRSO Disposal & Reserve Ships Organisation DRTP Dynatech Real Time Products DRTS Detecting, Ranging and Tracking System DRU Data Retrieval Unit DRU Drive Unit DRU Dynamic Reference Unit DRUI Damage Control Instructional Unit DRUMM Delivering the Requirement of Unit Material Management DS Design Standard DS Directing Course DS Directionally Solidified DS Director of Support

DS Discarding Sabot DS Double Sided (computer disc) DS Dressing Station DS Sec Defence Services Secretariat DS&C Directorate of Safety and Claims DS(N) Director Supply (North) DS(S) Director Supply (South) DS/T Discarding Sabot / Tracer DS/T Discarding Sabot, Tracered DS1 Digitization Stage  1  DS2 Digitization Stage  2  DSA Day Sensor Assembly DSA Day Subsistence Allowance DSA Defence Support Agency (now known as DA) DSA Directory Service Agents DSA Directory System Agent DSA Directory System Agent (X500) DSA Disposal Sales Agency DSA Disposal Services Agency DSA Disposal Services Authority DSA Divisional Supply Area DSAA Defence Security Assistance Agency DSAAT Direct Sensor Fuzed Attack of Area Targets Submunition DSABS Defence Science Advisory Board DSAC Defence Scientific Advisory Committee DSAC Defence Scientific Advisory Council DSACEUR Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe DSACS Direct Support Armoured Cannon System DSALT Distributed Synthetic Air Land Trainer DSAR Defect Summary Analysis Report DSAR Defence Supply Agency Regulation DSARC Defence Systems Acquisition Review Council DSAS Defence Security and Assurance Services DSAT Defence Systems Approach To Training DSAWO Divisional Supply Area Warrant Officer DSB Defence Science Board DSB Defence Signal Board DSB Double Side Band DSB Drug Supervisory Body DSB Duracell Special Batteries DSC Defence Supply Committee DSC Deputy Squadron Commander (Royal Air Force) DSC Digital Scan Converter DSC Dynamic Signature Control DSCA Defence Secondary Care Agency DSCC Defence Security Co‐ordinating Committee DSCIS Defence School of Communications and Information Systems DSCOM Defence Supply Chain Operations & Movements DSCS Defence Satellite Communications System DSCS Defence Supply Computer Services DSCSS Directorate of Strategic Communications + Surveillance Systems DSD Data Storage Device DSD Data Systems Designers

DSD Defence Strategic Direction DSD Defence Support Division DSDA Defence Storage and Distribution Agency DSDA Delegated System Design Authority DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Method DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Methods DSE Director Strategic Equipment DSE Display Screen Equipment DSEA Defence Safety and Environment Authority DSEAR Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations DSEME Defence School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering DSES Directorate of Sensors + Electronic Systems DSES Directorate of Sensors and Electronic Systems DSETS Direct Support Electrical Test System DSF Depot Support Facility DSF Director of Special Forces DSF Director Special Forces DSFD Director Ships Future Development DSFM Directorate of Services Food Management DSG Defence Scientific Group DSG Defence Strategic Guidance DSG Defence Support Group DSG Dimension Steering Group (Information, Networks & People) DSH Deliberate Self Harm DSIC Dowty and Smiths Industries Controls DSIP Direct Short Range Surveillance and Instruments Projects DSIS Digital Software Integration System DSL Deep Scattering Layer DSL Digital Subscriber Line DSLC Directorate of Strategic Electronic Comms DSLE Director Ships Logistic Engineering DSLM Disposal System Limpet Mine (replacement for LMDE) DSLP Directorate of Strategic Electronic Programmes DSM Data and Systems Management DSM Defence Spectrum Management DSM Detachment Sergeant Major (RM) DSM Director Submarines DSM Distributed Systems Management DSM Diving Safety Memorandum DSMAC Digital Scene‐Matching Area Correlation DSML Draft Service Modification Leaflet DSMRC Defence Services Medical Rehabilitation Centre DSMS Defence Stores Management Solution DSMT Department of Specialist Management Training DSMT(FMRO) Director Ships Market Testing (FMRO) DSN Data Switching Network DSN Defence Switched Network DSO Defence Sales Organisation DSO Departmental Security Officer DSO Departmental Standing Objectives DSO Deputy Supervising Officer DSO Distinguished Service Order DSO in C Deputy Signal Officer‐in‐Chief

DSOO Deputy Staff Operations Officer DSP Defence Services Profile DSP Defence Support Programme DSP Deployment Support Pack DSP Digital Signal Processing DSP Director of Service Prosecutions DSP Directory Service Protocol DSP Domain‐based Security DSPCR Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations DSPG Defence Special Projects Group DSPS(A) Directorate of Staff and Personnel Services (Army) DSQ Directorate for Safety and Quality DSR Data Set Ready DSR Defence Support Review DSR Defence Survey Requirements DSR Design Substantiation Report DSR Documentation Status Report DSRA Defence Sports and Recreational Association DSREDS Digital Storage and Retrieval Engineering Data System DSRP Director Ships Resources and Personnel DSRR(TR) Discarding Sabot Reduced Range (Training Round) DSRV Deep Sea/Submergence Rescue Vehicle DSS Data Selection Sheet DSS Data Storage Set DSS Decision Support System DSS Defence Signal Staff DSS Department of Social Security DSS Depot Stock System DSS Director Strategic Systems DSS Dismounted Soldier Systems IPT DSS Distributed Secure System DSS(F+S) Director Surface Ships (Finance and Secretariat) DSSA Day Sensor Subassembly DSSB Director Large Warships and Auxiliaries DSSC Director Frigates and Mine Countermeasures DSSCCA Diving Set Self Contained Compressed Air DSSCCA Diving System Self Contained Compressed Air DSSD Dera Support Services Division DSSL Document Style and Semantics Language DSSO Defence Systems Support Organisation DSSO Deputy Staff Supply Officer DSSP Directorate of Surveying Service Policy DSSS Defence Secure Speech System DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language DST Defence and Space Talks DST Defence Suppression Threat DST Directorate Safety and Technology DST Domain Support Team DST(EWS) Director Engineering and Weapon Support DST(FIN) Director Finance DST(GW) Director Guns and Weapons DST(IT) Director Information Technology

DST(MM) Director Stores & Transport ‐ Materials Management DST(PERS) Director Personnel DST(RP) Director Stores & Transport ‐ Resources and Plans DST(SE) Director Strategic Weapons and Explosives Safety DST(SF) Director of Stores & Transport (Strategic Weapons & Explosive Safety) DST(SF) Director Ships and Fuel DST(South) Director of Supplies and Transport (South) DST(SS) Director Specialist Stores DST(SV) Director Store and Victualling DST(W) Director of Stores & Transport (West) DSTE Deployable Support and Test Equipment IPT DSTL Defence Science and Technology Laboratories DSTL Defence Scientific Technology Laboratory DSTO Defence Science and Technology Organisation DSTO Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia DSU Data Storage Unit DSU Direct Support Unit DSUR Data Storage Unit Receptable DSV Deep Sea Vessel DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle DSV Defence Suppression Vehicle DSVN Defence Secret Voice Network DSVT Digital Secure Voice Terminal DSVT Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal DSWE Director Ships Weapons Engineering DSWP(N) Director, Surface Weapons Projects (Naval) DSWS Director Strategic Weapon Systems DSWS Division Support Weapon System DT Data Transmission DT Defence Intelligence DT Defence Travel Service DT Detection Threshold DT Distributed Training DT&E Development, Test and Evaluation DTA Data Terminal Adaptors DTA Defence Technical Architecture DTA Deployed Technical Architecture DTAM Data Transfer, Access and Manipulation DTAT Development Test & Trials DTB Defence Training Board DTC Data Transfer Cartridge DTC Data Transfer Cassette DTC Desk Top Computer DTC Director of Technical Costs DTC Dynatech Tactical Communications DTCN Direction Tecniques Constructions Navales DTCR Data Transfer Cartridge Receptacle DTCS Drone Tracking and Control System DTCT Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty DTD Data Transfer Device DTD Document Type Definition DTD Document Type Definitions DTDT Digitization Training and Development Team

DTE Data Terminal Equipment DTE Data Terminating Equipment DTE Data Transfer Equipment DTE Defence Training Estates DTE Director Training & Education DTE Dockyard Test Equipment DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data DTEO Defence Test & Evaluation Organisation DTEO Defence Test and Evaluation Organisation DTERS Defence Training Estates Rationalisation Study DTES Defence Training and Education Strategy DTG Date‐Time Group DTG Digital Transmission Group DTG Distance To Go DTG Dynamically Turned Gyro DTH Down‐The‐Hill radios DTI Department of Trade and Industry DTI Desk Top Instruction DTI Diagnostic Test Items DTIC Data Transfer Identification Code DTIC Defense Technical Information Centre DTIU Data Transfer Interface Unit DTL Diode‐Transistor Logic DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions DTM Data Transfer Module DTM Departmental Temporary Memorandum DTM Digital Terrain Matrix DTMA Defence Transport & Movements Agency DTM‐D Digital Terrain Management and Display DTMF Dual Tone Multi‐Frequency DTMF Dual‐Tone Multiple‐Frequency DTMS Dual Target Motion Simulator DTN Data Transmission Network DTN Digital Telegraph Network DTO Data Take‐Off unit DTOC Divisional Tactical Operations Centre DTOS District Transport Operating System DTP Desk Top Publishing DTR Data Terminal Ready DTR Defence Training Review DTR Director Trident DTRO Defence Training Requirements Organisation DTS Data Terminal Set DTS Data Transfer System DTS Data Transformation System DTS Defence Transportation System DTST Defence Technology Study Team DTTCP Defence Technical Training Change Programme DTTS Dynamic Track Tensioning System DTU Data Terminal Unit DTU Data Transfer Unit DTU Data Transmission Unit DTU Distance Transmitter Unit

DTV Day Television DTWC Diver’s Through Water Communications DU Depleted Uranium DU Derotation Unit DU Detector Unit DU Display Unit DUA Directory User Agent DUA Directory User Agents DUAD Dual Air Defence DUD Disconnect Unknown Device DUDT Dis‐mountable User Data TERminal DUS Datchik Uglovykh Skoroste DUS Deputy Under Secretary of State DUS(CM) Deputy Under Secretary (Civilian Management) DUS(DP) Deputy Under Secretary (Defence Procurement) DUS(DP) Deputy Under Secretary of State (Defence Procurement) DUS(F) Deputy Under Secretary of State (Finance) DUS(P) Deputy Under Secretary (Policy) DUS(PL) Deputy Under Secretary of State (Personnel and Logistics) DUS(RP&F) Deputy Under Secretary (Resources Programmes and Finance) DUSAS Deployed Unit Supply and Accounting System DUST Dial Up Secure Telephone DUTP Dual Use Technology Programme DUW Director Underwater Weapons DUWIR Dual Waveband Imaging Radiometer DUWIR DUal Waveband IR sensor DV Defence Vetting DV Developed Vetting DV Direct View Optics DV Direct Vision DV/A Doppler Velocimeter / Altimeter DVA Defence Vetting Agency DVAL Demonstration and Validation DVCS Display & Voice Communications System DVD Digital Video Data DVE Devonport Number DVI Digital Video Interactive or Interface DVI Direct Video Input/Voice In DVI Direct Voice Input DVITS Digital Video Imaging Transmission System DVL Data / Voice Logger DVM Digital Voltage Meter DVMS Defence Voice Management System DVO Direct Voice Out DVOR Doppler VHF Omni‐directional Ranging Equipment DVR Discharge Verification Round Dvr Driver DVRI Direct View Radar Indicator DVRS Display Video Recording System DVS Doppler Velocity Sensor DVT Delta Voice Terminal DVVD Dual Vision Viewing Device DVX Digital Voice Exchange

DWA Duty Watch Accommodation DWAHSG Devonport & Western Area Health & Safety Group. DWB Deep Water Berth DWB Digitisation of the Whole Battlespace DWB Digitization of the Whole Battlespace DWEO Deputy Weapon Engineer Officer DWESR Duty Weapon Engineering Senior Rating DWFK Deep Water Fording Kit dwg drawing DWHQ District War Headquarters DWI Direct Wireless Installation for exploding mines DWMC Dishwashing Machine DWO Defensive Weapons Officer (RFA) DWP Defence White Paper DWP Department for Work and Pensions DWP(O) Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas) DWR Deployment Warning Role DWRFS Dockyard Weapon Repair Facility Statement DWRNS Director, Women’s Royal Naval Service DWS Defence Works Services DWS Deployed Welfare Support DWS Dispenser Weapon System DWTS Digital Wide‐band Transmission System DXP Defence Exercise Programme DY Dockyard DYRMS Duke of York’s Royal Military School E East E Exa  1018  E Exponent or power of  10  E List Establishment List E&AM Engineering & Asset Management E&E Escape and Evasion E&MA Engines & Major Assemblies E&OE Errors and Omissions Excepted E&S Environment and Safety E/MP Extended System/Multi Processor E/S Echo Sounder E2E End‐to‐end E3A NATO AEW Aircraft E3D UK AEW Aircraft E3F French AEW Aircraft EA each EA Electric armour EA Electronics Assembly EA Enemy Aircraft EA Engineering Authority EA Enterprise Architecture EA Environment Agency EA Environmental Assessment EA Estate Adviser (formerly DLA in the DEO) EA External Assistance EA95 The Environment Act  1995  EAA Electro‐Acoustic Subassembly

EAA Equipment Accounting Authority EAA Experimental Aircraft Association EAB External Access Box EAC Environmental Audit Committee EAC Equipment Accounting Centre EAC Equipment Approval Committee EAC Equipment Approvals Committee EAC Equivalent Annual Cost EAC‐MLA European Accreditation of Certification MultiLateral Agreement EACO Evacuation Assembly Area Controlling Officer EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator EAF External Accruals File EAG Environmental Action Group EAI Enterprise Application Integration EAI Equipment Accounting Instructions EAL Equipment Allowance List EAM Emergency Action Message EAN European Article Numbering (bar code) EAOS Enhanced Artillery Observer Sub‐system EAP Experimental Aircraft Programme EAPC Euro Atlantic Partnership Council EAPC Euro‐Atlantic Partnership Council EAPM Environmental Audit Process Model EAROM Electrically Alterable read‐only Memory EAS Eliminated Accounts Section EAS Emergency Avionics System EAS Employee Authentication Service EAS Engineering Administration System EAS Equivalent Airspeed EASI Electronic Automatic Sequencing Initiator EASTAXE UK or French AEW Aircraft Exercise in the North Sea EASTLANT Eastern Atlantic EASTLANT Eastern Atlantic Area EAT Electronically Agile Radar EAT Employment Appeal Tribunal EAT Estimated Approach Time EAT European Advanced Technologies EATE Enterprise Awareness in Teacher Education EAU Emergency Action Unit EAU Engine Analyser Unit EAW Expeditionary Air Wing EAZ Education Action Zone EB Engineering Bulletin EBA Effects Based Approach EBA Emergency Breakaway (in RAS) EBA External Business Agreement(s) EBC Electronic Business Capability EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code EBCDIC Extended Binary‐Coded Decimal Interchange Code EBD Engineering Business Data EBI Examination Before Issue EBIT Electrical Built In Test EBMS Estates Business Management System

EBO Effects Based Operations EBO Expected Back Orders EBP Education Business Partnership EBS Enhanced Base Support EBS Equipment Breakdown Structure EBSD Electron Back‐Scattered Diffraction EBT Extraordinary Business Transactions EBTR Electronic Bearing Time Recorder E‐Business Electronic Business EBW Exploding Bridge Wire EC Earth Coverage antenna EC Economic Category EC Electoral Commission EC Electronic Combat EC Emergency Contact EC Engineering Council EC European Commission EC European Community EC/NBC Environmental Control / Nuclear, Biological and Chemical ECA Electronic Control Amplifier ECA European Combat Aircraft ECA Experimental Combat Aircraft ECAB Executive Committee of the Army Board ECAD Electronic Computer Aided Design ECAM Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor ECAOC Experimental Combined Air Operations Centre ECAS Electronic Chemical Agent Alarm System ECB Emergency Communication Buoy ECB European Central Bank ECB Expendable Communications Bouy ECC Electrochemical Cell ECC Engineering Control Centre ECC Equipment Central Customer ECC Error Checking and Correction ECCD Electric Cockpit Control Device ECCM Electronic Counter Counter Measures ECCM Electronic Counter‐Countermeasure ECCM Electronic Counter‐Countermeasures ECCMO Engineering Console Management Officer ECDES Electronic Combat Digital Evaluation System ECDIS Electronic Chart Display & Information System ECDL European Computer Driving Licence ECDL European Computer Driving License EC‐EC Earth Coverage to Earth Coverage ECF Environmentally Compliant Fleet ECG Electro‐Cardio Graph (measures the heart) ech Echelon ECHA European Chemicals Agency ECHR European Convention of Human Rights ECIF Electronic Components Industry Federation ECIP Early CIP ECIP Early CIP (functionality provided at ISD) ECIP Energy Conservation Investment Programme

ECITB Engineering Construction Industry Training Board ECL Emitter Coupled Logic ECLS External Countermeasures Launch System ECLSS Environment Control and life‐support System ECLSS External Countermeasures Launcher Sub System ECM Electronic Counter Measure ECM Electronic Counter Measures ECM Electronic Countermeasures ECM Electronic Counter‐Measures ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association ECMES Electronic Combat Modelling and Evaluation System ECMM European Community Monitor Mission ECMWF European Centre for Medium‐range Weather Forecasting ecn Emergency Communications Network EC‐NC/AC Earth Coverage to Narrow Coverage / Area Coverage ECNI Enhanced Communications, Navigation and Identification ECO Engineering Change Orders ECOP Electronic co‐pilot ECOS Environmental Consultancy Services Ltd ECOTS Enhanced Commercial Off‐The‐Shelf ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States ECP Emergency Conning Position ECP Engineering Change Proposal ECP Equipment Collection Point ECR Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance ECR Embedded Computer Resources ECR Enemy Contact Report ECR Engineering Change Request ECRC European Computer industry Research Centre ECRIEE East China Research Institute of Electronic Engine ECRO Engineering Council Regional Organisation ECRR Engineering Change Request Record ECS Engagement Control Station ECS Environment Control System ECS Environmental Conditioning System ECS Environmental Control System ECSA European Computing Services Association ECSC European Coal and Steel Community ECSF Environmentally Compliant Surface Flotilla ECSS European Commission Space Standards ECU Electronic Control Unit ECU Engine Change Unit ECU Environment Control Unit ECU European Currency Unit ECU Exercise Control Unit ECW Electronic Combat Wing ECW Equivalent Constant Wind ED Electronic Deception ED Electronic Documentation ED Ethyldichloroarsin ED Explosive Device EDA Electronic Design Automation EDA Equipment Design Authority

EDASE Electronic Digital Automatic Stabilisation Equipment EDATS Extra Deep Armed Team Sweep EDAU Extended Data Acquisition Unit EDB Extruded Double Base EDB Extruded Double Base propellant EDBA Extended Duration Breathing Apparatus EDC Electrical Distribution Centre EDC Environmental Discrimination Circuit EDC Error Detection and Correction EDC European Defence Community EDCARS Engineering Data Computer Assisted Retrieval System EDCC Emergency Defence Communications Centre EDD Enhanced Data Dictionary EDF Engineering Development Fixture EDI Electronic Data Interchange EDICS European Defence Industry Collaboration Service EDIF Electronic Design Interchange Format EDIFACT EDI For Administration, Commerce & Transport EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Co EDIG European Defence Industrial Group EDIP European Defence Improvement Programme EDIS European Defence Industry Study EDIST Eastern District EDL Electron Discharge Laser EDL Entity Description List EDM Electronic Document / Data Management EDM Engine Data Multiplexer EDM Engineering Data Management EDM Engineering Development Model EDM Estate Delivery Management EDMAG European Defence Manufacturers Group EDMS Electronic Document Management System EDN Edge Detection Navigation EDP Electronic Data Processing EDP Electronic Data Processor EDP Emergency Defence Plan EDP Equipment Delivery Programme EDP Establishment Development Plan EDP Explosives Delivery Point EDPT Equipment Development & Proving Trial EDRM Electronic Document and Records Management EDRM Electronic Document Records Management EDRMS Electronic Data and Record Management System EDRMS Electronic Document and Records Management System EDS Engineering Development Simulator EDS Engineering Display System EDT Eastern Daylight Time EDTS Expanded Data Transfer System EDU Electronics Display Unit EDU Engine Diagnostic Unit EDU European Democratic Union EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse EEA European Economic Area

EEA European Environment Agency EEAD Extended Air Defence EEB European Environmental Bureau EEBPP Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme EEC Electronic Engine Controls EEC European Economic Community EECU Electronic Engine Control Unit EECU Engine Electronic Control Unit EED Electrical Explosive Devices EED Electrically Energised Devices (fuzes etc) EED Electro Explosive Device EED Electro‐explosive Device EEDA East of England Development Agency EEE Electro‐Magnetic’s, Environment and Effects EEF Effective Enemy Fire EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information EEG Electro‐Encephalo Graph (measures the brain) EEG ElectroEncephaloGraphy EEI Electrical Engineering Instruction EEI Essential Elements of Information EELV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle EEMLS European ElectroMagnetic Launch Society EEP Electronic Emission Policy EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EES Engineering Education Scheme EET Eastern European Time EET Emergency Evacuation Trainer EEWT Elbit Electronic Warfare Trainer EEZ Economic Exclusion Zone EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone EF EuroFighter EF2000 Euro Fighter  2000  EFA European Fighter Aircraft EFA Excess Fares Allowance EFAB Extended Forward Avionic Bay EFC Equivalent Full Charge EFC Escorte Force Commander EFCR Equivalent Full Charge Rounds EFCS Electronic Control System EFCS Electronic Film‐less Camera System EFCS Enhanced Fire Control System EFCU Electrical Flight Control Unit EFD Early Failure Detection EFD Elementary Function Description EFDARS Expansible Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation EFI Expeditionary Forces Institute EFI Exploding Foil Initiator EFI Explosively Formed Fragment EFIS Electronic Flight Instrumentation System EFM Enhanced Fighter Manoeuvrability EFO EIFEL Follow‐On EFP Expanded Feasibility Phase

EFP Explosively Formed Projectile EFP Explosively Formed Projectiles EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management EFR Electronic Forms Repository EFR Equipment Failure Report EFR External Financing Requirement EFRS Equipment Failure Reporting System EFS Emergency Flotation System EFS Enemy Fire Simulator EFTA European Free Trade Association EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale EFU Electronic Functional Unit EFVS Electronic Fighting Vehicle System EFW Effective Fall‐out Wind EFY Ensuing Financial Year EGA Enhanced Graphics Array EGI Embedded GPS INU e‐GIF Electronic‐Government Interoperability Framework EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol EGS Enterprise Gateway Service EGTD Electric Gun and Turret Drive EH English Heritage EHA Electro‐Hydrostatic Actuator EHDD Electronic Head‐Down Display EHF Extra High Frequency EHF Extra High Frequency (30 ‐  300  GHz) EHFA Early Human Factors analysis EHJ Explosives Handling Jetty EHLLAPI Extended High Level Language Application Programming Interface EHM Equipment Health Monitoring EHO Environmental Health Organisation EHR Electronic Health Record EHRC Equality and Human Rights Commission EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator EHT Environmental Health Team EHT Extra High Tension EHU Electro Hydraulic Unit EHUDS Electronic Health & Usage Data System EHW Explosives Handling Wharf EI Early Implementation EI Electronics Installation EI Electrospray Ionisation EI Embodiment Issue EI Enterprise Integration EIA Electrical Industries Associates EIA Electronics Industries Association EIA Environmental Impact Analysis EIA Environmental Impact Assessment EIA Environmental Impact Audit EIAPM Environmental Impact Assessment Process Model EIAW Enhanced Imagery Analysis Workstation EIC Equipment Indicator Code EICAR European Institute for Computer Anti‐virus Research

EICAS Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System EIDE Extended Industry Drive Electronics EIED Electrically Initiated Explosive Device EIED Electronically Initiated Explosive Device EIFEL Electronisches Information & Fuhrungsystem fur Einsatzbereitschaft der Luftwaffe EILE EIFEL  1  Lifetime Extension EIMS Estate Infrastructure Management System EinC(A) Engineer in Chief (Army) EINECS European Inventory of Existing Commercial Substances EIOCx End of Increment Operating Capability EIPT Equipment Integrated Project Team EIR Environmental Information Regulations EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power EIS Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy EIS Electronic Instrument System EIS Engineering Information System EIS Entry Into Service EIS Environmental Impact Statement EIS Executive Information System EISA Electronic Information Sharing Agreement EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture EISS European Intelligence Support System EIU Electronic Interface Unit EIW Electronically Initiated Weapon EJ European Journal EJS Enhanced JTIDS System EKD Electrical Key Distribution EL Electrical EL Electro‐Luminescent EL Embodiment Loan EL Emitter Locator ELA Electric Launcher Association (US) ELA Engineering Logistics Advisor ELA Extender Lens Assembly ELAC Elevator and Aileron Computer ELC Electrical Load Controller ELC Enhanced Learning Credits ELCAS Elevated Causeway ELCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCS Externally Launched Countermeasures System ELDO European Space Launcher Development Organisation elect Electrical/Electronic ELF Environmental Law Foundation ELF Extremely Low Frequency ELFE Extra Low Frequency Effect / Electro‐magnetic ELFE Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic ELINT ELectronic INTtelligence ELISTS Equipment Lists ELKE Elevated Kinetic Energy Weapons System elm Element ELOS Extended Line of Sight ELP Electro Luminescent Panel ELPA Eyring Low‐Profile Antenna

ELS Electro‐magnetic Launcher System ELS Embodiment Loan Store ELS Emitter Location System ELS Expeditionary Logistic Sustainment ELSA Electronic Lobe‐Switching Antenna ELSA Emergency Life Support Apparatus ELSA Emergency Lifesaving Apparatus (Personal Escape Breathing Apparatus) ELSEC ELectronic Emission SECurity ELSEC Electronic Security ELSS Environmental Life Support System ELSSY Explosive Licensing Storage System ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter ELT(S) Emergency Locator Transmitter (Survival) ELTA EHF Lightweight Transportable Antenna ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle ELV Experimental Launch Vehicle ELVA Emergency Low Visibility Approach (type of helicopter recovery) EM Electromagnetic EM Electro‐‐Magnetic EM Engineering Management EM Estates Manager EM Explosives Maintenance EM Extra Mural (Contract) or ElectroMagnetic or Engineering/Experimental Model EMA Ease of Maintenance Assessment EMA Education Maintenance Allowance EMA Electromagnetic armour EMA Electronic Missile Acquisition EMA European Monetary Agreement EMA External Mounting Assembly E‐mail Electronic Mail EMAS Eco‐Management and Audit Scheme EMAS Employment Medical Advisory Service EMATT Expendable mobile ASW Training Target EMB Explosive Materials Building EMC Electro Magnetic Capability EMC ElectroMagnetic Capability EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Electro‐Magnetic Compatibility EMC Electro‐Magnetic Conductance EMC Engine Modification Committed EMC Executive Management Committee EMC Extra Messing Charge EMCDB Elastomer Modified Case Double‐Base EMCDB Elastomer Modified Cast Double Base EMCOF European Monetary Co‐operation Fund EMCON Emission Control EMCON Emission Control ‐ Radio silence EMCON EMitter CONtrol EMD Engine Model Derivative EMD Engineering & Manufacturing Development EMD External (USB) Memory Device EMDA East Midlands Development Agency EMDG Euromissile Dynamics Groups

EME Earth‐Moon‐Earth EME Electrical and Mechanical Engineer EME Electro Magnetic Environment EME ElectroMagnetic Environment EME Electro‐Magnetic Environment EMER Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regulation EMERG Emergency EMF Electro‐Magnetic Field EMF Electro‐Motive Force EMF Embarked Military Force EMF European Monetary Fund EMFTD Electro‐Magnetic Focused Technology Demonstrator EMG Electro‐Magnetic Gun EMG Externally Mounted Gun EMH ElectroMagnetic Hazard/Hardening EMHQ Emergency Headquarters EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference EMI Electro‐Magnetic Interference EMI Extra Messing Income EMIH Electro‐Magnetic Interference Hardening EMIRALD Evaluation Model for Infra Red Arrays and Long‐linear Devices EMIS Electro‐Magnetic Isotope Separation EMIS Electronic Materials Information Service EMIS Emergency Manpower Information System EMIT Examination, Maintenance, Inspection & Testing EML Electro‐Magnetic Launcher EMM Extended Memory Manager EMMPS Enhanced MEECN Message Processing System EMMU Engine Monitor Multiplexer Unit EMP Electro Magnetic Phenomenon EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP Electro‐‐Magnetic Phenomenon EMP Electromagnetic Pulse EMP Engineering Mine Plough EMP Environmental Management Plan EMPAR European Multi‐function Phased Array Radar EMPASS Electro‐Magnetic Performance of Air and Ship System EMPP Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection EMPP Electromagnetic Pulse Protection EMPP EMP Protection EMPPP Electro‐Magnetic Pulse Protection EMPS Equipment Management Policy Statement EMPS Establishment Maintenance Policy Strategy EMR Electromagnetic Radiation EMR Electronic Maintenance Repair EMR Electronic Maintenance Room EMR Estates Management Review EMR Extra‐Mural Research EMRLD Excimer Repetitively Pulsed Laser Device EMRS Engineering Manpower Recording System EMS Electro‐Magnetic pulse Shielding EMS Electromagnetic Spectrum EMS Electronic Messaging Service

EMS Engineering Modelling System EMS Enhanced Mobility System EMS Environmental Management System EMS Environmental Management System. EMS Equipment Maintenance Squadron EMS European Monetary System EMS Expanded Memory Specification EMS Extended Memory System or Space EMS(A) Executive Manning Support System (Airmen) EMS(O) Executive Manning Support System (Officers) EMSC Engine Monitoring System Computer EMSEC Emission Security EMSEM External Mass Storage Expansion Module EMT Environmental Monitoring Team EMTA NTO for Engineering Manufacture EMTE Electro‐Magnetic Test Environment EMTT Estate Management Training Tool EMU Economic and Monetary Union (European) EMU Electromagnetic Unit EMU Electronic Message Unit EMU Elevation Measuring Unit EMUX Electrical Multiplex EMV Electromagnetic Vulnerability EMWG Estates Management Working Group EN Electronic Neutralisation en Enemy EN English Nature EN European Norm E‐NCAM Equipment ‐ Non Current Asset Managers ENDEX End of Exercise ENDPB Executive Non Departmental Public Body ENDS Environmental Data Services Ltd (producers of ‘The ENDS Report’) ENG Engineering Engr Engineer ENJJPT European NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Programme ENK Endo‐atmospheric Non‐nuclear Kill ENO Environmental Noise Officer ENOB Effective Number Of Bits ENOHD Extended Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance ENSCE Enemy Situation Correlation Element ENSIP Engine Structural Integrity Program ENT Ear, Nose and Throat ENV Environment Cabinet Committee ENV European Pre‐Norm ENVISAT Environmental Satellite EO Electro‐Optic EO Electro‐Optical EO Enabling Objective EO Equal Opportunities EO Equal Opportunities Officer (civilian local authority) EOAC Equal Opportunities Awareness Course EOB Electronic Order of Battle EOC Equal Opportunities Commission

EOC Explosive Ordnance Clearance EOCCM Electro‐Optical Counter Countermeasures EOCCM Electro‐Optical Counter‐CounterMeasures EOCM Electro‐Optic Counter Measures EOCM Electro‐Optical Countermeasures EOD Electro‐Optic Device / Disposal EOD Explosive Ordnance Demolition EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOFC Electro‐Optical Fire Control EOG Electro‐OculoGraph EOH Equipment Operating Hours EOI Expression Of Interest EOIS Electro‐Optical Imaging System EOLOROP Electro‐optical Long Range Photography EO‐LOROP Electro‐Optic Long Range Oblique Photography EOM End Of Month EOMUX Electro‐Optic Multiplexer EOO Equal Opportunities Officers EOOW Engineer Officer of the Watch EOP Emergency Offtake Point EOPM Electro Optic Protective Measures EOPM Electro‐Optic Protection Measures EOQ Economic Order Quantity EOR Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance EORSAT Electronic Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite EOS Emergency Operating System (Theatre) EOSG Engineering Occupations Standards Group EOSS Electro‐Optic Sensor System EOSS Electro‐Optic Surveillance System EOT Electro‐Optical Tracker EOTIS Electro‐Optical Tracking & Indication System EOW Engineering Order Wire EOW Engineering Order Wire circuits EP Electronic Publishing EP Environmental Protection EP Equipment Programme EP Estimated Position (navigation) EP Exercise Practice EP Pol Environmental Protection Policy Section EP3 Expert Provisioner EPA Environmental Protection Act EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPA Equipment Performance Analysis EPA90 Environmental Protection Act  1990  EPAC Engine Performance Analysis by Comparison EPAFF Expert Panel for Armed Forces Feeding EPAQS Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards EPBA European Portable Battery Association EPC Electron Prismatic Collimator EPC Electronic Plane Conversion EPC Equipment Policy Committee EPC Expenditure and Procurement Committee EPCC Essential Personnel Co‐ordination Centre

EPCI Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative EPD Environmental Protection Device EPF Equipment Planning Form EPG Electrical Pack Guidance EPG Enhanced Performance Grenade EPG European Production Group EPG European Programme Group EPG Externally Powered Machine Gun EPHOS European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems EPI Engine Performance Indicator EPI Environmental Performance Indicator EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon EPJ Escort Protection Jammer EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System EPM Electronic Protection Measure EPM Electronic Protection Measures EPM Electronic Protective Measure EPM Electronic Protective Measures EPM Emergency Propulsion Motor EPM Equipment Programme Measures EPM Equipment Project Manager EPMaRV Earth Penetrating Manoeuvring Re‐entry Vehicle EPMS Electrical Power Management System EPN Eurofighter Partner Nation EPNdB Effective Perceived Noise Decibel EPNL Effective Perceived Noise Level EPNS Electro‐Plated Nickel Silver EPO Environmental Protection Officer EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale EPP Electric Power Plant EPPU Electronic Pack Processor Unit EPR Engine Pressure Ratio EPRDU Electronic Pack Remote Display Unit EPREP Explosives, Propellants and Related End Products agreement EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EPS Electrical Power System EPS Encapsulated Post Script EPS Encapsulated PostScript EPS Environmental Policy Statement EPS Exercise Planning Staff EPSC Equipment Policy Sub‐Committee EPSG Estate Policy Steering Group EPSIS Enhanced Procurement System Interface EPT European Policy Team EPTD Equipment Project Technology Demonstration EPTD Equipment Project Technology Demonstrator EPU Electrical Power Unit EPU Emergency Power Unit EPUU Enhanced PLRS User Unit EQ Equipment Qualification EQA External Quality Audit EQD Electrical Quality Assurance Directorate EQD Existing Qualification Data

Eqpt Equipment ER Enhanced Radiation ER Equipment Requirement ER Established Reliability ER Estate Requirements ER Exception Report ER Exploitation Request ER Explosive Regulation ER Extended Range ER Extended Readiness ER/DL Extended Range Data Link ER/RB Enhanced Radiation / Reduced Blast ERA Explosive Reactive Armour ERA Extended Range Ammunition ERAAM Extended Range Air‐to‐Air Missile ERADCOM Electronics Research and Development Command ERAM Extended Range Anti‐armour Munition ERAM Extended Range Anti‐tank Mine ERAPDS Enhanced Recognised Air Picture Dissemination System ERAPIDS Extended Recognised Air Picture Display System ERAPS Expendable Reliable Acoustic Path Sonobuoy ERASMUS Canadian complementing tool ER‐ATACMS Extended‐Range Army Tactical Missile System (US Army) ERATO Extended Range Automatic Targeting of Otomat missile ERB Executive Responsibility Budget ERBO Executive Responsibility Budget Officer ERC Earth Resources Consultants ERC Engineering Record Card ERCS Emergency Rocket Communications System ERD Entity Relationship Diagram ERD Estimated Relief Date ERDA European Radio Data Association ERDE Explosives Research and Development Establishment ERDF European Regional Development Fund ERETS Enhanced Remote Target System ERF Electronic Remote Fill ERFB Extended Range Full Bore ERFB‐BB Extended Range Full Bore, Base Bleed ERG Equipment Reporting Guide ERG Evidence Requirements Guide ERGFCDS Extended Range Gunnery Fire Control Demonstration System ERGP Extended Range Guided Projectile ERIC Electronic Reporting in Cab ERINT Extended Range Interceptor ERIS Exoatmospheric Re‐entry Intercept Sub‐system ERL Economic Repair/Return Limit/Level ERL Exception Report Log ERLL Enhanced Run Length Limited ERM Electronic Records Management ERM Enterprise Reference Model ERM Equipment Registration Mark ERM Exchange Rate Mechanism ERMIS Extended Range Modification Integration System

ERMS Electronic Records Management System ERO Education and Resettlement Officer ERO Electoral Registration ERO Explosive Responsible Officer EROM Erasable Read‐Only Memory EROMCS Extended Range Ordnance & Modular Charge System EROS Electronic Repair Order System EROS Equipment Repair Ordering and Tracking System ERP Effective Radiated Power ERP Effective/Emitter Radiated Power ERP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (MRPII) ERP Extended Range Projectile ERP Extended Range Proximity ERR Estimated Repairable Returns ERS Earth Resources Satellite ERS Emergency Reinforcement Scheme ERS European Remote sensing Satellite ERSC Extended Range Sub‐Calibre ERSS European Remote‐Sensing Satellite ERSUI Equipment Related Stores Usage Information System ERU Ejection Release Unit ERU Ejector Release Unit ERU Emergency Reaction Unit ERV Electronic Repair Vehicle ERV Emergency Rendezvous ERV Emergency Rescue Vehicle ERVIS Exoatmospheric Re‐entry Vehicle Interception System ERW Enhanced Radiation Weapon ERWE Enhanced Radar Warning Equipment ES Employment Service ES Enabling Services ES End System or Electronic Sector ES Engineer Stores ES Engineering Sponsor ES Engineering Sub‐system ES Environmental Statement ES Equipment Secretariat ES (Air) Equipment Support (Air) ES (Land) Equipment Support (Land) ES CWG Enabling Services Capability Working Group ESA Electronic Signature Authentication ESA End Stage Assessment ESA Energy Services Association ESA Environmental Support Application or European Space Agency ESA Environmentally Sensitive Area ESA Environmentally Special Area ESA Equipment Safety Assessment ESA European Space Agency ESAS Electronically Steerable Antenna System ESB Empress State Building ESB Engineering Screening Board ESBU Equipment Support Business Unit

ESC Engine Supervisory Control ESC European Security Community ESCM Equipment & Support Chain Management ESCOM Equipment Support Costing Output Model ESCOs Energy Services Companies ESD Earliest Start Date ESD Electro Static Discharge ESD Electronic Supply Depot System ESD Electronic Systems Division ESD ElectroStatic Discharge ESD Environmentally Sound Design ESD Equipment Storage Depot ESD Equipment Supply Depot ESDI European Security & Defence Identity ESDI European Security and Defence Initiative ESDU Engineering Science Data Unit ESE Electronic Security Environment ESF European Social Fund ESG Electrostatically Suspended Gyro ESG Emergency Service Grant ESG Engineering Support Group ESG Environmental Science Group ESH Explosives Store House ESiB E‐Skills into Business ESISS Equipment Support Information Systems Strategy ESL Early Service Leaver(s) ESL Eddystone Light ESL Explosive Stores Locker ESM Electronic (Warfare) Support Measure ESM Electronic Signal Monitoring ESM Electronic Support Measures ESM Electronic Surveillance Measures ESM Electronic Warfare Support Measures ESM Equipment Support Manager ESMB Environment and Safety Management Board ESMSG Environmental and Safety Management Steering Group ESN Educationally Sub‐Normal ESN Electronic Serial Number ESN Equipment Stock Number ESO Equipment Support Organization ESO Explosive Safety Officer ESOC European Space Operations Centre ESP Electric Ship Programme ESP Employment Support Programme ESP Equipment Support Plan ESP Equipment Support Programme ESP Expendable Signal Processor ESP Expendable System Programme ESP Expert System Prototype ESP Extra‐Sensory Perception ESP (IS) Equipment Support Plan (In Service) ESPADON Environment for Signal Processing Applications Development and protOtypiNg ESPAWS Enhanced Self‐propelled Artillery Weapon System

ESPD Equipment Support Policy Directive ESPO Engineering Support Planning Officer ESPPA Equipment Support Provision and Procurement Administration ESPRIT Eye‐Slaved Projected Raster Inset ESR Electro‐Slag Refined steel ESR European Staff Requirements ESR Experimental Surveillance Radar ESRD Equipment Specific Reference Data ESRO European Space Research Organisation (now ESA) ESRS Electro Slag Refined Steel ESS Engineer Systems Support ESS Engineering Systems Support ESS Environment & Safety Strategy Section ESS Environment Stress Screening ESS Environmental Scoping Study ESS Environmental Support System ESS Exercise Support System ESS Exploitation Support Segment (JSIPS) ESS External Suspension System ESSAM Equipment Support Sustainability Analysis Model ESSC Engineering Services Standing Conference ESSD ElectroStatic Sensitive Device ES‐SDMS Expanded Service‐Shipboard Data Multiplex System ESSM Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile EST Eastern Standard Time EST Electronic Support and Training EST Energy Savings Trust EST European Standard Time ESTA Energy Systems Trade Association ESTA Entity Subject to Approval ESTACS Establishment Authority Computer System ESTC Explosives Storage & Transport Committee ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre ESU Electronic Storage Unit ESU Electro‐Static Units ESU External Stabilisation Unit ESWBS Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure ESyO Establishment Security Officer ET Eastern Time ET Electronic Timer ET Electrothermal ET Embedded Training ET Emerging Technology ET Employment Tribunal ET Evasion Training ET External Tank ET&T European Test and Evaluation ET(LDA)R Electric Target (Limited Danger Area) Range ETA Estimated Time of Acquisition ETA Estimated Time of Arrival ETAG Education and Training Action Group ETAP Education and Training Action Plan ETB Engineering & Technology Board

ETBPP Energy Technology Best Practice Programme ETC Electro, Thermal, Chemical ETC Electrothermal‐Chemical ETC Estimated Time of Completion ETCC Explosive Threshold Characteristic Curve ETD Electronic Technical Documentation ETD Estimated Time of Departure ETE Estimated Time Enroute ETEC‐E Electronics and Telecommunications Evaluation Centre ‐ Europe ETES Exotic Threat Emitter System ETF Electronic Time Fuze ETF Enhanced Tactical Fighter ETI Elapsed Time Indicator ETI Elapsed Time Indicators ETI Engineering Technical Instruction ETLS Engineering Through Life Support ETM Electronic Technical Manual ETM Electronic Troubleshooting Manual ETME Electrical Test and Measuring Equipment ETMP Enhanced Terrain Masked Penetration ETO Engineer To Order (MRPII) ETO Engineering Training Officer ETP Engineering Test Plan ETP Estimated Time of Penetration ETPU Engine Transient Pressure Unit ETR Electric Target Range ETR Engineered To Reliance ETR Engineering Test Requests ETR Estimated Time of Return ETS Educational and Training Services ETS Electronic Tote System ETS Engineering Tank Systems ETS European Telephone System ETS/N Engagement Training Simulator Network ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSS Electronic Telecommunications Switching System ETSU Energy Technology Support Unit EU Electronic Unit EU European Union EU Expect User EU ETS European Union Emissions Trading Scheme EUB Essential User By‐pass EUCLID European Collaboration Long‐term In Defence EUCLID European Co‐operation for the Long term in Defence EUCLID European Co‐operative long‐term Initiative in Defence EUCOM European Command EUN Electronic Unit Name EURATOM European Atomic Energy Committee EURING European Engineer Euro‐ART European Advanced Radar Technology EUROCAE EURopean Organisation for Civil Aircraft Equipment EUROCOM European Communications EUROFER European Steel Federation

EURONET European Information Network EUROSPACE European Industrial Space Study Group EUV Extreme Ultra‐Violet EV Electron Volt EV&P Engineer Vehicles And Plant IPT EVA Effectiveness and Vulnerability Assessment code EVA Extra Vehicular Activity evac Evacuation EVAS Emergency Vision Assurance System EVER Endurance Vehicle for Extended Reconnaissance EVGA Enhanced Video Graphics Array EVIDS Enhanced Vehicular Information Distribution System EVS Electro‐optical Viewing System EVS Enhanced Vision System EVs External Verifiers EVSA Enterprise Value Stream Analysis EVT Establishment Variation Factors EVT Exercise Variant Torpedo eVTC enhanced Video Tele Conferencing EW Early Warning EW&C Early Warning and Control EW/GCI Early Warning and Ground‐Controlled Intercept EWAC Electronic Warfare Analysis Centre EWAD Electronic Warfare and Avionics Detachment EWAISF Electronic Warfare Avionics Integrated Support Facility EWAM Extended Window Addressable Memory EWAS Electronic Warfare Analysis System EWAU Electronic Warfare Avionics Unit (Royal Air Force) EWC Electronic Warfare Coordinator EWC Establishment Works Consultant EWCC Electronic Warfare Control Centre EWCC Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell EWCP Electronic Warfare Control Processor EWCS Electronic Warfare Control Ship/Station EWD Effective Working Days EWD Electronic Warfare Director EWE European Work Experience project EWEDS Electronic Warfare Evaluation Display System EWEP Electronic Warfare Evaluation Program EWES Electronic Warfare Evaluation System EWG Executive Working Group EWG Expert Working Group EWKBS Electronic Warfare Knowledge Based System EWM Electronic Warfare Manager EWMS Electronic Warfare Mutual Support EWO Electronic Warfare Officer EWO Emergency War Order EWO Engineer Works Organisation EWO Executive Warrant Officer EWOC Electronic Warfare Operator’s Console EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems EWOS European Workshop on Open Systems EWOSE Electronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment

EWOSU Electronic Warfare Operational Support Unit e‐WOW Electronic Way’s of Working EWP Electronic Working Practices EWRRF Electronic Warfare Rapid Reaction Facility EWS Electronic Warfare System EWS External Weapon Station EWSL Equivalent Single Wheel Load EWSM Early Warning Support Measures EWSP Engineering and Weapon Support Publication EWSR EW Department Senior Rating EWT Engineer Wheeled Tractor EWTR EW Training Range EWTS Electronic Warfare Training System EWTS‐R Electronic Warfare Training System ‐ Radar EWX EW Exercise EX Electronics Experimental EX Except ex Exercise Ex Explosive EXACT EXercise Analysis for Collective Training EXCM External Countermeasures ExE Event by Event EXE Executable (program) EXJAM Expendable Jamming System expd Expedite EXR Exceptional Reserves ExSUL Extended Special Unpaid Leave EYF End Year Flexibility EYPR End of Year Performance Report EYPR End of Year Performance Review EZP Exclusion Zone Patrol EZRC Exclusion Zone Reception centre f Femto  10 ‐ 15  F Fighter (aircraft) F&C Fire and Control (missile guidance) F&D Fix and Destroy F&R Fair and Reasonable F&U Fire and Update F/L Forced Lubrication (Pump) F/N DMS Flight / Navigation Display Mode Selector F‐ 1  Seagoing Fire Exercise FA Financial Advisor FA Free Assets FA Functional Area FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAA Fleet Air Arm FAA Force Administration Area FAA US Federal Aviation Administration FAACA Force Anti‐Air Co‐ordination Area FAACO First Aid Aircraft Outfit FAAD Forward Area Air Defence FAADC21 Forward Area Air Defence Command, Control and Intelligence FAADS Forward Area Air Defence System

FAAIT Fleet Air Arm Information Technology (system) FAAIT Fleet Air Arm IT FAAITM Fleet Air Arm Information Technology Management FAALS Forward Area Armoured Logistic System FAAM Family of Air‐to‐Air Missiles FAAR Forward Area Alerting Radar FAASV Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle FAAWC Force Anti‐Air Warfare Commander FAAWC Forces Anti‐Air Warfare Coordinator FAB Forward Air Base FAB Forward Avionics Bay FAB Functional Airspace Block FABINT Forensic and Biometric Intelligence FAC Fleet Accommodation Centre. FAC Fleet Audit Committee FAC Flight Augmentation Computer FAC Forward Air Control FAC Forward Air Controller FAC(A) Forward Air Controller (Airborne) FACA Force Air Coordination Area FACA Future Attack and Combat Aircraft FACCWG Future Air Command and Control Working Group FACCWG Future Air Control Centre Working Group FACE Field Artillery Computing Equipment FACETS Physical optics prediction code FACON Facilities Control FACP Forward Air Control Post FACTS FLIR Augmented Cobra TOW Sight FAD First Aircraft Delivery FAD Fleet Air Defence FAD Forward Ammunition Depot FADAC Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control FAE Fuel Air Explosive FAEM Flexible Air Engagement Model FAESHED Fuel‐Air Explosive Helicopter Delivered FAFC Full Authority Fuel Control FAI First Article Inspection FAITS Functional Area Information Technology Strategy FALCON Fission Activated Laser Concept FALCON Frequency‐Agile Low Coverage Netted radar FALCON Fuel and Lubricants Computer Opportunity Network FALCON I Fuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (HQ Elements) FALCON II Fuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (Depot Elements) FALW Family of Air‐Launched Weapons FALWA Fleet Amphibious & Land Warfare Authority FAM Field Alarm Module FAM Fighter Attack Manoeuvring FAM Flexible Attrition Mode FAM Flexible Attrition Model FAM Friendly Aircraft Movements FAMAS Financial & Management Accounting System FAME Feature Associated Mesh Embedding

FAME Frequency Assignment Management Equipment FAMG Field Artillery Missile Group FAMS Family of Air Missile Systems FAMS Family of Anti‐air Missile Systems FAMS Field Automatic Message Switch FAMV Forward Area Multi‐purpose Vehicle FAN Forward Air Navigator FandL Fuel and Lubricants FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry FAO For the Attention Of FAOS Future Air offensive System FAP Fiche Air Publication FAP Final Approach FAP First Aid Post FAP Fly Away Packs FAPC Fixed Asset Processing Centre FAPDS Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot FAPDS Frangible Armour‐Piercing, Discarding Sabot FAPSM Future Anti‐Personnel Scatterable Mine FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FAR False Alarm Rate FAR Fatal Accident Rate FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR Federal Aviation Requirement FAR Financial Aspects of Resettlement FAR Fixed Asset Register FAR Flight Authorisation Release FAR Fuel to Air Ratio FARC Fuel to Air Ratio Controller FARCOS Fast Adaptive HF Radio Communication System FARE Forward Area Refuelling Equipment FARP Forward Area Refuel Point FARP Forward Arming/Refuel Point FARRP Forward‐Area Rearming and Refuelling Point FARS Fast Acquisition Receiver System FARS Field Artillery Rocket System FARS Frequency Array Radar System FARSIGHT Infrared staring‐array imager system,  3 ‐ 5  mm FLIR FARV‐A Future Armoured Re‐supply Vehicle, Artillery FARVE Fixed Asset Registration and Valuation Exercise FAS Flank Array Sonar FAS Forward Acquisition Sensor FAS Frequency‐Agile Subsystem FAS Future Airspace Strategy FAS Future Army Structure FASCASM Family of Scatterable Mines FASGW Future Air to Surface Guided Weapon FASGW Future Air‐to‐Surface Guided Weapon FASH Future Amphibious Support Helicopter FASM Future Attack SubMarine FASO Forward Airfield Supply Organisation FASOC Forward Air Support Operations Centre FASS Field Artillery Systems Support

FAST Fast Air Support Team FAST Federation Against Software Theft FAST Fly Away Satellite Terminal FAST Forward Air Support Team FAST Freight Automated Status Tracker FAST Fully Automatic Scoring Target FAST Functional Analysis System Trainer FAST Fuze Activating Static Targets FASTAR Forward Area Surveillance and Target Acquisition System FASTHAT Fast High‐Accuracy Tuneable receiver FASTNET Fixed Army Strategic Telephone Network FASW Force Anti‐Submarine Warfare FAT Factory Acceptance Test FAT File Allocation Table (DOS) FAT First Aid Team FAT First Article Testing FAT Flying Aptitude Test FATE Floppy And Tape Exchange FATE Fuzing, Arming, Test and Evaluation FATG Fixed Air‐To‐Ground FATO Final Approach and Take‐Off Area FATS Field Automatic Telephone Switch FATS Firearms Training System FATS Forward Air Transport Support FATS Framework Agreement for Techical Support FATSO First Aid Technical Stores Outfit FATT Forward Area Tactical Teletype FAV Fast Attack Vehicle FAW Fighter, All‐Weather FAW First Aid at Work FAW Found At Work FAWEU Force Answerable to the Western European Union FAWPSS Forward Area Water Point Supply System FAWS Future Artillery Weapons Systems IPT FAX Facsimile FB Fighter Bomber FB Fine Business FB Full Board FBEAG Franco‐British European Air Group FBG Future Business Group FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Federation of British Industry FBI Forms B Index FBL Fleet Ballistic Missile FBL Fly‐By‐Light FBNW For But Not With FBRV Future Beach Recovery Vehicle FBS Fly‐By‐Speech FBSI Framework for Battlespace Systems Investment FBW Fly‐By‐Wire FC Field Chief FC Fighter Control/Controller FC Fighter Controller

FC Fire Control FC Food Charge FC radar Fire Control radar FCA Fire Control Application FCA Functional Configuration Audit FCA Future Combat Aircraft FCAD Future Chemical Agent Detector FCAGT Full Cover Anti G Trousers FCB File Control Block FCBA Future Carrier Borne Aircraft FC‐BISA Fire Control BISA FCC Federal Communications Commission (US) FCC Fire Command Centre FCC Fire Control Centre FCC Fleet Casework Cell FCC Fleet Command Centre FCC Flight Control Computer FCC Flight Crew Checklist FCC Functional Cost Centre FCCT Field Communication Centre Terminal FCCVS Future Close‐Combat Vehicle System FCD Fleet Charge Document (RN classified book) FCD Future Capability Development FCDC Flexible Confined Detonating Cord FCDC Flight Control Data Recorder FCDG Fleet Clearance Diving Group FCE Fire Control Equipment FCEA Flight Control Electrical Assembly FCEU Fire Control Electronics Unit FCI Federated Corporate Infrastructure (interconnection of intranets) FCI Future Corporate Infrastructure FCIG Fleet Capability Integration Group FCIP Final CIP FCIS Fleet Continuous Improvement System FCISSU Fleet Communications Information Systems Support Unit FCLV Future Command and Liaison Vehicle FCMC Fire Control and Monitoring Computer FCN Future Core Network FCNP Fire Control Navigation Panel FCO Fire Control Officer FCO Fleet Communications Office FCO Forces Courier Office FCO Foreign & Commonwealth Office FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCOC Future Character of Conflict FCP Forward Control Post FCPEM Fire Control Processor Electronics Module FCPO Forward Control Petty Officer FCR Financial Coherence Review FCR Financial Control reference FCR Future Combat Radio FCRWT Fleet Close Range Weapon Team FCS Field‐expedient Mine‐clearing System

FCS Financial Costing System FCS Finite Capacity Scheduling FCS Fire Control System FCS Flight Control System FCSS Fire Control Sight System FCT Foreign Comparative Test programme FCT Functional Customer Team FCTS Flight Controller Training System FCU Fuel Consumption Unit FCZ Forward Combat Zone fd Field FD Finance Director FD Fleet Data FD Foundation Degree FD Framework Document FD Fraud Defence FD Full Development Fd Amb Field Ambulance FD/LS Fault Detection and Location System FDA Forecast Date of Arrival FDA Full Danger Area FDAS Flight Data Acquisition System FDAU Flight Data Acquisition Unit FDC Fire Direction Centre FDC Fire Distribution Centre FDCS Flight Departure and Control System FDCV Fire Direction Centre Vehicle FDD Firing Device Delay FDD Floppy Disk Drive FDD Forecast of Delivery Dates FDD Forward Divisional Dump FDDCE Force Development Data Collection Effort FDDI Fibber Distributed Data Interchange FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface FDDI Floppy Disk Drive Interface FDDS Flag Data Display Systems FDEP Flight Data Entry Panel FDFW Fixed Directional Fragmentation Weapon FDG Fleet Diving Group FDH Fully De‐Humidified FDI Fleet Date Inspection FDI Full Development / Final Design & Initial Production FDI Full Developmental Item FDIP Forward Development and Implementation Plan FDIS Federation of Defence Information Services FDIU Flight Data Interface Unit FDL Fast Deployment Logistic FDM Facility Design Manager FDM Fleet Data Management FDM Frequency Division Multiplex FDMA Fleet Date Material Assessment FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access FDO Flight Deck Officer

FDO(DML) Facility Design Office (Devonport Management Limited) FDP Facility Development Plan FDPP Full Development Pre‐Production FDRS Flight Data Recorder System FDS Fixed Distributed System FDS Flight Deployable Simulator FDS Flight Director System FDS Functionally Distributed Simulation FDSCi Future Defence Supply Chain initiative FDT Field Deployable Trainer FDT Fleet Diving Tender FDT Force Development and Training FDTC Force Development Training Centre FDTE Full Development, Test and Evaluation FDTU Flight Deck Training Unit FDU Flight Data Unit FDX Full‐duplex FE Force Element FE Force Elements/ Fighting Equipment FE Further Education FE Future Escort (Type 22/23 replacement) FE Future Escort or Finite Element FE@R Force Elements at Readiness FE@S Force Elements at Sustainability FEA Finite Element Analysis FEAF Far East Air Force FEANI Federation Europienne d’Associations Nationales d’Ingenieurs FEAS Fleet Engineering Admin System FEAS Fleet Engineering Administration System FEAS Fleet Engineering Administrative System. FEB Fleet Executive Board FEBA Forward Edge of Battle Area FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area FEBS Fuze Electronic Boost Separator FEC Forward Error Correction FED Fleet Efficiency Database FEDA Further Education Development Agency (now replaced by the Learning and Skills Development Agency) FEDC Fleet Engineering Data Centre FEDLOG FEDeral LOGistics (holds latest information on USA DOD’s item data records (IDR)) FED‐STD Federal Standard FEFA Future European Fighter Aircraft FEFC Further Education Funding Council (now replaced by the Learning and Skills Council) FEFCW Further Education Funding Council for Wales FEI Federation of Electrical Industries FEI The Federation of the Electronics Industry FEL Fibre Elastometric (rotor head) FEL Free Electron Laser FEL Free‐Electron Laser FELT Free Electron Laser Technology FEM Force Effectiveness Measure FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMIS Field Force Equipment Management Information System

FEMS Fleet Exercise Minelaying System FENG Fellow of Engineering FEO Fleet Explosives Officer FEOs Fleet Engineering Orders FEP Fleet Efficiency Plan FEP Front End Processor FEP Full Economic Price FEPOW Far East Prisoners of War FER Flexible Early Retirement FERB Failure Evaluation Review Board FERRITES FERRImagnetic maTErialS FES Fleet Engineering Service FES Fleet Engineering Staff FES Force Entry Switch FET Field Effect Transistor FET Fixed Electrical Target FET Fleet Equipment Trials FET Force Element Table FET Future Engineering Tasks FETI Fleet Engineering Technical Instructions FEW Fighter Escort Wing FEWS Follow‐on Early Warning System FEWSG Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group FF Fire Fighting FF First Fitting FF/DD Frigate and or Destroyer FF20 Future Force  2020  FFA Field Firing Area FFA Free Fire Area FFAR Folding Fin Aerial Rocket FFAR Folding Fin Aircraft Rocket FFAR Folding‐Fin Aircraft Rocket FFAR Forward‐Firing Aircraft Rocket FFAR Free Flight Aircraft Rocket FFAR Free‐Flight Aircraft Rocket FFB Filter‐Fan‐Battery FFC Full Function Crew station FFCS Free‐Fall Control Systems FFD First Fit Defect FFE Fire For Effect FFE Free From Explosives FFF Form, Fit and Function FFG Guided Missile Frigate FFISTS Fast Frigate Integrated Shipboard Tactical System FFLAV Future Family of Light Armoured Vehicles FFMR Far Field Magnetic Range FFO Furnace Fuel Oil FFOR Future Phase One Rocket FFOS Forward Flying Observation System FFP Future Frigate Project FFPB Free‐Fall Practice Bomb FFR Fitted For Radio FFR Forces Fixed Rates

FFR Free Flight Rocket FFSK Fast Frequency Shift Keying FFSP Full Function Signal Processor FFSS Future Fighting Soldier System FFT Fast Fourier Transform FFTA Towed Array Fitted FF FFTO Force Firearms Training Office FFZ Fire Free Zone FG Field Gun Fg Off Flying Officer FGA Fighter Ground Attack (aircraft) FGCP Flight Guidance Control Panel FGI Fuze/Guidance Interaction FGN Federal German Navy FGR Fighter, Ground Attack Reconnaissance FGS Federal German Ship FH Field Howitzer FH Flying Hour FH Frequency Hopping FHFS Foundation Health Federal Services FHQO Fleet HQ Output FHU Force Helicopter Unit FI Falkland Islands FI Fatigue Index FI Fault Investigation FI Frigate IPT FIA Federation Internationale De L’Auto‐mobile (Grand Prix) FIA Food and Incidentals Allowance FIAM Flight In Air Material FIBUA Fighting In a Built Up Area FIBUA Fighting In Built Up Areas FIBUA Fighting In built‐up Areas FICS Fully Integrated Communication System FID Force Instruction Document FIE Fly‐In Echelon FIEE Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineers FIF Fractual Image Format FIFO First‐In, First‐Out buffer FIFV Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle FIG Fighter Interceptor Group fig figure FII CWG Fixed Information Infrastructure Capability Working Group FILA Fighting Intruders at Low Altitude FILAD Future Inner Layer Air Defence FIMS Ferranti Integrated Mine Countermeasures System FIMS Forms Interface Management System FIMU Fleet Information Management Unit FINABS Financial Accounting and Business System FINCO Field Intelligence NCO FINEX End of period of ASW Action (in CASEX) FINO Fleet Inspector Naval Ordnance FIO Field Intelligence Officer FIO For Information Only

FIONA FLIR imagery data fusion study FIPC Force Identification and Preparation Centre FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard FIR Far Infra‐Red FIR Flight Information Region FIR Functional Item Replacement FIRAMS Flight Incident Recorder and Aircraft Monitoring System FIRMU Flight Incident Recorder Memory Unit FIRST Federation of Incident Response Teams or Future Infra‐Red Suppression Technology FIRST Fleet Integrated and Rationalised Study Team FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron FIS Financial Information System FIS3 Ferranti Integrated Submarine Sonar Suite FISCS Ferranti Integrated Submarine Combat Suite FIST Facility for Infantry Situation Training FIST Fire Support Team FIST Fused Interface SimulaTor (displays) FIST Future, Infantry, Soldier, Technology FISTDMD Fire Support Team Digital Message Device FISTV Fire Support Team Vehicle FITOW Further Improved TOW FITOW Further Improved Tube launched Optical tracked Wire guided FITS Falkland Islands Trunk System FITS Framework of IT Security Fitt Fitter FIVEATAF Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force FJ Fast Jet FJP Forward Job Plan FKCU Frequency and Key Copy Unit FKMS Frequency and Key Management System FKMU Frequency and Key Management Unit FL Flexible FL Funded Level FLA Future Large Aircraft FLAB Flag Lieutenant to the Admiralty Board FLAG Flemish Aerospace Group FLAG Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided (missile) FLAG PCS Flag Port Control Station FLAGE Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment FLAGOs Fleet Administrative & General Orders FLAIR Field Low Altitude Intermediate‐range Radar FLASH Firebee Low‐Altitude Ship‐to‐Ship Homing Missile FLASH Folding Light Acoustic System for Helicopters FLAV Family of Light Armoured Vehicles FLB Future Light Bridge FLC Front Line Command (i.e. Fleet, Land and STC) FLCD Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays FLCH Flechette FLEET EW Fleet Electronic Warfare FLEETMIS Fleet Management Information System FLET Forward Line of Enemy Troops FLET Forward Location Enemy Troops FLF Front Line First Defence Costs Study

FLIR Forward Looking Infra‐Red FLIR Forward‐Looking Infra Red FLIS Future Logistics Information System FLIS(DP) Future Logistics Information System Development Programme FLM First Line Manager FLM FLeet Management FLO Force Logistics Officer FLOBS Flight Observer (Helicopter Tactical Officer) FLOC Fleet Operational Capability FLOC Future Land Operating Concept FLOO Fleet Operational Orders FLOOs Fleet Legal Operating Orders FLOOs Fleet Operating Orders FLOPS Floating Point Operations Per Second FLOPSY Fleet Operational Programming System FLOPSY Fleet Operations Programming System FLOS First Line Operating Service FLOS First Line Operating System FLOs Floor Liaison Officers FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops FLOT Forward Location Own Troops FLOTCOM Flotilla Command FLPT Fork Lift Pallet Trailer FLR Financial Liability Record FLS Force Level Simulation FLS Forward Line of Sight FLS Forward Logistic Site FLT Flight FLT Fork Lift Truck FLTBDCST Fleet Broadcast (US Navy) FltCdr Flight Commander FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications Fly  1  Parking position for the helicopter partly into the hanger Flyco Flying Control FLYEX Flying Exercise FLYRT FLYing Radar Target FM Facilities Management FM Facilities Manager FM Field Marshal FM Financial Memorandum FM Flight Model FM Frequency Modulation FM3TR Future Multiband Multimode Modular Tactical Radio FMA Flight Mode Annunciation FMA Forward Maintenance Area FMA Foundation Modern Apprenticeship FMB Fleet Maintenance Base FMB Full Medical Board FMB No Fleet Maintenance Base Number FMBT Future Main Battle Tank FMC Flexible Manufacturing Cell FMC Flight Management Computer FMC Fully Mission Capable

FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCS Factory Management Control System FMCS Flight Management Computer System FMCW Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave FMD Force Master Driver FMDS Floating Mine Disposal System FMDS Future Mine Detection System FMDS Future Mine Disposal Systems FMEA Failure Model & Effect Analysis FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMEA‐MI Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ‐ Maintainability Information FMECA Failure Modes Effect & Criticality Analysis FMECA Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis FMED Forward Medical Equipment Depot FMF Fleet Marine Force FMF Flight Management Functions FMG Failure Message Generator FMG Fleet Management Group FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer FMH Future Medium Helicopter IPT FMI Financial Management Initiative FMICW Frequency Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave FMIS Financial and Management Information Systems FMIS Food Management Information System FMIW Fast Moving Item Warehouse FMJ Full Metal Jacket FMLN Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front FMM Ferry Mission Mass FMM Frequency Management Module FMM Functional Machinery Manager FMO Fleet Mail Office FMOP Frequency Modulation On Pulse FMP Fleet Management Plan FMPD Financial Management Policy and Accounting FMPMS Future Man Portable Missile System FMR Field Miniature Range FMR Forward Maintenance Review FMRAAM Future Medium Range Air to Air Missile FMRAAM Future Medium Range Air‐to‐Air Missile FMRO Fleet Maintenance & Repair Organisation FMS Ferranti Modular Sonar FMS Field‐Maintenance Squadron FMS Financial Management Systems FMS Fire Marking System FMS Flexible Manufacturing System FMS Flight Management System FMS Foreign Military Sales FMS Full Mission Simulator FMSAM Future Medium range Surface‐to‐Air Missile FMSAM Future Medium Surface to Air Missile FMSC Frequency Management Sub‐Committee FMSSC Financial Management Shared Service Centre FMST Finance and Management Strategy Training

FMTV Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles FMU Feeder Matching Unit FMU Fleet Maintenance Unit FMV Full Motion Video FMW Fast Moving (Item) Warehouse FMW Type of small electrical truck held by FMG FNF Flash Non‐Fragmentation FNLS Flow Noise Limiting Speed FNOIO Fleet Naval Ordnance Inspection Officer FNU Foreign Nation User FNWC Future Naval Workstation Concept FO Facility Operator FO Fibre Optic FO Flag Officer FO Follow‐On FO Foreign Office FO Forward Observer FOA Forecast Of Arisings FOA Future Offensive Aircraft FOAC Flag Officer, Aircraft carrier FOAEW Follow On Airborne Early Warning FOAEW Future Organic Airborne Early Warning FOAM Forecast Ocean Atmosphere Model FOAM Forecast Ocean Atmospheric Model FOAS Fleet Operational Analysis Staff FOAS Future Offensive Air System FOAS Future Offensive Aircraft System FOB Fibre Optic Bridge FOB Flying Order Book FOB Forecast of Business FOB Forward Operational Base FOC Fibre Optic Communications FOC First of Class FOC Free of Charge FOC Full Operating Capability FOC Full Operating Capacity FOC Full Operational Capability FOC Fundamentals Of Computing FOCA Fibre Optic Cable Assembly FOCAS Fibre Optical Communications for Aerospace Systems FOCAS Flag Officer Carrier or Amphibious Ships FOCAS Flag Officer, Carriers and Amphibious Ships FOCOS Foam Overhead Cover Support System FOCSLE Fleet Operational Command System Life Extension FOCSLE Fleet Operational Command System Lifetime Extension FOD Foreign Object Damage FOD PLOD Search of upper deck for FOD FODL Fibre‐Optic Data Link FODMIS Fundamentals of Design and Management of Information Systems FODT Fibre Optics Data Transmission FODU Fibre Optic Distribution Unit FOE Forecast of Events FoE Friends Of The Earth

FOE Future Operating Environments FOERK Fibre Optic Emergency Repair Kit FOF Flag Officer Flotilla FOF1 Flag Officer 1st Flotilla FOFA Follow On Force Attack FofF Field of Fire FofS Foreman of Signals FOG Fibre Optic Gyro FOG‐G Fibre‐Optics Guidance FOG‐M Fibre‐Optic Guided Missile FOHMD Fibre‐Optic Helmet‐Mounted Display FOI Follow‐On Interceptor FOI Freedom of Information FOIPG Freedom of Information Practitioners Group (formerly FOISG) FOIRL Fibre Optic Inter‐Repeater Link FOL Fly‐Off Lever FOLD Fibre Optic Line Driver FOLD Forward Observer Laser Designator FOLPEN Foliage Penetration FOM Figure of Merit FOM Figure of Merit (for passive ASW) FOM Finance Operating Model FOMA Flag Officer Maritime Aviation FOMO Fleet Operations Maintenance Officer FOMP Fibre Optic Mortar Projectile FONA Flag Officer Naval Air FONA Flag Officer Naval Aviation FONAC Flag Officer Naval Air Command FONAC Flag Officer, Naval Air Command FONSI Finding Of No Significant Impact FOO Forecast of Outturn FOO Forward Observation Officer FOODMIS FOOD Supply Management Information System FOOM Forecast of Outrun FOP Flag Officer Plymouth FOP Fleet Operation Programme FOPD Forward Out Patient Department FOPS Falling Object Protective Structure FOPV Future Offshore Patrol Vessel FOQ Fixed Order Quantity (MRPII) FOR Forecast of Requirement FORACS Fleet Operational Readiness Accuracy and Check System FORM Formation Operational Readiness Mechanism (formerly FRC) FORSCOM Forces Command FORTIS Forward Observation and Reconnaissance Thermal Imaging System FORTRAN Formula Translating System FORWARD Feedback Of Repair, Workshop And Reliability Data FoS Family of Systems FOS Fleet Operations Schedule FOS Flotilla Operating Schedule FOSCI Fibre Optic Secure Communications Infrastructure FOSCLE Fleet Operational Command System FOSF Flag Officer Surface Flotilla

FOSF(SERO) Flag Officer Service Flotilla (Ships Employment Records Officer) FOSIC Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Centre (US Navy) FOSITO Fleet Operational Support Information Technology Officer FOSM Flag Officer Submarines FOSNNI Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland FOSP Fleet Oceanic Surveillance Product FOSSN Follow‐On Nuclear Submarine FOST Flag Officer Sea Training FOT Forward Ordnance Team FOTI Fleet Operating & Tactical Instructions FOTL Follow‐On To Lance FOTMD Fibre Optic Tube Mounted Dispenser FOTR Flag Officer Training & Recruiting FOTR Flag Officer Training and Recruiting FOTR Flag Officer Training and Reserves FOTS‐LH Fibre Optic Transmission System ‐ Long Haul FOU Forward Observation Unit fouo For Official Use Only FOURATAF Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force FOV Field Of View FOW Family Of Weapons FP Final Price FP Footpath FP Force Programming FP Frame Pointer FP Frangible Projectile FPA Fire Point Assembly FPA Focal Plane Array FPA Focal‐Plane Array FPAA Field Programmable Analogue Array FPAS Focal‐Plane Array Seeker FPB Fast Patrol Boat FPC Fast Patrol Craft FPC Firm or Fixed Price Catalogue system FPC Formal Police Caution FPCS Fixed Profit Car Scheme FPDA Five Power Defence Agreement FPDA Five Power Defence Arrangements FPDA Five Powers Defence Alliance FPDB Final Publication Database FPDL Flashlamp Pumped Dye Laser FPE Force Protection Engineering FPF Final Protective Fire FPFHQ Force Protection Force Headquarters FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array FPGO Fleet Publications and Graphics Organisation FPH Frimley Park Hospital FPI Fleet Performance Indicator FP‐IMS Fixed Point Ion Mobility Spectrometer chemical detector FPIWA First‐Pass In‐Weather Attack FPLA Field Programmable Logic Array FPM Fastest Possible Means FPMG Finance, Planning & Management Group

FPMG Finance, Planning and Management Group FPMG Financial Planning and Management Group FPMG Financial Planning Management Group FPMG Fuel Pump Monitoring Unit FPO Field/Forces Post Office FPO Firing Point Officer FPO Firm Planned Order (MRPII) FPP Fleet Planning and Programming FPP Forward Purchase Programme FPR Federal Procurement Regulation FPS Fast Packet Switch FPS Fisheries Protection Squadron FPSO Firing Point Safety Officer FPTT Fuel Part Task Trainer FPU Floating Point Unit FPV Fishery Protection Vessel FPV Fleet Practice Variant FPWG Frequency Planner Working Group FQIS Fuel Quantity Indication System FQR Formal Qualification Review FQT Formal Qualification Testing FR Fighter Reconnaissance FR Final Review FR France FR Future Requirement FRA Fleet Readiness Assessment FRA Flight Refuelling Aviation FRAB Financial Reporting Advisory Board FRACAS Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action FRAG Fragmentation FRAM Fire Risk Assessment Methodology FRAM Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernisation programme (US Navy) FRAS Free‐Rocket Anti‐Submarine FRASM FRagmenting Airburst SubMunition FRC Fibre Reinforced Composite FRC Flare Remote Control FRC Force Readiness Cycle (superseded by FORM) FRC Frigate Refit Centre FRC Future Rotorcraft Capability IPT FRCs Flight Reference Cards FRCWR FOST Return Call Walk Round FRE Fleet Ready Escort FRECIs Fleet Recreational Instructions freq Frequency FREQ Frequency (radio) FREQSEP Frequency Separation FRES Future Rapid Effect System FRES Future Rapid Effect Systems FRG Federal Republic of Germany FRG Fleet Readiness Group FRG Forward Repair Group FRI Financial Retention Incentive FRI Fully Repairing and Insuring

FRITMA Feasible Region Target Motion Analysis FRL Functional Requirements List FRL Funded Regeneration Limit FRML Fibre Reinforced Metal Laminates FRMO Fleet Royal Marine Officer FRMS Fatigue Risk Management Strategy FRO Flexible Replenishment Objective FROG Free Rocket Over Ground Front Door Ffirst point of contact FRP Fibre Reinforced Plastic FRP Full Resettlement Programme FRPA Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna FRPL Fibre Reinforced Plastics Laminates FRPP Fire & Repair Party Post FRR Firing Readiness Review FRR Full Regenerated Requirement FRS Fighter, Reconnaissance, Strike FRS Fleet Readiness Squadron FRS Fleet Repair Ship FRS Functional Requirement Specification FRSA Force Rear Support Area FRT Forward Repair Team FRUD Front for Restoration of Unity and Democracy FRUSA Flexible Rolled‐Up Solar Array FRV Final Rendezvous FRX Communications Exercise using Flashing Light FS Feasibility Study FS Field Standard FS Fighter Squadron FS Financial Scrutiny FS Finishing Schedule FS Fin‐Stabilised FS Firing Section for missile system FS Flight Safety FS Flight Sergeant FS Forward Support FS French Ship FS Functional Standard FS Fuselage Station FS3 Future Strategic Strategy Study FSA Field Support office FSA Financial Systems Administrator FSA Finite State Automata FSA Future Security Architecture FSA Future Surface‐to‐Air FSA/CAS Fuel Savings Advisory and Cockpit Avionics System FSAA Flight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft FSAC Full Stern Arc Clearance FSAF Future Surface to Air Family (Missile System FSAF Future Surface‐to‐Air Family of weapon systems FSAG Fleet Staff Authors Group FSAGA First Sortie After Ground Alert FSAR Failure Summary and Analysis Report

FSAS Fuel Savings Advisory Systems FSAS Future Surface to Air systems FsAST Flight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers FSAT Full Scale Aerial Target FSB Forward Support Battalion FSB Functional System Blocks FSB The Federation of Small Businesses FSB1(M) Rapier Field Standard B1 (Modified) FSB2 Rapier Field Standard B2 FSC Facility Safety Case FSC Field Standard C (Rapier) FSC Final Sentencing Conference FSC Forest Stewardship Council FSC Fuel Savings Computer FSC Future Surface Combatant FSC Rapier Field Standard C FSCC Farnborough SuperComputing Centre FSCC Fire Support Coordinating Centre FSCC Fire Support Coordination Centre FSCL Fire Support Coordinating Line FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line FSCM Fire support Co‐Ordination Measure FSCS Flight Safety Critical Spares FSCV Fire Support Combat Vehicle FSD Full Scale Deflection FSD Full Scale Development FSD Full‐Scale Development FSDS Fin‐Stabilised Discarding Sabot FSE Factory Support Environment FSE Fire Support Element FSE Fleet Support Executive FSED Full‐Scale Engineering Development FSEs Field Service Engineers FSF Force Support Framework FSG Field Support Group FSG Fire Support Group FSG Forward Support Group FSI Friendly Service Identifiers FSI Fully Serviced Infrastructure FSIC Forward Sensor Interface and Control module FSII Fuel System Icing Inhibitor FSK Frequency Shift Keying FSL Field Storage Location FSM Firmware Support Manual FSM Frigate Stores Manager. FSM Future Sensor Mix FSMP Fire Safety Management Plan FSMTC Full‐Size Moving Tank Target Carrier FSN Federal Stock Number FSO Fire Service Officer FSO Fire Support Officer FSO Flight Safety Officer FSO Full Ship Outfit

FSP Flight Safety Part FSP Fragment Simulator Projectile FSP Full Service Provision FSPP Flight Safety Parts Program FSR Feasibility Study Report FSR Field Service Representative FSR Flood Search Routine FSR Flying Selection Squadron (Royal Air Force) FSR Force Sensitive Resistance FSR Further Special Refit FSRCC Flight Systems Research Consultative Committee FSRCU Fleet Signature Reduction Control Unit FSRP Financial Services Restructuring Project FSRS Frequency Selective Receiver System FSRT Fleet Standby Rifle Troop FSS Field Support Subsystem (UAV) FSS Financial Stringency Statement FSS Fire Sensing and Suppression system FSS Fire Support Section FSS Forward Support Ship FSS Frequency Selective Surface FST Field Service Team FST Field Surgical Team FST Future Soviet Tank / Follow‐on Soviet Tank FSTA Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft FSTV Fast Scan Television FSU Fleet Support Unit FSU Former Soviet Union FSU Former Soviet Union (USSR) FSU Freight Status Update FSU Frigate Support Unit. FSUB Future Submarine IPT FSUP Flight Simulator Update Program FSV Fire Support Vehicle FSW Forward Swept Wing FSW Forward‐Swept Wing FSW Future Skills Wales ft Feet FT Fitness Training FT Fleet Tender (boat) FT Fleet Time FT Follow Through ft foot/feet FT Future Tank ft lbf foot pound force ft/s feet per second FTA Fault Tree Analysis FTA Field Training Area FTA Fixed Term Appointee FTA Frangible Training Ammunition FTA Future Tanker Aircraft FTA Future Transport Aircraft FTAAS Fast Time Acoustic Analysis System

FTAB Flank Towed Array Broadband FTAM File Transfer Access Method FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management FTC Finance Training Committee FTC Force Track Coordinator FTC Force Troops Command FTCA Future Tactical Combat Aircraft FTD First Training Device FTD Flight Training Device FTD Foreign Technology Division FTDWG Fleet Tactical Development Working Group FTG False Target Generator FTI Fixed Target Imagery FTIR Fourier Transform InfraRed FTLO False Target Lock‐On FTM Fleet Technical Memoranda FTM Future Tactical Modem FTMA Future Tank Main Armament FTMIS Flying Training Management Information System FTMs Fleet Temporary Memorandums FTOS Future Training Organisation Study FTP File Transfer Protocol FTP Fly‐To Point FTP Fusion Track Processor FTR False Target Rejection Ftr Fighter FTR Fit To Receive FTRS FC Full Time Reserve Service Full Commitment FTRS HC Full Time Reserve Service Home Commitment FTRS LC Full Time Reserve Service Limited Commitment FTS Factory‐based Test Stand FTS Fixed Telecommunications System FTS Flexible Turret System FTS Flight Test Schedule FTS Flying Training School FTS Future Tank Study FTSP Fleet Time Support Period FTSS Ferranti ‐ Thomson Sonar Systems FTT Fleet Tactical Trial FTTA Future Transport and Tanker Aircraft FTU Field Transfusion Unit FTV Fleet Training Variant (Spearfish Torpedo) FTV Functional Fast Vehicle FTX Field Training Exercise FTX Field Training Exercises FTX Formation Training Exercise FU Firing Unit FUA Flexible Use of Airspace FUD Fear Uncertainty Doubt factor FUD Force Unit Designator FUE Full Unit Equipped FULT Formation/ Unit (Aircraft) Loading Table FUM Fuels and Utilities Management

FUMS Fatigue Usage and Monitoring Systems FUO Future Unmanned Operations FUP Forming Up Point FUP Forming‐Up Place Fus Fusilier FUSR Functional User System Review FUV Far Ultra‐Violet FV Field Vehicle FV Fighting Vehicle FV Fishing Vessel FV/GCE Fighting Vehicle Gun Control Equipment FVD Forward Vehicle Depot FVRDE Fighting Vehicles Research and Development Establishment FVS Fighting Vehicle System FVS Flexible Voice Services FVSC Fighting Vehicle Systems Carrier FW Fixed Wing FWA Fleet Weapon Acceptance FWAM Full Width Attack Mine FWAMG Fixed Wing Airworthiness Management Group FWCMS Fleet Wide Combat Management System fwd Forward FWD Four‐Wheel Drive FWDEG Fleet Warfare Development Executive Group FWE Foreign Weapons Evaluation FWE Foreign Weapons Evaluations FWETE Foreign Weapons Equipment Technology Evaluation FWF Fixed Wavelength Filter FWH Flexible Working Hours FWI Final Weapon Inspection FWMIGM Four Wave Mixing in Inverted Gain Media FWMP Full Width Mine Plough FWO Fleet Waterfront Organisation FWOC Fleet Weather & Oceanographic Centre FWOC Fleet Weather and Oceanographic Centre FWOC Fleet Weather Oceanographic/Operations Centre FWOC Forward Wing Operations Centre FWOC (R) Fleet Weather & Oceanographic Computer (Replacement) FWRVF Future Wheeled Recovery Vehicle Fleet FWS Fighter Weapons School FWS Fleet Wide Systems FWT Fleetwork Trainer FWTB Fleet Warfare and Training Board FXA Fleet Exercise Area FXA Fleet Exercise Variant (Spearfish Torpedo) FXBM Full eXtended Basic Mode FXP Fleet Exercise Programme FXR FiXed Reserve FY Fiscal Year FYDP Five‐Year Defence Programme FYI For Your Information g Acceleration due to Gravity G Gendarmerie

G Giga  109  g gram(s) G Gravity G&C Guidance and Control G&Z Grouping and Zeroing G.703 ITU Digital Interface Standard G/M Gun / Missile selector G/VLLD Ground / Vehicular Laser Locator Designator GA General Alert GA Government Accounting GA Graduate Apprenticeship GA Ground Attack GA Gun Assembly GA Tabun (chemical warfare agent) GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in the UK GaAs Gallium Arsenide GACC Ground Attack Control Capability GAE General Administrative Expenditure GAF German Air Force (Luftwaffe) GAGE GPS at GEO Experiment GAI General Administrative Instruction GAI General and Administrative Instruction gals gallons Gambit General Anti‐Material Bomblet with Improved Terminal Effects GAN Global Area Network GANDALF General Algorithm for Numerical Determination of Aerofoil Life & Failure GAO General Accounting Office (US) GAP Glycidyl Azide Polymer GAP Gun Aiming Point GAPA Ground‐to‐Air Pilotless Aircraft gar Garrison GAR Generic Air‐borne Radar GAR German Air Force GAR Government Accounting Rate GAR Grand Army of the Republic GAR/I Ground Acquisition Receiver / Interrogator GARDIAN General Area Defence Integrated Anti‐missile laser GARP Generic Aircraft Release Procedure GARTEUR Group for Aeronautical Research & Technology in Europe GAS General Air Situation GAS Government Accountancy Service GASC Ground Air Support Command Gash RN term for rubbish GASM Generic Airborne SIGINT Model GASMA Germany ASMA GASO Group Air Staff Order GASS General Air and Surface Situation GAT General Aviation Traffic GATS/GAM GPS‐Aided Targeting System/GPS‐aided Munitions GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades GAU Gun Aircraft Unit GAV Global Assets Visibility

Gb Gigabyte GB Great Britain GB Sarin (chemical warfare agent) GBAD Ground Based Air Defence GBAD‐BriC Ground Based Air Defence Bridging Capability BISA GBCS‐H Ground‐Based Common Sensor for Heavy divisions GBCS‐L Ground‐Based Common Sensor, Light GBFEL Ground‐Based Free Electron Laser GBHE Ground‐Based Hyper‐velocity Experiment GBHRG Ground‐Based Hyper‐velocity Rail Gun GBI Ground‐Based Interceptor GBL Ground‐Based Laser GBMD Global Ballistic Missile Defence GBR Ground Based Radar GBR Ground‐Based Radar GBRT Ground‐Based Radar Terminal GBS Global Broadcast System GBS Ground‐Based Sensor GBTG Ground Based Target Generator GBU Glide Bomb Unit GBV Gross Book Value GC General Conditions GC Government Contract GC Gun Controller GCA Ground Controlled Approach GCB Gun Control Box GCC Gulf Co‐operation Council GCCS Global Command and Control System GCCS US Global Command and Control System GCDU Gunner Control and Display Unit GCE General Certificate of Education GCE General Consulting and Engineering GCE Gun Control Equipment GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters GCI Ground Controlled Interception GCM General Court Martial GCM General court‐martial GCR Ground Clutter Reduction GCS Global Communications Services GCS Ground Control Station GCS Guidance and Control Section GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSS Generic Command Support System GCT Government Competitive Test GCU Generator Control Unit GCU Ground Control Unit (UAV) GCW Gross Combination Weight GD General Defence GD General Duties GD Graphic Display GD Ground Defence gd Guard GD Gun Director

GD Soman (chemical warfare agent) GD(UK) General Dynamics (United Kingdom) GDA Ground Defence Area GDAP Government Document Application Profile GDC General Dental Council GDDP General Dynamic Datagram Protocol GDE Graphic Differential Engine GDI NSSS Internal Guidance Document GDIP General Defence Intelligence Programme office GDL Gas Dynamic Laser GDMS Geographic Data Management System GDN Government Data Network GDO Gun Direction Officer GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision GDP General Defence Plan GDP General Deployment Plan GDP Gross Domestic Product GDP Gun Direction Platform GDPD Gross Domestic Product Deflator GDRC Ground Defence Reporting Cell GDS General Data Sheet GDS General Dental Service GDS Gun Display System Gdsm Guardsman GDSS Group Decision Support System GDT Ground Data Terminal GDU Gash Disposal Unit GDU Graphics Display Unit GDU Gun Display Unit GE Germany Ge X Dispensable ECM Package GEADGE German Air Defence Ground Environment GEANS Gimballed Electrostatic Airborne inertial Navigation System GEC General Electric Company GED Graphics Entry Device GEDU Gun Elevation Displacement Unit GEE Ground Exploration System GEG Geographic Engineer Group GEM GPS Embedded Module GEM Graphics Environment Manager GEM Graphite Epoxy Motor GEM Ground Environment Mat GEMAG General Electric Mobile Air Defence Gun GEMS MOD Staff Suggestion Scheme GEMSS Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System GEN General Gen Generation GENASYS General Administration System GENSER General Service GENSER GENeral SERvice (Terminal/node) GENTEL General Intelligence GEN‐X Generic Expendable Geo Geographical

GEO Ground Earth Orbit GEODSS Ground‐based Electro‐optical Deep Space Surveillance System GEOINF Geospatial Information GEOINT Geospatial Intelligence GEOREF Geographical Reference System GES Ground Earth Station GESAMP Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Protection GETC Generic Education Training Centre GETS Generic ESM Test Set GEV Ground Effect Vehicle GF General Finance GFA Government Furnished Assets GFA Gun Fire Area GFAE Government‐Furnished Avionics Equipment GFCC Gunner’s Fire Control Console GFCS Gun Fire Control System GFD Geophysical Fluid Dynamics GFD Government Furnished Data GFE Government Funded Equipment GFE Government furnished equipment GFE Government‐Furnished Equipment GFF Global Forecast Factor GFF Government Furnished Facilities GFI Government Funded Information GFI Government Furnished Information GFIL Government Furnished Information List GFM Government Furnished Materiel GFMS Ground Fuels Management System GFO Group Finance Officer GFP Government Furnished People GFRP Glass Fibre‐Reinforced Plastic GFS Government Furnished Services GFS Government Furnished Supplies GFX Collectively GFE, GFF, GFI & GFS GGP GPS Guidance Package GGS Gyro Gun Sight GGT Gerber Garment Technology GH Gun/Howitzer GHBAU Government Historic Buildings Advice Unit GHOST Generic HOST GHQ General Headquarters GHS co‐pilot/Gunner Helmet Sight GHS Get Home Safe GHSE Ground Handling and Servicing Equipment GHSPC General Health and Safety Policy Committee GHTM Ground Handling Training Missiles GHz Giga Hertz (One Thousand MHz) Ghz Gigahertz GI Generic Interface GI Government Issue GI Ground Idle GI Guidance Information GI Gunnery Instructor (Royal Navy)

GIAM Government Internal Audit Manual GIBMED Gibraltar Mediterranean Command GIBS Group Incentive Bonus Scheme GIE Government Issued Equipment GIF Graphics Interchange Format GIF Guidance Integrated Fuzing GIFT General Intelligence Fusion Terminal GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out GII Global Information Infrastructure GIM Ground Influence Mine GIS Geographic Information System GIS Geographical Information System GIS Government Information Service GISS Goddard Institute for Space Studies GIST General Intelligence Ship Terminal GITS GM Hughes Electronics Integrated TOW Sight GIU Guidance Integration Unit GIUK Greenland‐Iceland‐UK (gap) GIUK Greenland‐Iceland‐United Kingdom Gap GKM General Key Management GKS Graphic Kernel System GKS Graphics Kernel System GL General List GL General List Officer GLAADS Gun Low Altitude Air Defence System GLC Gun Lay Computer GLCM Ground Launched Cruise Missile GLGP Ground Launched Guided Projectile GLH‐H Ground‐Launched Hellfire‐Heavy GLLD Ground Laser Locator Designator GLO German Liaison Officer GLO Ground Liaison Officer GLO Group Logistic Officer GLOBAL RLC Stock Control System for 2nd Line Units GLOC G induced Loss Of Consciousness GLOC G‐induced Loss Of Consciousness GLSU Garrison Labour Support Unit GM General Maintenance GM Gilding Metal GM Ground Manoeuvre GM Guided Missile gm/m grams per minute GMC General Medical Council GMC Ground Movement Controller GMCS Gilding Metal Clad Steel GMD Guided Missile Destroyer GMD Guided Missile Destroyers GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMF Ground Mobile Forces GMFSC Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Communications GMGN Guided Missile Group Netherlands GMI Giant Magneto Impedance effect GMIRL GEC Marconi Infra Red Limited

GMLS Guided Missile Launch System GMOTS Gun Maintenance and Operational Training System GMP Good Manufacturing Practice GMR Giant Magneto Resistance or Ground Mapping Radar GMR Ground‐Mapping Radar GMRDS GEC‐Marconi Radar Defence Systems GMRT Ground‐Mapping Radar Training GMS General Medical Service GMS Grant Maintained School or Status GMS Ground Maintenance Equipment GMS Ground Maintenance Station GMS Gun Management System GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT Greenwich Meridian Time GMTI Ground Moving Target Indicator GMTI Ground Moving‐Target Indicator GMVLS Guided Missile Vertical Launching System GMWS Guided Missile Weapon System GNATS Graphic Navlink Aircraft Tracking System GNC General Navigation Computer GNC General Notice to Contractors GNC Guidance, Navigation and Control GNCS Guidance Navigation Control System GNP Gross National Product Gnr Gunner GNS General Naval Stores GNS Global Navigation System GNS Global Network Service GNS Gyrocompass Navigation System GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System GNVQ General National Vocational Qualification GO Government Office GO Gunnery Officer (Royal Navy) GOA Gazelle Observation Aid GOA Glossary of Abbreviations GOALS Government Out of Area Lines Service GOC General Officer Commanding GOC(NI) General Officer Commanding (Northern Ireland) GOCinC General Officer Commanding‐in‐Chief GOCNI General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland GOCO Government Owned Contractor Operated GODDESS Government Defence DEsign of Ships and Submarines GODIVA Global Operating Database Incorporating In‐Year Variance Analysis GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite GOLD General on‐line Diagnostic GOLIS Guided Onto Location in Space GONS Guns Orientation and Navigation System GOP Bi‐MNC Guidelines for Operational Planning GOP General Operations Plot GORU Gun Order Responder Unit GOS General Operator Station GOS Grade of Service

GOSCC Global Operations and Security Control Centre GOSIP Government Open System Interconnection Profile GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnect Profiles GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile GOSS Guns and Optical Sensor Systems GOT Guided onto Target GOTS Government Off The Shelf GOTS Government‐off‐the‐shelf GP General Purpose GP Governing Policy GP Guided Projectile GP Guiding Principle Gp Capt Group Captain GPA Government Procurement Agreement GPAGE General Purpose Aerospace Ground Equipment GPALS Global Protection Against Limited Strikes GPATE General Purpose Automated Test Equipment GPATE General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment GPATS General Purpose Automatic Test System GPAU General Purpose Acquisition Unit GPC General Purpose Container GPC Government Procurement Card GPCDU General Purpose Control and Display Unit GPDC General Purpose Digital Computer GPEOD General Purpose Electro‐Optical Director GPETE General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment GPF General Purpose Flechette GPF Ground Preparation Facility GPFU Gas‐Particulate Filter Unit GPGM Group Practice General Manager GPI Glide Path Indicator GPI Glide Path Indicator (for helicopter recovery) GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus (or Board) GPM Gallons per minute GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun GPMG(SF) General Purpose Machine Gun (Sustained Fire) GPNVG General Purpose Night Vision Goggles GPO Gun Position Officer GPP Gross Profit Percentage GPPNVG General Purpose Passive Night Vision Goggles GPS Global (satellite) Positioning System GPS Global Positioning System GPS Gunner’s Primary Sight GPSE General Patient Support Equipment GPSSU Global Positioning System Sensor Unit GPT GEC Plessey Telecommunications Ltd. GPTIRF General Purpose Thermal Imager Repair Facility GPTME General Purpose Test and Measurement Equipment GPTN General Purpose Telephone Network GPTRP General Purpose Tactical Recce Pod GPTTS Gunner’s Primary Tank Thermal Sight GPU Ground Power Unit GPU Gun Pod Unit

GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System GPWS Ground‐Proximity Warning System GQA Government Quality Assurance GR Gallery Range GR General Regulator gr grain(s) GR Greece GR Ground Attack Reconnaissance GRAEL General Research into Automatic Enhancement of Lofargrams GRDS Generic Radar Display System GRE Ground Radar Environment GRE Ground read‐out Equipment GRF Ground Radio Flt GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic GRP Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics GRSC Ground Radio Servicing Centre GRSF Ground Radio Servicing Flight (Royal Air Force) GRT Graduated Resettlement Time GRU Grid Reference Unit GRU Gurkha Reserve Unit GS General Staff GS General Stores GS General Support GS Glide Slope GS Ground Speed GSA General Security Arrangement GSA Gun sight, Surface‐to‐Air GSA 1/8 RN Gunnery Systems GSB General Staff Board GSC General Service Cargo Land Rover variant GSCDE Generic Strategic C2 Development Environment GSE Global Security Environment GSE Ground Support Equipment GSE Ground‐Support Equipment GSFC Goddard Space Flight Centre GSFG Group of Soviet Forces in Germany GSI Government Secure Internet GSI Guidance System Integration GSIS Global Support and Intelligence Solutions GSLJ General Service Life Jacket GSM General Service Medal GSM Global System for Mobile Communications GSM Granite State Manufacturing GSM Ground Station Module GSM Groupe Special Mobile ‐ Pan European digital cellular radio system developer GSP Guaranteed Sale Price GSR General Staff Requirement GSR Generic Sound Room GSR Ground Surveillance Radar GSRS General Support Rocket System GSS Generalised Simulation / Stimulation system GSS Ground Support System GSSA General Support Supply Activity

GSSS Gyro‐Stabilised Sighting System GSSWRM General & Specialist Stores War Reserve Memorandum GST General Staff Target GST Global Strategic Trends GSTS Ground‐Based Surveillance and Tracking System GSV General Support Vehicles IPT GT Gas Turbine GT Geared Turbine GT General Transport GT Gun Tank GT Gun to Target GTA Ground Test Accelerator GTA Group Training Association GTACS Ground Target Attack Control System GTC General Teaching Council GTCS Gun Test and Control System GTCU Gas Turbine Change Unit GTD Gun Turret Drive GTDAR GEC Thomson DASA Airborne Radars GTF Generic Training Facility GTFM Generalised Tamed Frequency Modulated GTI German Tank Improvement GTLD Gaseous Tritium Light Device GTLS Gaseous Tritium Light Source GTM Ground Targeting Mode GTN Government Telephone Network GTNC German Territorial Northern Command GTO Geostationary Transfer Orbit GTO Group Transport Office GTPA Graph Theoretic Processing Algorithm GTPE Gun Time Per Engagement GTRE Gas Turbine Research Establishment GTS Gas Turbine Starter GTTC Ground Tactical Training Centre GTV Glide Test Vehicle GTV Ground / Guidance Test Vehicle GUARD Air Safety Circuit GUARDED Enemy frequencies currently being exploited for combat information intelligence GUI Graphic User Interface GUI Graphical User Interface GUMI Graphical User Machine Interface GUMI Graphical User Mouse‐driven Interface GUNEX Gunnery Exercise GUNEX F Gun Functioning Exercise GUTM Generic Underwater Threat Manual GUV Group Unique Variable GV Giant Viper GVSC Generic VHSIC Space‐borne Computer GVTR Ground Video Tape Recorder GVW Gross Vehicle Weight GW Gross Weight GW Guided Weapon GW/L Guided Weapons and Electronics

GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network GWP Get Well Programme GWS Gatling Weapon System GWS Guided Weapon System GWS 25/26 Seawolf PDMS GWS  30  Seadart MR SAM system GWS  60  Harpoon SSM system GWSS Guided Weapons Systems Support GWST Gabriel Weapon System Trainer GZ Distance between Right Moment Forces GZ Ground Zero H Hydrogapher to the navy H Mustard (chemical warfare agent) H & SO Health & safety Officer H&S Health & Safety H&S Health and Safety H/L Mustard/Lewisite mix (a chemical warfare agent) H/TEU Hull and Turret Electronics Unit HA Heavy Artillery Ha Hectare(s) HA Hospitality Assured HAAL Head of Attache & Adviser Administration and Liaison HAARS High‐Altitude Airdrop Re‐supply System HAAS High Altitude Active / semi‐active Seeker HAB Heavy Assault Bridge HAC Honourable Artillery Company HAC House Appropriations Committee HAC Hover / Approach Coupler HACV Heavy Armament Combat Vehicle HADAS Helmet Air‐borne Display and Sight HADF High Accuracy Direction Finding HADR Hughes Air Defence Radar HADS Helicopter Air Data System HAFCS Howitzer Advanced Fire Control System HAHST High Altitude High‐Speed Target HAINS High Accuracy Inertial Navigation System HAIR High Altitude IR HAIS Hydro Acoustic Information System HAISS High Altitude IR Sensor System HAL Hard Array Logic HALE High Altitude / Long Endurance (UAV) HALO Hawk Aircraft Low Observable HALO High Agility Low Observable HALO High Altitude Low Observable HALO High Altitude, Low Opening (parachuting) HAMG Helicopter Airworthiness Management Group HAMPA Harrier Mission Planning Aid HAN Hydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate, a propellant HAP Helicopter Assault Primary HAP Hydroxyl Ammonium Perchlorate HAPS Helicopter Acoustic Processing System HAPTM Hazardous Area Personnel Test Meter HAR Helicopter, search and rescue

HARA Hazard And Risk Assessment HARD Helicopter and Airplane Radio / Radar Detection HARM High velocity Anti‐Radiation Missile HARM High‐speed Anti‐Radiation Missile HARP High Altitude Research Programme Harpoon System for securing Lynx helicopter to deck HARS Heading / Attitude Reference System HARU Heading and Attitude Reference Unit HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter HAS Heavy Armoured System IPT HAS Helicopter Assault Secondary HAS Helicopter, anti‐submarine HAS Hood, Aircrew Survival HAS Hover‐Augmentation System HAS Human Activity System HASAW Health and Safety at Work HASAWA Health And Safety At Work Act  1974  HASC House Armed Services Committee HAST Harrier Avionics System Trainer HAST High Altitude Supersonic Target HAT Harbour Acceptance Testing HAT Harbour Acceptance Trial HATIS Helmet Acquisition and Tracking Indication System HATS Harbour Acceptance Trials HATS HAWK Advanced Training Simulator HATS Helicopter Automatic Targeting System HATS High Activity Training Supplement HAV Hand‐Arm Vibration HAVS Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome HAW Heavy Anti‐tank Weapon HAWC Homing And Warning Computer HAWFCAR Helicopter Adverse Weather Fire Control Radar HAWK Homing All‐the‐Way Killer HAWK/HIP Hawk Improvement Program Hawk‐PIP Hawk Product Improvement Program HAZAN Hazard Analysis HAZCAT Hazard Category of Explosives HAZOP Hazard & Operability Study HAZOP HAZard Operational analysis HB Half Board HB Heavy Barrel HBAG Historic Buildings Advisory Group HBAR Heavy Barrelled Automatic Rifle HBD Historic Buildings Database Hbr Barometric Altitude HBR Historic Buildings Register HBRT Head of Base Replenishment Team HBS Hotel Booking Service HBT Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor HC Hard Core HC Helicopter, cargo HC Hexachloroethane‐zinc smoke mixture HC High Capacity

HC High‐speed Cmos HC Hollow Charge HC Hydrocarbon HCA Health Care Assistant HCC Hard Copy Cabinet HCCB Hardware Configuration Control Board HCD Hard Copy Device HCDC House of Commons Defence Committee HCDR High Capacity Data Radio HCE Hexachloroethane HCER High Capacity Extended Range HCF Honorary Chaplain to the Forces HCFC Hydro‐Chlorofluorocarbons HCHE High Capacity High‐Explosive HCI Human Computer Interaction HCI Human Computer Interface HCI Human‐Computer Interface HCMOS Heterojunction CMOS HCMU HUNT Class Minimum Upgrade HCN Hydrogen Cyanide HCO Hanger/Helicopter Control Office HCO Hybrid Clip‐On HCPE Hybrid Collective Protection Equipment HCS Helicopter Control Ship HCSC Higher Command & Staff Course HCT Heavy Crawler Tractor HCT Helicopter Control Trainer HCT High‐speed CMos with TTL inputs HCU Hard Copy Unit HCU Hoist Control Unit HD Hard Disc HD Hazard Division HD Hazard Division (classification for ammunition) Hd Head HD High Density (computer disc) HD High Drag (bomb) HD Home Defence HD NV Div Head of Department Noise and Vibration Division HDB High Density Bombing HDBK Hand Book HDC Helicopter Direction Centre HDCC Hold Down Cap Container HDD Hard Disc Drive HDD Head Down Display HDD Heads Down Display HDDR Head‐Down Display Radar HDDR High Density/Definition Digital Recorder HDDS Hydro‐dynamic Design Database System HDES Head of Defence Export Services HDFB High Density Fibre Board HDFPA High Density Focal Plane Array HDI High‐Density Interconnect technique HDL Hardware Description Language

HDLC High Density Link Control HDLC High level Data Link Control HDLC High‐level Data Link Control HDLJ Hazardous Duty Life Jacket HDR High Data Rate HDRV Heavy Duty Recovery Vehicle HDS Headquarters Distribution System HDS Helicopter Dispatch System (PAX/Stores transfer) HDTM Heavy‐Duty Tank Target Mechanism HDTV High Definition Tele Vision HDU Helmet Display Unit HDU Hose Drum Unit HDWS High Definition Waming Surface (radar) HDX Half‐Duplex HE Helicopter Engines IPT HE High Effect (explosive) HE High Explosive HE Higher Education HE/AP High Explosive, Armour Piercing HE/PDSD High Explosive, Point Detonating, self‐destruction HE/PR High Explosive Practice HE/PR High Explosive, Practice HEA Head Equipment Assembly (EF2000 helmet) HEAA High Explosive, Anti‐Armour HEAD High Explosive, Air Defence HEAP High Explosive, Anti‐Personnel HEAP‐T High Explosive, Anti‐Personnel, Tracer HEAT High Explosive Anti‐Tank HEAT High Explosive, Anti‐Tank HEAT Hostile Expendable Aerial Target HEAT‐FS High Explosive Anti‐Tank Fin‐Stabilised HEAT‐FS High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Fin‐Stabilised HEAT‐MP High Explosive Anti‐Tank Multi‐Purpose HEAT‐MP High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Multi‐Purpose HEAT‐MP(P) High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Multi‐Purpose, (Practice) HEAT‐T High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Tracer HEAT‐T‐HVY High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Tracer, Heavy HEAT‐T‐MP High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Tracer, Multi‐Purpose HEAT‐TP‐T High Explosive, Anti‐Tank, Target, Practice, Tracer HEC Header Error Check (ATM) HEC Helicopter Element Coordinator HED Horizontal Electric Dipole HEDI High Endoatmospheric Defence Interceptor HEDP High Explosive Dual Purpose HEDS High Endoatmospheric Defence System HEED Helicopter Emergency Egress Device HEER High Explosive Extended Range HEF High Elevation Fire HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council for England HEFCW Higher Education Funding Council for Wales HE‐FRAG High Explosive Fragmentation HE‐FS High Explosive‐Fin Stabilised HEFT High Explosive , Follow Through

HEI High Explosive Incendiary HEISAP High Explosive Incendiary Semi‐‐Armour Piercing HEI‐SAP High Explosive, Incendiary, Semi‐Armour‐Piercing HEIT High Effect Incendiary Tracer HEIT High Explosive Incendiary ‐ Tracer HEL High Energy Laser HEL High‐Energy Laser HEL Human Engineering Laboratory HEL Hunting Engineering Limited HEL Hunting Engineering Ltd HELARM Helicopter Armed Action HELBAT Human Engineering Laboratory Battalion Artillery Test HELCM High Energy Laser Countermeasures HELD Helicopter Laser Designator HELEX High Energy Laser Experiment HELIOS Helicopter Instrument and Operational Procedures Simulator HELMS Helicopter Malfunction System HELP Howitzer Extended Life Program HELPS Helicopter Protection and Support HELRAPS Heliborne long‐range Acoustic Path Sonar HELRAS Helicopter long‐range Sonar HELSTF High Energy Systems Test Facility HELTADS High Energy Laser Tactical Air Defence System HEMA Heavy Engineering Manufacturers Association HEMAT Heavy Expanded mobility Ammunition Trailer HEMC High Explosive, Medium Capacity HEMLOC Helicopter Emitter / Locator Countermeasures HEMMS Hand Emplaced minefield Marking Set HEMPSM High Explosive Multi‐‐Purpose Sub‐‐Munition HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HEO Higher Executive Officer HE‐OM High Explosive OTO Munition Hep Hepatitis HEP High Explosive Plastic HEP High Explosive, Plastic HEPD High Explosive Point Detonating HEPD High Explosive, Point Detonating HEPI Head End Permanent Igniter HEPI High Explosive, armour Piercing and Incendiary HEPL High Energy Pulse Laser HEP‐T High Explosive, Plastic, Tracer HER Harsh Environment Recorder HER Heritage Estate Rationalisation HERA High Explosive Rocket‐Assisted HERALD Helicopter Equipment for Radar And Laser Detection HERE High Explosive Rear End HERF Hazardous Effects of Radiation on Fuel (US) HERID High Energy Rail gun Integration Demonstration HERO Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation HERO Hazardous Effects of Radiation on Ordnance (US) HERO Hazards of Electronic Radiation to Ordnance HERP Hazardous Effects of Radiation on Personnel (US) HERT Headquarters Emergency Relocation Team

HES Hard‐copy Exploitation Segment (JSIPS) HES Hazardous Environment Search HE‐S High Explosive Spotting HE‐S High Explosive, Spotting HE‐SD High Explosive, Self‐Destroying HESH High Explosive Squash Head HESH‐T High Explosive, Squash Head, Tracer HET Heavy Equipment Transporter HE‐T High Explosive, Tracer HETA Harpoon Engagement Training Aid HET‐PF High Explosive, Tracer, Percussion Fuze HE‐TSD High Explosive, Tracer, self‐destruct HEU Highly Enriched Uranium HEU HUD Electronics Unit HEU Hull Electronics Unit HEWG Haslar Expansion Working Group Hexal Hexal / aluminium powder HEXDAM High Explosive Damage Assessment Model HF Harassing Fire HF High Frequency HF High Frequency (radio) HF Human Factors HFAC Helicopter Flight Advisory Computer HFAJ High Frequency Anti‐Jam HFAQ Human Factors Acceptance Questionnaire HFCC Howitzer Fire Control Computer HFCS Helicopter Fire Control System HFDF High Frequency Direction Finding HFE Human Factors Engineering HFET Hetro‐junction Field Effect Transistor HFH Helicopter Flying Hours HFHTB Human Factors Howitzer Test‐Bed HFI Human Factors Integration HFI‐ASIST Human factors Integration ‐ Advanced Support And Information Storage Techniques HFIC HF Intra‐task force Communications HFIP High Frequency Improvement Programme HFIP Human Factors Integration Plan HFL Hydrogen Fluoride Laser HFM Heavy Force Modernisation HFM Human Factors Manager HFM Hyperbolic Frequency Modulation HFM&T Human Factors Methods and Tools HFMS High Frequency Monitoring System HFP High Fragmentation Projectile HFPD Human Factors Performance Database HFR Height‐Finder Radar HFSC Human Factors Steering Committee HFSWR High Frequency Surface Wave Radar HFT Higher Formation Trainer HFT Hybrid Foundation Training HGAS Head of Government Accountancy Service HGAS High Gain Antenna System HGR Hot Gas Reingestion

HGR Hyper‐velocity Guided Rocket HGS Holographic Guidance System HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle HHC Hand‐Held Controller HHC Higher Harmonic Control HHCU Hand‐Held Control Unit HHD Hand Held Device HHI Helicopter Handling Instructions HHLL Hand‐Held Laser Locator HHLR Hand‐Held Laser Range‐Finder HHT Hand Held Terminal HHT Hand‐Held Tool HHTI Hand‐Held Thermal Imager HHTR Hand‐Held Tactical Radar HHUD Holographic Head‐Up Display HIAT Hazardous Impact Area Trace HIBAT Helicopter Identification By Acoustic Techniques HIBIRD Helicopter Identification By Infra‐Red Detection HIBRAD Helicopter Identification By Radar Detection HIC Helicopter and Islander Combined HIDAR High Instantaneous Dynamic Range HIDAS Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aid Suite HIDEC Highly Integrated Digital Engine Control HIDS Headquarters Information Distribution System HIDS HMIS Interim Database System HIE Highlands and Islands Enterprise HIFR Helicopter In Flight Refuelling HIFR Hover in‐flight Refuelling HIGE Hover In Ground Effect HIGGER High Integrity GPS Guidance Enhanced Receiver HIK Hook Interface Kit for transport of ISO containers HIL Human In Loop HILEX High Level Exercise HILS(N) Head of Integrated Logistic Support (Navy) HIM High Inclination Mission HIMAD High to Medium Altitude Air Defence HIMAG High‐Mobility Agility Test Vehicle HIMAT Highly Manoeuvrable Aircraft Technology programme HIMS Hardened Information Management System HIMS Harrier Information Management System HIP Howitzer Improvement Program HIPACT High Power Acoustic Coaxial Transducer HIPAD High Performance Air Defence HIPAR High Power Acquisition Radar HIPAS High Performance Sonar HIPCOR High‐Power Coherent Radar HIPECS High Performance Engine Control System HIPTI High Performance Thermal Imaging HIPTIC High Performance Thermal Imaging Committee HIRAM Hycor Infra‐Red Anti‐Missile decoy HIRE Hughes Infra‐Red Equipment thermal subsystem HIRF High Intensity Radiated Field HIRF High Intensity RF Field

HIRIS High resolution Infra‐red System HIRNS Helicopter Infra‐Red Navigation System HIRS Helicopter Infra‐Red System HIRTA High Intensity Radio transmission Area HIRTA High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas HIS Horizon Information System HIS Hostile Intelligence Service HIS Hostile Intelligence Services HISOS Helicopter Integrated Sonar System HISS Horizon IR Surveillance Sensor HISTAR Large towed surface target HIT Health Indicator Test HIT High Interest Target HIT Homing Intercept Technology HIT Hughes Improved Terminal HITMORE Helicopter Installed Television Monitor Recorder HITP High Ignition Temperature Propellant HITS High‐definition Indoor Trainer for Small‐arms HITS Hostile Identification / Targeting System HITS Hughes Integrated Tank Sight HITTS Harpoon Interactive Tactical Training System HIU Heading Indicator Unit HIU Helicopter Interface Unit HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus HK Hard Kill HK Heckler & Koch HK Hong Kong HLA High Level Architecture HLAD High Level Air Defence HLB High Level Budget Holder HLCSCI High Level Computer Software Configuration Items HLD Harbour Launch (Diesel) HLD Harbour Launch Diesel HLD Head Level Display HLD High Level Design HLDC Heavy Load Distribution Capability HLG High Level Group HLH Heavy Lift Helicopter HLL High Level Language HLLV Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle HLM Heterogeneous LAN Management HLOC High Level Operating Concept HLOC High Level Operational Command HLP High Level Planning HLR Home Location Register HLS Helicopter Landing HLS Hue Luminance Saturation HLTF High Level Task Force HLTF(R) High Level Task Force (Reinforced) HLV Heavy Lift Vehicle HLVW Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled HLWE Helicopter Laser Warning Equipment HLWF High‐Level War‐gaming Facility

HLWG High Level WarGaming HM Her Majesty HM Gov Government HMA Her Majesty’s Ambassador HMA High Memory Area HMAFV Her Majesty’s Air Force Vessel HMAS Her Majesty’s Australian Ship HMAV Her Majesty’s Army Vessel HMC Howitzer Motor Carriage HMCS Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship HMD Helicopter Mine Dispenser HMD Helmet Mounted Display HMEP Helmet‐Mounted Equipment Platform HMG Heavy Machine Gun HMG Her Majesty’s Government HMH Helmet‐Mounted Head‐Up‐Display HMI Human‐Machine Interface HMIP Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution HMIR Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue HMIS Higher Management and engineering Information System HML Hard Mobile Launcher HMLC High Mobility Load Carrier HMLU HUNT (class) Mid‐Life Update HMMHE High Mobility Material Handling Equipment HMMS Hellfire Modular Missile System HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle HMNB Her Majesty’s Naval Base HMNB(D) Her Majesty’s Naval Base (Devonport) HMP Heavy Machine Gun Pod HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs HMRT Heavy Material Recovery Team HMRT Heavy Mobile Repair Team vehicle HMS Helmet Mounted Sight HMS Helmet‐Mounted Sight HMS Her Majesty’s Ship HMS Hull Mounted Sonar HMS Hull‐Mounted Set HMS Human Resource Management System HMSE HAWK Mobility, Survivability and Enhancement HMSO HM Stationery Office HMT Her Majesty’s Treasury HMT HM Treasury HMT(RAF) Health Monitoring Team (Royal Air Force) HMTR Highly Mobile Tactical Radar HMTT High Mobility Tactical Truck HMU Helmet‐Mounted Unit HMU Hydromechanical Control Unit HMU Hydro‐Mechanical Unit HMY Her Majesty’s Yacht HNA Health Needs Analysis HNA Host Nation Assistance HNBR Hydrogenated Nitryl Butyl Rubber HNC/D Higher National Certificate/Diploma

HNCS Head of the Naval Calibration Service HNLMS Her Netherlands Majesty’ Ship HNMOS Heterojunction NMOS HNVS Helicopter Night Vision System HO Home Office HO Hull Outfit HO Hydrographic Office HO&CS Head Office & Corporate Services HO/TO Handover/Takeover HOA Heads Of Agreement HOAN Harbour Ops Admin Net (radio) HOB Height Of Burst HOD Head of Department HOD Heads‐Out Display HODA Hydrographic Office Defence Agency HOE Head Of Establishment HOE Holographic Optical Element technology HOE Homing Overlay Experiment HOF Head of Function HOFIN Hostile Fire Indicator HoFS Health of Financial Systems HOGE Hover Out Of Ground Effect HOISS Hydrographic Office Information Systems Strategy HOJ Home On Jam HOL High Order Language HOLD High Order Language Demonstrator HOMEMIS House Management Information System (Navy) HOMS Homing Optical Missile System HON Helicopter Operations Net HOOD Hierarchical Object Oriented Design HOOP Height Of Operations HOP Head Of Profession HOPS Helmet Optical Position Sensor HOPS Holiday Play Scheme HOS Head of Section HOS High Order Spectral HOT Harpoon Onboard Trainer HOT High Operating Temperature HOT High‐subsonic Optically Teleguided HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick HOTOL Horizontal Take‐Off and Landing Hov Hovercraft HOVERS Helicopter Operational Visual Engagement Real‐time Simulation How Howitzer HOWD Helicopter Obstacle Warning Device HOW‐IO HOllow Waveguide Integrated Optic HOWLS Hostile Weapons Location System HOWSHIP Message indicating that stores are ready for shipping and asking for delivery instructions HP Harpoon HP Hewlett Packard HP High Pressure HP Hollow Point HP Horse Power

HP(AS) Health Physicist (Ashore) HPA High Power Amplifier HPA Horizontal Planar Array HPA‐ 1  High Performance Absorber‐ 1  HPAC High Pressure Air Compressor HPAG High Power Amplifier Group HPC High Performance Computing HPC High Pressure Compressor HPC Home Posting Cell HPDHR High Pressure Decay Heat Removal System HPF High Performance Fragmentation HPFP High Performance Fragmentation Projectile HPG Health Physics Group HPG High Pressure Gun HPGL Hewlett Packard Graphical Language HPGM Health Physicist Group Manager HPI High Power Illuminator HPI High Probability of Intercept HPICS Integrated Flight and Propulsion Control System HPL High Power Laser HPLB High Power Laser Blinding HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPM High Power Microwave HPNARC Health Physics Nuclear Accident Response Course HPPI High Performance Parallel Interface HPS Helmet Pointing System/Sight HPSW High Pressure Salt Water system HPT Height‐Pressure Test HPT High Power Transmission set HPT High Pressure Test HPT High Pressure Turbine HPTO Higher Professional and Technology Officer HPTO Higher Professional Technical Officer HPZ Helicopter Protected Zone HQ Head Quarters HQ Headquarters HQ AG Headquarters Adjutant General HQ Inf Headquarters Infantry HQ LAND Headquarters Land Command HQ1 Damage Control Headquarters HQAC Headquarters Air Cadets HQACCS HQ Air Cadets Computer System HQAS HQ Ashore System HQDG Head Quarters Development Facility HQIMS Head Quarters Inventory Management System HQLF Headquarters Land Forces HQMC Headquarters Modification Committee HQMSS Headquarters Mission Support System HQMT Head Quarters Motor Transport HQS Health Quality Services HQSOA Health Quality Services Organisational Audit HQSTC Headquarters RAF Strike Command HQSTC Headquarters Strike Command

HQU Headquarters Unit Hr Hour HR Human Resource HRA Human Reliability Assessment HRBP Human Resources Business Partner HRF Heavy Rebuild Factory HRG Hemispherical Resonator Gyro HRH His or Her Royal Highness HRIR High Resolution Infra‐red Radiometer HRITS Human Resources Information Technology Study HRLR High Repetition Laser Range‐finder HRMS Human Resources Management System HRN High Resolution Navigation mode HRP High Risk Personnel HRR Hercules Rolling Replacement HRR High Readiness Reserves HRR High Resolution Radar HRR2 Hercules Rolling Replacement tranche  2  HRRP High Range Resolution Profiling HRS Horizon Reference System HRT/HRV RN training systems/simulators HS Handling Squadron HS Hardstanding HS Head‐Steered (FLIR VCS) HS Hellenic (Greek) Ship HS Hughes Standard HS OP2 High Security Option of Office Power  2  HSA Hazardous Substances Authority HSA Horizontal Sextant Angles HSAW Health & Safety At Work HSB Hue, Saturation and Brightness (colour TV systems) HSC Health & Safety Commission HSC Health and Safety Commission HSC High Speed Channel HSCS Helicopter SubControl Ship HSDB Hazardous Substances Data Bank HSDB High Speed Data Bus HSE Health & Safety Executive HSE Health and Safety Executive HSE Health Safety and Environment HSE/NII Health and Safety Executive/Nuclear Installations HSEA Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor HSF Health & Safety File HSF High Seas Firing HSFLIR Head‐Steered FLIR HSI Hardware/Software Integration HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator HSI Hue, Saturation and Intensity HSI Human‐System Integration HSIC High Speed Integrated Circuit HSIS Hazardous Stores Information System HSM Hard Structure Munitions HSM Hierarchical Storage Management

HSO Higher Scientific Officer HSOG High Speed OSLAN Gateway HSOS Helicopter Stabilised Optronic Sight HSP Heavy Stress Platform HSR Hull Surveillance Report HSRS High Speed Resetting Switches HSS Helicopter Support Ship HSS Hydrographic Survey Squadron HSSC Health & Safety Steering Committee HSSI High Speed Serial Interface HSSL Helicopter Self‐Screening Launcher HSSMO Head of Ship Safety Management Office HSSS Helicopter Secure Speech System HSTV High Survivability Test Vehicle HSW Act Health and Safety at Work etc Act  1974  HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act HT Hand Tools ht height HT High Tension HTADS Helmet Target Acquisition and Designating System HTAS Hard Target Attack Submunition HTC Hard Target Capability HTDU High Temperature Demonstrator Unit HTKP Hard‐Target Kill Probability HTML HyperText Markup Language HTML Hypertext Mark‐up Language HTNS Helicopter Tactical Navigation System HTOVL Horizontal Take‐Off, Vertical Landing HTP High Test Peroxide HTPB Hydroxy‐Terminated Polybutadiene HTR Historical Transaction Record HTS High Temperature Super/Semiconductors HTSC High‐Temperature Superconductor HTT Heavy Tracked Tractor HTTB High Technology Test Bed HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP Hypertext Transmission Protocol HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol HTTP‐NG HyperText Transfer Protocol ‐ Next Generation HTTPS Secure Hypertext Transmission Protocol HTU Hand‐held Terminal Unit HTUFT Helicopter Taken Up From Trade HUD Head‐Up Display HUDC Head‐Up Display Computer HUDWAC Head‐Up Display and Weapon Aiming Computer HUDWASS Head‐Up Display Weapon‐Aiming Subsystem HUM Health and Usage Monitoring HUMC Health and Usage Monitoring Computer HUMINT Human Intelligence HUMS Health & Usage Monitoring System HUMS Health and Usage Monitoring Systems HUSLE Helicopter Under Slung Load Equipment HUSLE Helicopter Underslung Load Equipment

HUSLE Helicopter Under‐slung Load Equipment HUTTS Hayes Universal Tow Target System HV High Velocity HV High Voltage Electricity HV Hyper Velocity HVAP High Velocity Armour‐Piercing HVAPDS‐T High Velocity, Armour‐Piercing, Discarding Sabot, Tracer HVAP‐T High Velocity, Armour‐Piercing, Tracer HVAR High Velocity Aircraft Rocket HVBP High Velocity Ballistic Protection HVD Helmet Visitor Display HVFT High Value Fixed Targets HVG Hyper‐velocity Gun HVIT High Volume Information Transfer HVL Hyper‐velocity Launcher HVM High Velocity Missile HVM Hyper‐Velocity Missile HVM LML High Velocity Missile Light Mobile Launcher HVME Hull & Vibration Monitoring Equipment HVME Hull Vibration Monitoring Equipment HVMS High Velocity Medium Support weapon system HVMS Hull Vibration Monitoring System HVMS Hyper‐Velocity Support Weapon HVMTA High Value Mobile Target Attack HVSD High Value Site Defence HVSM High Velocity Support Weapon HVSS Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension HVTA High Value Target Acquisition HVTL High Velocity Transmission Line HVTP‐T High Velocity, Target Practice, Tracer HVU High Value Unit HVVI High Volume Virtual Impactor HVY Heavy HWC Hazardous Waste Co‐ordinator HWIL HardWare In the Loop HWST Harbour Weapon System Test HWT Heavy Weight Torpedo Hyg Hygiene I of E Inspectorate of Establishments I&Dea Improvement and Development Agency I&W Indications & Warnings I.420 ITU ISDN Interface Standard I/EO Infra Red/Electro Optical I/O Input / Output I/O Input/Output IA Image Analyst IA Immediate Action IA Impact Assessment IA Individual Augmentees IA Information Age IA Information Architecture IA Information Assurance IA Integration Authority

IA Investment Appraisal IA Irrespirable Atmosphere IA Issuing Authority IA The Integration Authority IAAFA Inter‐American Air Forces Academy IAB Investment Appraisal Board IAB Investment Appraisals Board formally EAC IAB Investment Approvals Board IAC Integrated Avionics Computer IAC Intelligence Analysis Centre IAC Internal Account Code IAC Internal Accounting Code IAC Internal Audit Code IAC Investment Appraisal Committee IACS Integrated Avionics Control System IACS International Association of Classification Societies IADB Inter‐American Defence Board, US delegation IADC Inter‐American Defence College IADGES Indian Air Defence Ground Environment System IADM Incremental Assessment Demonstration and Manufacture IADS Iceland Air Defence System IADS Integrated Air Defence System IADT Integrated Automatic Detection and Tracking IAE Institute for the Advancement of Engineering IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IAEM Institute of Higher Military Studies IAF Indian Air Force IAFP Inter‐American Forces of Peace IAFU Improve Assault Fire Unit IAFV Infantry Armoured Fighting Vehicle IAG Information, Advice and Guidance (Partnerships) IAL Infra‐red Aiming Light IAL Interim Amendment Leaflet IALCE International Airlift Control Element IAM Inertially‐Aided Munitions IAM Initial Approach Mode IAM Institute of Administrative Management IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine IAMIS Interim Army Management Information System IANEC Inter‐American Nuclear Energy Committee IAP Initial Assessment Phase IAPP International Air Pollution Prevention IAR Information Asset Register IARA Inter‐Allied Reparation Agency IARC International Aviation Regulation Compliance Iarm Inspectorate of Armaments IARRCIS Interim ARRC Command and Information System IARRCIS Interim ARRC Information System IAS Improved Armour System IAS Indicated Air Speed IAS Integrated Acoustic Sensor IASD Instant Ammunition Selection Device IASS Internet Access Shared Services

IAT Image Automatic Tracking IAT Installation Acceptance Test IATA International Air Transport Association IATD Integrated Airframe Technology Demonstrator IATI Initial Air Target Identification IATP Information Assurance Technical Programme IATP Installation Acceptance Test Procedure IATP Integrated Airborne Tracking Programme IAU ISDN Access Unit IAV Infantry Armoured Vehicle IAW Imagery Analysis Workpoint IAW In accordance with IAW Indications And Warning IB Incendiary Bomb IB Incident Board Ib pound(s) IBA Internal Business Agreement IBAHRS Inflatable Body and Head Restraint System IBC Integrated Broadband Communications (ATM) IBCORS Introduction of Bar Coding to RNSTS Systems IBDS Integrated Biological Detection System IBE Indirect Battlefield Environment IBEC International Bank for Economic Co‐operation IBERLANT Iberia‐Atlantic Area IBERLANT Iberian Atlantic Command IBG Informal Budget Grouping IBIS Intelligence Briefing and Indexing System IBIT Initiated Built In Test IBM International Business Machines IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBS Industrial Benefit Sharing IBS Information Business Service IBSR Individual Battle Shooting Range IBSS Infra‐red Background Sensor Survey IBT I‐Band Transponder IBT Integrated Business Team IBT Integrated Business Technologies IBT Inter‐Base Transfer IBTL Integrated Business Team Leader IC Iceland IC In Charge IC Incident Commander IC Indefinite Contract IC Influence Campaign IC Initial Capability IC Integrated Circuit IC Intelligent Customer IC Internal Combustion IC Internal Communications ICA International Communication Agency ICAAS Integrated Controls and Avionics for Air Superiority ICAD Individual Chemical Agent Detector ICAD Information Coherence Authority for Defence

ICAI Intelligent Computer Assisted Courseware ICAM Integrated Computer Assisted Manufacturing ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation ICBM InterContinental Ballistic Missile ICBM Inter‐Continental Ballistic Missile ICC Information Co‐ordination Centre ICC Initial Connectivity Capability project ICC Integrated Communications Centre ICC Interim CAOC Capability ICCE Iceland Command and Control Enhancement ICCP Impressed Current Cathode Protection ICCP Improved Computer Control Panel ICCRTS International Command and Control, Research and Technology Symposium ICCS Integrated / Improved Command and Control System ICCS Integrated Command and Control System ICCS IUKADGE Command and Control System ICD Interface Control Document ICDO International Civil Defence Organisation ICDS Integrated Control and Display System ICDS Integrated Corporate Database System ICDU Integrated Control and Display Unit ICE Identification And Communication Equipment IPT ICE Improved Combat Efficiency ICE Improving Clinical Effectiveness ICE Instant Camouflage Envelope ICE Interference Cancelling Equipment ICE Internal Combustion Engine ICE Internal Communications Exchange ICEROCC Iceland Regional Operations Control Centre ICF Intelligent Customer Facility ICFG Information Coherence Framework Group ICFP Integrated Cost Forecasting Panel ICG Intelligence Collection Group ICGF Intelligent Computer Generated Forces ICHOTS Interim Corporate Headquarters Office Technology System ICI Inter‐Carrier Interfaces (ATM) ICIP Intermediate CIP ICIS Imperial College Impact Simulator ICJ International Court of Justice ICL Initial Contact Link ICM Improved Conventional Munition ICM Improved Conventional Munitions ICM Intercontinental Missile ICMBB Improved Conventional Munitions, Base Bleed ICMS Integrated Countermeasures Suite ICN Illustration Control Number ICNS Integrated Communications / Navigation System ICOG International Cooperative Opportunities Group ICOM Integrated COMSEC SINCGARS ICON Integration Contract ICON Intelligence Communications Operations Node ICP Incident Control Point ICP Instrument Calibration Procedure

ICP Inventory Control Point ICR Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Intercooled Recuperated engine ICR Inter‐Cooled Regenerative (marine gas turbine) ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross ICS Information & Communication Services ICS Information and Communication Services ICS Information and Communications Services ICS Information Communications System (Not to be confused with CIS) ICS Integrated Communications System ICS Intercommunications System ICS Internal Countermeasures Set ICS COEIA Information and Communication Services Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal ICSS Improved Computer Sighting System ICSS Information and Communications system Support ICSS Integrated Communications Switching System ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions ICT Information and Communications Technology ICT Information Communications Technology ICT‐IFP Information and Communication Technology ‐ Introduction For Practitioners ICU Indicator Control Unit ICU Interface Converter Unit ICV Infantry Combat Vehicle ICW Individual Combat Weapon ICW Interactive Courseware ICW Interrupted Continuous Wave ICWAR Improved Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar ICWG Interface Control Working Group ICY InterChangeabilitY ID Identification ID Identity ID Inside Diameter ID Intelligence Department ID Interface Devices ID Interface Diagram ID & C Installation Design and Conversion ID&A Identification & Authentication IDA Independent Design Authority IDA Installation Design Authority IDA Institute for Defence Analysis IDA International Development Association IDACS Integrated Digital Audio Control System IDAHEX Defence Staff College High Level Wargame Facility IdAM Identity and Access Management IDAS Integrated Defensive Aids System IDAS Integrated Design Automation System IDAS International Danger and Disaster Assistance IDB Integrated DataBase IDC IMPACT Data Cell (accident recording and statistics) IDC In Due Course IDC Inner Dead Centre IDC Insulation Displacement Connector

IDC Intrinsically Damped Composites IDCA Integrated Detector and Cooling Assembly IDCT Initial Detection and Classification Trainer IDD Interface Design Document IDDU Integrated De‐ice, De‐rotation Unit IDE Intelligent Drive Electronics IDEA International Defence Equipment and Aerospace Exhibition IDEAL Interactive Database Editor And Linker IDEAS International Defence Enterprise Architecture Specification IDEF Integrated Computer Aided DEFinition IDEF Integrated Definition for Functional Modelling IDEF International Defence Industry and Civil Aviation IDEM International Defence Market Show IDES Integrated Debris Evolution Suite or In‐orbit Debris Environment Software IDEX International Defence Exhibition IDF Iceland Defence Force IDF Installation Data Form IDF Instantaneous Direction Finder IDF Intelligence Defence Fighter IDF Israeli Defence Forces IDHS Intelligence Data Handling System IDL Interface Definition Language IDL International Data Link IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health IdM Identity Management IDM Impact Delay Module IDM Improved Data Modem IDM Intrinsically Damped Material IDMS Integrated Document Management System IDMSX Integrated Database Management System IDP Individual Development Programme IDP Internally Displaced Personnel IDPF Interim De‐Perming Facility IDQ Item Demand Qualifier IDR Item Data Record IDRIS Integrated Defect Reporting Information System IDS Information Distribution and Switching system IDS Information Distribution System IDS Infra‐Red Detection Set IDS Integrated Design Support system IDS Integrated Display Set IDS Interdictor Strike IDS Interim Defence Standard IDS International Development Strategy IDS Intruder Detector System IDSG Information Dimension Steering Group IDSG‐X Information Dimension Steering Group ‐ Extended IDSS Integrated Diagnostic Support system IDSTATUS Identification and Status IDT Identification and Tracking IDT Indoor Trainer IDT International Defence Training IDT Intervention Delay Time

IDVLS Integrally‐Ducted Vertical Launched System IDW Individual Defence Weapon IE Input Efficiency IE Inspector of Explosives IE (DE&S) Inspector of Explosives (Defence Equipment & Support) IE (DLO) Inspector of Explosives (Defence Logistics Organisation) IE REG Information Environment Regulatory Executive Group IEA Incidental Expenses Allowance IEA Information Exchange Agreement IEA International Energy Agency IEBW Ignitor Exploding Bridge Wire (EED) IEC International Electro‐technical Commission IECCA Inter Establishment Committee on Computer Applications IECCA Inter Establishment Co‐ordinating Committee on ADP IED Improvised Explosive Device IED Integrated Electric Drive IEDD Improvised Explosive Device Disposal IEDD TF Improvised Explosive Device Task Force IEDX Improvised Explosive Device (i.e. terrorist bomb) Exercise IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers IEE Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (UK) IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK) IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering IEEE Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (US) IEEE Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEIE Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers IEF Information Engineering Facility IEF Intelligence Exploitation Facility IEM Ion Exchange Membranes IEMATS Improved Emergency Message Automation Transmission System IEMEMC Instruments, Electrical and Miscellaneous Equipment IEMS Installation Equipment Management System IENG Incorporated Engineer IEP Information Exchange Programme UK/US IEP Information Exchange Project IEPB Information Exchange Project‐Bilateral IEPG Independent European Programme Group IER Information Exchange Requirement(s) IER Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick IER(Civ) Inspector of Explosives and Ranges (Civilian) (formerly E&RSS(Civ)) IERC International Evo‐Technology Research Centre @ Cranfield University IERE Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers IERO Individual Education and Resettlement Officer IERWITS Initial Entry Rotary‐Wing Integrated Training System IES Image Enhancement System IES Institute of Employment Studies IETDS Interactive Electronic Training Delivery System IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IETM Integrated Electronic Technical Manual IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals IETM Interactive Electronic Training Manual

IETMVP Interactive Electronic Training Manual View Package IETP Integrated Electronic Technical Publication IETP Interactive Electronic Technical Publications IETP‐D Integrated Electronic Technical Publication ‐ Data IETP‐I Integrated Electronic Technical Publication ‐ Integrated IETP‐L Integrated Electronic Technical Publication ‐ Linear IEU Interface Electronics Unit IEW Integrated Electronic Warfare IEW Intelligence / Electronic Warfare IEWCS Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensors IF Instrument Flying IF Intensive Flying (Royal Navy) IF/FCS Integrated Fire / Flight Control System IFA International Finance Adviser IFAC Information Fusion Architectures & Coordination IFANS Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security IFB Invitation For Bid IFC InterFace Certificate IFCS Improved Fire Control System IFCS Integrated Fire Control System IFD Integrated Feasibility Demonstrations IFD InterFace Document IFEP Integrated Full Electric Propulsion IFF Identification Friend or Foe IFF Identification Friend or Foe system IFF Image or Interchange File Format IFF Interrogation Friend or Foe IFL International Frequency List IFM Improved Frequency Modulated IFM Instantaneous Frequency Measurement IFM Instantaneous Frequency Meter IFM/SHR IFM Superheterodyne Receiver IFMCS Integrated Fire and Manoeuvre Control System IFMU Integrated Flight Management Unit IFOBL In‐Flight Operable Bomb Lock IFOR Implementation Force IFPA Indirect Fire Precision Attack IFPC Integrated Flight and Propulsion Control IFPG International Frequency Planning Group IFR Instrument Flight Rules IFREP In‐Flight REPort IFS Indirect Fire Simulator IFS Indirect Fire Support IFS Inspector of Flight Safety IFS Inspectorate of Flight Safety (USAF, Royal Air Force) IFS InterFace Specification IFS Iterated Function System IFT Indirect Fire Trainer IFT Instructor Flown Target IFT International Flight Test IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle IFVCM Infantry Fighting Vehicle with Integrated Countermeasures IFWES Indirect Fire Weapon Effect Simulation

IG Image Generator IG Industrial Grade IG Initial Gate IG Instructor of Gunnery (Royal Air Force) IGB Inner German Border IGBC Initial Gate Business Case IGC Inter‐Governmental Conference IGC Interim Gunnery Computer IGDS Integrated Graduate Development Scheme IGE In Ground Effect IGE Instrumentation Graphics Environment IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification IGMDP Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme IGMR International Guns, Missiles And Rockets IGN Ignition IGOR Intercept Ground Optical Recorder IGP Installation Guidance Package IGP Interior Gateway Protocol IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol IGS Internal Gun System IGS Internet Gateway Service IGT Ideas Generation Template IGTD Inertial Guidance Technology Demonstration IGW Infantry Guided Weapons IHADSS Integrated Helmet And Display Sighting System IHAS Integrated Helicopter Attack System IHAWK Improved HAWK IHB In House Bid IHB In‐House Bid IHDG Integrated Hardening Design Guide IHE Improved High Explosive IHE Insensitive High Explosive IHFR Improved HF Radio programme IHLB Intermediate Higher Level Budget IHM Information Handling Model IHPG Integrated Hardening Policy Group IHPI Improved High Power Illumination IHS Integrated Headgear Sub‐system IHSC International Headquarters and Support Command, SHAPE IHSS Improved Helmet Sight System IHU Integrated Helmet Unit iHub Information Hub II Image Intensification II Image Intensifier II Installation and Inspection II Installation Inspection IIA Items In Aid (MRPII) IIDS Integrated Instrumentation Display System IIEGR Institute of Industrial Exhibitions IIF Intelligent Impact Fuze IIGF Imperial Iranian Ground Forces IIMEF II Marine Expeditionary Force IIN Item Identity Number

IIP Investors in People IIR Imaging Infra Red IIR Imaging InfraRed IIR Infra‐red Imaging Radar IIRA Integrated Inertial Reference Assembly IIRS Instrument Inertial Reference Set IIS Information Interchange Specification IIS Integrated Instrument System IIS Internet Information Server IISA Intelligence Information Services Enhancement programme IISI Integrated Information Systems Infrastructure IISS International Institute for Strategic Studies IITI IIT Research Institute IJMS Interim Joint Message System IJVC International Joint Venture Company IKAT Interactive Keyboard And Terminal IKBS Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems IKBS Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems, see KBS. IKBS Intelligent Knowledge‐Based Systems IKM Information & Knowledge Management IKW Intercept and Kill Weapon ILA Individual Learning Account ILAAS Integrated Low Altitude Attack Subsystem ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ILAD Inner Layer Air Defence system ILAs Individual Learning Accounts ILBM Inter‐Leaved Bit Map ILC Interactive Learning Centre ILCS International Logistics Communications System ILD Index Link Diagram ILF Interactive Learning Facility ILG Industrial Liaison Group ILG International Logistics Group illum illuminating ILM Immobilised Liquid Membranes ILMP Integrated Land Management Plan ILMS Inner Layer Mine System ILMS Inner Layer Missile System ILO Initial Load Out ILO International Labour Organisation ILOA Interconnection Letter Of Agreement ILOC Integrated Logistics Operations Centre ILPF Isentropic Light Piston Facility ILR Individual Learning Record ILS Instrument Logistics Support Management ILS&PCG Integrated Logistic Support & Policy Coordination ILSM Integrated Logistic Support Management ILSM Integrated Logistics Support Manager ILSMR Integrated Logistic Support Management Review ILSMT Integrated Logistic Support Management Team ILSN Integrated Logistic Support Number ILSP ILS Plan ILSP Integrated Logistic Support Plan

ILSST ILS Support Team ILSTWG ILS Technical Working Group IM Information Management IM Information Manager IM Infosec Memorandum IM Infrastructure Management IM Insensitive Munition IM Insensitive Munitions IM Intra mural IM&TE Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment IMA Integrated Modular Avionics IMA Integrated Modular Avionics/Architectures IMAAWS Infantry Man‐Portable Anti‐armour / Assault Weapon System IMAGE Imagery And Geospatial Systems IMAIS Integrated Magnetic and Acoustic Influence Sweep IMARCCIS Interim MARitime CCIS IMAT Information Management And Technology IMB Interface Monitor Box IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions IMCO Inter‐Governmental Maritime Consultative Organisation IMDC International Maritime Dangerous goods Code IMDEX International Maritime Defence Exhibition IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods IME Institute of Makers of Explosives IME Institution of Manufacturing Engineers IMECH Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMET International Military Education and Training IMEWS Integrated Missile Early Warning System IMF International Marine Frequency IMF International Monetary Fund IMG Image file format IMG Inter Management Group IMI Individual Management Item IMI Installation Maintenance Instruction IMICS Integrated Mine‐hunting Combat System IMINT Imagery Intelligence IMIS Institute for the Management of Information Systems IMK Increased Manoeuvrability Kit IMM International Maritime Band VHF IMMLC Improved Medium Mobility Load Class IMMM Information Management Maturity Model IMMRG Information Management Metadata Reference Group IMNW Injected Minor New Works IMO International Maritime Organisation IMO International Meteorological Organisation IMOC Inventory Management Operating Centre IMOP Intentional Modulation On Pulse Imp Imperial IMP Infantry Mine Project IMP Intelligence Management Plan IMP International Missile Proliferation IMPA Intelligent Multi‐Port Adapter IMPAC Integrated Message Processing And Communications system

IMPACT Industry & MOD Programme to Accelerate CALS Implementation Today IMPACT Traffic accident‐reporting system IMPDS Improved Missile Point Defence System IMRS Integrated Monitoring and Recording System IMS Inertial Measurement System IMS Initial Maintenance Spares IMS Instructional Management System IMS Integrated Mission Support IMS Integrated Mission System IMS Integrated Multiplex System IMS Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS Internal Minute Sheet IMS International Maritime Staff (NATO HQ) IMS International Military Services IMS International Military Staff IMS Ion Mobility Spectrometer IMS Ion Mobility Spectrometry IMSA Intelligence Multiple Source analysis IMSE Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment IMSS Integrated Multi‐Sensor System IMT International Military Tribunal IMTS Interactive Modular Training System IMU Inertial Measurement Unit In GPS Satellite Identification Number IN Inch in inch(es) IN Inertial Navigator IN Request for INformation within an Operational Requirement INA Integrated Network Architecture INAS Integrated Nav/Attack System INAS Integrated Navigation / Attack System Inb’d Inboard INC Insertable Nuclear Component INC Item Name Code INCA Integrated Nuclear Communications Assessment INCB International Narcotics Control Board INCOSE International Council on Systems Engineering INDEPOL Information Defence & Police INDEX Independent Exercise INEWS Integrated Electronic Warfare System INF Intermediate‐range Nuclear Forces (treaty) Info Ops Information Operations Infosec Electronic Information Systems Security INFOSEC Information Security INFOTERM International Information Centre for Technology Infra Infrastructure INIS International Nuclear Information System INLA Irish National Liberation Army INM Institute of Naval Medicine INMARSAT International Marine Satellite INMARSAT INternational MARitime SATellite INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organisation INO Inspector Naval Ordnance

INP Integrated Navigation Processor INR Initial Nuclear Radiation INR ISTAR Needs Repository INS Inertial Navigation System INSAA Instructions for Service Attachés and Advisers INSAS Indian Small Arms System INSCOM Intelligence and Security Command (US Army) Insp ShD Inspector of Ships Diving INSPEC Information Services for the Physics and Engineering Communities INT Intelligence INTACS Integrated Tactical Communications Study INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellites INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organisation INTREP Intelligence Report INTSUM INTelligence SUMmary INU Inertial Navigation Unit INVAL Internal Validation INVD Infantry Night Vision Devices InvOpt Inventory Optimisation IO Identification Officer IO Inspecting Officer IO Intelligence Officer IOC Initial Operational Capability IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission IOC Interim Operating Capability IOC Interim Operational Capability IoD Institute of Directors IOE Irregular Outer Edge IOM Inter‐Organisational Messaging ION Input and Output Node IONDS Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System IOR Immediate Operational Requirement IOS Instructor/Operator Station IOS Integrated Observation System IOS Interim Operations System IOT Integral Operator Trainer IOTE Initial Operational Test and Evaluation IOU Interim OPCON Update IP Identified Project IP Imaginary Pole IP In Service Phase (When related to the CADMID / CADMIT cycle) IP Industrial Participation IP Industrial Partners IP Initial Point IP Initial Pressure IP Initial Provisioning IP Initial Purchase IP Injured Person IP Intermediate Processor IP Internet Protocol IP Inventory Planning IP address Internet protocol address

IPA Imagery Product Archive IPA India Pale Ale IPA Information Processing Architecture IPA Interim Planning Assumption IPA International Pharmaceutical Abstracts IPADS Improved Processing And Display System IPAR Improved Pulse Acquisition Radar IPAS Integrated Pressurised Air System IPAT Inertial Pointing Aided Tracking IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue IPC Initial Provisioning Committee IPC Integrated Pollution Control IPCP Improved Command Post IPD Improved Point Defence IPD Initial Production Delivery IPD Institute of Personnel and Development IPD Institute of Personnel Development IPDMS Improved Point Defence Missile System IPE Image Processing Equipment IPE Individual Protection Equipment IPE Individual Protective Equipment IPE Individual Protective Equipment (NBC) IPE Integral Protective Entrances IPF Initial Production Facility IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface IPI Intercept Pattern for Identification IPI Internal Procedure Instruction IPK Individual Protection Kit IPL Initial Provisioning List IPL Interrupt Priority Level IPLO Irish People’s Liberation Army IPM Integrated Propulsion Module IPM Interpersonal Message IPM InterPersonal Messaging IPME Integrated Performance Modelling Environment IPMP Inter‐Patrol maintenance Period IPMS Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists IPMS Integrated Platform Management System IPMS Inter Personal Messaging Service IPMT Integrated Project Management Team IPN Isopropyl Nitrate IPng Internet Protocol Next Generation IPO International Programme Office IPP Independent Posting Point IPPC Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control IPPN Initial Provisioning Part Number IPR Independent Peer Review IPR Industrial Property Rights IPR In‐Process Review IPR Intellectual Property Rights IPR Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright etc.) IPR Internal Public Relations

IPS Inlet Particle Separator IPS Internet Protocol Server IPS Ion Propulsion System IPSA Interactive Power System Analysis IPSAT Identifiable Part Serialisation and Tracking IPSC International Practical Shooting Confederation IPSE Integrated Project Support Environment IPSec Internet Protocol Security IPSM Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine IPSS Ice Penetrating Sensor System IPSS Initial Provisioning Support System IPT Information Processing Techniques IPT Integrated Procurement Team IPT Integrated Project Team IPT Integration Project Team IPT Intelligent Procedure Trainer IPTL Integrated Project Team Leader IPTM Institute of Pathology and Tropical Medicine IPTS International Pistol Target System IPU Interface Processor Unit IPV Ice Patrol Vessel IPV Industrial Prime Vendor IPv6 Internet Protocol version  6  IPX Internet Package Exchange IQ Intelligence Quotient IQD Inside Quantity Distance IR Individual Reinforcement IR Industrial Relations IR Infra Red IR Infra‐Red Electromagnetic Radiation IR Inland Revenue IR Instrument Rating IR Insulation Resistance IR Intelligence Request IR&D Independent Research and Development IR/EO Infra‐Red / Electro‐Optical IRA Inertial Reference Assembly IRA Instrument Rating Allowance IRA Inventory Record Accuracy IRA Irish Republican Army IRAN Inspect and Repair as Necessary I‐RAP Infra‐Red Augmented Projectile IRAS Infra‐Red Alerting System IRAS Interdiction / Reconnaissance Attack System IRAWS Infra‐Red Attack Weapon System IRB Improved Ribbon Bridge IRB Irish Republican Brotherhood IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile IRC Inflatable Rubber Crafts IRC International Research Collaboration IRCCD Infra‐Red Charge‐Coupled Device IRCCM Infra‐Red Counter Countermeasures IRCM Infra Red Counter Measures

IRCM Infra Red CounterMeasure IRCM Infra‐Red Counter Measures IRCS Intrusion‐Resistant Communications System IRDEL Indirect Resource Departmental Expenditure Limit IRDF Infra‐Red Direction Finding IRDS Information Resource Dictionary Standard IRDS Information Resource Dictionary Systems IRDS Infra‐Red Detecting Set IRDSC Infosec Research & Development Co‐ordination Sub‐Committee IRDU Infra‐Red Detection Unit IRE Instrument Rating Examiner IRESSRC Implementation of the RAFCSS EDS Security Study Recommendations Committee IREW Infra‐Red Electronic Warfare IREWS Infra‐Red Electronic Warfare System IREX Infra‐red signature predication model IRF Immediate Reaction Force IRF(A) Immediate Reaction Force (Air) IRF(L) Immediate Reaction Force (Land) IRF(M) Immediate Reaction Force (Maritime) IRFIS Inertial Referenced Flight Inspection System IRFNA Inhibited Red Funing Nitric Acid IRG Immediate Replenishment Group IRGW Infra‐Red Guided Weapons IRI Instrument Rating Instructor IRICS Interim Reciprocal Information and Consultation System IRIS Incident Reporting Information System IRIS Infra‐Red Imaging System IRIS Integrated Radar Imaging System IRJ Infra‐Red Jammer IRL Interface Reference List IRLS Infra Red Line Scanner IRLS Infra‐Red Line Scan IRMS Integrated Radio Management System IRMWS Infra‐Red Missile Warning Subsystem programme IRNF Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces IRO Inspection Rejection Order IRO Inspection‐Rejection Open item IROF Improved Rate Of Fire IRP Individual Resettlement Preparation IRQ Information Request Questionnaire IRQ Interrupt request IRR Immediate Readiness Reserve IRR Infra‐Red Radiation IRR Infrared Reflecting IRR Integral Rocket / Ramjet IRR Integrated Radio Room IRR Internal Rate of Return IRR Paint Infra‐Red Reflecting Paint IR‐RAP Infra‐Red / Radar Augmented Projectile IRROLA Inflatable Radar‐Reflective Optical Location Aid IRRS Infra‐Red Reconnaissance System IRS Improved Radar Simulator IRS Inertial Reference System

IRS Interface Requirements Specification IRSF IR Simulation Facility IRSI Independent Range Safety Inspectors IRSM Infra‐Red Surveillance Measures IRSP IR Scene Projector IRSS Infra‐Red Search Set IRST Infra‐Red Search and Track IRST InfraRed Search‐and‐Track IRSTD Infra‐Red Search and Target Designation IRT Instrument Rating Test IRTC Individual Resettlement Training Costs IRTH Infra‐Red Terminal Simulator IRTS Integrated Radiation Transport Suite IRU Inertial Reference Unit IRV Improved Recovery Vehicle IRVAT Infra‐Red Video Automatic Tracking IRWR Infra‐Red Warning Receiver IS Information System IS Information Systems IS Intermediate System IS Internal Security IS International Staff IS International Standard IS3 Incentivised Spares Support Scheme ISA Independent Safety Audit ISA Independent Safety Auditor ISA Industry Standard Architecture ISA Industry Standard Architecture (Bus System) ISA Initial Site Acceptance ISA Instruction Set Architecture ISA Integrated Systems & Applications ISA International Standard Atmosphere ISA Internet Security Association ISAC Interim Stern Arc Clearance ISADS Integrated Strapdown Air Data System ISAF International Security Assistance Force ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface ISAQ Interim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification ISAR Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar ISAT Intensified Standard Alternating Temperature ISAU Ignition and Safety and Arming Unit ISB Independent Side Band ISB Independent Side Band (radio) ISBN International Standard Book Number ISC Incident Sentencing Committee ISC Independent Schools Council ISC Infantry Section Carrier ISC Information Skills and Competences ISC Intercommunications Set Control ISCOMFAR Island Commander, The Faros ISCOMICE Island Commander, Iceland ISCS Integrated Submarine Combat System

ISD In‐Service Data ISD In‐Service Date ISD Instructional System Design ISD Instructional Systems Development ISD/IOC In Service Date/Initial Operational Capability ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN Integrated Systems Digital Network ISDS Ice & Snow Detection System ISDS Image Switching and Distribution System ISDS IRCM self‐defence System iSDX GPT PABX ISE Intermediate Station Equipment ISEC Information Systems Executive Committee ISES International Solar Energy Society ISESP In Service Equipment Support Plan ISF Integrated Support Facility ISG Implementation Steering Group ISG Industry Steering Group ISG Information Strategies Group ISG Internal Studies Group ISG International Sales Group ISI Information System Infrastructure or In‐Service Improvement ISI In‐Service Inspection ISI Inter‐Symbol Interference ISIS Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia ISIS LAND Integrated Staff Information System ISK Intercept Sonar ISL Initial System Load ISL Inter Satellite Link ISLS Interrogation Side‐Lobe Suppression ISM In Store Maintenance ISMB Information Systems Management Board ISME International Scientific Matters expert ISMOR International Symposium of Military Operational Research ISMS In Service Management System ISO International Standards Organisation ISO International Standards Organization ISO PfP In the spirit of PfP ISOP Invitation for the submission of proposals ISOP Invitation to Submit Outline Proposal ISOPS Integrated Stock Ownership & Pricing System ISOR Initial Statement of Requirements iSOs Information Support Officers ISOSS Integrated Staff Officer Support System ISP Ideal Splash Point ISP In Service Proof ISP Information, Strategy & Policy ISP Integrated Support Plan ISP International Standardised Profiles ISP Internet Service Provider ISPL/C Illustrated Spare Parts List/Catalogue ISPM Information System Project Manager ISPM In‐Service Project Manager

ISQAA In‐Service Quality Assurance Authority ISR Identification ‐ Safety Range ISR Identification Safety Range ISR Image Storage and Retrieval ISR Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance ISRD In‐Service Reliability Demonstration ISRM Inverted Scan Rate Modulation ISRMD In Service Reliability and Maintainability Demonstration ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation ISRP Improved Stabilisation Reference Package ISS Individual Studies School ISS Information Systems & Services ISS In‐Service Support ISS Integrated Supply Support and In‐Service Surveillance ISS Inward Shipping Store ISSA In‐Service Support Agency ISSC Information System Standing Committee ISSC Information Systems Steering Committee ISSE Integration Services Support Environment ISSO Information Systems Security Officer ISSP Initial System Security Policy ISSP Integrated Supply Support Procedures ISSR Independent Secondary Surveillance Radar ISST ICBM Silo Super‐hardening Technology IST Initial Sea Training IST Invite, Show and Test ISTAR Intelligence Surveillance Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance ISTAR Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance ISTDC Inter Service Training and Development School ISTS Information Systems (Technical Services) ISU In‐arm Suspension Unit ISU In‐Service Upgrade ISU Integrated Sight Unit ISUS Integrated Support for Units and Ships ISV Internal Security Vehicle ISVR Institute of Sound and Vibration Research ISVT Integrated Secure Voice Terminal ISW Infantry Support Weapon ISYSCON Integrated System Control programme (US Army) IT Industrial Techniques IT Information Technology IT Italy ITA Interface Test Adaptor ITA2 International Telegraph Alphabet No  2  ITAC Intelligence Threat Analysis Centre ITACS Integrated Tactical Command System ITALD Improved Tactical Air‐Launched Decoy ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITAS Improved Tracking Adjunct System ITAS Integrated Test Alignment System ITB Industry Training Board ITB Information Technology Board

ITCE Information Technology, Communications & Electronics ITCM Integrated Tactical Countermeasures ITCS Integrated Target Control Systems ITCS Integrated Track and Control Systems ITD(A) Individual Training Directive (Army) ITDC Information Technology Development Committee ITDM Integrated Time Division Multiplexing ITDM Intelligent Time Division Multiplexer ITDSC Information Technology Development Sub‐Committee ITDU Infantry Trials and Development Unit ITE Involute Throat and Exit (rocket nozzle) ITEA Integrated Test Evaluation & Acceptance Plan ITEAP Integrated Test, Evaluation & Acceptance Plan ITEC Information Technology Executive Committee ITF French Textile Institute ITF Installation Test Firing ITF Integration Test Facility ITFR Integration Test Facility Rig ITG Inter‐Tier Gateway ITGS Integrated Track Guidance System ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITL Inventory Transaction Listing ITM Integrated Technology Mast ITMRT In Theatre Materiel Response Time (also referred to as CWT) ITMS Ion Trap Mass Spectroscopy ITN Invitation to Negotiate ITN Item Transaction Number ITO Industry Training Organisation ITO International Trade Organisation ITOP International Test Operating Procedures ITOW Improved TOW ITOW Improved TOW missile ITOW Improved Tube launched Optical tracked Wire guided ITOW Improved Tube launched Optically sighted Wire guided missile ITP Intent To Purchase ITP Intention To Proceed ITPS International Test Pilots School ITR Integrated‐Technology Rotor (US Army) ITS Information Technology System ITS Initial Training Squadron (Royal Air Force) ITS Inshore Training Squadron ITS Integrated Target System ITS Intelligent Tutoring System ITS Interactive Training System ITS Interface Test Specification ITS International Thermal Sight ITS In‐Theatre Sponsor ITS Issue(s) Transaction Summary ITS Italian Ship ITSEC Information Technology Security ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria ITSEC IT Security Evaluation Criteria ITSEM Information Technology Security Evaluation Method

ITSO Information Technology Security Officer ITSR IT Strategy Review ITSS Integrated Tactical Surveillance System ITSSP IT Systems Support Professional ITSST IT Systems Support Technician ITST In Theatre Support Team ITT Indoor Training Theatre ITT Inter‐Turbine Temperature ITT Invitation To Tender ITTR Indoor Training Theatre Range ITU International Telecommunications Union ITU‐R International Telecommunications Union (Radio) ITU‐T International Telecommunications Union (Telecommunications) ITV Improved TOW Vehicle ITV In Transit Visibility ITW Initial Training Wing (Royal Air Force) IU Interface Unit IUC Instrument Under Calibration IUKADGE Improved UK Air Defence Ground Environment (now UKADGE) IUKADGE Improved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment IUR Immediate Use Reserve IUS Inertial Upper Stage IUSS Integrated Undersea Surveillance System IUSS Integrated Underwater Surveillance System IV Interactive Video IV Issue Voucher IV&V Independent Verification and Validation IVC Information and Vacancy Co‐ordinator IVCS Integrated Vehicle Communications System IVCS Integrated Voice Communication System IVD Indirect View Display IVD Interactive Video Disc IVDN Integrated Voice and Data Networking IVDU Intelligent Visual Display Unit IVI Interchangeable Virtual Instrument IVIM Instrumented Vibration Insulation Model IVIS Inter‐Vehicular Information System IVMS Integrated Vehicle Management System IVPDL Inter‐Vehicle Positioning and Data Link IVSL Instantaneous VSI IVSN Initial Voice Switched Network IVV Instantaneous Vertical Velocity IW Individual Weapon IW Information Warfare IWAC Integrated Weapon‐Aiming System IWC Integrated Weapons Complex IWD Integrated Weapon Display IWD Interactive Weapon Display IWESS Infantry Weapons Effects Simulation System IWS Improved Weapon System IWS In Water Survey IWS Individual Weapon Sight IWS Integrated Weapon System

IWSDB Integrated Weapon System Data Base IWV Instrumented War‐weight Variant (Mk24 Torpedo) IX Information Exploitation IXC Ion Exchange Column IYM In Year Management IZLID Infra‐red Laser Illuminator Designator J joules J Junior J/S Jam‐to‐Signal ratio JA Junior Assistant JAA Joint Airworthiness Authorities, HQ in the Netherlands JAA Joint Airworthiness Authority JAAC PUB Joint Acoustic Analysis Centre Publication JAATT Joint Air Attack Team Tactics JAAWSC Joint Anti Air Warfare Shore Coordination JAAWSC Joint Anti‐Air Warfare Shore Control (circuit) JAAWSC Joint Anti‐Air Warfare Shore Co‐ordination Network JAB Joint Advisory Board JAC Joint Acceptance Committee JAC Joint Acoustic Centre JAC Joint Airworthiness Committee JACIG Joint Arms Control Implementation Group JAD Joint Action Development JAD Joint Application Design JAD Joint Application Development JADDIN Joint Air Defence Digital Information System JADI Japan Association of Defence Industries JADTEU Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit JAFE Joint Advanced Fighter Engine JAG Judge Advocate General JAGO Joint Aeronautical and Geospatial Organisation JAIEG Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group JALO Joint Air Land Organisation JAMCAT Jammer Communications Attachment JAMES Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions JAMREP Jamming Report JAN Joint Army, Navy (US) JANAP Joint Army, Navy and Air Force Publication JANAP Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication JANNAF Joint Army, Navy, NASA and Air Force (US) JANSC Joint Air Navigation Safety Committee JAP Joint Aeronautical Programme JAP Joint Air Publication JAPNMS JTIDS Air Platform Network Management System JAPS Joint Administrative Planning Staff JAR Job Appraisal Review JAR Joint Airworthiness Requirement JAR Joint Airworthiness Requirements JARIB Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Board JARIC Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre JARIC Joint Air Reconnaissance Interpretation Centre JASDF Japan Air Self Defence Force JASIN Joint Air‐Sea Interaction

JASORS Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System JASS Joint Anti‐Submarine School JASSM Joint Air‐to‐Surface Stand‐off Missile JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology JATCCCS Joint Advanced Tactical C3 System JATE Joint Air Transport Establishment JATEU Joint Air Transport Evaluation Unit JATF Joint Amphibious Task Force JATFOR Joint Airborne Task Force JATO Jet‐Assisted Take‐Off JATS Jamming Analysis and Transmission Selection JAWS Jamming And Warning System JAWS Joint Attack Weapon Systems JBD Joint Battlespace Digitisation JBD Joint Battlespace Digitization (formerly DWB) JBD(M) Joint Battlespace Digitisation (Maritime) JBIA Joint Battlefield Information Architecture JBMC2 Joint Battle Management Command & Control JBTSE Joint and Battlefield Trainers, Simulations and Synthetic Environments JBTSSE Joint Battlefield Trainers Simulation & Synthetic Environments JBUSDC Joint Brazil‐US Defence Commission JC Joint Commander JC2SP Joint Command and Control Support Programme JC2SS Joint Command and Control Support System JCA Joint Combat Aircraft JCABS Joint Cockpit Air Bag System JCALS Joint Computer‐aided Acquisition and Logistic Support system J‐CATCH Joint Countering Attack Helicopter program JCB Joint Capabilities Board JCB Joint Capability Baseline JCB Joint Capability Board JCB‐X Joint Command Board ‐ Extended JCC Joint Consultative Committee JCC Joint Cryptographic Centre JCCC Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre JCCC Joint Communications Control Centre JCDB Joint Concepts & Doctrine Board JCG‐X Joint Command Group – Extended JCIC Joint Compliance and Inspection Committee JCL Job Control Language JCMPO Joint Cruise Missile Project Office (USAF and Navy) JCP Job Centre Plus JCP Joint Command Process JCP Joint Contingency Plan JCPS Joint Command Process Study JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JCS Joint Command System JCS (Log) Joint Command System (Logistics) JCSI Joint Command Systems Initiative JDA Japanese Defence Agency JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition JDC Joint Defence Capability JDCC Joint Doctrine & Concepts Community

JDCC Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre JDCMS Joint Data Communications Management Suite JDCU Jamming Detection Control Unit JDF Jamaica Defence Force JDFCG Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard JDIS E Joint Defence Intelligence Support System‐Europe JDISS Joint Defence Intelligence Support services JDLC Joint Distributed Learning Centre JDLMO Joint Data Link Management Organisation JDN Joint Doctrine Note JDOA Joint Desired Order of Arrival JDOAST Joint Desired Order of Arrival Table JDP Joint Doctrine Publication JDTS Joint Demand Tracking System JEB Joint Environmental Board JECC Joint Experimentation Co‐ordination Committee JED Joint Experimentation Database JEF Joint Experimentation Framework JEGS Job Evaluation Grading Support JEM Jet Engine Modulation JEMU Joint Environmental Markets Unit Jengo Junior Engineering Officer (Royal Air Force) JEOCG Joint Exercise Observer Control Group JEODC Joint EOD Cell JEP Joint Experimentation Programme JESA Joint Equipment Support Authority JESS Joint Exercise Support System JET Joint European Torus JETDS Joint Electronics Type Designation System JETI Jobs, Education and Training Information JETs Joint Essential Task List JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Centre JEWG Joint Executive Working Group JEZ Jezebel Passive ASW Sonar JF2000 Joint Force  2000  JFAC Joint Force Air Component JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander JFACHQ Joint Force Air Component Headquarters JFACTSU Joint Forward Air Controller Training and Standards Unit JFAI Joint Formal Acceptance Inspection JFAmphCC Joint Force Amphibious Component Commander JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transport JFC Joint Fires Cell JFC Joint Force Commander JFC Joint Force Commander (UK) JFC Joint Forces Commander JFDA(EP) Joint Force Development Agenda (Experimentation Priorities) JFDP Joint Force Development Process JFE Joint Fires Element JFET Joint Force Element Table JFET Joint Force Elements Table JFH Joint Force Harrier JFHQ Joint Force Headquarters

JFHQ Joint Forces Headquarters JFIT Joint Field Interrogation Team JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander JFLog CC Joint Logistic Component Commander JFLogC Joint Force Logistic Component JFLogCC Joint Force Logistics Component Commander JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander JFOS Joint Force Operations Staff JFPG Joint Forces Planning Group JFSFCC Joint Force Special Forces Component Commander JFSS Joint (Force) Signal Staff JFTHQ Joint Tactical Force Headquarters JGSDF Japan Ground Self‐Defence Force JGTO Joint Ground Based Air Defence Training Organisation JHC Joint Helicopter Command JHC Joint Helicopter Control JHP Jacketed Hollow Point JHQ Joint Headquarters JHQ Joint Head‐Quarters JHSU Joint Helicopter Support Unit JIA Joint Information Architecture JIAWG Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group JIB Joint Intelligence Bureau JIC Job Information Card JIC Job Instruction Card JIC Joint Intelligence Committee JICCC Joint Information and Communications Control Centre JIES Joint Inter‐operability Evaluation JIFDATS Joint‐services In‐Flight Data Transmission System JIFM Joint Information Flow Model JIGSAW Joint Implementation Group for Systematic Automation of Work JIN Job Identification Number JINTACS Joint Inter‐operability of Tactical Command And Control System JIO Joint Intelligence Organisation JIP Joint Interface Program JIPE Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Environment JIPTL Joint Integrated Prioritised Target List JIS Job Instruction Sheet JIT Just‐In‐Time JITA Japan Industrial Technology Association JITL Joint Integrated Target List JJPTP Joint Jet‐Pilot Training Programme JLC Joint Load Control JLC Jordan, Lee and Cawsey JLCC Joint Logistics Co‐ordination Centre JLP Joint Logistic Plan JLP Joint Logistic Plans JLP Joint Logistics Picture JLSPA Joint Logistic Sustainability Planning Assumption JMC Joint Maritime Conference JMC Joint Maritime Course JMCC Joint Maritime Control Centre JMCC Joint Movement Co‐ordination Committee

JMCC Joint Movements Coordination Centre JMCIS Joint Maritime CIS JMDS Joint Message Distribution Centre JMEA Japan Machinery Exporters Association JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task List JMF Joint Maritime Facility JMIC Joint Maritime Intelligence Centre JMO Joint Movement Order JMOTS Joint Maritime Operational Training Staff JMOTS Joint Maritime Operational Training Staffs JMSA Japan Maritime Safety Agency JMSDF Japan Maritime Self‐Defence Force JMUSDC Joint Mexican‐US Defence Commission JNCO Junior Non‐Commissioned Officer Jnr Tech Junior Technician JO Junior Officer JOA Joint Operations Area JOANNA JOint Airborne NavigatioN and Attack JOC Joint Operations Centre JOCC Joint Operational Concepts Committee JOCOMEX Joint (inter‐Service) Communications Exercise JOCOMEX Joint Communication Exercise JOCS Joint Operation Command System JOCS Joint Operational Command System JOCS Joint Operations Command System JOCS Joint Operations Command Systems JOG Joint Operations Group JOIC Joint Operations Intelligence Centre JOP Joint Operational Picture JOP Junior Officer Pilot JOSIC Joint Ocean Surveillance Information Centre JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System JOTS Joint Operations and Tactical System JOTS Joint Tactical System JOUST Aircraft System Performance Department BVR Air Combat Facility JOWOG JOint WOrking Group JP Jamming Pulse JPA Joint Personnel Administration JPAC Joint Personnel Administration Centre JPAS Joint Personnel Administration System (JPASS ‐ ’Study’) JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group JPEG Joint Photography Expert Group JPEG Joint Pictures Expert Group JPG Joint Planning Guide JPI Joint Precision Interdiction JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA JPO Joint Program Office JPO Joint Project Office (Project Horizon) JPR Joint Personnel Recovery JPS Joint Planning Staff

JPTT Junior Officer Tactics Team (US Navy) JR Junior Rate JRA Jaguar Rover Australia JRA Japanese Red Army JRC Joint Reconnaissance Centre JRC Joint Regional Command JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Centre JRD‐ 3  Japan Reconfiguration and Digitisation Program Phase III JRDF Joint Rapid Deployment Force JRDH Junior Rating’s Dining Hall JRDM Jaguar Reference Data Migration JRFL Joint Restricted Frequency List JRI Jules Richard Instruments JRIMC Joint Reference Information Management Capability JRO Junior Radio Operator JRPB Joint Radio Propagation Bureau JRR Joint Raid Reporting JRRF Joint Rapid Reaction Force JRs Junior Ratings (Leading Rates & below) JRSC Jam‐Resistant Secure Communications programme JS Junior Seaman JSA Job Seekers Allowance JSATO Joint Support Air Tasking Organisation JSB Joint Service Board JSB Joint Signal Board JSC Johnson Space Centre JSC Joint Signal Committee JSC Joint Steering Committee JSC Joint Supply Chain JSC Joint Support Chain JSCC Joint Supply Chain Committee JSCI Joint Command System Initiative JSCMPO Joint Service Cruise Missile Program Office (USAF and Navy) JSCPM Joint Supply Chain Performance Management JSCPMB Joint Supply Chain Performance Management Board JSCS Joint Supply Chain Services JSCSC Joint Service Command & Staff College JSCSC Joint Services Command and Staff College JSD Jackson Structured Design JSD Jackson System Development JSDC Joint Service Defence College JSDF Japan Self Defence Force JSDFA Japan Self Defence Force Agency JSEOD Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal JSEODOC Joint Services EOD Operations Centre JSESPO Joint Surface‐Effect Ship Program Office JSET Joint Service Expedition Trust JSF Joint Strike Fighter JSFU Joint Services Flail Unit JSHAO Joint Service Housing Advice Office JSIB Joint System integration Body JSIC Joint Services Intelligence Course JSIES Joint Services Imagery Exploitation System

JSIPS Joint Service Image Processing System JSLO Joint Service Liaison Organisation JSMC Joint Service Management Centre JSMC Joint Staff Message Control JSOR Joint Statement of Requirement JSOW Joint Stand‐Off Weapon JSP Joint Services Publication JSP375 MoD Health & Safety Handbook JSPI Joint School of Photographic Interpretation JSRC Joint Sub‐Regional Command JSRJ Joint Services Recognition Journal JSSADC Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre JSSO Joint Service Signals Organisation JSSU Joint Service Signals Unit JSTAR Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance System JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target‐Attack Radar System JSU Joint Support Unit JSWDL Joint Service Weapon Data Link JSyCC Joint Security Coordination Centre. Part of DDefSy Jt F Sp Joint Force Support JTAC Joint Terminal Attack Controller JTACMS Joint Tactical Missile System JTC3A Joint Tactical Command, Control and Communications Agency JTCB Joint Targeting Coordination Board JTD Joint Technical Documentation JTEPS Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff JTF Joint Task Force JTF HQ Joint Task Force HQ JTFC Joint Task Force Commander JTFP Joint Tactical Fusion Programme JTIDS Joint Tactical Info Distribution System JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation JTMMR Joint Tactical Multi‐Mode Radio JTMS Joint Transport & Movements Staff JTMS Joint Transport and Movements Staff JTOC Joint Training for Operations JTP Joint Technical Panel JTP Joint Theatre Plan JTRC Joint Technical Requirements Committee JTSAC Joint Training, Simulation and Analysis Centre JUD/JUF Type of RN Radar Display JUMP Joint UHF Modernisation Project junc Junction JUWG Joint User Working Group JV Joint Venture JVC Joint Venture Company JVX Joint service advanced vertical lift aircraft JWC Joint Warfare Committee JWGs Joint MoD/Industries Work Groups JWID Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration JWOG Sub Group J WOrking Group

JWP Joint Warfare Publication JWRPL Joint Warfare Priority List JWS Joint Warehouse System JWS Joint Warfare Staff JWTDC Joint Warfare Tactical Doctrine Committee k Modulus of sub‐grade reaction KA Keep Alive KAAOT Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal KAG‐ 22  K‐Action Group KAPSE Kernel APSE KAS Killed on Active Service KATIE Killer Alert Threat Identification and Evasion Kbit Kilobit KBMS Knowledge Based Management System Kbps Kilo Bits Per Second KBS Knowledge Based Scheduling KBS Knowledge Based System KBS Knowledge Based Systems KBU Keyboard Unit kcas Knots Calibrated Air Speed KD Known Distances KDR Kill / Detection Ratio KDU Keyboard Display Unit KE Kinetic Energy KEK Key Encryption Key KEK Kinetic Energy Kill KEM Kinetic Energy Missile KEP Kinetic Energy Penetrator KERR Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope KEW Kinetic Energy Weapon KFD KEK Fill Device KFOR International Kosovo Force KFP Korean Fighter Program kg Kilogram(s) kg Kilogrammes Kgsm Kingsman kHz Kilo Hertz (One thousand cycles per second) kHz KiloHertz KI Key Interface KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed KIMO Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation KIT Keeping In Touch KITE Keep It To Essentials KITE Kinetic energy kill Integrated Technology Experiments KKV Kinetic Kill Vehicle KKVHILS Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware in the Loop Simulator KKW Kinetic Kill Weapon KLE Key Leadership Engagement KLU Key and Lamp Unit Km Kilometre KMA Korea Military Academy KMP Key Management Protocol kN KiloNewton

kn Knot(s) (maritime navigation) kn Knots kn Knott KP Keypoint KPAF Korean People’s Air Force KPAG Key Partners Action Group (Scottish Office) kph Kilometers Per Hour kph Kilometres per hour KPI Key Performance Indicators KPNLF Khmer People’s National Liberation Front KPO Key Process Owner KPP Key Performance Parameter KPRG Key Process Review Group KPS Knowledge Processing System KPU Keyboard Printer Unit KSA Key Support Area KSA Key Systems Advisor KSAs Key Support Areas KSC Kennedy Space Centre KSEMs Key Supply Engagement Managers KSF Key Success Factors KSPR Key Stage Peer Review KSR Key System Requirement KSR Keyboard Send / Receive KSSP Key Skills Support Programme KT Key Target kt Knot(s) (aeronautical navigation) KTA Key Technical Area KTA Key Technical Assumption ktas Knots True Airspeed KUR Key User Requirement KUR Key User Requirements KV Key Variable kVA Kilo Volt Amps KVA KiloVolt Amp kVA Kilovolt Amperes KVDT Keyboard Visual Display Unit KVM Keyboard Video Mouse switch kW Kilowatts KWIC Key Word In Context KWIPS Thousand of Whetstone Instructions per Second KWOC Key Word Out of Context L Loss Factor L&TH Lethality and Target Hardening L11 Link  11  L14 Link  14  L16 Link  16  LA Local Authority LA Locally Attractive LA IPT Logistics Applications Intergrated Project Team LA21 Local Agenda  21  LAA Light Anti‐Aircraft LAAAS Low‐Altitude Airfield Attack System

LAAD Low Altitude Air Defence LAADS Low Altitude Aircraft Detection System LAAG Light Anti‐Aircraft Gun LAAM Light Anti‐Aircraft Missile LAAPC Local Authority Air Pollution Control LAASH LITEF’s Analogue Air data System for Helicopters LAAT Laser Augmented Air‐borne TOW LAAV Light Air‐borne ASW Vehicle LAAWC Local AAW Commander or Coordination circuit LAAWC Local Anti‐Air Warfare Coordinator lab Laboratory LAB Light Assault Bridge Lab Sp Labour Support LABCOM Laboratory Command (US Army) LABRV Large Advanced Ballistic Re‐entry Vehicle LABS Low Altitude Bombing System LABS Low‐Altitude Bombing System LAC Land Activity Code LAC Leading Aircraftman LAC List of Assessed Contractors LACE Landline Air defence Communications Encryption LACF Logistics Application Compliance Framework LACH Lightweight Amphibious Container Handler LACW Leading Aircraftwoman LAD Large Area Display LAD Laser Acquisition Device LAD Laser Alignment Device LAD Launch Assist Device LAD Learning Analysis Document LAD Liberation Army Daily (newspaper) LAD Light Aid Detachment LAD Local Air Defence LAD Local Area Disc LAD Local Area Domain LAD Low Altitude Dispenser LADA Logical Applications and Data Architecture LADAR Laser Detection And Ranging LADAR LAser raDAR LADD Low Altitude Drogue Delivery LADS Laser Air‐borne Depth Sounder LADS Light Air Defence System LADS Local Area Depot System LAE Low Altitude Extraction LAF Light Assault Ferry LAF Low Frequency Active System LAFIS Ledger Accounting Financial Information System LAFIS Ledger Accounts Financial Management Information System LAFIS Local Area Financial Information System LAFT Light Aircraft Flying Task LAFTA Latin American Free Trade Association LAFTS Laser And FLIR Test Set LAG Local Award Group LAG Local Award Group (GEMS)

LAH Light Attack Helicopter LAIA Latin American Integration Association LAIPT Logistics Applications Integrated Project Team LAIR Laser and Atomic Research and Development LAIRCM Large Aircraft Infra Red Counter Measures LAIRS Light Aircraft Reconnaissance System LAIS Lithium Aluminium Iron Sulphide LAIT Land Accident and Investigation Team LAL Launch And Leave LAM Long Aerial Mine LAMP Large Advanced Mirror Programme LAMP Lockheed Adaptive Modular Payload LAMP Long Assisted Maintenance Period LAMPS Light Air‐borne Multi‐Purpose System LAMS Local Area Missile System LAN Local Area Network LAN Local Area Network (IT) LANA Low Altitude Night Attack LANDCENT Commander Allied Land Forces Central Europe LANDCOMD LAND Command LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory LANTIRN Low Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra Red Night LANTIRN Low‐Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra‐Red, Night LAP Local Air Plot LAPADS Lightweight Acoustic Processing And Display System LAPC Local Accident Procedure Course LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System LAR Light Artillery Rocket LAR Light Automatic Rifle LARA Large Aperture Research Array LARC Lighter Amphibious Re‐supply Cargo LARC Logistics & Resource Cell LARC Low Altitude Ride Control LARC Low‐Altitude Ride Control LARO Logistic Analysis and Research Organisation LARS Light Artillery Rocket System LARS Lower Airspace Radar Service LAS Local Area Sub‐System LAS Local Area System LASER Learning Age Standards Evaluation and Review (the new IiP standard) LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation LASHE Low Altitude Simultaneous HAWK Engagement LASO Latin American Solidarity Organisation LASR Low Altitude Surveillance Radar LASS Large Area Smoke Screening LASS Light Armoured System Support LASS Local Area Sensor System LASS Low Altitude Surveillance System LASSIE Low Airspeed Sensing and Indicating Equipment LASSO Light Anti‐Surface Semi‐automatic Optical missile LAST Local Area System Transport LAST Low Altitude Supersonic Target LASTE Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement

lat Latitude LAT Light Anti‐Tank LAT Load Allocation Table LAT Local Area Transport LATAR Laser‐Augmented Target Acquisition and Recognition LATAS Laser True Airspeed System LATCC London Air Traffic Control Centre LATCP Local Area Transport Control Programme LATIF Logistic Applications Test and Integration Framework LATIS Lightweight Air‐borne Thermal Imaging System LATS Light Armoured Turret System LAV Light Armoured Vehicle LAV Light Assault Vehicle LAVA Low‐profile Adaptive Vehicular Antenna LAV‐AD Light Armoured Vehicle ‐ Air Defence LAV‐AG Light Armoured Vehicle ‐ Assault Gun LAW Light Anti‐armour Weapon LAW Light Anti‐tank Weapon LAX Limited Area automatic Extraction (radar tracking) LB Light Bomber LB Local Battery lb Pound LBA Longbow Apache LBdr Lance Bombardier lbF Pounds Force LBH Light Battlefield Helicopter LBHMMS Longbow Hellfire Modular Missile System LBI Longbow International LBM Lever Breech Mechanism LBO Log Book Office LBP Local Business Plan LBR Laser Beam Rider LBRG Laser Beam‐Riding Guidance LBS Leave Behind Sonar LBTS Land Based Test Site (Portsdown) LBTS Land‐Based Test Site LBU Logical Business Unit LC Logistics Command LC COORD Landing Craft Coordinator LC2IEDM Land Command and Control International Exchange Data model LCA Landing Craft Assault LCA Life Cycle Analysis LCA Light Combat Aircraft LCAC Landing Craft Air‐Cushion LCAD Lightweight Chemical Agent Detector LCAJ Low‐cost Anti‐Jam system LCAS Light Close Air Support LCB Logistic Configuration Baseline LCC Land Component Command LCC Las Communications Controller LCC Launch Control Centre LCC Life Cycle Cost LCC Life Cycle Costing

LCC Life Cycle Costs LCC Limited Capability Configuration LCC Local Change Coordinator LCC Local Command Centre LCC Logistics Co‐ordination Centre LCCC Launch Control Centre Computer LCCI London Chamber of Commerce and Industry LCCO Landing Craft Control Officer LCD Latest Completion Date LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCDP Local Career Development Panel LCEE Low Cost Emplacement Excavator LCF Liability Control and Forecasting LCF Low Cycle Fatigue LCG Load Classification Group LCH Light Combat Helicopter LCIA Logistics Coherence Information Architecture LCINS Low Cost Inertial Navigation System LCL Landing Craft Logistic LCLU Landing Control Logic Unit LCM Landing Craft Mechanised LCM Laser Countermeasures LCMS Learning Content Management System LCMU London Civilian Management Unit LCN Load Classification Number LCN Logistics Control Number LCN LSA Control Number LCO Launch Control Officer LCOSS Lead Computing Optical Sight System LCP Landing Craft, Personnel LCP Launch Control Post LCpl Lance Corporal LCR Land Condition Record LCS Logistics Commodities and Services LCS Low‐Cost Sonobuoy LCSC London Computer/Communications Security Committee LCSS Land Combat Support System LCT Landing Craft Tank LCT Light Crawler Tractor LCT Longbow Crew Trainer LCU Landing Craft Utility LCU Launch Control Unit LCU Lightweight Computer Unit LCV Low‐Cost Visual LCVP Landing Craft Vehicles and Personnel LCWS Low Cost Weapon Delivery System LD Liquidated Damages LD Loop Disconnect LD Low Drag (bombs) LD/MD Logistic Demonstration/Maintenance Demonstration LDA Landing Distance Available LDA Laser Doppler Anemometry LDA Latent Damage Act

LDA Learning and Development Adviser LDA Learning and Development Advisor LDA Limited Danger Area LDA Logistics Data Analysis LDA London Development Agency LDAH Landing Distance Available (Helicopter) LDC Launch Detection System LDCN Local Data Communications Network LDD Logistic Data and Documentation LDDI Less Developed Defence Industrial nation LDF Lightweight Digital Facsimile LDFB Low Density Fibre Board LDLC Low Density Low Complexity Airspace LDM Local Distribution Manager LDMTS Laser Designator Marked Target Seeker LDNS Laser Doppler Navigation System LDO Learning and Development Officer LDO Limited Duties Officer (US Navy) LDOCF Long Distance Operational Control Facility LDP Laser Designator Pod LDP Local Distribution Point LDP London Development Partnership LDR Low Data Rate LDS Laser Dazzle Sight LDS Laser Detecting Set LDS Layered Defence System LDS Logical Data Structure LDT Laser Detector Tracker LDT Limited Directed Task LDT Logistics Delay Time LDT/SCAM Laser Detector and Tracker‐Strike Camera LDTD Logistics Data And Technical Documentation LDTM Light‐Duty Tank Target Mechanism LDU Launcher Display Unit LDV Laser Doppler Velocimeter LDW Laser Damage Weapon LE Life Extension LE Logistics Engineering LE(A) Logistics Executive (Army) LEA Local Education Authority LEA Local Exercise Area LEAD Launched Expendable Acoustic Decoy LEAP Lightweight Exoatmospheric Advanced Projectile LEBA Long Endurance Breathing Apparatus LEC Local Enterprise Company (Scotland) LEC Locally Employed Civilian LEC Locally Engaged Civilian LEC Coord Locally Engaged Civilian Coordinator LECOS Light Electronic Control System LED Light Emitting Diode LED Low Endoatmospheric Defence LEDI Low Endoatmospheric Defence Interceptor LEGAD Legal Adviser

LEGS Lightweight Engine Generator Set LELEC Large Engine Low Emission Consortium LEM Lunar Excursion Module LEMC Land Environment Message Centre LEN Large Extension Node LENS Large Extension Node Switch LEO Low Earth Orbit LEO RFA Computer LEOS Loral Electro‐Optical Systems LEP Life Extension Programme LEP Light External Pintle LEP Locally Engaged Personnel LEP Locally Entered/Engaged Personnel Leq Equivalent continuous noise level LER Life External Refit LERIC Land Environment Reference Information Capability LEROS Land Environment Register of Operational Stocks LES Large Earth Station LESPA Land Environment Sustainability Planning Assumption LET Launch and Escape Time LET Light Equipment Transporter LET Logistics Escape Trunk LEU Laser Electronic Unit LEU Laser Electronics Unit LEV Light Enhancing Viewing LEV Local Exhaust Ventilation LEWDD Lightweight Early Warning Detection Device LF Land Forces LF Landing Force LF Launch Facility LF Line Feed LF Low Frequency LF Low Frequency (30 –  300  kHz) LFA Logistics Functional Area LFA Low Frequency Active LFA Low Frequency Active sensor LFAS Low Frequency Active Sonar LFE Learning From Experience LFH Low Fire Hazard LFICS Landing Force Integrated Communications System LFL Lot‐For‐Lot LFM Live Firing Monitor LFP Light Floor Pintle LFRED Liquid‐Fuelled Ramjet Engine Development LFRJ Liquid‐Fuelled Ramjet LFS Labour Force Survey LFS Limited Funded Site LFSMS Logistic Force‐Structure Management System LFSO Land Forces Standing Order LFU Large Flying Unit LFV Light Forces Vehicle LG Landing Ground LGB Laser Guided Bomb

LGC Laboratory of the Government Chemist LGD Local Gun Director LGDM Laser Guided Dispenser Munitions LGM Loop Group Multiplexer LGMB Local Government Management Board LGR Laser Guidance Receiver LGSC Linear GlideSlope Capture LH Left Hand LH Light Helicopter LHA Laser Hazard Area LHAT Laser Hazard Area Trace LHD Left‐Hand Drive LHDF Ledger Heading Distribution File LHE Left Hand Edge LHG Left Hand Grip LHH Laser Hazard Hemisphere LHM Laser‐Hardened Materials LHN Long‐Haul Network LHPF Ledger Heading Parameter File LHS Left Hand Seat LHS Left Hand Side LHS Load‐ Handling System LHW Laser‐Homing Weapon LHX Light Helicopter Experimental LI LAN Interconnection service LI Laser Interrogator LIA Linear Induction Accelerator LIB Loudspeaker Intercom Box LIC Line Integrity Check LIC Low Intensity Conflict LICAS Low Intensity Conflict Aircraft System LID Laser Irradiation Detector LID Lift‐Improvement Device LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging Lieut Lieutenant LIF Low Insertion Force LIFO Last In First Out LIFT Lead‐In Fighter Training LIG Laser Image Generator LII Light Image Intensifier LIM Lotus Intel Microsoft (Standard for memory systems) LIM Low‐Inclination Mission LIMAS Lightweight Marking System LIMAWS Light Mobile Artillery Weapon System LIMAWS Light Mobile Artillery Weapons System LIMSS Logistics Information Management Support LINAC Linear Accelerator LINAS Laser‐Inertial Navigation / Attack System Link  11  HF or UHF communication link for RN, US and some NATO platforms. Based on a supermarket data link! Link  16  Communication link for JTIDS LINS Laser Inertial Navigation System LINS/GPS Laser Inertial Navigation System / Global Positioning System

LIO LITS Installation Order LIOD Lightweight Optronic Director LION Linked Information Office Network LION Local Information Office Network LIPS Land Image Processing System LIPs Logical Inferences Per second LIR Laser Intercept Receiver LIRA Low Intensity Reconnaissance Aircraft LIRD Laser and Infra‐red Irradiation Detector LIROD Lightweight Radar Optronic Director LIRP Logistic Information Requirements Planning LIRS Laser Inertial Reference System LIS Logistic Information System LISA Logical Information Systems Architecture LISCOPE Logistic Information Systems Collaboration ProgrammE LISE Laser Integrated Space Experiment LISR Logistic Impact & Sustainability Review LITAL Litton Italia SpA LITBIEL Lithuania and Byelorussia LITE Laser Illumination Target Equipment LITS Logistic Information Technology System LITS Logistics Information Technology Strategy LITS Logistics Information Technology Strategy (RAF) LITS Logistics Information Technology System LITSO Local Information Technology Security Officer LITVC Liquid‐Injection Thrust Vector Control LIVEX Live Exercise LJU Line Jack Unit LL Light Line LL Low Level LLA Long Linear Arrays LLAD Low Level Air Defence LLC Logical Link Control LLCC Logistics Life Cycle Cost LLDC Low Level Direct Coupling LLDD Low Level Direct Drive LLDS Low Latency Data Service LLGB Launch and Leave Guided Bomb LLGB Low Level Guided Bomb LLH Light Liaison Helicopter LLHK Low Level Height Keeper ‐ low level air target LLI Long Lead Item LLL Low Level Language LLLGB Low‐Level Laser Guided Bomb LLLTV Low‐Light Level Television LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLR Low Level Radar LLS Loan Library Service LLSC Low Level Swept Coupling LLSF Low Level Swept Field LLT Low Level Targets LLTI Long Lead Time Item LLTS Leafield Logistics & Technical Services

LLTV Low Light Level Television LLTV Low Light Television LLWD Low‐Level Weapons Delivery LM Line Manager LM LITS Manager LM Logistic Modelling LM Loose Minute LM Low Magnetic LM No Local Manufacture Number LMA Leading Medical Assistant LMA Leading Medical Assistant (Royal Navy) LMAS Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems LMAW Light Multi‐purpose Assault Weapon LMC Local Military Commander LMC Local Modification Committee LMCR Liquid Metal Cooled Reactor LMD Light Mobile Digger LMDE Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment LMF Local Management Facility LMG Light Machine Gun LMI Labour Market Intelligence/Information LMI Liquid Metal Infiltration LML Lightweight Multiple Launcher LML(V) Lightweight Multiple Launcher (Vehicle) LML/SL Lightweight Multiple Launcher/Shoulder Launched LMLC Low Mobility Load Carrier LMM Light Mortar Munitions LMMSA Lightweight Modular Multi‐purpose Spanning Assembly LMOTS Launcher Maintenance and Operational Training System LMR Land Magnetic Range LMRDFS Lightweight Man‐transportable Radio Direction Finding System LMRS London Military Radar Services LMS Learning Management System LMS Local Management of Schools LMS Low Magnetic Store LMS11 Link  11  Monitoring System LMT Labour Market Trends LMTN Logistics Management TermiNal LMTR Laser Marker and Target Ranger LMTV Light Medium Tactical Vehicle LMTVT Light Medium Tactical Vehicle Trailer LMU Life Measurement Unit LNA Low Noise Amplifier LNA Low Noise Amplifiers LNE Late Network Entry LNO Limited Nuclear Option LNOHD Laser Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance LNS Land Navigations System LNS Local Network Services LNTS League of Nations Treaty Series LNV Limit of Night Vision LO Liaison Officer LO Lift‐Off

LO Local Oscillator LO Logistic Officer LO Low Observability (stealth) LO Low Observable (UAV) LOA Launch On Assessment LOA Letter of Offer & Acceptance LOA Logistics Operational Assurance LOAC Law of Armed Conflict LOAD Low Altitude Defence LOADEO Loading of Explosive Ordnance LOADS Low‐Altitude Air Defence System LOAL Lock on After Launch LOB Line‐Of‐Bearing LOB Local OSLAN Bridge LOBL Lock On Before Launch LOC Line of Communication LOC Lines of Communications LOC Local Operations Console LOC Localiser Loc Locating LOC Logistics Operations Centre LOCAAS Low‐cost Anti‐Armour Sub‐munitions programme LOCAP Lo Combat Air Patrol LOCAT Low Cost Artillery Trainer LOCAT Low‐cost Aerial Trainer LOCATM Low‐cost Advanced Technology Missile LOCATS Low Cost Air Target System LOCC Launch Operations Control Centre LOCE Large Optical Communications Experiment LOCE Limited Operational Capacity for Europe LOCE Linked OPINTEL Centres Europe (US System serving NATO) LOCE Linked OPS‐INTEL Centre Europe LOCLAD Low Altitude Dispenser System LOCLAD Low‐cost Low Altitude Dispenser LoCoFIS Logistics Command Financial Information System LOCPOD Low Cost Powered Dispenser LOCREP Location Report LOCS Land area Operational Command System LOCSTAT Location State LOCUS Laser Obstacle & Cable Unmasking System LOCUS Laser Obstacle Cable Unmasking System LOD Letter of Delegation LOD Lines of Development LODE Large Optics Demonstration Experiment LoDRM Lines of Development Responsibility Matrix LOE Level Of Effort LOE Limit Of Exploitation LOF Line‐Of‐Fire LOFAADS Lo‐Altitude Forward Area Air Defence System LOFARGRAM Low Frequency Recording and Analysis Gram LofD Line of Departure LofF Line of Fire Log Logistic

Log IP Logistics Information Plan Log IS Logistics Information Systems Log NEC Logistics Network Enabled Capability LogCWG Logistics Capability Working Group LOGEX Logistic Exercise LOGMAN Logistics and Manpower Division, SHAPE LOGOPS Logistics for Operations LOGREQ Logistic Requirement LOGREQ Logistic Requirements LOGSHORE Logistics Short Report message LOGSTAT Logistics State LOGSUM Logistics Summary message LOGSUPREP Logistics Support Report message LOH Light Observation Helicopter LOI Lack Of Item LOI Letter of Intent LoL Limit of Liability LOM Leading Operator/Maintainer (RN sailor) LOMADS Low Altitude Missile Air Defence System LOMAH Location of Miss And Hit long Longitude LOP Local Operational Picture LOP Long Overhaul Period LOP(R) Long Overhaul Period (Refuel) LOPT Lynx Helicopter Observer Procedure Trainer LORA Level Of Repair Analysis LORAN Long Range Aid to Navigation LORAN Long Range Navigation LORAP Level of Repair Analysis Plan LORIS Long‐range Infra‐red System LORO Lobe On Receive Only LOROC Long‐range Off‐board Chaff LOROC Long‐range Optical Camera LOROP LOng Range OPtical sensor LOROP Long Range Photography LOROP Long‐range Oblique Photography LORROS Long‐range Reconnaissance and Observation System LORV Low‐Observable Re‐entry Vehicle LOSACA Liaison Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic LOSAT Line‐Of‐Sight Anti‐Tank LOS‐BR Line of Sight ‐ Beam Riding LOS‐F Line‐Of‐Sight Forward LOSI Line‐Of‐Sight Indicator LOS‐R Line‐Of‐Sight Rear LOTAWS Laser Obstacle Terrain‐Avoidance Warning System LOTS Laser Output Test Set LOTS Logistics Over The Shore LOV Loan of Vehicle LOVA Low Vulnerability LOVA Low‐Vulnerability Ammunition LOW Launch On Warning LOX Liquid Oxygen LP Liquid Propellant

LP Listening Post LP Low Power LP Low Pressure LP(R) Landing Platform Dock (Replacement) LPA Linear Power Amplifier LPA Local Planning Authority LPAR Large Phased Array Radar LPC Launched Pod Container LPC Linear Predictive Coding LPC Local Procurement Cell LPC Low Pay Commission LPC Low Pressure Compressor LPD Amphibious Assault Transport Dock LPD Label Plan Display LPD Labelled Position Display LPD Landing Period Designator or Low Probability of Detection LPD Landing Platform Dock LPD Logistics Process Definition LPE Low Probability of Exploitation LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas LPH Landing Platform Helicopter LPH Light Pintle Head LPI Limited Price Indexation LPI Lines Per Inch LPI Low Probability of Intercept LPI Low Probability of Interception LPI/LPE Low Probability of Interception and Exploitation LPIR LPI Radar LPL Linear Polarised Laser LPM Lines Per Minute LPO Local Purchase Order LPP Lay‐up Preparations Period LPR Low‐cost Packet Radio LPRA Low Power Radio Association LPS Lightning Protection System LPT Low Pressure Turbine LPT Low Profile Turret LPTS Lightweight Protected Turret System LPU Local Programming Unit LPV Landing Pontoon Vehicle LQ Letter Quality LQA Land Quality Assessment LQA Link Quality Analysis LR Long Range LRA Lowest Replacement Assembly LRAACA Long‐range Air Anti‐Submarine Capability Aircraft LRAAS Long‐range Air‐borne ASW System LRAS3 Long‐range Advanced Scout Surveillance System LRAT Large Radar Array Technology LRAT Long‐range Anti‐Tank LRATGW Long Range Anti‐Tank Guided Weapon LRBB Long Range Base Bleed

LRBM Long‐range Ballistic Missile LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Check LRCA Long Range Combat Aircraft LRCR Long‐range Chaff Rocket LRCS Long‐range Communications System LRCSOW Long‐range Conventional Stand‐Off Weapon LRCU Landing Rollout Control Unit LRD Labelled Radar Display LRD Laser Range‐finder / Designator LRE Low Risk Enhancement (Sonar 2074) LREG Leading Regulator ‐ ship’s policeman & assistant t LRF Laser Range Finder LRF Low Recoil Force Gun LRFD Laser Range Finder / Designator LRGB Long‐range Glide Bomb LRHB Long Range Hollow Base LRI Line Replaceable Item LRINF Longer Range Intermediate Nuclear Forces LRINF Longer‐Range Intermediate Nuclear Forces LRIP Low Rate Initial Production LRIS Land Reference Information Services LR‐IST Long‐range Infra‐Red Search and Track LRL Lightweight Rocket Launcher LRM Line Replaceable Model LRM Long‐range air‐to‐air Missile LRM Low Rate Multiplexer LRMP Long Range Maritime Patrol LRMR Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance LRMTS Laser Range and Marked‐Target Seeker LRMTS Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker LRN Low Recoil Niricum LRO Leading Radio Operator LRPA Long‐range Patrol Aircraft LRQA Lloyds Register Quality Assurance LRR Long Range Radar LRR Long‐Range Radar LRR Low Receiving Room LRRP Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol LRS Link Reinforcement Set LRSAM Long Range Surface‐to‐Air Missile LRSOM Long Range SOM LRSOM Long‐range Stand‐Off Missile LRSS Long‐range Surveillance System LRTNF Long‐range Theatre Nuclear Forces LRTV Long Range Thermal Video LRU Line Replaceable Unit LRU Line Replacement/Replaceable Unit LRU Lowest Replaceable Unit LRV Launch and Recovery Vehicle LRV Light Rail Vehicle LRW Locally Recruited Workers LRWP Land Ranges Working Party LS Land Systems sector

LS Leading Seaman LS &GC Long Service & Good Conduct (a type of RN medal) LS0H Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSA Layered Security Architecture LSA Life Saving Appliances LSA Link State Advertisement ( from OSPF Protocol) LSA Local System Administrator LSA Logistic Support Analysis LSA Logistics Support Analysis LSA Local Stores Administrator LSAM Logistic Support Analysis Manager LSAP Logistic Support Analysis Plan LSAR Logistic Support Analysis Record LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Record LSAT Logistic Shelter, Air‐Transportable LSB Least Significant Bit LSB Lower Side Band (radio) LSB Lower Sideband LSB Lower Side‐Band LSC Learning and Skills Council LSC Logistic Support Committee LSC Logistics Support Centre LSC Logistics Support Command LSCAM Local Sea Clearance Acceptance Meeting LSCI Logistic Support Capability Inspection LSCP Launching System Control Panel LSD Labour Support Detachment LSD Landing Ship, Dock LSD Large Screen Display LSD Least Significant Digit LSD Logistic Support Date LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide LSD(A) Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) LSDA Learning and Skills Development Agency LSDA Logistics Support and Deployability Audit LSDB Logistics and Sustainment Desk Book LSDIS Light and Special Division Interim Sensor LSDMG Laboratory Standard Digital Map Generator LSDW Laser Sensor Damage Weapon LSE Life Support Equipment LSE Local Security Environment LSF Logical Software Function LSF Low Smoke and Fumes LSF0H Low Smoke and Fume zero Halogen LSFFAR Low‐Speed Folding‐Fin Aircraft Rocket LSG Logistics Support Group LSG‐LEP Land Systems Group – Land Equipment Policy LSI Landing Ship, Infantry LSI Large Scale Integration LSI Logistic Support Inspection LSIC Large Scale Integrated Circuit LSID Large Scale of Issue Detector LSL Landing Ship Logistic

LSL Landing Ship Logistics LSM Landing Ship, Medium LSM LITS System Manager LSM Logistics Simulation Module LSM Medium Amphibious Assault Landing Ship LSMT Landing Ship Marshalling Team LSO Laser Safety Officer LSO Launch Safety Officer LSO Limited Strategic Option LSO LITS Security Officer LSO Local Security Officer LSOR Land System Operational Requirement LSOT Landing Signal Officer Trainer LSP Logistics Support Plan LSR LITS Survey Report LSRD Location Specific Reference Data LSRW Land Systems Reference Centre LSS Land Support System LSS Logistics Support Solution LSS Logistics Support System LSSB Land System Safety Board LSSC Light Seal Support Craft LSSIP Local Single Skies Implementation Plan LSSO Land System Safety Office LSST Laser Spot Seeker / Tracker LST Amphibious Vehicle Landing Ship LST Landing Ship Tank LST Laser Spot Tracker LST Lightning Support Team LST Lot and Serial number Traceability LST(H) Landing Ship Tank (Helicopter) LSU Labour Support Unit LSU Line Signalling Unit LSV Light Strike Vehicle LSV Logistics Support Vehicle LSVW Logistics Support Vehicle, Wheeled LSW Light Support Weapon LT Lead Time (MRPII) LT Light Transportable Lt Light(house) LT Line Telegraphy LT Low Tension Lt Cdr Lieutenant Commander LT CDR(F) Lieutenant Commander(Flying) ‐ deputy to CDR AIR Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel Lt Gen Lieutenant General Lt jg Lieutenant, Junior Grade (US Navy) LTA Light Transport Aircraft LTA Logistics Technical Analysis LTAR Lands Training Areas & Ranges LTAV Lighter Than Air Vehicle LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty LTC Local Technical Committee

LTC Long Term Contract LTC Long Term Costing LTC Long Term Costings LTD Laser Target Designator LTD Limited (liability) company LTDD Long Term Detached Duty LTEL Long Term Exposure Liit LTEP Long Term Equipment Programme LTF Large Test Frame (at DERA Dunfermline) LTFCS Laser Tank Fire‐Control System LTFP Long Term Force Programmes LTG Line Termination Group LTH Light Towed Howitzer LTI Local Technical Instruction LTID Laser Target Interface Device LTM Laser Target Marker LTM Line Termination Module LTMR Laser Target Marker and Receiver LTN Local Track Number LTO Lead Time Offset (MRPII) LTOS Logistics Technical off‐site Support LTP Long Term Plan LTPA Long Term Partnering Arrangement LTPM Long Term Planning Meeting LTR Laser Tracker/Receiver LTR Long Term Refurbishment LTR Long Term Requirement LTR Long Term Reserve LTR(P) Long Term Review (Programme) LTRS Lightweight Torpedo Recovery System LTS Laser Training System LTS Link Translator System LTS Low frequency Transmit Subsystem LTSCP Long Term Ship Communication Plan LTSRP Long Term Ship Replacement Programme LTT AEA Technology’s Lightning Test and Technology group LTT Light Tracked Tractor LTTP Long‐term Technology Programme LTU Laser Transceiver Unit LTU Laundry Transportable Unit LTU Line Terminating Unit LTW Lyneham Training Wing LTWA Long Trailing Wire Antenna LU Luxemburg LUA Launch Under Attack lub Lubricant Lub Oil Lubrication Oil LUE Local Unit Establishment LUH Light Utility Helicopter LUMAT Limitations in the Use of Missiles and Ammunition at Training LUNOS Lightweight Universal Night Observation System LUT Local User Terminal LV Launch Vehicle

LV Low Voltage Electricity LVA Landing Vehicle Assault LVA Large Vertical Aperture radar LVA Loud Vocal Alarm LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transformer LVP Low Value Purchase LVS Logistic Vehicle System LVT Landing Vehicle Tracked LVTC Landing Vehicle Tracked Command LVTE Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Engineer LVTH Landing Vehicle Tracked Howitzer LVTP Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnel LVTR Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery LW Long Wave (radio) LWA Laser Warning Analyser LWB Long Wheelbase LWC Land Warfare Centre LWC Liquid Water Content LWD Laser Warning device LWDR Lightweight Designator / Range‐finder LWF Long‐Weight Fighter LWIR Long Wave Infra Red LWIR Long Wave Infra‐Red LWL Lightweight (rocket) Launcher LWL Lightweight Weapon Launch system LWLD Lightweight Laser Designator LWMB Local Works Maintenance Budget LWML Light Weight Multiple Launcher LWMS Light Weight Modular Site LWO Lead Welfare Officer LWP Light Window Pintle LWP Local Working Procedure LWR Laser Warning Receiver LWR Laser Warning Receivers LWREN Leading Wren LWT Light Weapon Turret LWT Light Weight Torpedo LWT Light Wheeled Tractor LWT LightWeighT LWTC Land Warfare Training Centre (formerly Combined Arms Training Centre) LYCHGATE Intelligence System for Head Quarters Strike Command LYDIA LTC Year‐on‐year Data and Information Analysis LZ Landing Zone LZE Luminous‐Zone Emissivity M Mechanical M Mega  106  m metre(s) m Mili  10 ‐ 3  M Missile & Gunnery division/organisation etc M&L Mechanical & Electrical M&S Modelling and Simulation M/O Mandatory/Optional m/s metres per second

M/S CPO Master / Senior Chief Petty Officer (US Navy) M1P1 MRAV Version  1  M2P2 MRAV Version  2  M3 MODAF Meta‐Model M4 MODAF Methodology Managed in MooD MA Maintenance Area MA Management Accountant or Manpower Audit MA Marketing Agreement MA Master of Arts MA Material Accounting MA Mechanical Alloying MA Medical Assistant MA Military Attaché/Military Assistant MA Modern Apprenticeship (Foundation and Advanced levels) MA Release Military Aircraft Release MAA Master At Arms (Royal Navy) MAA Master‐at‐Arms MAA Military Aviation Authority MAA Mission Area Analysis MAA Monitoring Angle of Attack MAAP Master Air Attack Plan MAB Marine Amphibious Brigade MAB Mobile Assault Bridge MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart MAC Mandatory Access Control MAC Materiel Accounting Centre MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord MAC Media Access Control MAC Medium Access Control (ATM) MAC Medium Armoured Car MAC Military Airlift Command MAC Multi Activity Contracts MAC Multi Activity Course MACA Military Assistance to the Civil Authorities MACA/C/M/P Military Aid to the Civil Authority/Community/Ministry/Power MACC Military Aid to the Civil Commander MACC Military Aid to the Civilian Community MACC Military Area Control Centre MACC Military Assistance to the Civil Community MACCS Marine Air Command Control System MACCSM Mobile Adaptable Communications Countermeasures System MACD Maintenance Analysis and Computer Division MACE Manpower Analysis & Constraints Evaluation Model or Multi‐static Active Capability Enhancement or Mission Adaptive Combat Environment MACED Month After Contract Effective Date MACEX Military Air Control Exercise MACI Military Adaption of Commercial Items MACIMS Military Airlift Command Integrated Management System MACM Military Assistance to Civil Ministries MACM Military Assistance to the Civil Ministries MACMT Mean Active Corrective Maintenance Time MACP Military Air systems Certification Process MACP Military Assistance to Civil Power

MACR Major Accident Control Regulations MACS Magnetic Countermine System MACS Management Accountants Computer System MACS Marine Air Control Squadron MACS Multi‐Altitude Control System MACS Multiple Acceleration Control System MACS Multiple Access Communications System MACS Multiple Applications Control System MACTIS Mine‐hunting Action Information Subsystem MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detection MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detector MAD Mass Air Delivery MAD Mutually Assured Destruction MADAR Maintenance Analysis Detection and Recording Madar Maintenance Analysis, Detection and Recording MADC Miniature Air Data Computer MADGE Malaysian Air Defence Ground Environment MADGE Microwave Aircraft Digital Guidance Equipment MADLS Mobile Air Defence Launching System MADS Military Advanced Disk System MADS MPS Air Defence Simulator MAE Mean Area of Effect MAE Mean Area of Effectiveness MAE Military Air Environment MAEMIS Modular Aero‐Engine Management Information System MAEO Master Air Electronics Officer (Royal Air Force) MAES Marine Auxiliaries Environmental and Steam systems MAESTRO Managing Assets for Equipment Support, Transactions, Records and Occurences MAESTRO MEEAsset Earmarking and Shortfall Recognition MAF Malaysian Armed Forces MAF Manual Acquisition Facility MAF Marine Amphibious Force MAF Maritime Amphibious Force MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food MAFIS Management Accounting Financial Information System MAFLIR Modified Advanced Forward Looking Infra‐Red MAFR Month of Annual / First Return mag Magnetic MAG Main Award Group MAG Maintenance Advisory Group MAG Marine Air Group MAG Military Assistance Group mag var Magnetic Variation MAGICS Modular Architecture for Graphics and Image Control System MAGIK Merit Automated Graphics Interface Kit for simulation system MAGLAD Marksman And Gunnery Laser Device MAGR Miniature Air‐borne GPS Receiver MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force (USMC) MAHRS Microfiche Attitude and Heading Reference System MAHRU Microflex Attitude and Heading Reference Unit MAI Ministry of Armament Industry MAID Mobile Autonomous Intelligent Device MAINREQ Maintenance Requirement

maint Maintain MAIR Maritime Air Maj Major Maj Gen Major General MAJ(ICY F) Major (Inter‐changeability Functional) MAJ(ICY P) Major (Interchangeability Physical) MAJ(PER) Major (Performance) MALM Master Air Loadmaster (Royal Air Force) MALOS Miniature Optical Laser Sight MAMBA Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar MAMS Mobile Air Movement Squadron MAMS Mobile Air Movements Squadron MAN Metropolitan Area Network MANCLOS Manual Command to Line‐Of‐Sight MANDATE Management Database for Army Test Equip MANDATE MCCIS Austere Northwood Database and Terminal Equipment MANDI Multiple Array Panoramic Imager MANDUS MANagement of Design for Upkeep Support MANPADS Man Portable Air Defence System MANPADS Man‐Portable Air Defence Missile Systems MANPADS Manportable Air Defence System MANPRINT Manpower & Personnel Integration MANPRINT MANpower and PeRsonnel INTegration MAN‐Q Software product to support configuration management of MANPRINT programmes MANS Missile And Nudet Surveillance MANSORG Management Services Organisation (Man S Org) MANTIS MAN‐in‐loop Target Interdiction System MANTIS Man‐in‐the‐loop Target Interdiction System MANTIS Manpack Tactical Intelligence System MANTRA Modern Apprenticeship and National Traineeship Steering Group MAOM MOD Authority for Operational Memorabilia MAOT Ministerially Approved Operational Task MAOV Mobile Artillery Observation Vehicle MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol MAP Military Aid Program MAP Military Air Programme MAP Military Assistance Program MAP MILSTAR Advanced Processor MAP Multiple Aim Point MAP Mutual Assistance Programme MaP>IT Mature Professionals into IT MAPAD Military Assistance Program Address Directory System MAPCO Map Code MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface MAPLINS MAnpower PLannINg MAPPS Mobile Access PTARMIGAN Packet Switch MAPS Manpower Analysis and Planning System MAPS Maritime Asset Planning System MAPS Mobile Aerial Port Squadron (USMAC) MAPS Modular Azimuth Positioning System MAPS The MOD’s Manpower Analysis and Planning System MAPSP Map Supply Point MAR Medium Anti‐Aircraft Radar

MAR Military Aircraft Release MAR Military Airworthiness Release MAR Minimally Attended Radar MAR Multiple / Multi‐function Array Radar MARA Modular Architecture for Real‐time Applications MARAD Maritime Administration MARAIRMED Maritime Air Forces, Mediterranean MARCLIP Maritime Commands long‐term Infrastructure Plan MARCOM Maritime Command MARCOT Canadian Maritime Surveillance Exercise MARCS MAC Airlift Reaction Communications System MARDI Mobile Advanced Robotic Defence Initiative MARDS Military Aviation Policy and Directives MARE Miniature Analogue Recording Electronics MAREC Maritime Reconnaissance radar MAREQ Military Assistance Requirement MARETS Military Airfield Remote Entry Terminal System MARIN Maritime Research Institute Netherlands MARINTSUM Maritime Intelligence Summary MARL MARitime Leadership MARMOSET Marconi Mobile Satellite Earth Terminal MARO Maritime Air Radio Organisation MARPAC Maritime Forces, Pacific MARPOL Marine Pollution MARREP Maritime Report MARREP MARitime REPorting MARRES Manual Radar‐Reconnaissance Exploitation System MARRS Modular Armoured Repair and Recovery System MARS Magnetic Array Sensor System MARS Maintenance Analysis and Reporting System MARS Manpower Analysis and Reporting System MARS MAPPER Replacement System MARS Matra road to Air transportable Reconnaissance System MARS Mid‐Air Recovery System (US Navy) MARS Mid‐Air Retrieval System MARS Military Affiliate Radio System MARS Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability MARS Military Amphibious Reconnaissance System MARS Military Archive and Research Services MARS Minimally Attended Radar Station MARS Mobile Automatic Reporting Station MARS Modular Adaptable Radar Simulator MARS Modular Air‐borne Recording System MARS Multi‐Access Retrieval System MARSQEP Maritime Suitably Qualified And Experienced Person MART Mean Active Repair Time MART Modular Air / Ground Remote Terminal MARTEL Missile Anti‐Radar and Television MARTIS Management of Resources Tactical Information Systems MARV Manoeuvrable Re‐entry Vehicle MARV Manoeuvring Re‐entry Vehicle MAS Main Access Switch MAS Military Agency for Standardisation

MAS Military Agency for Standardisation (NATO) MAS Military Area Services MAS Mine Avoidance Sonar (Sonar 193M) MASAAG Military Aircraft Structural Airworthiness Advisory Group MASCOT Modular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test MASD Military Assistance to Stabilisation and Development MASER Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital MASINT Measuring and Signature Intelligence MASIS Management and Support of Information Systems in Ships MASR Mission Avionics Software Rig MASR Mission Avionics Systems Rig MASR Multiple Antenna Surveillance Radar MASRCLIP Maritime Commander’s Long‐term Infrastructure Plan MaSS Machinery Surveillance System MASS Marine Air Support Squadron MASS Maritime Air Surveillance Sortie MASS Mission Avionics Sensor Synergism MASST Major Ship Satellite Terminal MAST Military Anti‐Shock Trousers MAST Modular Adjustable Stowage & Transport unit MAST Multi‐Application Sonar Trainer MAST Multi‐static Active Sonar Technology MASTACS Manoeuvrability Augmentation System for Tactical Air Combat Simulation MASTER Military Aircraft Satcoms Terminal MASTER Modular Acoustic Stimulator / Emulator MASTT MPS Action Speed Tactical Trainer MASU Mobile Air Support Unit MASU Mobile Aircraft Salvage Unit MASU Mobile Aircraft Support Unit MASU Multiple Acceleration Sensor Unit MASWT MPS Anti‐Submarine Warfare Trainer MAT Management Acceptance Trial mat Material MATCALS Marine Air Traffic Control And Landing System MATCH Manned Anti‐submarine Troop‐Carrying Helicopter MATCH Medium Range Anti‐Submarine Torpedo‐carrying Helicopter MATCON Materiel Condition MATCONOFF Material Control Officer MATDEM MATerial DEMand MATDEM Material Demand ‐ By Signal MATDEM Materiel Demand MATEL Multiplexed Automatic Telephone Equipment MATELO Maritime Air Telecomms Organisation MATISM Management and Training for Information Systems in the Royal Marines MATO Military Air Traffic Operations MATS Marconi Acoustic Training System MATS Military Aircraft Target System MATS Mobile Automatic Telephone System MATS Model Aircraft Target System MATS Multiple Array Test Set MATTR Mean Active Time To Repair MATTS Multiple Air‐borne Target Trajectory System

MATY Multiple Array Towing Yoke MATZ Military Air Traffic Zone MAU Marine Amphibious Unit MAV Maintenance Assist Vehicle MAVDs Materially Available Vessel Days MAVID Modular Architecture for Video and Image Distribution system MAVIS Management Admin and VME Interface System MAW Medium Anti‐Tank Weapon MAW Military Airlift Wing MAW Missile Approach Warning MAW Missile Approach Warning system MAW Mission Adaptive Wing MAW Modular Abstands WAFFE MAW Mountain and Artic Warfare MAWTS Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron MAWW Maritime Above Water Warfare max maximum MAXAL MAXimum Assets Level MaxFax Maxillo‐Facial [Surgeon, Department, Specialty] MB Main Building MBA Main Battle Area MBA Management Budgeting and Accounting MBA Master Batchelor of Arts MBAD Material Budgetary Analysis Document MBAR Multiple Beam Acquisition Radar MBAT Multi‐Beam Array Transmitter MBC Military Budget Committee MBC Muzzle / Brake Compensator MBD Maritime Beam Director MBE Member of the British Empire MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy MBFR Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction MBFR Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions MBIS Modernisation of Base Inventory System MBIT Mechanical Built In Test Mbit Megabit MBJ Main Beam Jamming MBM MDHU Business Manager MBO Management Buy‐Out MBP Master Battle Planner Mbps Megabits per Second MBR Main Building Redevelopment MBR Market‐Beacon Receiver MBR Medical Branch Rating MBRLS Multi‐Barrel Rocket Launching System MBRV Manoeuvrable Ballistic Re‐entry Vehicle MBS Managed Bandwidth Service MBSD Multi Barrel Smoke Discharger MBSS Multi‐Bank Staring System Sensor MBT Main Battle Tank MC Main Computer MC Maintenance Concept MC Master Controller

MC Medical Centre MC Medium Calibre (>76mm) Gun MC Medium Capacity MC Medium Case bomb MC Military Committee MC Military Committee (NATO) MC Ministerial Correspondence MC Missile Controller MC Mission Capable MC Mission Computer MC of A Military Certificate of Airworthiness MC&G Mapping, Charting and Geodesy MC/FD Modular Chaff / Flare Dispenser MC192 Military Committee Document  192  MC3 Multi‐channel Crypto Controller MCA Management Consultancies Association MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency MCA Micro Channel Architecture MCA Military Co‐ordinating Authority MCA Motor Cycling Association MCAD Man‐Portable Chemical Agent Detector MCAS Machinery Control And Surveillance MCATT Multi‐weapon Combined Arms Tactical Trainer MCBU Munitions Central Business Unit (part of the DLO) MCBU Munitions Corporate Business Unit MCC Main Control Centre MCC Management, Command and Control MCC Manual Control and Counter MCC Maritime Component Commander MCC Missile Control Console MCC Mission Coordination Centre MCC Mobile Command Centre MCC Movements Coordination Centre MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command MCCIS Maritime Command and Control Information System MCCIS Maritime Command, Control and Information System MCCISWG Military Command, Control and Information Systems Working Group MCCP Main Communications Control Panel MCCP Movement Control Check Point MCCS Marconi Command and Control System MCCS Mine Countermeasures Control System MCCU Micro‐Climate Cooling Unit MCD Marine Craft Detachment (Royal Air Force) MCD Maritime Capability Director MCD Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving MCDA Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis MCDEC Marine Corps Development and Educational Command MCDEC Marine Corps School MCDU Malfunction Control and Display Unit MCE Modular Control Equipment MCEB Military Communications Electronics Board MCEWG Military Communications Electronics Working Group MCFS MPS Coastal Fortress Simulator

MCG Master Control Group MCG Medium Calibre Gun MCG Millimeter‐wave Contrast Guidance MCGS Medium Calibre Gun Systems MCGS Microwave Command Guidance System MCI Management Charter Initiative MCI Methods for C3I Interoperability MCJO Maritime Contribution to Joint Operations MCLOS Manual Command to Line Of Sight MCM Manning and Career Management MCM Mine Counter Measures MCM Mine Countermeasures MCM Mine Counter‐Measures MCM Mine Countermeasures ship MCM Multi‐Chip Module MCMTA Mine CounterMeasures Tasking Authority MCMV Mine Counter Measures Vessel MCMV Mine Counter Measures Vessels MCMV Mine Counter‐Measures Vessel MCO Main Communications Office MCP Main Coolant Pump MCP Maritime Campaign Programme MCP Maximum Continuous Power MCP Military Communication Projects MCP Military Construction Program MCP Missile Control Panel MCP Mission Control Panel MCPE Modular Collective Protection Equipment MCPs Main Coolant Pumps MCPTP Main Coolant Pump Transport Package MCR Machinery Control Room MCR Mobile Communication Radio MCRC Mobile Control and Reporting Centre MCRS Mine Clearance Roller System MCRV Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle MCS Machinery Control System MCS Manoeuvre Control System MCS Master Control Set MCS Master Control Station MCS Military Communications Systems MCS Missile Control System MCS Mission Computer System MCS Mobile Control Station MCS Multi‐media Communications Station MCSK Mine Clearance System Kit MCSR Mission Completion Success Rate MCT Medium Combat Tractor MCT MILAN Compact Turret MCT Military Combat Thrust MCT Mission Critical Task MCT Moving Coil Transducer MCT/S Milan Compact Turret/Spartan MCTA Maritime Commissioning Trials and Assessments

MCTC Military Correctional Training Centre MCTFIST Marine Corps Tank Full Crew Interactive Simulator Trainer MCTG Mobile Civilian Transport Group MCTL Military Critical Technologies List MCTNS Manpower Common Thermal Night Sight MCTR Message Centre MCU Main Control Unit MCU Management Control Unit MCU Marine Craft Unit (Royal Air Force) MCU Master Control Unit MCU Missile Control Unit MCU Mission Computer Unit MCU Mission Control Unit MCU Modular Concept Unit MCU Multi‐point Control Unit MCU1 Modular Communications Unit  1  MCV Mechanised Combat Vehicle MCW Modulated Continuous Wave MCWP Main Circulating Water Pump MCWS Minor Calibre Weapons Station MD Managing Director md Mean Deviation MD Medical Discharge MD Methyldichloroarsin MD Military District MD(G)T Mission Data (Ground) Terminal MD/HDS Military Deputy to the Head of Defence Sales MD/WT Marine Division / Wing Team MD0110 Ericsson PABX MDA Maintainer’s Diagnostic Aid MDA Mechanical Design Authority MDA Minimum Descent Altitude MDA Model Driven Architecture MDA Monochrome Display Adapter MDAL Master Data and Assumptions List MDAP Mutual Defence Assistance Program MDBF Mean Distance Between Failures MDC Main Display Console MDC Maintenance Data Centre MDC Mine Data Centre MDC Mine Disposal Charge MDC Miniature Detonator Cord MDDU Mine Detonation Demonstration Unit MDF Main Defence Force MDF Main Distribution Frame MDF Maritime Defence Force MDF Mission Data File MDF Mission Degradation Factor MDF Monopulse Direction Finding MDF(A) Main Defence Force (Air) MDF(L) Main Defence Force (Land) MDF(M) Main Defence Force (Maritime) MDFB Medium Density Fibre Board

MDG Multi Disciplinary Group MDG Multi‐Disciplinary Group MDG(N) Medical Director General (Naval) MDGFIS MDG Financial Information System MDH Minimum Descent Height MDHC McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Corporation (now MDHS) MDHS McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems MDHU Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit MDI Miss Distance Indicator MDI Multiple Document Interface MDL Type of ASW marker used on RN radar screens MDLT Mobile Data Link Terminal MDMS Marine Domestics, Detection, Monitoring, Steering and Stabilising Systems MDO Measurement of Defence Output MDP Maintainability Demonstration Plan MDP Maintenance Data Panel MDP Manufacturing Data Packs MDP Ministry of Defence Police MDP Modular Display Processor MDP Multi‐Designation Protocol MDPA Minister of Defence Procurement Approval MDPF Mission Data Preparation Facility MDPGA Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency MDR Maintainability Demonstration Report MDR Medium Data Rate MDR Mobile Deep Range (US) MDRE Manual Data Recording Exercise MDRI Monthly Defect Reporting Instruction MDRI Multi‐purpose Display Repeater Indicator MDRL Mandatory Defect Reporting List MDS Maintenance Data Station MDS Maintenance Data System MDS Management Development Scheme MDS Meteorological Data System MDS Mine Disposal System MDS Modular Decontamination System MDS Modular Dispenser System MDSA Multi Sensor Deployed Array MDSGW Maximum Structural Design Gross Weight MDSS Mobility and Deployed Support Study MDTM Medium‐Duty Tank Target Mechanism MDTS McDonnell Douglas Training Systems MDTS Megabit Digital Troposcatter Subsystem MDTS Mission Data Transfer System MDTSC McDonnell Douglas Training Systems Company MDU Mine Distributing Unit MDV Mine Detection Vehicle MDVC Modifications and Defence Vetting Committee MDW Mine Disposal Weapon MDWP Mutual Defence Weapons Program MDZ Missile Danger Zone ME Main Effort ME Maintenance Error

ME Manoeuvre Enhancement mode ME Marine Engineer (rating) ME Marine Engineering ME Mass Effectiveness ME Muzzle Energy (in joules) (j) ME (OST) Marine Engineer (Officer Sea Training) ME(d) Muzzle Energy (distance) MEA MonoEthanolAmine MEAD Managed Equipment Asset Database MEADS Medium Extended Air Defence System MEAS Mechanical Engineering Aircraft Squadron (Royal Air Force) MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade MEC Minimum Effective Crew MEC Modular Electronics Concept MECA Missile Electronics and Computer Assembly MECCA Modular Equipped and Configured Calibration Analyser MECDL Mission Equipped Control Data Link Mech Mechanised MECOM Middle East Electronic Communications Exhibition MECTS Modular Electronics Combat Training System med Medical MED Message Exchange Device MEDA Military Emergency Diversion Airfield MEDAX Message Data Exchange terminal MedCM Medical Countermeasures against NBC agents MEDDS Mechem Explosives and Drug Detection System MEDE Message Entry and Distribution Equipment MEDEF Middle East Defence and Security Exhibition MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation MEDL Mission Equipment Development Laboratory MEDP Manufacturing Engineering Desktop Procedure MEDP Marine Engineering Development Programme MEDS Managed Electronic Directory Service MEE Marine Engineering Equipment MEE Military Engineering Establishment MEE Mission Essential Equipment MEECN Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network MEF Marine Expeditionary Force MEF Ministry of Economy and Finance MEFAR Managed Equipment Fixed Asset Register MEFPMRS Marine Expeditionary Force Primary Multi‐channel Radio System MEG Mobilisation Employment Group MEHT Mean Eye Height above Threshold MEI Mandatory Equipment Inspection MEIDAS Model of the Effectiveness of Integrated DAS MEIP Marine Engineering Improvement Plan MEIS MoD Estate Information System MEL Maximum Exposure Limit MEL Minimum Equipment List MEL Missile Ejector Launcher MEM Marine Engineering Mechanic MEM MDHU Equipment Manager MEM(L) Marine Engineering Mechanic (Electrical) or (Mechanical)

MEMIC Mobile Electro‐Magnetic Incompatibility MENS Mission Element Need Statement MENTOR Connection to Out of Area Communications facilities MEO Marine Engineering Officer MEO Mechanical Engineering Officer(RN) MEO Mid Earth Orbit MEO Military Electronics Office MEO Military Executive Officer MEOSS Mobile Electro‐Optical Surveillance System MEOW Multiple Engineering Order Wire MEP Medium External Pintle MEP Microelectronics Package MEP Mission Equipment Package MEPC Marine Environment Protection Committee MEPU Monofuel Emergency Power Unit MER Minor Equipment Requirement MER Mission Evaluation Room MER Multiple Ejector Rack MERA Molecular‐Electronics Radar MERADCOM Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command MERCURY Material Manager Support of Refits MERE Mortar Elevation and Ranging Equipment MERIDIAN NT PABX MERLIN Management of Equipment Resources, Liabilities and Information Networks MERLIN Modular Ejection‐Rated Low‐profile Imaging for Night MEROD Message Entry and Read Out Device MERZONES Merchant shipping Zones MES Manufacturing Execution System (MRPII and Theory mix) MES Marine Engineering Spares MES Medical Employment Standards MESAR Microwave Electronically Scanned Adaptive Radar MESAR Multi‐function Electronically Scanned Adaptive Radar MESAR Multifunction Electronically Scanned Array/Adaptable Radar MESFET Metal‐Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor MESRAS Man‐mounted Eye/Scene Recording and Analysis System (Eye pointing system) MESRO ME Sea Riding Orders or Officer MESRWO ME Sea Riding Warrant Officer MET Marksmanship Expert Trainer MET Mean Elapsed Times MET Meteorological MET Mission Event Trainer Met O Meteorological Office METDF Marine Engineering Technology Demonstrator Framework Document METIS Meteorological Information System METL(L) Mission Essential Task List (Land) METO Maximum Except Take‐Off METOC METeorological and OCeanographic METOC METeorology & Oceanographic system METOC Meteorology & Oceanography Metric Measurable element of a service process or function METS Manpower, Equipment, Training and Sustainability METSATNET Meteorological Satellite Network MEU Main Electronics Unit

MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit MEU Mission Essential Units MEV Medical Evacuation Vehicle MEV Million Electron Volt MEVA Modular version of EVA code MEW Microwave Early Warning MEWG Marine Engineering Working Group MEWPP Modular Electronic Warfare Pre‐processor MEWS Microwave EW system MEWS Missile Early Warning Station MEWS Modular EW Simulator MEWSG Maritime EW Support Group MEWSG Multi‐Service Electronic Warfare Support Group MEWSS Multi‐Service/Mobile Electronic Warfare Support system MEX Microelectronics MEXE Military Engineering Experimental Establishment MEZ Missile Engagement Zone MF Main Force MF Medium Frequency MF Medium Frequency (300 –  3000  kHz) MF Mission Failures MF Multi Function MF V Materiel Division, Western Military Region Command MFA Movements Financial Authority MFACT Mobile Forward Air Control Trainer MFAR Multi‐Function Array Radar MFASIS Movements Finance Audit Information System MFBF Multi‐Function Bomb Fuze MFC Mortar Fire Control MFC Mortar Fire Controller MFC Motor Fire Control MFC Multi‐Function Console MFCC Multi‐Function Common Console MFCD Modular Flare/Chaff Dispenser MFCD MultiFunction Colour Display MFCS Missile Fire Control System MFCS Modified Fire Control System MFD MultiFunction Display MFD Multi‐Function Display MFDC Mortar Fire Data Computer MFDF Medium Frequency Direction Finder MFDT Multi‐Function Display Trainer MFF Mixed Fighter Force MFF Munition Filling Factory MFFC Mixed Fighter Force Concept MFFM Marine Fluid Power Fire Fighting & Mechanical Handling MFHD Multi‐Function Head‐down Display MFHF Mobile Fuel Handling Flight MFK Multi Function Keyboard MFL Minimum Friction Level MFLOPS Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second MFM Modified Frequency Modulation MFMA Multi‐Function Microwave Aperture

MFMS Military Flight Management System MFN Most Favoured Nation MFO Multinational Force and Observers MFOP Maintenance Free Operating Period MFP Matched Field Processing or Military Function Package MFP Material Flow Project MFP Medium Floor Pintle MFPI Measurement of Fighting Power Inspection MFPU Mobile Field Photographic Unit MFR Multi Function Radar MFR Multi‐Function Radar MFS Medium Frequency Sonar MFTS Military Flying Training System MFTS Multi‐Function Test Set MG Machine Gun MG Main Gate MG Main Group MG Management Grouping mg milligram(s) MGARJS Mobile Ground‐to‐Air Radar Jamming System MGB Medium Girder Bridge MGBC Main Gate Business Case MGCS Missile Guidance and Control System MGCS Mobile Ground Control Station MGD(B) Missile Gun Director(Blind) MGDA RAF Maintenance Group Defence Agency. See DARA. MGF Metallised Glass‐Fibre chaff MGGB Modular Guided Glide Bomb MGL Master General of Logistics MGM Master Group Multiplexer MGM Medium Grade Message MGM Mobile surface attack Guided Missile MGN Mirror Group Newspapers MgO Magnesium oxide MGO Master General of the Ordnance MGO(V) Missile Gun Director (Visual) MGRS Military Grid Reference System MGS Medical and General Stores MGS Ministry of Defence Guard Service MGS Mobile Ground Station MGSD Management Grouping Source Document MGT Mobile Ground Terminals MGW Management of Government in War MH Mine‐Hunter MH/FH Man Hours per Flying Hour MHC Materials Handling Crane MHC Mine‐Hunter, Coastal MHE Materials Handling Equipment MHE Mechanical Handling Equipment MHETM Mechanical Handling Equipment Training Manager MHF Message Handling Facility MHI Manual Hit Indicator MHIP Missile Homing Improvement Program

MHQ Marine Headquarters MHQ Maritime Headquarters MHQ Medical Headquarters MHR Manual Handling Regulations MHS Mess Hotel Services MHS Message Handling System MHS Mine Hunting Support module MHSV Multi‐purpose High Speed Vehicle MHT Material Handling Time MHTU Materials Handling & Trials Unit MHU Maritime Headquarters Unit MHV Miniature Homing Vehicle MHWS Mean High Water Springs MHz Mega Hertz (One million cycles per second) MI Major Incident MI Maritime Interdiction MI Military Intelligence MI&TE Measuring, Inspection & Test Equipment MIA Missing In Action MIAMI Microwave Ice Accretion Measurement Instrument MIAS Management Information and Accounting system MIB Management information Base MIC Microwave Integrated Circuit MIC Multinational Interoperability Council MIC Munitions Item Code MICA Media Independent Communication Architecture MICC Material Item Category Code MICC Mineral Insulated Copper Covered (cable) MICLIC Mine‐clearing Line Charge MICM Magnetic Influence CounterMeasure MICNS Modular Integrated Communications and Navigation System MICOM Missile Command MICOM Missile Command (US Army) MICOS Multifunctional Infra‐red Coherent Optical Scanner MICS Manned Interactive Control Station MICS Mobile Integrated Communications System MICV Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle Mid Midshipman MID Musical Instrument Digital MIDA Management Information Data Analysis MIDAS Maintenance Information and Defect Analysis System MIDAS Make Ideas Develop Assets Successfully (Suggestion scheme) MIDAS Management Information, Data and Accounting System MIDAS Marine Inclination Differential Alignment System MIDAS Maritime Integrated Defensive Aids Suite MIDAS Maritime Intelligence Dissemination & Analysis System (RAN Command SysteM) MIDAS Mine and Ice Detection/Avoidance System MIDAS Missile Defence Alarm System MIDAS Mobile Integrated Digital Automatic System MIDAS Motorway Island Detection and Automatic Signalling System MIDB Modernised Integrated Database MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDIT Means of Identifying and Developing Internal Talent

MIDL Modular Inter‐operable Data Link MIDNIGHT Infrared scanning digital imager system (8‐ 12  mm) MIDS Multifunction Information Distribution System MIDSS Management Information and Decision Support System MIDU Missile Ignition Delay Unit MIE Mine Investigation and Exploitation MIEA Master Information Exchange Agreement MIEA Master Information Exchange Arrangement MIEE Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers MIEM Master Information Exchange MOU MIES Multi‐Imagery Exploitation System MIF Motion Induced Fatigue MIFASS Marine Integrated Fire and Air Support System MIFF Minimum Indicated Fuel for Flight MIFV Mechanised Infantry Fighting Vehicle MIG Materials Information Group (was NAML the Naval Materials group) MIG MCE Interface Group MIG Metal Inert Gas (welding) MiG Mikoyan Aircraft MIGITS Miniature Integrated GPS/INS Tactical System MIHQ Major Incident Headquarters MII Motion Induced Interruption MIIDS Military Intelligence Integrated Database System MIIRS Modular Imagery Interpretation and Reporting System MIL Military MILAN Missile d’Infanterie Leger ANtichor MILCAP Military Capability MILCAP MILitary CAPability report MILCON Military Construction MILD Magnetic‐Intrusion Line Detector MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System MILO Management of Integrated Logistics Operations MILO Military Intelligence Liaison Officer MILOC NATO Military Oceanography Committee MILREP Military Representative MILSATCOM MILitary SATellite COMmunications MILSM MOD ILS Manager MILSM MOD Integrated Logistic Support Manager MILSPEC Military Specification MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation And Movement Procedures Milstar Military Strategic Tactical and Relay Mil‐Std Military Standard MILSTRIP MILitary Standard Requisition & Issue Procedures MILTRACS Military Air Traffic Control System MILU Missile Interface and Logic Unit MIM Mobile‐launched surface‐to‐air Missile MIME Multi Indenture Multi Echelon MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions type MIMHS Maritime Intelligence Message Handling System min minimum MIN Minister min Minutes MIN Mobile Identity Number

Min AF Minister Armed Forces MIN(AF) Minister for the Armed Forces Min(AF) Minister of State for the Armed Forces MIN(DP) Minister for Defence Procurement Min(DP) Minister of State for Defence Procurement MINDER Mine Detection, Neutralisation & Route Marking SysteM MINDER Mine Neutralisation and Detection Equipment MINIS MINisters Information System. Replaced by TOPMIS MINOS Marconi Integrated Naval Operations System MINT Mutual Interference MINTRI MINor TRIals (record of all outstanding Minor Trial in submarines) MINX Mines in the Next Century MIOSH Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health MIP Missile Impact Predictor MIP Multiple Inert Projectile/Penetrator MIPS Medium Integrated Propulsion Systems MIPS Million Instructions Per Second MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second MIPS Miscellaneous Invoice Processing System MIPS Missile Impact Prediction Set MIPS Multi‐activity Production Scheme MIR Multiple‐target Instrumentation Radar MIR Space Station MIRA MILAN Infra‐‐Red Adapter MIRA MILAN Infra‐Red Attachment MIRA Miniature Infra‐Red Alarm MIRACL Mid Infra‐Red Advanced Chemical Laser MIRADCOM Missile R&D Command (US Army) MIRADOR Minefield Reconnaissance and Detector System MIRAGE Microelectronics Indicator for Radar Ground Equipment MIRC Missile In‐Range Computer MIRCAT Multispectral Infra‐Red Cueing And Tracking MIRTH Millimetric and IR Test Head MIRTS Modular Infra‐Red Transmitting System MIRV Multiple Independently Targeted Re‐Entry Vehicle MIS Management Information System MIS Message Input Segment MIS Military Information System MIS Motion Induced Sickness MIS US Army Missile Command Specification MIS(CAT) Proposed Army Catering Management Information System MISA Management Information Stock Accounting MISCEX Miscellaneous Exercise MiSER Mission Systems Evaluation Rig MISIRS MOD Information Security Incident Reporting Scheme MISREP Mission Report MISS Missile Intercept Scoring System MIST Management Information Supplies and Transport MIST Met Office Information System MIST Modular Inter‐operable Surface Terminal MIST Mosaic Infra‐red Sensor Technology MISTE Modular Integrated Sensor Test and Evaluation MIT Management Information Technology

MITAS Multi‐sensor Imaging Technology for Air‐borne Surveillance MITEL REP DDSS Senior Officer Network (Electronic Mail System) MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry MITL Man In The Loop MITRE Multiple Independent Transmit and Receive Equipment MITS Manual of IT Security MITS Mobile Independent Target System MiTT Minor Tactical Trial MIU Management Interface Unit MIU Missile Interface Unit MIU Multiplex Interface Unit MIVC Magnetically Induced Velocity Change MIW Management Information Wing MIWG Multinational Interoperability Working Group MIZ Marginal Ice Zone MJ Mega Joule MJDI Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory MJLC Multinational Joint Logistics Centre MJOC Maritime Joint Operations Centre MJP Military Judgement Panel mk mark MKC Multiple Kill Capacity MKEB Maximum Kinematic Energy Boundary MKS Metre‐Kilogram‐Second (Units system) MKV Miniature Kill Vehicle ML Member’s Letter (Ordnance Board) ML Military Electronics ml millilitre(s) ML Missile Launcher ML Motor Launch ML Motor Launch Jetty ML2 Maintenance Level  2  (base) ML3 Maintenance Level  3  (depot) ML4 Maintenance Level  4  (industry) MLA Manufacturing License Agreement MLA Mean Line of Advance MLAW Missile Launch and Approach Warner MLB Main Lobe Blanking MLB Mine Lifting Bag MLBM Modern Large Ballistic Missile MLC Main Lobe Cluster MLC Modular Load Carrier MLD Manoeuvring Limitation Diagram MLDS Medium Latency Data Service MLDT Mean Logistic Delay Time MLE Missile Launch Envelope MLF Multi‐Laminar Film MLF Multi‐Lateral Fleet MLF Multilateral Force MLF Multi‐Lateral nuclear Force MLFS Modular Lightweight FLIR System MLI Mid Life Improvement MLI Mid‐Life Improvement

MLLV Medium‐Lift Launch Vehicle MLMS Multi‐purpose Lightweight Missile System MLO Military Liaison Officer MLOF Modular Laser Fire Control MLP Multiple Licence Pack MLPP Multi‐Level Precedence and Pre‐emption MLPRF Modular Low Power Radio Frequency MLPS Multilink Processing System MLRE Maximum Likely Risk Estimate MLRS Multi‐Launched Rocket System MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System MLRS Multiple‐Launch Rocket System MLS Marine Electrical Systems MLS Microwave Landing System MLS Microwave Limb Sounder MLS Multi‐Level Secure MLS Multi‐Level Security MLSAM MOD Logistic Support Analysis Manager MLSC Military Laser Safety Committee MLT Missile Loader Transport MLT Munitions Lift Trailer MLTAA Manufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreement MLU Mid Life Update MLU Mid Life Upgrade MLU Mid‐Life Update MLU Monitor and Logic Unit MLV Medium Launch Vehicle MLV Memory Loader and Verifier MLV Mobile Launch Vehicle MLVW Medium Logistic Vehicle, Wheeled MLWS Mean Low Water Springs MM Maintenance Manager MM Management Milestone MM Martin Marietta mm Millimetre mm millimetre(s) MM Minewarfare vessel MM Minuteman series ballistic missile MM Multi‐Media MMA Main Management Area MMA Manual Metal Arc (welding) MMA Mast Mounted Assembly MMA Motor Mileage Allowance MMA Multi‐mission Aircraft MMARS Military Movement and Reporting System MMARS Movement Management and Air Reservation System MMARS Movements Management Air Reservation System MMBF Mean Miles Between Failures MMC Materiel Management Centre (US Army) MMC Metal Matrix Composites MMD Multimode Display MMDR Management Monthly Demand Rate MMDS Moving Map Display Equipment

MMDS Multi‐Mode Seeker Demonstration project MMEL Master MEL MMER Minimum Minor Equipment Requirement MMER Minor Miscellaneous Equipment Requirement MMER Miscellaneous Minor Equipment Requirement MMES Minimum Mission Essential Stockholding MMF Magnetic Measuring Facility MMF Man Made Fibre (rope) MMFF Multimode Fire and Forget MMG Medium Machine Gun MMH Maintenance Man Hours MMH Monomethyl Hydrazine MMH/FH Maintenance Man Hours per Flying Hour mmHg Millimeters of Mercury MMHS Military Message Handling System MMI Man Machine Interface MMI Man‐Machine Interface MMI Marina Militare Italiana MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit MMIMS Modular Multi‐Influence Minesweeping System MMIS Material Managers Information System MMIT Management of Materiel in Transit MMLC Medium Mobility Load Carrier MMM MJDI Migration Matrix (superseded by PKB) MMMIS Medical Materiel Management Information System MMN Ministry Modification Number Mmo Maximum operating Mach number MMOC Martin Marietta Overseas Corporation MMP Maintenance Monitoring Panel MMP MANPRINT Management Plan MMP Mean Maximum Pressure MMP Modular Mission Payload MMR Minimum Military Requirement MMRPV Multimission RPV MMS Main Machinery Space MMS Maintenance Management System MMS Maintenance Management/Message System MMS Mast‐Mounted Sight MMS Matra Marconi Space MMS Missile Management System MMS Mission Management System MMS1 Mobile Mast Spectrometer  1  MMSRT Material Management Study Review Team MMSS MPS Multibeam Sonar Simulator MMT Magnetic Media Transfer MMT Miniature Mobile Target MMT Multi‐mode Transponder MMTTR Mechanised Moving Target Trainer Range MMU Memory Management Unit MMU Memory Mobile Unit MMV Modular Military Vehicle MMV Multi‐Mission Vehicle MMW Maritime Mine Warfare

MMW Medium Multi‐purpose Wheeled MMW Milimeter Wave MMW Millimetric Wave MMWR Millimetre Wave Radar MN Meganewtons MNAD Multi‐National Airmobile Division MNC Major NATO Command(er) MNC Major NATO Commander MND Ministry of National Defence MND Mission Need Documents MND Multi‐National Division Mne Marine MNF Maritime Nuclear Forces MNF Multi‐National Forces MNFP Multi‐National Fighter Program MNIS Multi‐National Information Sharing MNLF Moro National Liberation Front MNMF Multinational Maritime Force MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specification MNR Merchant Navy Reserve MNS Mine Neutralisation System MNS Mission Needs Statement MNTB Multi‐National Test‐bed MNVG Monocular Night Vision Goggles MNW Minor New Works MO Magneto‐Optical MO Medical Officer MOA Memorandum Of Agreement MOA Memorandum of Agreement (binding) MOA Military Operations Area MOAD Maritime Operational Analysis Database MOAT Mineware Operations Analysis Tool MOB Main Operating Base MOB Main Operational Base MOB Man Overboard MOB Maritime Operating Base Mob C Mobilisation Centre MOBA Mobility Operations For Built‐up Areas (US Army) MoBC Management of Business Change MOBSS Mobility Support Squadron MOC Maintenance Operational Checks MOC Maintenance Operations Control MoC Management of Change MOC Maritime Operational Clothing MOC Modular Operations Centre MOC Multifunction Operator Console MOCRAT Members of the Central Region Air Tasking Mod Modification MOD (PE) Ministry of Defence (Defence Procurement Agency) MOD CIS MOD Communication Information System MOD DIG Modular Digital Image Generator MOD(N) Ministry of Defence(Navy) MOD(PE) Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)

MOD(PE) Ministry of Defence Procurement Executive MOD(PTS) Ministry Of Defence (Police Training School) MODA Ministry Of Defence and Aviation MODAF Ministry Of Defence Architectural Framework MODAR MOD Architectural Repository MODAS Modular Data Acquisition System MODCERT CC MOD Computer Emergency Response Team Co‐ordination Centre Mode  5  Mode  5    MODELS Modernisation of the Defence Logistics Systems MODEM MODAF Ontological Data Exchange Mechanism MODEM Modulator and Demodulator System (Communications) MODEM MOdulator/DEModulator MODERO Ministry of Defence Emission Reduction Objective MODICSS MOD Information and Communications Services Strategy MODIFIER MObile DIrect FIre Equipment Requirement MODIR Modulated Infra‐Red jammer MODIS Ministry Of Defence Information Strategy MODIX Metal Oxide Decontamination by Ion eXchange MODOD MOD Office Directory MODPM MOD Project Manager MODs Modifications MODSAF MODular Semi Autonomous Forces MODSIPS MOD System Integration Process MODSY Ministry Of Defence Security MODUK Ministry Of Defence UK MODUK UK Ministry of Defence MOE Measure Of Effectiveness MOFA Multi‐Option Fuze Artillery MOFIFIER Mobile Direct Fire Equipment Requirement (Challenger  2  replacement programme) MOGAS Mechanical Transport Gasoline MOGUL Modular Gun Laying System MOIC Missile Ordnance Inhibiting Circuit MOLAR Mortar/Artillery Locating Radar MOM Measure of Merit MOM Ministry Owned Material MOM Multirole OTO Munitions MOMCOMS Man‐On‐the‐Move Communications MOMS Manufacturing Operations Management System MOMS Modular Opto‐electronic Multi‐spectral Scanner MONAB Mobile Naval Air‐base, on shore (US Army) MONITOR Managing the Optimum Naval Inventory Through Organisation & Resources MONOHUD Monocular Head‐Up Display MOONLIGHT Name of a data fusion capability MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War MOP Maintenance Operation Protocol MOP Method Of Packaging MOP Method Of Procurement MOP Modulation on Pulse MOP’s Maintenance Operations MOPMS Modular Pack Mine System MOPS Mail Order Protection Scheme MOPS Minimum Operating Performance Standard MOPTAR Multiple‐Object Phase Tracking And Ranging

MOR Meteorological Optical Range MOR Military Operational Requirement MOR Movement Occurrence Report MORAN Management Of Resources And Networks MORCOS Mortar Computing System MORI Market and Opinion Research International MORRIS Motor Transport Operator Repair and Resource Information System MORRIS MT Operation, Repair and Resource Information System MORS Minefield and Ordnance Recovery Management System MORTREP Mortar Bombing Report MOS Meridian Ocean Systems MOS Military Occupational Speciality qualification MOS Military Operating Standard MOS Military Operational Speciality MOS Monitor Only crew Station MOSFET Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor MOSIS Fleet Air Arm (FAA) version of MERLIN MOSP Multi‐mission Optronic Stabilised Payload (UAV) MOSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MOST Mission‐Orientated Simulator Training MoT Ministry of Transport MOTEC Maritime Operations Tactical Evaluation Centre MOTIF Maui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility MOTIS Message Orientated Text Interchange System MOT‐key Modified one‐time key MOTOR Monitoring Of Transport Operating Records. RCT domestic B vehicle usage MOTR Multiple Object Tracking Radar MOTS Military of the Shelf MOU Memorandum of Understanding MOUS Microsoft Office Specialist User MOUT Mobile Operation in Urban Terrain MOVO Movement Officer MOVO Movements Officer MOVTAS Modified Visual Target Acquisition System MOWAM Mobile Water Mine MP Maintenance Period MP Management Plan MP Manpower and Personnel MP Member of Parliament MP Metal‐Piercing MP Military Police MP Multipurpose MP Multi‐‐Purpose MPA Man Powered Aircraft MPA Man‐Powered Aircraft MPA Maritime Patrol Aircraft MPA Medium Power Amplifier MPA Modular Protocol Architecture MPA Multi‐Port Adapter MPAA Multifunctional / Multi‐beam Phased‐Array Antenna MPAST Maritime Patrol Acoustic System Trainer MPAT Multi‐Purpose Anti‐Tank mpb mean point of burst

MPBA Multiple Practice Bomb Adapter MPC Maximum Permissible Concentration MPC Military Personnel Centre MPC Missile Practice Camp MPC Multi‐media Personal Computer MPC Multi‐Purpose Console MPCA Multiple Phase Centre Antenna MPCD Multi‐Purpose Colour Display MPCS Mission Planning and Control Station MPCS Montreal Protocol Controlled Substances MPCU Marine Pollution Control Unit MPD Maximum Permitted Dose MPD Multipurpose Display MPDS Message Processing and Distribution System MPDS Missile‐Piercing, Discarding Sabot MPDS Multi‐Purpose Decontamination System MPE Materiel and Personnel Exploitation MPE Maximum Permissible Exposure MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group MPF Map Predicted Fire MPF Modification Proposal Form MPF Modification Proving Facility MPF Multi‐‐Purpose Fuze MPFF Multi‐Purpose Fighter Facility MPGS Military Provost Guard Service MPGS Mobile Protected Gun System MPH Medium Pintle Head mph miles per hour MPHT Missile Potential Hazard Team MPI Management Performance Indicator mpi mean point of impact MPI Multiprotocol Interface MPIM Multi‐Purpose Individual Munitions MPL Maintenance Planning Level MPM Maintenance Planning & Management MPM Managing Public Money MPM Microwave Power Modules MPM Multi‐Purpose Missile MPMS Missile Performance Monitoring System MPN MSE Packet Network MPO Main Production Order MPO Management Planning Officer MPO Missile Planning Office MPO Mission Planning Officer (Royal Air Force) MPOC Multipurpose Operations Console MPOG Minimum Pitch on Ground MPP Management Principle Paper MPP Manufacturing Process Plan MPP Massively Parallel Processing computer systems MPP Medical Provisioning Point MPP Monuments Protection Programme MPP Multiple/Massively Parallel Processing MPPU Multi‐Purpose Processor Unit

MPR Medium Power Radar MPR Military Power Reserve MPR Multi‐band Pulsed Radar MPRF Medium Pulse Recurrence Frequency MPS Main Propulsion System MPS Marine Propulsion Systems MPS Maritime Propositioning Ships MPS Master Production Schedule (MRPII) MPS Mission Payload Subsystem MPS Mission Planning Station MPS Mixed‐Propellant System MPS Motor Pump Set MPS Multiple Protective Shelter MPSD Multipath Signal Decomposition MPSM Manual of Personnel Security Measures MPSO Material Prices & Stores Overheads MPT Management Planning Team MPT Multi‐Purpose Tracer MPTB Microelectronics and Photonics Test Bed MPTC Maximum Price Target Cost MPTC Maximum Price Total Cost MPTF Montreal Protocol Task Force MP‐T‐SD Multi‐Purpose Tracer, Self‐Destroying MPU Micro Processor Unit MPU Missile Power Unit MPU Mission Payload Units MPU Mission Programming Unit MPV Minewarfare & Patrol Vessels MPWS Mobile Protected Weapon System MQ Married Quarters MQ Master Question MQL Master Question List MQLF Mobile Quick‐Look Facility MQO Married Quarters Officer MQW Multiple Quantum Well MR Magneto Resistive MR Mandatory Requirement of an Operational Requirement MR Maritime Reconnaissance MR Marker Ranger MR Master Rigger MR Medium Range MR Military Region MR Motor Rifle MR SAM Medium range Surface to Air Missile system MR TRIGAT Medium Range ThiRd Generation Anti‐Tank MRA Main Responsibility Area MRA Multiple Receiving Array MRAAM Medium Range Air‐Air Missile MRAAM Medium Range Air‐to‐Air Missile mrad milli radians MRAD Multiple Range Alignment Device MRAF Marshal of the Royal Air Force MRASM Medium Range Air‐to‐Surface Missile

MRATGW MILAN Medium Range Anti‐‐Tank Guided Weapon MRATGWS Medium Range Anti‐Tank Guided Weapon System MRAV Multi‐Role Armoured Vehicle MRB Material Revue Board MRB Medium Range Blast MRB Multi Role Brigade MRBF Mean Rounds Before Failure MRBM Medium Range Ballistic Missile MRBS Mean Round Between Stoppages MRC Maintenance Record Card MRC Master Record Centre MRC Message‐based Reliable Channel MRCA Multi‐Role Combat Aircraft MRCF Module Repair & Calibration Facility MRCLOS Missile Reference Command‐to‐Line‐Of‐Sight MRCS Mobile Reporting and Control System MRCS Multiple RPV Control System MRD Motor‐Rifle Division MRDB Master Record Data Base MRDFS Man‐transportable Radio Direction Finding System MRE Management Radio Equipment MRE Meals Ready to Eat (US) MRF Machine Readable Format MRF Mobile Reaction Force MRF Module Repair Facility MRF Movement Report Form MRF Multi‐Role Fighter MRF Multi‐Role Fuze MRF Multi‐‐Role Fuze MRG Main Repair Group MRG Medium Repair Group MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Master Record Index MRL Management Retention Level MRL Maritime Rear Link MRL Maritime Rear Link (radio) MRL Modular/Multiple Rocket Launcher MRL Multi‐Barrelled Rocket Launcher MRM Mission Related Message MRN Map Referenced Navigation MRO Manning and Record Office MRO Medical Records Officer MROS Multirole Operations Cabin MRP MAA Regulatory Publication MRP Machinery Repair Party MRP Maintenance Recovery Period MRP Materials Requirement Planning MRP Maximum Rated Power MRP Missile Recovery Programme MRP Mobile Reporting Post MRPII Manufacturing Resource Planning MRPIII Material Acquisition System (Kanbans, Bar‐Codes and EDI) MRPV Mini Remotely Piloted Vehicle

MRQO Master Riggers Quality officer MRR Maritime Radar Reconnaissance MRR Maximum Range to Ricochet MRR Medium Range Recovery MRR Missile Reliability Restoration MRR Multi‐Role Radar MRRS Military Route Reconnaissance Service/Staff MRS Management Review Statement MRS Master Radar Station MRS Medium Range Sonar MRS Mission Recorder System MRS Mobile Reception System MRS Mountain Rescue Service MRS Multiple Rocket System MRS Multirole System MRS Muzzle Reference System MRSAM Medium‐Range Surface‐to‐Air‐Missile MRSASS Medium Range SAM in the Surface to Surface mode MRSR Magazine Ready Service Rings MRSR Multiple Role Survivable Radar MRT Management Readiness Trials MRT Manpack Radio Telephone MRT Miniature Receive Terminal MRT Mobile Radio Terminal MRT Mobile Repair Team MRT Mountain Rescue Team MRT Multi Radar Tracking MRT Multi‐Radar Tracking MRT Multirole Radio Telephone MRTF Map Referenced Terrain Following MRTFL Medium Rough Terrain Forklift MRTI Multi‐Role Thermal Imager MRTRIGAT Medium Range TRIGAT MRTS Multi‐Role Turret System MRTT Modified Rushton Towed Target (AAW target) MRTU Multiple Remote Terminal Unit MRU Maintenance Recorder Unit MRU Much Regret Unable (negative reply to an RPC) MRV Magnetic Reference Vehicle MRV Maintenance‐Recovery Vehicle MRV Multiple Re‐entry Vehicle MRV Multiple Re‐entry Vehicles MRVC Multiple Rate Voice Card MRVR Mechanised Repair and Recovery Vehicle MRW Master Riggers Writer MRW Maximum Ramp Weight MS Maritime Surveillance MS Message Store MS Method Statement. MS Methyl Salicylate MS Microsoft MS Mild Steel MS Military Secretary

MS Military Standards ms Millisecond MS Mission Systems MS MultiSpectral or Mass Spectrometry MS EA Microsoft Enterprise Agreement MSA Marine Safety Agency MSA Maritime Safety Agency MSA Medical Supplies Agency MSA Mid‐Stage Assessment MSA Mobile Subscriber Access MSA Mutual Security Area MSAM Medium (range) Surface to Air Missile MSAM Medium Range Surface‐Air Missile MSAM Medium Range Surface‐to‐Air Missile MSAM Medium Surface‐to‐Air‐Missile MSAR Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar MSAT‐Air Multi‐Sensor Aided Targeting ‐ Air‐borne MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning MSB Maintenance Support Building MSB Minesweeping Boats MSB Most Significant Bit MSB Most Significant Byte MSC Magazine Safety Certificate MSC Magazine Safety Committee MSC Maintenance Support Committee MSC Major Subordinate Command(er) (NATO) MSC Major Sub‐ordinate Commander MSC Management Studies Centre MSC Master of Science MSC Master Stock Card MSC Military Sealift Command MSC Minehunter or Minesweeper MSC Minesweeper, Coastal MSC Mission Support Centre MSCE Modular, Standard Control Electronics for OFSA MSCO Modelling and Simulation Coordination Office MSCS Military Satellite Control System MSD Metrology Science Directorate MSD Minesweeping Drone MSD Mobilisation Stores Depot MSD Most Significant Digit MSD Multiple Site Damage MSD Multisensor Display MSDOS MicroSoft Disc Operating System MS‐DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System MSDS Maintenance Support Data System MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet MSE Maintenance Support Equipment MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSER Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations MSER Multiple Stores Ejector Rack MSF Magnetic Silencing Facility MSF Maritime Special Forces

MSF Militarily Significant Fallout MSF Multisensor Fusion MSFC Marshall Space Flight Centre MSFP Mosaic‐Staring Focal Plane MSG Magazine Safety Group MSG Manpower Steering Group MSG Material Support Group MSG Message MSGL Multi‐Salvo Grenade Launcher MSH Medium Support Helicopter MSH Multi‐Service Hub MSHATF Medium Support Helicopter Advanced Training Facility MSI Management Scrutiny Indicator MSI Medium‐Scale Integration MSI Minesweeper, Inshore MSIP Management of Support Information Project MSIP Multinational Staged Improvement Programme MSIS Multi‐sensor Stabilised Integrated Sensor MSK Minimum Shift Keying MSL Master Servicing List MSL Mean Sea Level msl Missile MSM Marine Services Manager MSM Maritime Sensors Model MSM Minehunting Support Module MSM Ministry Supplied Material MSMS Magnetic Signature Measurement System MSN Major System Node MSN Millie Stock Number MSO Main Signal Office MSO Main Signal Officer MSO Master Specification Officer MSO Minesweeper, Ocean MSO Mixed Service Organisation MSOW Modular /Multinational Stand‐Off Weapons MSOW Modular Stand Off Weapon MSP Manufacturers Spares Pack MSP Material State Portfolio MSP Medium Stressed Platform MSPM Management Services Planning Manager MSPT Marine Silent Power Transmission MSR Main Supply Route MSR Managing the Supplier Relationship MSR Minesweeper, Patrol MSR Missile Site Radar MSR Mobile Sea Range MSR Modular Survivable Radar MSR Multi‐beam Multi‐mode Surveillance Radar MSR Multisensor Reconnaissance MSRD Mobile Service and Repair Detachment MSRS Miniature Sonobuoy Receiver System MSRT Mobile Subscriber Radiotelephone Terminals MSS Marine Sound Signals

MSS Marine, Sound Signal, Mk  7  MSS Mine Search System MSS Miniature Surveillance System MSS Missile Support Subsystem MSS Mission Support System MSS Mobile Satellite System MSS Mobile Subscriber Equipment System MSS Multi‐‐Spectral Smoke MSSA Mine Sweeping System Acoustic MSSAS MERLIN Support & Spares Availability System MSSC Marine Society and Sea Cadets (Replaces Sea Cadets) MSSC Maritime Surface Surveillance Capability MSSC Medium Seal Support Craft MSSF Minimum Serviceable Stock Figure MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar MSSS Multi‐Spectral Screening Smoke MSSS Multi‐Spectral Smoke Shell MST Mechanical Systems Trainer MST Microprocessor Simulation Technology MST Military Support Team MST Missile Surveillance Technology MST Mission Specific Training MST Mobile Systems Technology MST Mountain Standard Time MST Multi Sensor Tracking MST Multi‐Sensor Tracking MSTAR Manportable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar MSTART Missile System To Attack Relocatable Targets MSTI Miniaturised Space Technology Integration MSU Mass Storage Unit MSU Mission System Upgrade MSU Mode Selector Unit MSV Micro Surveillance system MSV Modular Support Vehicle MSVC Meta Signalling Virtual Channel (ATM) MSW Medium Support Weapon MSW Metres of seawater MSWG Military Strategy Working Group MSX Midcourse Space Experiment MSX Mid‐course Space eXperiment MT Market Test MT Market Testing MT Mechanical Time MT Medical Technician MT Megaton MT Military Task MT Military Transport MT Missile Target MT Motor Transport MT Multi‐frequency Transducer MT Sys Motor Transport System. Military name for the PROFLEET COTS fleet management system MTA Memorandum Trading Account MTA Message Transfer Agent (X400)

MTA Military Training Area MTACC/IAS Marine Corp Tactical C2 System/Intelligence C2 System MTACS Marine Tactical Air Control System MTAD Multi‐Trace Analysis Display MTAE Multiple Time Around Echoes MTAs Memorandum Trading Accounts MTAS Millimetric Target Acquisition System MTAS Modular Target Acquisition System MTAS Multi‐sensor Target Acquisition System MTAU Machinery Trials Assessment Unit MTB Missile Torpedo Boat MTB Mobility Test‐Bed MTB Motor Torpedo Boat MTBAF Mean Time Between Attributable Faults MTBCF Mean Time Between Critical Failures MTBF Mean Time Between Failure MTBF Mean Time Between Failures MTBI Mean Time Between Incidents MTBMA Mean Time Between Maintenance Actions MTBMA Mean Time Between Maintenance Activities MTBMF Mean Time Between Mission Failures MTBR Mean Time Between Repair MTBR Mean Time Between Repairs MTBSF Mean Time Between Significant Failures MTBSI Mean Time Between System Incidents MTCAS Marine Corps Tactical Command And Control System MTCC Modular Tactical Communication Centre MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime MTD Main Tactical Display mtd Mounted MTD Moving Target Detection MTDA Mean Time Data Availability MTDG Minewarfare Tactical Development Group MTDS Manufacture to Target or Disposal Sequence MTDS Marine Tactical Data System MTDS Mission Training via Distributed Simulation MTDSS Maritime Tactical Decision Support System MTE Military Task Equipment MTF Magnetic Test Facility MTF Medical Treatment Facility MTF Message Text Format MTF Modulation Transfer Function or Magnetic Treatment MTH Military Technology Handbook MTI Moving Target Identification MTI Moving Target Indication (radar) MTI Moving Target Indicator MTI Multiple Target Interception MTIA Metal Trades Industry Association of Australia MTIAC Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Centre MTL Magnetic Tape Loader MTL Materials Technology Laboratory MTLS Magazine Torpedo Launch System MTLS Magazine Torpedo Launching System

MTLV Missile Transport and Loading Vehicle MTM Methods Time Management MTM Moving Target Mechanism MTM(WD) Moving Target Mechanism (Winch Driven) MTMA Military Terminal Manoeuvring Area MTMC Military Traffic Management Command MTME Mechanical Test and Measuring Equipment MTMT Multiple Target and Missile Tracker MTO Make To Order (MRPII) MTO Market Testing Organisation MTO Mechanical Transport Officer MTO Mechanical/Motor Transport Officer MTO Military Transport Officer MTO Motor Transport Officer MTOGW Maximum Take‐Off Gross Weight MTP Manpower Target Plan MTR Marked Target Receiver MTR Military Training Route MTR Missile Tracking Radar MTR Mobile Test Rig MTRACS Multiple input Tracking Control System MTRE Missile Test and Readiness Equipment MTS Make To Stock (MRPII) MTS Marine Trainers and Simulators MTS Maritime Tactical School MTS Maritime Training Systems MTS Marked Target Seeker MTS Market Testing Service MTS Message Transfer Service MTS Message Transfer System MTS Military Tactical Systems MTS Modular Tactical Switch MTS Moving Target Simulator MTS(R) Moving Target System (Rural) MTSQ Mechanical Time and Superquick MTSS Minewarfare Tactical Support System MTT Major Tactical Trial MTT Medium Tactical Truck MTT Moving Turning Target MTT Multiple Target Tracking MTT Munitions Tiger Team MTTF Mean Time To Failure MTTF Microbuoy Transportable Test Facility MTTI Motor Transport Technical Instructions MTTR Mean Time To Repair MTTR Multi‐Target Tracking Radar MTTRS Mean Time to Restore Service MTTS Main Transmission Test Stand MTTS Manufacture To Target Sequence MTTS Multiplexed Tactical Telephone System MTTS Multi‐Task Training System MTU Magnetic Tape Unit MTU Maximum Transfer Unit

MTU Maximum Transmission Unit MTV Medium Tactical Vehicle MTVT Medium Tactical Vehicle Trailer MU Maintenance Unit MU Movement Unit MUA Military User Agent MUACT Military Users Airspace Co‐Ordination Team MUAV Maritime Unmanned Air Vehicle MUC MOD Unified Customer MUD Vessel Make Up and Discharge Vessel MUDAS Modular Universal Data Acquisition System MuFAR Multi‐target Field Artillery Radar MUFS Maximum Useable Frequency MUFTI Minimum Use of Force Tactical Intervention MUID Messaging user ID MULE Modular Universal Laser Equipment MULTIFAB Type of waterproof suit for working in cold & wet conditions MULTOTS Multiple Unit Link‐ 11  Test and Operational Training System MULTS Mobile Universal Link  11  Translator System MUMS Modular Underwater Measurement System MURF Manpower Utilisation & Recording Form MURS Manpower Utilisation Recording System MUSL Marconi Underwater Systems Limited MUTES Multiple Threat Emitter System MUU Main User Unit MUX Multiplex System MUX Multiplexer MV Military Vigilance MV Muzzle Velocity MV Muzzle Velocity (in metres per second (m/s)) MVC MultiVariable Control MVEE Military Vehicles & Engineering Establishment (now DERA Chertsey) MVLD Man Worn Laser Detector MVLT Morse / Voice Language Trainer MVMD Muzzel Velocity Measurement Device MVO Multi Variate Optimisation MVP Military VME Processor MVP Motor Vehicle Plant MVPS Multiple Vertical Protective Shelter MVR Muzzle Velocity Radar MVV Mission, Vision, Values MW Major Warships MW Mediterranean Water MW Medium Wave MW Microwave MW Mine Warfare MWA Minor Warships & Auxiliaries MWA Multiple Weapons Adapter MWAB Minor Warships Auxiliaries and Boats MWAN Megastream Wide Area Network MWB Military War Book MWC Maritime Warfare Centre MWC Mine Warfare Coordinator

MWD Military Working Dogs MWDP Master Warning Display Panel MWDP Mutual Weapons Development Program MWDS Man‐Worn Detector System MWHQ Mobile War Headquarters MWIR Medium Wave Infra Red MWLD Man‐Worn Laser Detector MWN Medical Warning Notice MWR Millimetre‐Wave Radar MWR Mine Warfare Range MWS Manned Weapon Station MWS Maritime Warfare School MWS Master Warning System MWS Missile Warning System MWS Modular Workstation MWT Medium Wheeled Tractor MWV Minor War Vessel MWVESS Minor War Vessels Engineering Support MWVP Minor War Vessels Programme MWVS Mission Weapon Visionics System MX GPT military switch MX Missile Experiment or Missile‐X (advanced ICBM) MYN Meet Your Navy MYPR Mid Year Performance Review MYPR Mid‐Year Performance Review MYRAnn Milestone (M) designation MZFW Maximum Zero‐Fuel Weight n Nano  10 ‐ 9  N newton(s) N North N/S Neutron Source NA Naval Advisor/Attaché NA Not Applicable NA Not Available NA Numerical Aperture NA TAB Not Available Tabulation NAA North Atlantic Assembly NAAB Not Available Any Base NAADM North American Air Defence Modernisation NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes NAAG NATO Armies Armaments Group NAAIHTO Not Available Action In Hand To Obtain NAAWS NATO Anti‐Air Warfare System NAB Nickel Alloy Bronze NABK NATO Armaments Balllistic Kernel (part of the S4 software suite) NABS NATO Air Base Satcom NABSE Norwegian Artillery Battery Survey NABUST Nuclear Accident Back‐Up Support Team NABW North Atlantic Bottom Water NAC National Accounts Classification NAC NATO Alert Committee NAC Naval Air Command NAC Naval Avionics Centre

NAC Network Access Controller NAC North Atlantic Council NACCB National Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies NACCIS North Atlantic Command & Control Information System NACETT National Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets NACISIA NATO CIS Agency NACMA NATO ACCS Management Agency NACMO Net Additional Costs of Military Operations NACNOC No Acceptable / Appropriate Certification ‐ NO Contract NACNOC No Appropriate Certification No Contract NACOSA NATO Communications Organisation Support Agency NAD National Armaments Director NAD NATO Ammunition Depot NAD Naval Armaments Director NAD Non Acoustic Detection NADC NATO Air Defence Committee NADEEC NATO Air Defence Electronic Environment Committee NADEP Naval Aviation Depot NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment NADGERS NATO Air Defence Ground Environment Routine Servicing NADL Navy Avionics Development Laboratory NADREPs National Armament Directors Representatives NADS National Armaments Directors NADS Naval Air Data System NAE Nuclear Accident & Emergency Arrangements NAEAC(NBH) Naval Authority Explosives Advisory Committee (Naval Bases and Harbours) NAEAC‐NBH Naval Authority Explosives Advisory Committee ‐ Naval Bases and Harbours NAEDS Non‐Aqueous Equipment Decontamination System NAEW NATO Air‐borne Early Warning NAEW NATO Airborne Early Warning Force NAEW NATO Early Warning NAEWF NATO Air‐borne Early Warning Force NAEW‐F NATO Airborne Early Warning Forces NAF NATO Architecture Framework NAF Naval Air Facility NAFAG NATO Air Force Armaments Group NAG Naval Advisory Group NAG Netherlands Aerospace Group NAHEMA NATO Helicopter Management Agency NAHQ Nuclear Accident Headquarters NAIAD Nerve Agent Immobilised Enzyme Alarm and Detection NAIAD Nerve Agent Immobilised Enzyme Alarm and Detector NAIC NATO Intelligence Centre NAIR Naval Air Systems Command headquarters NAK Negative acknowledgement NALLADS Norwegian Army Low Level Air Defence System NAM Nuclear Audit Manager NAM(A) Nuclear Assurance Manager (Authorisation) NAMAS National Association of Measurements and Standards NAMC Naval Afloat Messaging Coherency NAMC Navy Address Management Centre NAMC Nuclear Accident Monitoring Course NAMFI NATO Missile Firing Installation

NAML Naval Air Maintenance Laboratory NAML Naval Aircraft Materials Laboratory NAML Naval Aircraft Materiels Laboratory NAMMA NATO MRCA Development and Production Management Agency NAMMs Naval Aircraft Maintenance Manuals NAMOPS Naval Air Maritime Operations (circuit) NAMOs Naval Aircraft Maintenance Orders NAMSA NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency NAMSO NATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation NAN Naval Authority Notice NAOC National Air Operations Centre NAP Naval Application Plan NAP Non Availability Period NAPATMO NATO Patriot Management Office NAPB Naval Armament Package Book NAPC Naval Air Projects Co‐ordination office NAPC Nuclear Accident Procedures Course NAPNOC No Acceptable Price ‐ NO Contract NAPO NATO Production NAPR NATO Armaments Planning Review NAPs NBC tablets (Nerve Agent Prophylactic) NAPS Nerve Agent Pretreatment Set NAPS Nerve Agent Pre‐Treatment Set NAPS Nerve Agent Pre‐treatment Tablets NAQS National Air Quality Strategy NaRCoSiS Naval Radar Computer Simulation Suite NARF Naval Air Reserve Force NARIMS Nuclear Accident Response Information Management System NARO Naval Aircraft Repair Organisation NARO Nuclear Accident Response Organisation NAROTC Nuclear Accident Response Organisation Training Committee NARPICC Naval Radiation Protection Instrument Calibration Centre NAS National Aerospace Standards NAS Naval Air Station NAS Naval Armament Stores NAS Network Application Support NAS Non Acoustic Sensor NASA National Aeronautical and Space Administration NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASAMS Norwegian Advanced Surface‐to‐Air‐Missile System NASCOM NASA Communications network NASDA National Space Development Agency NASF Navigation and Attack Systems Flight (Royal Air Force) NASH Navigation and Attack System for Helicopters NASIS NATO Subject Indicator System NASP NATO Atomic Supply Point NASP Navy Air‐Ship Program NASPO Naval Air System Program Office NASR Naval and Air Staff Requirements NASS Naval Anti‐Submarine School NASS Naval Armament Stores System NASSHE Naval Armament Specification for the Stowage and Handling of Explosives NAST Naval and Air Staff Target

NASU Naval Aerial/Antenna Switching unit NASWDU Naval Air/Sea Warfare Development Unit NAT Name Address Translator NATC Naval Air Training Command NATC Nevada Automotive Test Centre NATESC Naval Automatic Test Equipment Steering Committee NATINADS NATO Integrated Air Defence System NATIP NATO Information and Press office NATMAC National Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO C3 NATO Consultation, Command and Control NATO FMB NATO Frequency Management Branch NATS National Air Traffic Services NAU Network Access Unit NAURC Near All Up Round Container NAUTIC Naval Autonomous Intelligent Console NAUTIS Naval Autonomous Information System NAV Navigation NAVAID Navigation Aid NAVAIDS Navigation Aids NAVAIDS Navigational Aids NAVB Navy Board NAVCOMPARS Naval Communications Processing And Routing System NAVDAC Naval Data Automation Command NAVEX Navigation Exercise NAVHARS Navigation, Heading and Attitude Reference System NAVHOME Naval Home Command NAVICERT Navy Certificate NAVICP NAVal Inventory Control Point NAVMACS Naval Modular Automated Communications System NAVMATINST Naval Materiel Command Instruction NAVMIC Naval Maritime Intelligence Centre NAVMOVE Navigational Movements NAVOBSY Naval Observatory NAVR NAVigation Radar NAVS NAVigation System NAVSEA NAVal SEA Systems Command (US) NAVSITSUM Naval (own) Situation Summary NAVSOUTH NAVal command SOUTH NAVSPASUR Naval Space Surveillance System NAVSSES Naval Ship System Engineering Station NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging (see GPS) NAVTAG Naval Tactical Game NAVTEX Navigational Telex NavWar Navigation Warfare Programme NavWASS Navigation and Weapon Aiming Subsystem NAW Night/Adverse Weather NAWACS NATO AWACS NAWAS National Warning System NAWBS Naval Armament Weapon Business System NAWBUS Naval Armaments and Weapons Business System NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center (US)

NAWC Naval Air Warfare Centre NAWDAS Naval Armament Weapon Data Base Analysis System NAWDAS Naval Armament Weapons Database Analysis System NAWEL Naval Above Water Exploitation Laboratory NAWEL Naval Above Water Exploration Laboratory NAWST Night Attack Weapon Systems Trainer NAWX Nigh to All Weather NB Naval Base NB Naval Base/s NBC Naval Base Commander NBC Nuclear Biological & Chemical NBC Nuclear Biological and Chemical NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical NBC BIS Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Battlefield Information System NBC(D) Naval Base Commander (Devonport) NBC(P) Naval Base Commander (Portsmouth) NBCD Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence NBCD Nuclear, Biological & Chemical defence & Damage control NBCDI NBCD Instructor NBCDQ Senior Rating in each Department who specialises in NBCD NBCF Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Fire NBCGO Naval Base Commanders General Orders NBCMSC Naval Base Commanders Safety Committee NBCPC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protective Cover NBCPO NBC Protection Officer NBCRS Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance System NBCSS Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Shelter System NBCSSC Naval Base Commanders Site Safety Case NBDO Naval Base Duty Officer NBDS Naval Biological Detection System NBDVS Narrow Band Digital Voice System NBESD Naval Base Environmental Support Department NBFCC Naval Base Facilities & Co‐ordination Centre NBHQ Naval Base Headquarters NBMB Naval Base Management Board NBMP Naval Base Management Plan NBMR NATO Basic Military Requirement NBQ Naval Base Quality NBQD Naval Base Quality Department NBQF Naval Base Quality Form NBQM Naval Base Quality Manager NBR Naval Base Review NBRPA Naval Base Radiological Protection Advisor NBRSD Naval Base Radiation Safety Department NBS Narrow Beam Sounder NBS National Bureau of Standards NBS Naval Base Services NBS Naval Bases and Supply NBSA Naval Base & Supply Agency NBSA Naval Bases and Supplies Agency NBSA Naval Bases and Supply Agency (part of the DLO) NBSA Next Block Situational Awareness

NBSD Naval Base Services Directorate NBSD Normal Burst Safety Distance NBSD  33  Requisition for Work /Services NBSG Naval Base Safety Group NBSM Naval Base Services Manager NBSS Narrowband Switching System NBSV Narrow Band Secure Voice system NBSV Narrowband Secure Voice NBV Net Book Value NC Narrow Coverage antenna NC NATO Class NC Navy Command NC Nitro‐cellulose (Cellulose Nitrate) NC No Charge NC No Connection NC Node Centre NC Nonconformity NC Numerical Control NC/AC‐EC Narrow Coverage / Area Coverage to Earth Coverage NC3A NATO Command, Control and Communication Agency NCA National Command Authority NCA National Control Authority NCA Network Capability Authority NCA Non‐Commissioned Aircrew NCA Non‐current Assets NCAGE NATO Contractor and/or Government Entity NCAGS Naval Coordination and Guidance to Shipping NCAM Non Current Asset Manager NCAP Night Combat Air Patrol NCAPC NATO Conventional Armaments Planning Committee NCARC NATO Conventional Armament Review Committee NCB National Codification Bureau NCB NATO Codification Bureau NCC National Computing Centre NCC National Contingent Commander NCC National Contingent Component NCC Nature Conservancy Council NCC Network Control Centre NCC Northwood Control Centre NCC Northwood/Naval Command Centre NCCIS NATO Command, Control and Information System NCCIS NATO Command, Control, and Information System NCCOSC Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Centre NCD National Capability Demonstrator NCDU Navigational Control and Display Unit NCE Navigation and Command Equipment NCEB NATO Communications and Electronics Board NCF National Contingency Forces NCF NATO Composite Force NCF Northern Calibration Facility NCF Nucleonic Calibration Facility NCHQ Navy Command Headquarters NCI Navigational Control Indicator

NCISA NATO Communications and Information Systems Agency NCISC NATO CIS Committee NCISC Naval Counter‐Intelligence Support Centre NCL Network Control Language NCM Non‐Circular Missile NCN Non ‐ Compliance Notice NCO Non‐commissioned officer NCP Network Control Points NCP Network Control Programme NCP No Contractors Parts NCPR Notice of Change in Provisioning Requirements NCR Net Cash Requirement NCR Non Compliance Report NCS NATO Codification System NCS Naval Calibration Service NCS Naval Canteen Service NCS Naval Careers Service NCS Naval Combat System NCS Naval Communications System NCS Naval Compass Stabiliser/System NCS Naval Control of Shipping NCS Network Computing System NCS Network Control Station NCS Network Control Subsystem NCS Node Centre Switch NCSA National Computer Security Association NCSC New Core Shipping Container NCSO Naval Control of Supply Officer NCT NATO Comparative Test programme NCT Network Control Terminal NCT Non Co‐operative Target NCTR Non Cooperative Target Recognition NCTS Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station NCTS Non Co‐operative Target Recognition NCU Naval Communications Unit, Washington NCU Navigation Computer Unit NCUE Non Contact Underwater Explosion NCVQ National Council for Vocational Qualifications NCW Net‐Centric Warfare (US) NCWA NATO Wartime Civil Agencies NCWE National Council for Work Experience ND Navigation Display ND Navy Department ND Navy Department of MoD ND Non‐Detectable Nd1 Design Limit Rotor Speed NDA Naval Discipline Act NDA Network Design Authority NDA No Danger Area NDA Non‐Disclosure Agreement NDAC Nuclear Defence Affairs Committee NDB Non‐Directional Beam NDBCC NATO Defence Business Coordinating Committee

NDC NATO Defence College NDC Neutron Detector Container NDDN Norwegian Defence Digital Network NDE Non Destructive Evaluation NDE Non‐Destructive Examination NDESMB Navy Department Explosives Safety Management Board NDEW Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon NDEWT Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon Technology programme NDFD NATO Data Fusion Demonstrator NDG Northern Diving Group NDHD Notices to Directors and Heads of Divisions NDHTC Naval Department Hand Tools Committee NDI Non Destructive Inspection NDI Non‐Development Item NDI Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion NDIC National Defence Industries Council NDIR Non Disperse Infra Red NDN Naval Digital Network NDN Navy Digital Network NDP Nuclear Depth Bomb NDPB Non‐Departmental Public Body NDPO National Defence Programme Outline NDRF National Defence Reserve Fleet NDS Nuclear Detection System NDSCI Network Data Service Communications Information NDSTC National Defence Science and Technology Commission NDSTIC National Defence Science Technology and Industry Commission NDT Non Destructive Testing NDT Non‐Destructive Testing NDU Navigation Display Unit NDU Northern Diving Unit NDV Nuclear Delivery Vehicle NE Neighbourhood Engineer NE Never Exceed NE North East NEAB National Employer Advisory Board NEARTIP Near‐Term Improvement Programme NEB Nuclear Exoatmospheric Burst NEC low frequency prediction code nec Necessary NEC Network Enabled Capability NEC Network Enabled Capacity NEC Northern European Command NEC 1* SG Network Enabled Steering Group NEDD NATO and European Defence Directorate NEDG Non Explosive Dangerous Goods NEDG Non‐Explosive Dangerous Goods NEDI NSC Electronic Data Interchange NEDIST North East District NEDS Non‐ruggedized Electronic Display System NEF Naval Engineering Facility NEFAMA NATO EFA Management Agency NEFC NATO Electronic Warfare Fusion Cell

NEGEXP Negative Exponential NEHFILG Naval Equipment Human Factors Integration Liaison Group NEIP Non‐Equipment Investment Plan NEM New Employment Model NEMESIS Attrition Model NEMIS Nimrod Engineering Management Information System NEMP Non‐nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse NEMP Nuclear Electro‐Magnetic Pulse NEO Non‐combatants Evacuation Order NEOTAM NATO EO TArget Model NEP Naval Engineering Practice NEP Noise Equivalent Power NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NEPEF Non Economic Pre‐emptying factors NEQ Net Explosive Quantity NER Network Equipment Room NERVA Nuclear Energy for Rocket Vehicle Applications NES Naval Engineering Standard NES Naval Engineering/Equipment Standards NES Night Effects Simulator NESC Naval Electronics Systems Command NESC Naval Equipment & Stores Committee NESP Navy EHF Satcom Program NESPG Naval Engineering Support Policy Group NESS Naval Engineering Support System NESSEC Naval Electronics Systems Security Engineering office NEST Naval EHF SATCOM Terminal programme NEST Naval EHF Satellite Terminal NET Non‐Entitled Tariff NET Normal Environmental Temperature NETC Naval Education and Training Centre NETMA NATO Eurofighter & Tornado Management Agency NEW Normal Working Envelope NEW North West Europe NEWAC NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee NEWS Non Explosive Workshop NEWTS Naval Electronic Warfare Training System NEXRAD Next‐generation Radar Nf Free Power Turbine Speed NF Free Turbine Speed NFA No Fire Area NFA Non‐Firing Assessment NFAP National Frequency Assignment Panel NFCM National Fire Control Message NFCS Nuclear Forces Communications Satellite NFD Non Fleet Data nfd not for discussion NFER National Foundation for Educational Research NFF No Fault Found NFFO Non Fossil Fuel Obligation NFH NATO Frigate Helicopter NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Programme NFM North Finding Module

NFO Naval Flight Officer NFOV Narrow Field‐Of‐Vision NFPG National Frequency Planning Group NFR Narrative Fault Report NFR National Frequency Register NFR NATO Frigate Replacement NFS Naval Fire Support NFS Network File System NFT No Fire Threshold (EED) NFTC Nato Flying Training Canada NFTS Naval Fixed Telecommunications System NFWP Nuclear Fuelling Working Party Ng Engine Gas Generator Speed Ng Gas turbine speed NG Navigational Guidance NG Nitro‐glycerine (glycerol Trinitrate) NG Nouvelle Generatio NG Power Turbine Speed NGA National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (US) NGAS Naval Gunfire Air Spotting NGASR Navy, Army and Air Staff Requirements NGAST Navy, Army and Air Staff Target NGB National Guard Bureau NGB Nose Gearbox Ngc Corrected Engine Gas Generator Speed NGC Naval Gunfire Control NgC Ng Calculated (within EECU) NGEC Next Generation Estate Contract NGfL National Grid for Learning NGFO Naval Gunfire Forward Officer/Observer NGFSO Naval Gunfire Support Officer NGM Naval General Message NGO Non Government Organisation NGO Non Governmental Organisation NGO Non‐Government Organisation NGO Non‐Governmental Organisations NGOC Naval Gunfire Operations Centre NGP Normal Ground Pressure NGPS Navstar Global Positioning System NGR Night Goggle readable NGS National Geodetic Survey NGS Naval Gunfire Support NGS(F) Shells for NGS practices that have a small bursting charge NGSFO Naval Gunfire Support Forward Observer NGTE Naval Gas Turbine Establishment NGV Nozzle Guide Vane NGW Nuclear Gravity Weapon NH Northumberland House NH Not Held NH‐ 90  NATO Helicopter for the 1990’s NHI NATO Helicopter Industries NHMO NATO Hawk Management Office NHMU Non‐Hospital Medical Units

NHPLO NATO Hawk Production and Logistics Organisation NHQ Naval Headquarters NHR Naval High Refresh display system NHS National Health Service NHSG Naval Health and Safety Group NI National Insurance NI Naval Infantry ni Night NI Non‐Industrial NI Non‐Industrial (personnel) NI Northern Ireland NIA Net Internal Area NIACE National Institute of Adult Continuing Education NIAG NATO Industrial Advisory Group NIAS National Information Assurance Strategy NIC National Insurance Contribution NIC Naval Intelligence Command NIC Network Information Centre NIC Network Interface Card NIC Not In Catalogue NiCd Nickel Cadmium NICS National Insurance Contributions NICS NATO Integrated Communication System NICS NATO Integrated Communications System NICS Navy Information and Communications Services NICS COA NICS Control Operating Authority NICSO NATO Integrated Communications System Organisation NIDES Next‐Generation Intruder Detection System NIDIR Nike Digital Instrumentation Radar NIDS National Institute for Defence Studies NIEC National Imagery Exploitation Centre NIF National Insurance Fund NIF National Islamic Front NIG Non‐Industrial Grade NIHHS Notification of Installations Handling Dangerous Substances NIHL Noise Induced Hearing Loss NII Naval Internal Information NII Nuclear Installations Inspectorate NIID Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association NILE NATO Improved Link Eleven NILE Naval Inflatable Lifesaving Equipment NILTA National Information and Learning Technologies Association NILU National Intelligence Liaison Unit NIM Navy Information Management NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency (US) NIMCSSC National Military Command Systems Support Centre NIMIC NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Centre NIMP NATO Interoperability Management Plan NIMP NATO Inter‐operability Management Plan NIPD NATO Interoperability Document NIPSSA Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity office NIR Near Infra‐Red NIRATAM NATO InfraRed Air TArget Model (IR Signature Prediction Code)

NIREP Nuclear Industry Road Emergency Response Plan NIREX Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive NIRS National Insurance Recording System NIS NATO Identification System NIS NATO International Staff NIS Net Identification Sign NIS Network Information Service NIS Nuclear Implicated Services NISC National IFF Steering Committee NISDN Narrowband Integrated Services Digital Network NISSC Navy IS Steering Committee NISSPO NATO Identification System Special Project Office NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology NITE‐OP Night Imaging Through Electro‐Optics NITF National Imagery Transmission Format NITF National Imagery Transmissions Format NIU Network Interface Unit NIU Nitrogen Inerting Unit NJFA NATO Joint Frequency Agreement NK Not Known NKZ Nuclear Killing Zone NL Netherlands NLABS US Army Natick Laboratories, Natick, Massachusetts NLAW New Light Anti‐armour Weapon NLCM Non‐Lethal Countermeasures NLEC Naval Land Environment Committee NLF National Loans Fund NLFA Naval Logistics Functional Area NLIF Non‐linear Interface Filter NLIS Naval Logistics Information System NLIS Navy Logistics Information System NLISS Naval Logistics Information Systems Strategy NLISS Navy Logistics IS Strategy NLISSS Naval Logistics Information Systems Strategy Study NLM Netware Loadable Modules NLO Naval Liaison Officer NLO Netherlands Liaison Officer NLOS Non Line Of Sight NLOS Non Line‐Of‐Sight NLOS‐CA Non‐Line‐Of‐Sight‐Combined Arms NLQ Near Letter Quality NLR Nationaal (sic) Lucht‐en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium or Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory NLR Nationaal Lucht‐en Ruimtevaartlaboatorium NLS Naval Legal Service NLS New Launch System (NASA/US Air Force) NLS Nuclear Licensed Site NLSC National Learning and Skills Council NLT National Learning Targets NLUS Navy League of the United States NLW Non Lethal Warfare NM Nautical Mile NM Non Magnetic NMA Naval Manning Agency

NMB No Move Before NMC Naval Materiel Command NMC Naval Missile Centre NMC New Module Container NMC Not Missile‐Capable NMCC National Military Command Centre NMCCC National Maritime Command and Control Centre NMCRC Navy Marine Corps Reserve Centre NMCRL NATO Master Cross Reference List NMCS National Military Command System NMD National Missile Defence NMEC Naval Maritime Environment Committee NMER Naval Magazine & Explosive Regulations NMER Naval Magazine & Explosives Regulations NMI Non Maskable Interrupt NMIC National Military Intelligence Centre NML Naval Multiple Launcher NMMI Naval Missile Maintenance Instructions NMMIS Naval Manpower Management Information System NMMS Navy Mast Mounted Sight NMOH Naval Medical Officer of Health NMP Naval Management Plan NMR National Military Representative to SHAPE NMR Near Market Research NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMRCC National Military Rescue Coordination Centre NMS Network Management Sub‐system NMS Network Management System NMS New Management Strategy NMSC Naval Magazine Safety Committee NMSG NATO Modelling and Simulation Group NMSt NATO Military Standardisation Team NMST NATO Military Standards & Terminology NMT Naval Military Training NMT No More Than NMTI Naval Missile Technical Instructions NMTN Naval Missile Technical Note NMU Navigation Management Unit NMW National Minimum Wage NMWS Naval Meroka Weapon System NNAG NATO Naval Armaments Group NNEMP Non Nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse NNEMP Non‐Nuclear Electro‐Magnetic Pulse NNI Network Node Interface (ATM) NNIA Not Notified In Advance NNIG Netherlands Naval Industries Group NNK Non‐Nuclear Kill NNMSB Non‐Nuclear Munitions Safety Board NNPP Naval Nuclear Propulsion Panel NNPP Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme NNTSP Naval Nuclear Technical Safety Panel NO Navigating Officer NO Normal Operating

NO Norway NOA Network Operations Authority NOA Non‐Operational Aircraft NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAH Norwegian Adapted Hawk NOBS Not On Board Spare NOCISSC Naval Operational CIS Steering Committee NOCR Non Operational Computer Resources NOCR Non‐Operational Computer Resources NOCUS North Continental US NOD Night Observation Device NODEF No Defence Standard Required NODLR Night Observation Device, Long Range NODM Notification of Design Modification NODS Night Observation and Detection System NOE Nap of the Earth NOE Nap‐of‐the‐Earth NOE Naval Ordnance Engineering NOE/APPR Nap‐of‐the‐Earth/Approach NOEC Naval Ordnance Engineering Course NOGS Night Observation Gunship System NOHD Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance NOI Notice of Intention NOIC Naval Officer In Charge NOIC Nursing Officer In Charge NOIO Naval Ordnance Inspecting Officer NOK Next Of Kin NOL Naval Ordnance Laboratory NOLO No Live Operator NOMAD Naval Operations and Maintenance Aviation Deck (US Navy) NOMIS National Online Manpower Information System NOMIS Naval Operations Management Information System NOMIS Navy Operations Management Information System NOMISS Naval Operational MIS Study NOMISS Naval Operations Management Information Systems Strategy NOP No Operation NOPD Notice Of Planned Development NOPD Notice Of Proposed Development NOPT Naval Organisation Project Team NOR Notice of Revisions NORAD North American Air Defence (NATO) NORAD North American Air Defense Command NORDEC Nordic Economic Union NORLANT Northern Sub‐Area Eastern Atlantic Command NORM Not Operationally Ready, Maintenance NOROR Not on repair or reconditioning NORS Not Operationally Ready, Spare parts NORS Notice of Revision Submission NORSE Nuclear Optical and Radar Signature Estimation NORT Naval Ordnance Radiographic Technique NORTHAG Northern Army Group NORTHAG Northern Army Group (NATO) NORTHAXE Exercise in the NW Approaches to the UK

NOS NATO Office of Security NOS Network Operating System NOS Night Observation Surveillance NOS Normal Operating Standard NOSA NATO Open Systems Security Architecture NOSC NATO Operations Support Cell NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Centre NOSIC Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Centre NOSIP NATO Open System Interconnection Profile NOSIP NATO Open Systems Interconnection Profile NOST Near‐term Optical Sensor Technology NOST Netherlands OST NOTAL Not To All Addressees NOTAM Notice to Airmen NOTAR No Tail Rotor NOTICAS Notification of Casualties NOTS NATO Off the Shelf NOTU Naval Ordnance Test Unit NOULD Code word for US/UK magnetic & electric signature reduction trials NOVRAM Non‐volatile Random Access Memory NOWSHIP Message indicating that stores are ready for shipping Nox Nitrogen Oxides NOX Oxides of Nitrogen Np Engine Power Turbine Speed NP Naval Publication NP Nuclear Procedure NPA National Pistol Association NPA Network Point of Attachment NPACC Nominated Primary Alternate Command Centre NPB Naval Proportion Book NPB Neutral Particle Beam NPB New Purple Body NPB Nuclear Powered Bomber NPBIE Neutral Particle Beam Integration Experiment NPC NATO Programming Centre NPDS Nuclear Propulsion Development Support NPE Navy Preliminary Evaluation NPG Nuclear Planning Group (NATO) NPLO NATO Production and Logistics Organisation NPM Naval Provost Marshal NPN Negative‐Positive‐Negative (transistor) NPO Naval Programme Overview NPP Nobel’s Parabellum Powder NPP Nuclear Power Plant NPPG National Planning Policy Guidance NPPO Non Project Procurement Organisation NPR No Power Recovery NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making NPS Network Photo System NPS Network Processing System NPT Non‐Proliferation Treaty NPV Net Present Value (MRPII) NPWSC Nuclear Powered Warship Safety Committee

NQA Network Quality Analyser NQAA National Quality Assurance Authority NQE New Quay (East) NQW New Quay (West) NR Non Recurring NR Non‐redundant configured equipment NR Not Required NR Nuclear Reporting Nr Rotor speed NRA National Rifle Association NRA National Rivers Authority NRA Nuclear Reaction Analysis NRA Nuclear Reserved Area NRAD US Navy Laboratory NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC Nuclear Reporting Cell NRD New Receipt Defect NRDS Nuclear Rocket Development Station NRE Non‐Recurring (cost) Element NREN National Research and Education Network NRF Naval Reserve Force NRFI Not Ready For Issue NRG News Release Group (MOD) NRG Noise Review Group NRHC Naval Radio Hazards Committee NRIO Naval Resettlement Information Officer NRL Naval Research Laboratory NRO National Reconnaissance Office NRO Naval Regional Officer NROSS Navy Remote Ocean Sensing System/Satellite (US Navy) NRP Naval Regeneration Plan NRP Nominated Reporting Point NRP Portuguese Naval Ship NRPB National Radiological Protection Board NRPS Non Regular Permanent Staff NRR Naval Raid Reporting NRRC Naval Reserve Readiness Command NRSWG NATO Range Safety Working Group NRT Near Real Time NRT Net Registered Tons NRTA Naval Recruiting & Training Agency NRTA Naval Recruiting and Training Agency NRTE Naval Reactor Test Establishment NRU North Reference Unit NRV Non Return Value NRZ Non‐Return to Zero NS Naval Staff NSA National Security Agency NSA National Standards Association NSA NATO Standardisation Agency NSA Network Security Architecture NSA New Shipborne Aircraft programme NSA Night Sensor Assembly

NSA Night Subsistence Allowance NSA Nitrate Sensitive Area NSA No Standing Arrangement NSA/CSS National Security Agency, Central Security Service NSAG Nuclear Services Authorisation Group NSAP Naval Sector Application Portfolio NSAP Network Service Access Point NSAPI Netscape Server Application Programming Interface NSAR Non‐Standard Appraisal Report NSC NATO Stock Classification NSC NATO Supply Centre NSC NATO Supply Code NSC Naval Staff Command NSC Naval Support Command NSC Neutron Source Container NSCC Nuclear Safety Co‐ ordination Committee NSCL National Sports Centre Lilleshall NSCM NATO Supply Code for Manufacture NSCO Naval Shipping Control Officer NSD Normal Safety Distance NSE National logistics Support Element NSE National Support Element NSE Non Standard Enquiry NSEA Naval Sea system command headquarters NSF NATO Special Facility NSFS Naval Surface Fire Support NSG NATO Standardisation Group NSG Naval Security Group NSG North Seeking Gyrocompass NSGCHQ Naval Security Group Command Headquarters NSI Nom Stocked Item NSI Non Standard Item (applies to US items only) NSI Not Seriously Injured NSI Nuclear Safety Implicated NSIA National Security Industrial Association NSIP Naval Sector Integration Programme NSL Northern Scientific Laboratory NSLB NATO Standardisation Liaison Board NSM Naval Service Modification NSM Network Services Manager NSMA Nuclear Safety Management Arrangements NSMBOS Naval Service Medical Board of Survey NSN National Security Council NSN NATO Stock Number NSN Naval Stores Number NSNF Non‐Strategic Nuclear Forces NSO Navigation/Systems Operator NSP Navy Special Projects office NSP Network Service Provider NSPO Naval Ship Production Overseer NSR NATO Staff Requirements NSR Naval Staff Requirement NSRA National Small‐‐bore Rifle Association

NSRM New Submarine Research Model NSRP Nuclear Steam Raising Plant NSRS NATO Submarine Rescue System NSS NATO Sea Sparrow (PDMS) NSS Naval Sector Strategy NSSA Naval Sector Strategic/Systems Architecture NSSC Naval Ship Systems Command NSSK North South Station Keeping NSSL National Severe Storms Laboratory NSSM Nuclear Services Support Manager NSSMS NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System NSSOL North Sea Standing OPTASK Link NSSS Nuclear Services Support Section NST NATO Staff Target NST Naval Staff Target NST Non Standard Transmission NST Nuclear and Space Talks NSTAP National Strategic Technology Acquisition Plan NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories NSTN Naval Shore Telecommunications Network NSTN Naval Shore Telegraph Network NSTN Naval Shore Teleprinter Network NSTN/MHS Naval Shore Telegraph Network/Message Handling System NSTR Nothing Significant to Report NSVN NATO Secure Voice Network NSW New Support Weapon NSWC Naval Surface Warfare/Weapons Centre NSWP Non‐Soviet Warsaw Pact NT New Technology NT NorTel Ltd NT DPN  100  NorTel packet switch NTA National Training Awards NTA Network Technical Authority NTA Not in Target Area NTAS NORAD Tactical Autovon System(USAF) NTAS Norwegian Tracking Adjunct System NTAT Near Term ACME Technology NTB National Test Bed NTC National Territorial Command NTC National Training Centre NTCCS Naval Tactical Command and Control System NTCT Naval Tactics and Command Trainer NTD Naval Tactical Department NTDI NATO Target Data Inventory NTDS Naval Tactical Data Systems NTDS Naval Tactical Display System NTF National Test Facility NTF National Training Federation NTF Noise Test Facility NTG NATO Training Group NTI National Technology Initiative NTI Naval Technical Instruction NTI Naval Technical Instructions

NTI Nuclear Technical Instruction NTIS Navy Thermal Imaging System NTK Need To Know NTL Nuclear Transport Ltd  3  (MOD) NTLM NT LanMan NTM Admiralty Notice to Mariners NTM National Technical Means of evaluation NTN Naval Telephone Network NTO National Training Organisation NTO NC NTO National Council NTOD National Training Organisation Division NTP National Training Provider NTP Near Term Plan NTPPC Navy Technical Policy Publication Committee NTQSC Nuclear Training & Qualification Sub Committee NTr National Traineeship (now Foundation Modern Apprenticeship) NTR Nothing To Report NTRP Nuclear Training Requirements Plan NTRR Nuclear Training Requirements Register NTS Naval Telecommunications System NTS Navigation Technology Satellite (US Navy) NTS Night Targeting System NTSA Navy Tactical Support Activity office NTTC National Technology Transfer Centre (NASA) NTU Navigation Training Unit NTU New Threat Upgrade NTWM Naval Transition to War Measures NTWS New Threat Warning System NUA Network User Address nuc Nuclear NUDET Nuclear Detection (explosions) NUFAS NATO UHF Frequency Assignment System NUGP Nominal Unit Ground Pressure NuPIP Nuclear Performance Improvement Programme NUPIP Nuclear Propulsion Improvement Programme NUS National Union of Students NUSAFE Nuclear Safety Instructions NUSCOT Nuclear Submarine Control & Operator Trainer NV Negative Vetting NV Night Vision NV Normal Vetting NVAR Non‐Value Added Retailer/Re‐Seller NVE Night Vision Equipment NVG Night Vision Goggles NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave NVIS Night Vision Imaging System NVQ National Vocational Qualification NVS Night Vision System NVTB Night Vision Terrain Board NW North West NW Northwood NW Novel Weapons NW Nuclear Warfare

NW Nuclear Weapon NWA Nuclear Weapon Accident NWAG Naval Weld Acceptance Group NWAPPS North West Approaches NWARC Navy Weapon Assessment Research Centre NWC National War College NWC Naval Weapons Centre NWD Nuclear Weapon Disposal NWDA North West Development Agency NWDIST North West district NWDO Naval Weapons Data Reduction Authority NWDS Navigation and Weapon Delivery System NWEF Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility NWES Naval Weapons Engineering Support Activity office NWHT Naval Weapon Harbour Trial NWPC Naval Weapon Policy Committee NWS North Warning System NWSC Nuclear Weapon Safety Committee NWSSG Nuclear Weapon System Safety Group NWST Naval Weapon Sea Trial NWTAA Naval Weapon Trials & Assessment Authority NY Navigators Yeoman NYK Not Yet Known NZDF New Zealand Defence Force NZDSU(SEA) New Zealand Defence Support Unit (south East Asia) O&D Organisation and Deployment O&M Operation & Maintenance O&M Operations and Maintenance O&M Organisation and Methods O&O Operations and Organisation O&O Organisational and Operational O/C On Completion O/R OutReach [Clinic] OA Office Automation OA Officers’ Association OA Offset Adviser oa on application OA Operational Analysis OA Operational Availability OA Order Administration OAB Outer Air Battle OAC Operational Analysis Committee OAC Operator Assistance Centre OADS Omnidirectional Air‐Data System OAK Over the Air Keying OAL Officers Appointment List OAM Offensive Air Missions OAMP Optical Air‐borne Measurement Platform OAN Office Automation Network OAP Old Age Pensioner OAPEC Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries OAR Office of Aerospace Research OAR Operational Analysis and Research

OAS Obstacle Avoidance Sonar OAS Offensive Air Support OAS Offensive Avionics System OAS On Active Service OAS Organisation of American States OASC Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defence OASIS Onboard ADP Support in Ships OASIS Onboard ADP Support in Ships ‐ RN ADP System in ships OASIS On‐board ADP Support in Ships & Submarines OASIS On‐board Automated Ships Information System. RN stores accounting package OASIS Operational Applications of Special Intelligence Systems OASM Omni directional Airspeed Sensor Mechanism OASP Operational Analysis Supporting Paper OAT Operational Air Traffic OAT Outside Air Temperature OATS Out of Area TreatmentS OATS Oxford Air Training School OAU Organisation of African Unity Ob Observation (Meteorological) OB Operating Base OB Optical Buffer OB Ordnance Board OB Outside Broadcast OB Proc Ordnance Board Proceeding OBC Optical Barrel Camera OBC Outline Business Case OBD On‐Board Documentation OBDH On Board Data Handling OBE Off‐Board Expendable’s OBE Officer of the British Empire OBE Overtaken By Events OBEWS On‐Board electronic Warfare Simulator OBF Optical Beam Forming OBFM Offensive Basic Flight Manoeuvres OBI Omni‐Bearing Indicator OBIEE+ Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus OBMs Outboard Motors OBOGS On‐Board Oxygen Generating System OBP Offset Bulb Plates OBP On Board Processor OBP On‐Board Processing OBR Optical Beam Riding OBRP ON‐Board Repair Parts OBS Observation Balloon System OBS Omni‐Bearing Selector OBS On‐Board Spares OBS On‐Board Subsystem OBS Operational Baseline Statement OBS Organisation Breakdown Structure OBT On Board Trainer OBT On‐Board Trainer OBU OSIS Baseline Upgrade

OBUA Operations in Built Up Area OBVACT On‐Board Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer OBVACT Onboard Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer (for CR guns) oC Celsius OC Observer Computer OC Oceanographic OC Officer Commanding OC OHD Officer Commanding Occupational Hygiene Department OC Output Costing OC HS OC Handling Squadron OC&S Ordnance Centre and School OCA Offensive Counter Air OCA Offensive Counter‐Air (operations) OCC Operational Control Centre OCC Operator Control Console OCCAR Organisation for Joint Armaments Co‐operation OCCIS Operation Control and Command Information System OCCM Optical Counter Countermeasures OCE Officer Conducting the Exercise OCE Operational Commitments Establishment OCEANAV Oceanographer of the Navy(US Navy) OCEANLANT Ocean Sub‐Area, Atlantic OCF Officiating Chaplain to the Forces OCIDAS Ocean Intervention & Data Assimilation System OCL Object Constraint Language OCM Operational Capability Modelling OCM Optical Countermeasures OCMU Overseas Civilian Management Unit OCNR Office of the Chief of Naval Research OCNW Officer Commanding Nursing Wing OCONUS Outside the Continental United States OCOV Office for Co‐ordination of Overseas Visitors OCP Operational Computer Program OCP Outstation Communications Processor OCR Operational Control Room OCR Optical Character Recognition OCR Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations OCRM Officer Commanding Royal Marines OCS Obstacle Clearance Surface OCS Officer Command School OCS Officer’s Command School OCS Operating Cost Statement OCS Operational Control Segment OCS Operational Control Segment (GPS) OCSU Officer Commanding Support Unit OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit OCU Operation Conversion Unit OCU Operational Conversion Unit OCU Operators Control Unit OCWP Operational Control Work Post OD Operation Directives OD Operational Date OD Ordnance Data

OD Ordnance Delivery ODA Office (or Open) Document Architecture ODA Office Document Architecture ODA Official Development Assistance ODA Open Document Architecture ODA Overseas Development Administration ODA Overseas Development Office ODAS Omni Directional Airspeed Sensor ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity ODC Open DataBase Connectivity ODE Ordnance Development and Engineering ODGP Ocean Data Gathering programme ODIF Office Document Interchange Format ODIN Operational Data Interface ODLA Fibre Optic Deployable Line Arrays ODM Operating Data Manual ODM Operational Data Manual ODM Optical Driver Modem ODMA Operational Date Material Assessment ODP Open Distributed Processing ODP Operating Department Practitioner ODP Operational Development Phase ODP Overseas Policy & Defence ODP Ozone Depleting Potential ODR Official Duty Rate ODR Operational Data Recording ODR Overland Downlook Radar ODS Optical Disk System ODS Outstation Display System ODT Omni‐Directional Transmission ODT Outdoor Trainer ODV Overspeed and Drain Valve OE Operational Effectiveness OE Operational Emergency OE Opto‐Electronic OE Output Efficiency OEC Operational Emergency Clearance OECD Organisation for Economic Co‐operation and Development OED Operational Evaluation Demonstration OED Oxford English Dictionary OEEC Organisation for European Economic Co‐operation OEI One Engine Inoperable OEI One Engine Inoperative OEIC Opto‐Electronic Integrated Circuit OEIU Opto‐electronic Interface Unit OEL Occupational Exposure Limit OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OEP Office of Emergency Preparedness OEP Oil, Extreme Pressure OEP Operational Evaluation Pod OER Operational Effectiveness Rate OES Occupational Exposure Standard OES Ordnance Explosive Dispersal

OETC Opto‐Electronic Technology Consortium OEU Operational Evaluation Unit OEU Operational Evaluation Unit (Royal Air Force) OEW Ordnance and Explosive Waste oF Fahrenheit OFA Oracle Financial Manager OFD Oil Fuel Depot OFE Operational Flight Envelope OFFAS Ocean Fronts Feature Analysis System OFFNet Refers to calls that are routed via PSTN not a virtual private network OFGEM Office of Gas & Electricity Regulation OFM Otto Fuel Monitor OFP Operational Flight Programme OFPP Office of Procurement and Policy OFS Operational Flying School (Royal Navy) OFSA Optical Fire Sensor Assembly OFT Office of Fair Trading OFT Operational Field Trial OFT Operational Flight Trainer OFT Operational Flying Training OFTS Operational Factors Trade‐off Studies OFTS Operational Fixed Telecommunications System OFTS Operational Flight and Tactics Simulator OFTS Overall Functional Test Set OFTT Operational Flight and Tactics Trainer OFVD OTTO Fuel Vapour Detector OFW Options for the Future Workshop OFZ Obstacle Free Zone OG Observation Group OGC Office of Government Commerce OGD Other Government Department OGE Out of Ground Effect OHC Overhead Cam Shaft OHD Ocular Hazard Distance OHP Overhead Protection OHS Occupational Health and Safety OHS Occupational Health Service OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHU Optical Head Unit OHV Overhead Valve OI Operating Instruction OIC Officer In Charge OIC Open systems environment Implementors Workshop (US) OIC Operations Information Centre OIC Operator Interface Unit OIC Organisation of the Islamic Conference OIC Practice Officer In Charge of the Practice (used for field artillery only) OICR Operational Intelligence Collection Requirements OID Object Identifier OIDT Operator Interactive Display Terminal OIER Operational Information Exchange Requirement OIN Office of Information‐Navy (US Navy) OIP Operational Instruction Pamphlet

OIRA Official Irish Republican Army OISG Operational Intelligence Support Group OISU Optical Intermediate Station Unit OITUF Out‐station Information Technology User Forum OJ Official Journal OJAR Officers Joint Appraisal Report OJCS Office of the Joints Chiefs of Staff OJEC Official Journal of the European Community OJEU Official Journal of the European Union OJT On‐Job‐Training OJT On‐the‐Job Training OL Ordinary Loan OLA Operational Level Agreement OLBR Operational Laser‐Beam Recorder OLC Operating Life Cycle OLE Object Linking and Embedding OLF Operational Low Flying OLFT Operational Low Flying Training OLIVER On line Inventory Validation and Enquiries Routine OLM Online Learning Management OLM Operational Load Measurement OLO Other Licensed Operator OLOS Out of Line‐Of‐Sight OLTE Optical Line Terminating Equipment OLTP On‐line Transaction Processing OLTU Optical Line Terminating Unit OM Oil, Mineral OM Operational Missile OM Operations Module OM Operator/Mechanic (RN sailor) OM Order Management OM Output Management OMA Object Management Architecture OMAC On‐Line Manufacturing And Control OMB Office of Management and Budget OMC One Man Control OMD Oil, Mineral, Detergent OMD Operational Management Document OME Open Messaging Environment OME Operational Mission Environment OMEG Operational Maintenance Engineering Group OMEL&AO Ordnance Munitions Explosives Licensing & Audit Officer OMEO Ordnance Munitions Explosives Officer OMG Object Management Group OMI Omni‐bearing Magnetic Indicator OMI Operation & Maintenance Instructions OMIS Operational Management Information System OMIS2 Operational Manpower Information System (UNIX/Oracle) OMMB One Member Medical Board OMMS Oxygen Mask‐Mounted Sight OMO One Man Operated OMP Operational Mounting Process OMP Outline Management Plan

OMR Optical Mark Reader OMS Optronic Mast Sensor OMS Orbital Manoeuvring System OMSR Organisational & Management Safety Report OMSS Opto‐Mechanical Steering System OMT Other Military Targets OMV Orbital Manoeuvring Vehicle ONC Ocean Navigation Certificate OND Optical Neural Device ONERA Office Nationale d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiale (France) ONR Office of Naval Research ONR Office of Naval Research (US) ONS Office of National Statistics ONS Omega Navigation System ONSD Operational Necessity Service Deviation ONST Outline Naval Staff Target OO Object oriented OO Oral Order OO Orderly Officer OO Other Operations OOA Object Oriented Analysis OOA Out‐Of‐Area (NATO) OOB Out Of Band OOB Out Of Bounds OOD Object Oriented Design OOD Officer of the Day OOD/W Officer Of the Day/Watch OODA Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action OOHA Out of Hours Allowance OOHC Out Of Hours Cover OOL Out Of Life OOM Order of March OOP Object Oriented Programming OOQ Officer Of the Quarter OOTW Operations Other Than War OOV Objects Of Verification OOW Officer of the Watch OP Observation Post OP Operator Service OP OutPatient Op Sec Operational Security Op UEO Operational Unit Education Officer OPA Oil and Pipelines Agency OPBAT Operation Bahamas And Turks OPC Oil Pollution Control OPC Operational Planning Cycle OPC Overhead Foxhole Cover OPCA Office of Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration OpCIS Operational CIS OPCON Operational Communications Network ‐ Naval Planning System OPCW Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPDEF OPerational DEFects OPDEF Operational Deficiency

OPDEFS Operational Deficiencies OPDEFSYS Operational Defects System OPDEMS Operational Demands OPDIR Operational Directive OPEC Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEVAL Operational Evaluation OPEX Operational Exercise OPF Operations and Peacekeeping Fund OPFOR OPposing FORces OPG Office of the Paymaster General OPI Open Pre‐press Interface OPI Operator Interface OPINTEL Operational Intelligence OPLAN Operational Plan OPLE Omega Position‐Locating Equipment OPLOC Operational Location OPN Optimised‐Profile Navigation OPNAVINST Operational Naval Instruction OPNOTE Operational Note OpO Operation Order OPO Optical Parametric Oscillators OPORD Operations Order OPP Operational Planning Process OPR Office of Primary Responsibility OPRAS Operational RAS (i.e. not for training) OPRC Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response & Co‐operation Convention OPS Off Platform Sensor OPS Office of Public Service OPS Operational Performance Standard OPS Operational Performance Statement ops operations OPS(R)1 WO/CPO of the Radar sub‐branch OPS(S) WO/CPO of the ASW Sub‐branch OPSDIV Operations Division, SHAPE OPSEC Operations Security OPSG Output Planning Steering Group OpSim Operational Simulator OPSTOCK Operational Stock OPT Optimised Production Technology OPUS On‐line Provisioning Update System OPV Observation Post Vehicle OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel OQPSK Offset Quadrature Frequency Shift keying OR Operating Rule OR Operational Requirement OR Operational Research OR Other Ranks OR(S) Operational Requirement (Staff) ORAC On‐board RFA Accounting Computer system ORAC Operational Resources Allocation Computer. BAOR control of 3rd line transport. ORAC‐AOR On‐Board RFA Accounting Computer ‐ Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ORACLE Operational Research and Critical‐Link Evaluation ORADS Optical Ranging and Detecting Systems (US Army)

ORATMS Off‐Route Anti‐Tank Mine System ORB Object Request Broker ORB Omni Radio Beacon ORB Operations Record Book ORBAT Order of Battle ORBIT Operational Requirements Basic Information Tool ORC Optical Relay Column ORCC Operational Requirements Committee ORD Operational Readiness Date ORD Operational Requirement Document ORD Oral Reference Dose ORD Ordinary Seaman Ord Ordnance ORF Output Related Funding Org Organisation ORI On‐Receipt Inspection ORIL On Receipt Inspection List ORM Off‐Route Mine(s) ORM Operations Room Manager (WE) ORP Operational Ration Pack ORP Operational Readiness Platform ORR Operational Readiness Report ORS Offensive Radar system ORS Operations Room Supervisor ORS Outline Requirement Specification ORT electro‐Optic Radar Tracker ORT Optical Relay Tube ORU Operator Radio Unit OS Observation Squadron OS Offensive Support OS Operating System OS Option Study OS Orderly Sergeant OS Ordnance Survey OSA Operational Support Aircraft OSAF Office of the Secretary of the Air Force OSC Occupational Standards Council OSC Operational System Control OSCAD Office of the Scientific Advisor to SACEUR, SHAPE OSCAM Operating and Support Cost Analysis Model OSCAR Optical Submarine Communications by Aerospace Relay OSCE Organisation for Security & Co‐operation in Europe OSD Office of the Secretary of Defence OSD Off‐line Stock Database OSD Out of Service Date OSD Own Ship Data OSDGR Open Sea DeGaussing Range OSDI Own Ship’s Data Interface OSDS Own Ships Data Simulator OSE Offsite Support Equipment OSE Open Systems Environment OSE Operations Support Equipment OSF Open Software Foundation

OSF Open System Foundation OSF Open Systems Foundation OSF Optronic Sector System OSG Operational Signature Goals OSI Off‐System Inventory OSI Open Standard Institute OSI Open System Interconnection. OSI Open Systems Interconnection OSI Operationally Specific Information OSINET Open Standards Institute Network OSINT Open Source Intelligence OSI‐RM OSI Reference Model OSIS Ocean Surveillance and Intelligence System OSIS Ocean Surveillance Information System OSIS/OBU Ocean Surveillance Information System / OSIS Baseline Upgrade (US System at Northwood) OSISED Ocean Surveillance IS Evolutionary Development OSLAN Open Systems Local Area Network OSLU Open System Linked Unit OSM Operational Stress Management OSM Optical Support Measures OSN Office of the Secretary of the Navy OSNET Open Systems NETwork OSO Offensive Systems Operator OSP Ocean Surveillance Product OSP Ocean Survey Programme OSP Operational Stand‐down Period OSP Optical Signal Processing OSP Optical Surveillance Platform OSP Optimised Support Planning OSPAC Open System Packet Access Controller OSPAR Oslo‐Paris Convention OSPDS Ocean Surveillance Product Dissemination Service OSPDS Ocean Surveillance Product Dissemination System OSPF Open Shortest Path First (routing protocol) OSPR Own Station Position Report OSPSS Ocean Survey Programme Surveying System OSS Office of Strategic Services OSS Operational Support System OSSE Ocean Survey System Equipment OSST On Site Support Team OST Office of Science and Technology OST Operational Sea Training OST Operational Support Team OST Outer Space Treaty OST Overall System Test for GWS  30  OSTG Operational Sea Training Guide (BRd 9275(1)) OSU Omega VLF Sensor Unit OSU Ordnance Support Unit OSV Ocean Station Vessel OSV Ocean Survey Vessel OSV OPFOR Surrogate Vehicle OSW Operations Short of War OSWALD On‐line System for World‐wide Access to Logistic Data

OT Observer to Target OT Oil Transfer OT Operational Team OT Operational Test OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation OTA Open Target Architecture OTA Over The Air OTA Overfly Top Attack OTAN Organisation du Traite de l’Atlantique du Nord (NATO in French) OTAR Over‐the Air Rekeying OTC Officer in Tactical Command OTC Officer Training Corps OTC Officer Training Course OTC Official Test Centre OTC Order To Cash OTCIX Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange Subsystem OTD Operator Training Device OTDMA Optical Time Division Multiple Access OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometry OTE Operator Training Equipment OTE Operator Training Exercise (radio) OTEA Operational Test and Evaluation Agency OTEC Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion OTEC Operational Test and Evaluation Command (US Army) OTG Operational Task/Tasking Group OTH Over The Horizon OTH‐B Over The Horizon, Backscatter OTHDT Over The Horizon Detection and Targeting OTHR Over The Horizon Radar OTH‐SW Over The Horizon, Surface Wave OTHT Over The Horizon Targeting OTIS Observer Thermal Imaging OTK One‐time Key OTP On Top Position OTPI On Top Position Indicator OTPS Operations Test Program Set OTR Operational Theatre Range OTR Operational Turn Around OTR Operational Turn‐Round OTR Over Target Requirement OTS Off The Shelf OTS Off‐The‐Shelf OTS One‐man Operated Ticketing System OTS Over the Shoulder OTSWP Original To Ship Work Package OTT Operational Team Training OTT Operations Team Trainer OTT Operator Tactics Trainer OTT Over The Top OTU Odometer Transducer Unit OTU Operational Training Unit OTW Out‐The‐Window

OTWD Out‐The‐Window Display OU Open University OU Operators Unit OUID Operating System User ID OV Oceanographic Vessel OV Operational View(s) OVT Oceonics Vehicle Technology OWA Objectionable Work Allowance OWE Operating Weight Empty OWI Office of War Information OWL Obstacle Warning Laser OWL Optical‐fibre Waveguides and Lasers OWL Web Ontology Language OWL/D Optical Warning, Location and Detection OWO Old War Office OWP Ordnance and fuel Working Party OWR One Way Regulator OWRM Other War Reserve Materiel OWS Obstacle Warning System OWS Oily Water Separator OWS Overhead Weapon Station OWSF Oily Water Separator Filter OX Oil type P Code Precision Code P How Pack Howitzer P info Public Information P Peta.1015 P Phosphorus P Pico  10 ‐ 12  P Precision P & E Performance & Effectiveness P File Personal File P Info Public Information P&B Planning and Budgeting P&C Programme Management & Coordination P&DR Performance and Development Report P&GS Process & General Supervisor P&L Personnel and Logistics P&L Pioneer and Labour P&SS Provost and Security Services P.P.W.G Personnel Policy Working Group P/TSA Pressure/Temperature Swing Adsorption P1 X.400 protocol that interconnects MTAs P2P Purchase to Payment P2S Panoramic Periscope System P2S The current oxime used for treatment of Nerve Agent poisoning P3I Pre‐planned Product Improvement P7 X.400 protocol that interconnects user clients and Message Stores PA Personal Assistant PA Pilot’s Associate PA Planned Alteration PA Power Amplifier PA Procurement Authority

PA Project Activity PA Project Agreement or Phased Array PA Provisioning Acceptance PA Public Address PA Public Address (system) PA Publication Authority PA Cert Planned Alteration Control/Completion Certificate PA L Permissive Action Link PAA Precision Approach Aid PAAC Provisioning Alternative and Amalgamation Code PAAMS Principal Anti Air Missile System PAAMS Principal Anti‐Air Missile System PAAT Passive Acoustics Analysis Trainer PAB Partially Automated Billing PAB Projected Available Balance(MRPII) PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange PAC Penetration Aid Carrier PAC Policy Advisory Committee PAC Pre‐Action Calibration PAC Procurement Authority Code PAC Programmable Armament Control PAC Public Accounts Committee PACAF Pacific Air Forces (US 7th Air Force) PACC Primary Alternative Command Centre PACCS Post Attack Command and Control System PACE Performance Assessment of Combustion Emission PACE Performance, Agility, Confidence, Efficiency PACE Police And Criminal Evidence PACE Property Advisors to the Civil Estate PACEX Proving And Checking Exercise PACS Project Authorisation and Control System PACS Proliferation and Arms Control Secretariat PAD Packet Assembler & Disassembler PAD Packet Assembler/Dissembler PAD Planning Analysis Document PAD Point Air Defence PAD Post Attack Doctrine (ASW) PAD Preliminary Analysis Document PAD Primary Access Device PAD Programme/Project Acceptance Date PAD Projector Area Defence (mine) PADMR Performance and Development Management Review PADS Passive Advanced Sonobuoy PADS Position and Azimuth Determining System PADS Position Attack Defence System PADT Point Air Defence Trainer PAE Power Added Efficiency PAF Philippine Air Force PAF Project Approval File PAF Provisioning Action Figure PAFWG Project Alexander Financial Working Group PAG Procedure Authorisation Group PAG Procedures Authorisation Group

PAGA PNVS azimuth gimbal assembly PAGODA Profile Alignment Group for ODA PAH Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons PAH Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon PAHO Pan‐American Health Organisation PAI Polaris Applicable Indicator PAIT Project Alexander Implementation Team PAK Projector Alignment Kit PAL Phase Alternating Line PAL Portable Advanced Laser PALS Portable Airfield Light Set PALS Positioning and Locating System PALT Production Authority Lead Time PAM Payload Augmented Munition PAM Penetration Augmented Munitions PAM Percentage Availability Minimum PAM Pre‐Assessment Meeting PAM Pulse Amplitude Modulation PAMPAS Personnel Administrative Microcomputer Pilot Automatic Data Processing system PAMS Point Anti‐Missile System PANA Pan‐African Press Agency PANDORA Pilot and Occurrence Report Analysis PANGS Planning Aid for Naval Gunfire Support PAO Principal Administrative Officer PAO Public Affairs Officer PAOC Principal Administrative Officers Committee PAOCCS2 Portuguese Air Command and Control System  2  PAP Plans Activation Party PAP Poisson Auto Propulse PAP Post Acceptance Period PAP Preparatory Action for Production PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator PAPS Periodic Armaments Planning System PAPS Phased Armaments Programme Systems PAR Performance Appraisal Report PAR Performance Appraisal Review PAR Phased Array Radar PAR Post Attack Recovery PAR Power Analyser and Recorder PAR Precision Approach Radar PAR Product Assurance Record PAR Professional All‐Rounder PAR Progressive Aircraft Rework PAR Project Acceptance Review PAR Project Approval Record PAR Project Approval Request PAR Pulse Acquisition Radar para Parachute PARCOM Paris Commission PARCS Perimeter Acquisition Radar Characterisation System PARES Passive Radar ESM System PARLT Production Authority Repair Lead Time PARM Persistent Anti‐Radiation Missile

PARM Project Accounting and Resource Management PARMOD Progressive Aircraft Rework Modification PARP Planning and Review Process PARS Primary attitude Reference Systems PART PUMA Airworthiness Review Team PAS Patient Administration System PAS Performance Appraisal/Advisory System PAS Personnel Administration System PAS Primary Alerting System PAS Programmable Audio Synthesiser PAS Programme Analysis System PAS Provision Action State PAS Publicly Available Specification. PAS Pulse Analysis System PASARS Podded Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System PASC Peacetime Activity Sub Committee PASCO Project to replace NSTN/MHS (Pasco ‐ Nelson’s signals officer) PASE Planning Assumption for Service Entry PASS Passive Aircraft Surveillance System PASS Passive and Active Sensor Subsystem PASSEP Passed Separately PASU Pure Air Supply Unit PASW Passive ASW PAT Permanent maritime exercise Analysis Team PAT Pointing, Acquisition and Tracking PAT Portable Appliance Testing PAT Postal Advisory Team PAT Power Assisted Traverse PAT Production Acceptance Test PAT Project Acceptance Test PAT Project Assurance Team PATCH Precision Approach To Coupled Hover PATCHIT Personnel & Training Command Headquarters IT System PATE Pointing And Tracking Experiment PATHS Precursor Above‐the‐Horizon Sensor PATN Personnel & Administration Temporary Notice PATO Principal Ammunition Technical Officer PATRON MoD Secret Voice Network PATS Precision Automated Tracking Station PATS Prototype Automatic Target Screener PAVE‐PAWS Phased‐Array Radar’s PAWS Phased‐Array Warning System pax Passengers PAYD Pay As You Dine PAYE Pay As You Earn (Tax System) PB Particle Beam PB Patrol Boat PB Plastic Banded PB Private Bathroom PB Procurement Board PB Programme Board PB Project Board PB teams Planning and Budgeting teams

PB&F Planning Budgeting and Forecasting PB(C) Patrol Boat (Coastal) PBAA Polybutadiene Acrylic Acid PBAN Polybutadiene‐Acrylonitrile PB‐AP Plastic Banded, Armour Piercing PB‐APDS Plastic Banded, Armour Piercing, Discarding Sabot PBATS Portable Battlefield Attack System PBC Practice Bomb Carrier PBD Price Break Data PBD Product Baseline Documentation PBDI Position, Bearing and Distance Indicator PBDS Prototype Biological Detection System PBF Pilot Briefing Facility PBG Pressure Breathing for G PB‐HEPI Plastic Banded, High Explosive, Penetrating Incendiary PBI Planning, Budgeting and In‐year Management P‐BISA Platform BISA PBIT Power‐on Built In Test PBJ Partial‐Band Jammer PBL Portland Bill Light PBN Performance Based Navigation PBPS Post‐Boost Propulsion System PBR Patrol Boat, River PBS Product Breakdown Structure PB‐T Plastic Banded, Tracer PBV Post Boost Vehicle PBW Particle‐Beam Weapon PBX Polymer Bonded Explosive PBX Private Branch Exchange PC Personal Computer PC Postal and Courier PC Prime Contractor PC Printed Circuit PC Priority Code PC Programme Costing PC Programme Counter PC Pulse Compression PCA Physical Configuration Audit PCA Port Controllers Assistant PCA Psychological Consolidation Activities PCADDS Panoramic Cockpit Display System PCAE Pre‐Contract Award Evaluation PCAS Persistent Chemical Agent Stimulant PCB PolyChlorinated Biphenyl PCB Printed Circuit Board PCB Programme Control Board PCB Project CAPITAL Board PCBC Platoon Commanders Battle Course PCBFO Platform Connection Box (Fibre Optic) PCBs Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCBW Provisional Combat Bomb Wing PCC Partnership Co‐ordination Cell PCC Polarity Coincidence Correlation receiver

PCC Police Compact Carbine PCCB Product Conformity Certification Bodies PCD Pitch Circle Diameter PCDL Personal and Community Development Learning PCDS Precision Course Direction System PCF Patrol Craft (Fast) PCF Permanently Committed Forces PCG Primary Care Group PCG Programme Co ordination Group PCGN Permanent Committee on Geographical Names PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI IPT Prime Contracting Initiative IPT PCIP Process Change Implementation Pack PCIS Policy Concepts and Information Systems PCIU Programmable Communications Interface Unit PCL Pitch Control Lever PCL Platform Contents List PCM Prime Contact Manager PCM Project Contact Manager PCM Pulse Code Modulation PCM Pyrotechnic Countermeasures PCMCIA Standard PC Interface for peripherals PCMO Prime Contractor Management Office PCmSR Pre‐Commissioning Safety Report PCN Pavement Classification Number PCN Personal Communications Network PCO Pollution Control Officer PCon Portable Controller (cryptographic device) PCP Personnel Control Point PCP Platoon Command Post PCP Production Cost Plan PCPD Planning Contract Placement Date PCPs Pentachlorophenols PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR Process Completion Report PCR Processing Completion Report PCR Public Contracts Regulations PCRS Primary Casualty Receiving Ship PCS Performance Command System PCS Portable Control Station PCS Position Course & Speed PCS Postal and Courier Services PCSPS Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme PCSR Pre‐Construction Safety Report PCT Performance Cost Time PCT Personal Communications Technology PCT Portable Cellular Telephone PCTA Plastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition PCTE Portable Common Tools Environment PCTO Programme‐Capability Trade‐off PCTOWS Towed array simulation program PCTs Polychlorinated Terphenyls PCU Parachute Control Unit

PCU Pilot’s Control Unit PCU Portable Communications Unit PCU Power Conditioning Unit PCU Power Control Unit PCW Pacific Common Water PCX Picture Exchange Format PD Passive Defence PD Periscope Depth PD Phenyldichloroarsin PD Photo Detector PD Point Detonating PD Potential Difference PD Presence Detect PD Principal Directorate PD Programme Director PD Project Definition PD Project Development PD Project Director PD Public Domain (software) PD Public Duties PD Pulse Doppler (radar) PD Pulsed Doppler PD/ARM SYS Programme Director Armoured Systems PD/ARTYSYS Programme Director Artillery Systems PD/CSS Programme Director Combat Support Systems PD/ELWS Programme Director Engineer + Light Weapons Systems PD/PQS Principal Director of Pricing and Quality Services PDA Personal Digital Assistant (hand‐held PC’s) PDA Port Defence Area PDAM Provisional Draft Amendment PDAS Principal Director of Accounting Services PDC Point Defence Coordinator PDC Port Defence Company PDC Principal Director of Contracts PDC/Air Principal Director of Contracts (Air) PDC/N Principal Director of Contracts (Navy) PDC/Ord Principal Directorate of Contracts (Ordnance) PDD Player Detection Device PDES Product Data Exchange Using STEP PDES Pulse Doppler Elevation Scan PDF Popular Defence Force PDF Portable Document File PDF Portable Document Format PDF Probability Distribution Function PDG Procurement Development Group (DPA) PDI partial Disposal Indicator PDI Performance Delivery Improvement PDL Page Description Language PDL Program Description Language PDM Product Data Management PDM Pursuit Deterrent Mine PDME Precision Distance Measuring Equipment PDMS Point Defence Missile System

PDNES Pulse Doppler Non‐Elevation Scan PDO Point Defence Officer (RFA) PDP Passive Driving Periscope PDP Pre‐Development Phase PDQ Pretty Damn Quick PDR Personal Development Record PDR Preliminary Design Review PDR Protected Document Register (MOD Form 102) PDR Protective Document Register PDRJ Pulse‐Doppler Radar Jammer PDRM Portable Dose Rate Meter PDRR Project Definition and Risk Reduction PDS Passive Detection System PDS Permanent Duty Station PDS Post Design Service PDS Post Design Services PDS Post‐design Services PDS Project Definition Stage PDS Project Definition Study PDSS Propulsion‐Derived ship Service PDSSF Post Development Software Support Facility PDST Principal Director Supplies and Transport PDST(AS) Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Armament Supplies) PDST(OPS) Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Operations) PDST(SV) Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Stores and Victualling) PDT Passive Display Terminal PDT Practice Delivery Torpedo PDT Practice Drill Torpedo PDT Pre‐Deployment Training PDT Stand‐alone computer for use in Ops Rooms or on RFAs Bridges PDTC Principal Director of Technical Costs PDU Pilot’s Display Unit PDW Personal Defence Weapon PDZC Pathfinder Drop‐Zone Control PE Parliamentary Enquiry (obsolete term use MC) PE Peacetime Establishment PE Peripheral Equipment PE Permanent Echo PE Plastic Explosive PE Probable Error PE Processing Element PE Procurement Executive PE Project Engineer (IPT member) PE Promotion Examination PE Protective Entrance PEA Professional Engineering Authority PEC Packaging of Explosives for Carriage PEC Panel Electric Circuits PEC Pressure Error Correction PEC Printed Electronic Card PECA PNVS Electronic Control Amplifier PECC Patient Evacuation Coordination Cell PECISB Procurement Executive Communications and Information Systems Board

PECM Passive Electronic Countermeasures PECOC Personal Equipment Common Operational Clothing PEE Proof and Experimental Establishment PEEP Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan PEG Polyethylene Glycol PEG Project Executive Group PEH Probability of Escaping Hit PEH Probability of Evading Hit PEL Personnel Exposure limit PEL Portable Event Logger PELSS Precision Emitter Location Strike System PEM Processing Electronics Module PEMB Procurement Executive Management Board PEMFC Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell PEMT Pollution Equipment Management Team PENETRATE Sensor augmentation TDP PEO Principal Establishment Officer PEO Program Executive Officer PEP Peak Envelope Power PEP Project Execution Plan PEPS Positive‐Expulsion Propellant System PER Power Equipment Rack PER Project Evaluation Review PER RO Photographic, Electronic Warfare/Avionics And Reconnaissance Role Office PERA Procurement Executive Resource Accounting PERA Production Engineering Research Association PERAC Project Estimating and Risk Analysis Committee PERMIS Personnel Management Information System PERMREP Permanent Representative PERMREP Permanent Representative to NAC PERP Peak Effective Radiated Power pers personnel PERSREP Personnel Report PERT Programme Evaluation & Resource / Review Technique PERT Project Evaluation and Review Technique PERT Project Evaluation Review Technique PES Platform Equipment Stores PES Programmable Electronic System PES Project Engineering Support PES Public Expenditure Scrutiny PES Public Expenditure Survey PES Public Expenditure System PESAG Portsmouth Explosive Safety Advisory Group PESC Public Expenditure Survey Committee PEST Project Evaluation Sea Trial PET Polyethylene terephthalate PETN Pentaerythritol Tatranitrate PEU PNVS Electronic Unit PEWP Public Expenditure White Paper PEXA Practice and Exercise Area PF Preformed Fragment PFA Preparation For Acceptance PFC Parapet Foxhole Cover

PFC Porous Friction Course PFCS Primary Flight Control System PFD Primary Flight Display PFD Product Flow Diagram PFD Proximity Fuze Disconnector PFDO Probationary FDO PFDS Priority Freight Distribution System PFF Pathfinder Force PFF Performed Fragment(ation) PFF Prepare For Flying PFG Pricing and Forecasting Group PFH Pre‐Fragmented High Explosive PFI Private Finance Initiative PFI Private Funding Initiative PFM Pre‐Flight Message PFMG Pre Flight Message Generator PFMP Planning and Financial Management Project PFMS Pre Flight Message System PFO Principal Finance Officer PfP Partners for Peace PfP Partnership for Peace PFPX Pre‐Fragmented Proximity Fuzed PFS Personnel Functional Standards PFS Pre‐Feasibility Study PFSS Pilot Flag Support System PFU Private Finance Unit PFWA Provisional Fleet Weapon Acceptance PFY Previous Financial Year PG Partnership Goals PGD Patient Group Direction PGM Power Generation Module PGM Precision Guided Missile PGM Precision Guided Munitions PGM Program Manager PGMs Plymouth General Messages (mainly operational) PGSE Peculiar Ground Support Equipment PH Prohibited Area PH/R Probability of Hit PHARUS Phased Array System PHAT(E) Part Harbour Acceptance Trial (Equipments) PHC Primary Health Care PHEMT Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor PHEWG Petroleum and Handling Equipment Working Group PHI Position and heading/homing Indicator PHIGS Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System PHO Prisoner Handling Organisation PHOENIX Surveillance and Target Acquisition PRV PHQ Peace Headquarters PHQ Port Headquarters PHR Predicted Horizontal Range PHS Pilot Helmet Sight PHS&T Package, Handling, Storage and Transportation PHS&T Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation

PHST Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation PHT Plymouth Hospitals Trust/Portsmouth Hospitals Trust PI Performance Indicator PI Performance Indicators PI Personnel Instruction PI Photographic Interpretation PI Photographic Interpreter PI Preliminary Instruction PI Production Investment PI Proof Installation PI(A) Photographic Interpreter (Assistant) PIA Privacy Impact Assessment PIAU Primary Indicator & Alarm Unit PIC Personnel Information Cell PIC Prior Informed Consent PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement PID Personal Identification Device PID Probability Impact Diagram PID Process Identification PID Project Initiation Document PIDs Personal Identification Devices PIDS Prime Item Development Specification PIE Post Irradicated Examination PIE Product Information Explorer PIE Pyrotechnically initiated explosive PII Pre‐Issue Inspection PIIP Project Isabella Impact Plan PILOTEX Pilotage Exercise (i.e. in restricted waters) PILS Principles of ILS PIM Position and Intended Movement PIML Publications Information Management List PIMS Parts Information Management System PIMS PfP Information Management System PIN Personal Identification Number P‐in‐C Paymaster‐in‐Chief PINS Pilot NMS System. Part of QAFMIS PIOS Programmable Integrated Ordnance Suite PIPPS Purchase Invoice Pre‐Processing System PIPS Parameter Identification Package System PIPT Platform Integrated Project Team PIR Post Implementation Review PIRA Provisional Irish Republican Army PISA Ptarmigan Individual Subscriber Access PIT Process Improvement Team PITs Potassium Iodate Tablets PIU Performance and Innovation Unit, Cabinet Office PIU Pylon Interface Unit PIVADS Product Improve Vulcan Air Defense System (US) PIW Period of Incapacity for Work PJC Permanent Joint Council PJF Patch and Jack Field PJF Patching Jack Field P‐JFACHQ Pilot‐Joint Force Air Component HeadQuarters

PJHQ Permanent Joint Head Quarters PJHQ Permanent Joint Headquarters PJHQ Permanent Joint HQ PJL Passive Jammer Locator PJOB Permanent Joint Operating Bases PJOCS Pilot JOCS PJOCS Pilot Joint Operational Command System P‐JOCS Pilot ‐ Joint Operational Command System PJT Pre Joining Training PK Probability of Kill PK/H Probability of Kill, given a hit on the target PKB Project Knowledge Base (formerly known as MMM) PKC Public Key Cryptography PKCS Public‐Key Crytography Standards PKI Public Key Infrastructure PKIX IEFT Working Group PKO Peace keeping Operations PL Paid Leave PL Phase Line pl Platoon PLA Pre‐Launch Activity PLANET Personal Location Allocation NETwork PLARS Position Location and Reporting System PLB Personnel Location Beacon PLB Publications List Book PLC Personal Learning Centre PLCE Personal Load Carriage Equipment PLO Project Liaison Officer PLODMIS Police Logistics & Operations Data Management Information System PLPL Plan & Logs Planning and Logistics PLRS Position Location Reporting System PLS Palletised Load System PLS Polaris Low Stock PLSD Protection and Life Science Division (C&BD DERA Porton Down) PLSS Portable Life Support System PLSU Pioneer Labour Support Unit plt Pilot PLU Program Load Unit PM Package Manager PM Performance Management PM Pivotal Manager PM Post Meridien PM Project Manager PM Protective Marking PM Provost Marshal PM Pulse Modulated PM (FF) Platform Manager (Frigate) PM (MISC) Project Manager (FOST/SS/RFA/Visitors) PM (OST) Platform Manager (Officer Sea Training) PM (SM) Project Manager (Submarines) PM(A) Provost Marshall (Army) PM/SP Project Management Special Projects PM2C Pivotal Manager (Customer 2)

PMA Personnel Management Authority PMA Portable Maintenance Aid PMAC Preliminary Maintenance Allocation Chart PMAs Preventative Maintenance Actions PMB Project Management Board PMC Polymer Matrix Composites PMC Project Management Committee PMCs Preventative Maintenance Check and Services PMDR Provisional Monthly Demand Rate PME Professional Military Education PMET Prime Mover Enabling Technology PMET Propulsion Machinery Enabling Technology PMFD Pilot’s Multi‐Function colour Display PMG Paymaster General PMG Programme Management Group PMG Property Management Group (term used by DE) PMIS RN guidebook to Practical Management In Ships PML Publications Management List PMM Performance Management Model PMM Primary Mission Mass PMO Principal Medical Officer PMO Program Management Office PMO Programme Management Office PMOC Personnel Management Operations Centre PMP Programme Management Plan PMP Project Management Plan PMPM Permanent Magnet Propulsion Motor PMR Portland Magnetic Range PMR Property Managers Register PMRAFNC Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service PMS Planned Maintenance Schedule PMS Platform Management Systems PMS Preventive Maintenance Schedule PMS Project Management System PMSC Private Military and Security Company PMT Permanent Team PMT Project Management Team PN Proportional Navigation PNBHSEG Portsmouth Naval Base Heath, Safety & Environment Group P‐NCAM Property – Non Current Asset Managers PNO Principal naval Overseer PNS Packet Network Sub‐System PNs Pilot’s Notes PNSA PNVS Night Sensor Assembly PNSRP Pilot’s Neutral Seat Reference Point PNVS Pilot’s Night Vision Sensor PNVS Pilots Night Vision System PO Petty Officer PO Pilkington Optronics PO Portugal PO Process Owners PO Project Officer PO Purchase Order

PO(D)QC Petty Officer (Diver) Qualifying Course POA Point of Aim poa price on Application POAR Post Office Accounting Rate POB Persons Onboard (in a helicopter) POC Pilot Operating Capability POC Point of Contact POC/L Point of Contact or Liaison POCF Portable Oxygen Cleaning Facility POD Packet Observation Device POD Point Of Disembarkation POD Probability Of Detonation POD Project Overview Document POD Proof Of Delivery POD Proof Of Design POD Protected Observation Down ‐ range POEMS Project Oriented Environmental Management System POEW Petty Officer (Electronic Warfare) POGO Proof of Good Order POIC Point Of issue Code POL Petrol, Oil & Lubricants POL Petrol, Oils & Lubricants POL Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants POL Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants pol Police Pol Policy POL Post Operational Leave POLAD Political Adviser POLAD Political Advisor POLIS Petrol Oil and Lubricants Information System POLREP Pollution Report signal POLSA Police Search Adviser POMA PO Medical Assistant POMEA PO Marine Engineering Artificer POMSTER Placing On the Market & Supervision of Transfers of Explosives Regulations pop Population POP Post Office Protocol POP Prediction of Operator Performance POPs Persistent Organic Pollutants POPSI Personnel Occurrences Posts Systems of Information POPSI Personnel, Occurrences and Posts System of Information POQ Pure house Order Quantity POR Personnel Occurrence Report POS Point Of Sale POSA Petty Officer Stores Assistant POSIX Portable Operating System Interface POSM Post Operational Stress Management POSMS Project Oriented Safety Management System POSR Pre‐Operational Safety Report POST Passive Optical Seeker Technology POST Portuguese OST POST Power On Self Test POST Practicable Open System Technology

POSTD PO Steward POT Period Of Time POTL Post Operational Tour Leave pov point of view POW Prisoner(s) of War PP Petroleum Point PP Potential Partner PP Procurement Planning PP&M Process Plant & Machinery PPA Pay and Personnel Agency PPA Principal Publications Authority/Power Performance Index PPAG Pond Procedure Authorisation Group PPB Positive Pressure Breathing PPB Procurement Policy Board PPD Partnering Principles Document PPD Pulse‐Pulse Deinterleaver PPE Personal Protection Equipment PPE Personal Protective Equipment PPE Post Project Evaluation PPF Population Provisioning Factor PPG Planning Policy Guidance PPH Petroleum Pipehead PPI Plan Position Indicator PPI Position Plan Indicator (radar screen) PPI Power Performance Index PPI Procurement Priority Indicator PPL Previous Programme Line PPLN Periodically Polled Lithium Niobate ppm parts per million PPM Platform Project Manager PPM Programme & Project Management PPM (FF) Platform Project Manager (Frigates) PPO Principal Personnel Officer PPOs Principal Personnel Officers PPP Point to Point Protocol PPP Point‐to‐Point Protocol PPP Public Private Partnership PPPA People, Pay and Pensions Agency PPPG Public Private Partnership Group (DLO Policy Group) PPPLT Production & Post‐Production Lead Time PPPP Public Private Partnerships Programme PPR Performance Pay Recommendations PPR Program Progress Review PPRF Power Pack Repair Facility PPRS Precise Positioning Reference System PPS Personnel Policy Statement PPS Point‐to‐Point Service PPS Precise Positioning Service PPSD Preparations Period Start Time PPSD Primary Power Systems Display PPSG Policy & Planning Steering Group PPSG Policy & Programmes Study Group PPSG Policy and Programmes Studies Group

PPSL Programme Parts Selection List PPT Progress Planner Technical PPTO Principal Professional and Technology Officer PPTP Point‐to‐Point Tunnelling Protocol PPTR Pulse PhotoThermal Radiometry PPW Personal Protection Weapon PQ Parliamentary Question PQAO Project Quality Assurance Officer PQE Principle Quality Engineer PQMP Project Quality Management Plan PQO Project Quality Officer PQQ Pre Qualification Questionnaire PQS Pricing and Quality Services PQS Priority Quality Services (now SPS) PQT Production Quality Tests PR Photographic Reconnaissance PR Plotting and Radar PR Predicted Range PR Public Relations PR&A Project Review & Assurance PRA Pre‐Refit Assessment/Acceptance PRA Project Review and Assurance PRAMS Pegasus Repairable Asset Management System PRB Project Review Board PRC Personal Radio Communications PRC Personnel Recovery Centre prev Prevention/preventive PRF Pulse Recurrence Frequency PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency PRG Policy Rules and Guidance PRGT Production Reliability Growth Trial Pri Primary PRI Projector Reticule Image PRI Pulse Repetition Interval PRIDE Programme to Rationalise and Integrate DIS Estate PRINCE PRojects IN Controlled Environments PRISM Planning and Reporting Information System for Management PRIU Processor and Recorder Interface Unit PRL Probable Remaining Life PRM Project Risk Management PRMD PRivate Management Domain PRO Public Record Office (now The National Archives) PRO Public Relations Officer Proc Proceeding (Ordnance Board) PRODAS PROjection DisplAy System PRODAT Product Data Message PROFILE PROject FInance Linked to Equipments proj projectile PROLOG PROgramme LOGiciel PROM Production Manager PROM Programmable Read Only Memory PROM Property Manager PROM/CFM Production Manager to CFM

PROMIS PROcurement of contract repair Management Information System PROPMAN Property Management PROTECTED Friendly frequencies that are used for a particular operation, identified and protected to prevent being jammed by friendly forces while active EW operations are directed against the enemy. PROW Public Right Of Way PROWESS PROtotype Workshop Engineering Support System PRP Performance Related Pay PRP Personal Resettlement Plan PRP2 Pay Replacement Project  2  PRR Production Readiness Review PRR Pulse Repetition Rate PRS Provisioning Review Statement PRSS Peer Review and Scrutiny Secretariat PRT Power Range Testing PRU Purchase Research Unit PRW Passive Reflection Waveform PS Parliamentary Secretary PS Personal Secretary or Private Secretary PS Procurement Specification PS Procurement Strategy PS Project Sponsor/Private Secretary PS Project Support PS Protective Secretary PSA Plant State A PSA Polaris Sales Agreement PSA Potential Serviceable Arising PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption PSA Probabilistic Safety Analysis PSA Probalistic Safety Assessment PSA Property Services Agency PSA Public Service Agreement PSAG Projects and Standards Approval Group, QCA PSAO Permanent Staff Administration Officer PSBR Public Sector Borrowing Rate PSBR Public Sector Borrowing Requirement PSBs Promotion Selection Boards PSC Passive Sonar Controller PSC Plant Safety Case PSC Principal Subordinate Command (NATO) PSC Principal Subordinate Commander PSC Public Sector Comparator PSC Public Sector Comparitor PSCE Public Sector Comparator Equivalent PSCNs Proposed Specification Change Notices PSCS Personnel Services Computer System PSD Passive Sonar Director PSD Propulsion Systems Demonstrator PSD Provision of Service Document PSDR Public Sector Debt Repayment PSE Packet Switch Exchange PSE Personal and Social Education PSE Platforms, Systems or Equipment PSE Project Support Environment

PSED Public Sector Equality Duty psf pounds per square foot PSF Provision of Services to the Fleet PSG Partnering Support Group PSG Passive Shaft Grounding PSG Policy Steering Group PSG Professional Skills for Government PSG Programme Steering Group PSG Programme Systems Group PSG Programme Systems Group (JCSI) psi Pounds per Square Inch PSI Prime Systems Integration PSI Prime Systems Integrator PSI Proliferation Security Initiative psia Pounds per Square Inch (Absolute) psia pounds per square inch absolute psig Pounds per Square Inch (Gauge) psig pounds per square inch gauge PSK Phase Shift Keying PSL Performance Servicing Log PSL Preferred Suppliers List PSM Physical Stock Management PSM Ploy Selection Model PSMG Platform Support Management Group PSN Packet Switch Network PSN Public Sector Network PSO Peace Support Operations PSO Personal Staff Officer PSO Personnel Selection Officer PSO Principal Scientific Officer PSO Project Support Office PSP Personal Survival Pack PSP Primary Supply Point PSP Principal Support Provider PSPA Peace Support Psychological Activities PSPES Public Sector Procurement Expenditure Survey PSR Post Strike Reserve PSR Preliminary Safety Report PSRCS Public Safety Radio Communications System PSS Packet Switch Service PSS People Skills Scoreboard PSSD Personnel Services System Development PSSE Portable Specialised Support Equipment PSSK Probability of a Single Shot Kill PSSL Personnel Services System Live PST Preliminary Safety Training PST Preliminary Sea Training PSTI Pre Sea Trial Inspection PSTN Public Service Telephone Network PSTN Public Services Telephone Network PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network PSTO(N) Principal Supply and Transport Officer (Naval) PSU Power Supply Unit

Psy Ops Psychological Operations psy Psychological PSYOPS Psychological Operations PT Project Team PTA Permanent Training Range Ptarmigan UK tactical mobile digital switched telephone system with mobile access PTBL Portable PTC Personnel and Training Command (former RAF TLB) PTDP Personal Training & Development Plan PTE Pre Tender Estimate Pte Private PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Precise Time & Frequency measuring Equipment PTG Port Tank Group PTHSP Pre‐Tender Health & Safety Plan PTI Physical Training Instructor PTI Production Technical Instruction PTIT Power Turbine Inlet Temperature PTMU Portable Test & Maintenance Unit PTN Primary Trunk Network PTO Pilkington Thorn Optronics PTO Power Take Off PTO Professional and Technology Officer PTO Public Telecommunications Operator PTO Public Telephony Operators PTP Personal Training Plan PtP Purchase to Pay PTPs Production Test Procedures PTR Public Transport Rate PTS Point Target System PTS Primary Trunk Switch PTS Production and Test Schedule PTSA Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTT Part Task Trainers PTT Part Task Training PTT Postal, Telegraph and Telephone PTW Permit to Work PTWG Project Technical Working Group PU Participating Unit (Link) PU Polyurethanem PU Progressive Upkeep PUDT Portable user Data Terminal PUE Prestocked Unit Equipment PUF Port Utilisation Factor PUG Programme User Group PUG Programme User Group (JCSI) PUGS Programming Unit Ground Station PUM Production Universal Modem PUMA Pre Upkeep Material Assessment PUMAS Purchase Management and Accounting System PUS Permanent Under Secretary of State PUWER Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

PV Positive Vetting PV Price Variation PV Private Venture PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC Polyvinylchloride PVCs Polyvinyl Chlorides PVD Physical Vapour Deposited PVO Private Voluntary Organization PVR Premature Voluntary Release PVR Premature Voluntary Retirement PVS Performance Validation Schedule PVU Primary Vehicle Unit PW Private Wire PWA Project Works Adviser PWAG Primary Weld Acceptance Group PWB Provisioner’s Work Bench PWHQ Permanent War HeadQuarters PWI Preliminary Warning Instruction PWIB Prisoner of War Information Bureau PWO Principal Warfare Officer PWO(A) Principal Warfare Officer (for Above Water warfare) PWO(C) Principal Warfare Officer (Communication) PWO(U) Principal Warfare Officer (for Under Water Warfare) PWR Power to Weight Ratio PWR Pressurised Water Reactor PWRR Penetrating Weapons Ready Reckoner PWSM Platform Weapon System Manager PWT Production Warshot Torpedo PXI Peripheral eXtension for Instrumentation PxO Preservation by Operation QA Quality Accreditation (CFQ) QA Quality Assurance QAA Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education QAA Quality Assurance Authority QAFMIS Q Area Financial and Management Information System QAG Quality Assurance Group QAMS Quality Assurance Management System QAO Quality Assurance Officer QAO Quality Auditing Officer QAR Quality Assurance Representative QAR Quality Assurance Review QARANC Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps QARel QinetiQ Aircraft Release Statement QARNNS Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service QAS Quality Assurance Services QASG Quality Assurance Steering Group QASO Quality Assurance Support Officer QASOR Quality Assurance Schedule of Requirements QC Quality Control QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority QCA Quality Control A QCA Quick Change Assembly

QCB Quick Change Barrel QCIS QMG Corporate Information System QCS Queen’s Colour Squadron QDAO Quality Documentation & Auditing Officer QDF Quantity Discount Factor QDM Magnetic Heading QDR Quality Deficiency Report QDR Quick Don Respirator QE Quadrant Elevation QEC Queen Elizabeth Class QEI Quod Erat Inveniendum QELR Qualified Educationally for Leading Rate QEO Quarterly Economic Outlook QF Quick Fire QFD Quality Function Dynamics QFE Ground Pressure setting for aircraft altimeters QFL Quick Flashing light QFR Quarterly Financial Return QGE Queen’s Gurkha Engineers QHI Qualified Helicopter Instruction QHM Queen’s Harbour Master QIFS Quadrilateral Interoperability Field Systems QIP Quadrilateral Interoperability Programme QIS QMG Information Strategy QLR Queen’s Lancashire Regiment QM Quartermaster QM(CBS) Quality Manager (Captain Base Safety) QMAC Quadriparite Material and Agreements Committee QMAC Questionnaire on the Method of Allocation of Costs QMG Quarter Master General QMG Quartermaster General QMGI Quartermaster General’s Instructions QMS Quality Management System QNH Surface Air Pressure setting for aircraft altimeters QO/FMM Quality Officer/ Functional Machinery Manager QOS Quality Of Service QP Quality Plan QP Quality Procedure QPD Quick Pointing Device QPM Quarterly Progress Meeting QPR Quarterly Performance Report QPR Quarterly Progress Report/Review QPRA Quantitative Programme Risk Analysis QPRA Quantitative Project Risk Analysis QQR Quin Quennial Review QQR Quinquennial Review QRA Quantified Risk Assessment QRA Quick Reaction Alert QRCs Quality Record Cards QRD Quartermaster’s Readiness Date QRF Quick Reaction Force QRF Quick Release Fastener QRMB Quick Release Marker Buoy

QRPC Quarterly Review of Programme Costs QRRN Queen’s Regulations for the Royal Navy QS Quantity Surveying Qsig CCITT Standard for Private Network Signalling QSTAG Quadripartite Standing Agreement QSTAGS Quadripartite STandardisation AGreementS (US/Canada/ Australia/UK) QV Qualification & Verification (contractual) QVS Queen Victoria School QWG Quadripartite Working Group QX QX QXS Swept Channel through Minefields R Range R Restricted R & A Review and Approval Process R SIGNALS Royal Signals R&A form Review and Approval Form R&D Receipt & Dispatch R&D Research & Development R&D Research and Development R&L Recruitment and Liaison R&O Repair & Overhaul R&O Repair and Overhaul R&R Rest and Recuperation r/g (min) Rounds per gun (per minute) R0 Immediate Readiness R0 Ready to Deploy R0+ Deployment of Ready Forces on Operations R3 Reports, Returns and Requests RA Radiocommunications Agency RA Rear Admiral RA Reinforced Alert RA Risk Assessment RA Royal Artillery RAA Range Allocating Authority RAA Rapid Area Assessment RAAMS Remote Anti‐Armour Mine System RAAON Remain at Anchor Overnight RAB Resettlement Advisory Brief RAB Resource Accounting and Budgeting RABS REME Aircraft Branch System RACE Resources Account Code Establishment RAD ALT Radar Altimeter rad Radiation Absorbed Dose RAD Rapid Application Development RAD Recorded Announcement Device rad A Radioactive RAD ALT Radar Altimeter RADAG Radar Area Guidance RADC Royal Army Dental Corps RADHAZ Hazard from Radio or Radar RADHAZ Radiation Hazard Radhaz Radio Frequency Hazard RADIAC RAdiation Detection, Indication And Computation

RADIAC GRP RADIAC Generic Research Programme RADIG Rapid Application Development Interest Group RADIRS Rapid Deployment Multiple Rocket System rads Radians RAE Royal Aerospace Establishment RAF CCIS RAF Command and Control Information System RAF Royal Air Force RAF AAF Royal Air Force Armée de l’air Française RAF IHMT RAF Institute of Health and Medical Training RAF IIR Royal Air Force Independent Inspector of Ranges RAFAN RAF Airmove Network RAFAN Royal Air Force Airmove Network RAFASUPU RAF Armament Support Unit RAFAT Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team RAFBF Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund RAFCCIS RAF Command and Control System RAFCIS RAF Command Information System RAFCSS RAF Command Support System RAFFTS RAF Fixed Telecommunications System RAFIO RAF Infrastructure Organisation RAFIO Royal Air Force Infrastructure Organisation RAFLC RAF Logistics Command RAFLO RAF Liaison Officer RAFP Royal Air Force Police RAFR Royal Air Force Reserve RAFSADPS RAF Supply Automated Data Processing System RAFSC Royal Air Force Support Command RAFSCCS RAF Supply Central Computer System RAFSCOC Royal Air Force Support Command Operations Centre RAFSEE RAF Signals Engineering Establishment RAFSO Royal Air Force Staff Officer (on naval staff) RAFT Remote Ammunitioning Facility Tamar RAH Reactor Access House RAID Random Array of Inexpensive Disks RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAID Ruggedised Array of Independent Disks RAIDS Rangeless Airborne Instrumented Debriefing System RAL Rutherton Appleton Laboratory RALONGS Royal Artillery Liaison Officer for NGS RAM Inert ammunition round for testing gun loading mechanism RAM Radar Absorbent Material RAM Radiation/Radar Absorbent Material RAM Radioactive Material RAM Random Access Memory RAM Reliability, Availability and Maintainability RAM Repairable Asset Management RAM Residual Assets Manager RAM Resource Allocation Module RAM Rolling Airframe Missile RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps RAM‐D Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Durability RAMP Rapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts RAMP Reception Arrangements for Military Patients

RAMP Repair and Modification Procedures RAMP Revalidation Assisted Maintenance Period RAMS Replenishment and Movements (Operations) Scheduling RAMT Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Testability RAN Recorded Announcement RAN Royal Australian Navy RANDI Research Ambient Noise Directionality Model RANS Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes RAO Range Authorising Officer RAO Regimental Administrative Office® RAP Radar Absorbent Paint RAP Reactor Assembly Procedures RAP Recognised Air Picture RAP Recognized Air Picture RAP Regimental Aid Post RAP Ring Access Point RAP Rocket Assisted Projectile RAPS Reduced Aircraft Propulsion Signatures RAR Real Aperture Radar RARDE Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment RARI Requirement for Airborne Radio Installation RARS Review of Ammunition Rates and Scales RAS Radar Absorbent Structure RAS RAFCSS Access Server RAS Rectified Airspeed RAS(A) RAS(Ammunition) RAS(A) Replenishment at Sea (Ammunition) RAS(F) RAS(Fuel) RAS(FA) Astern RAS(Fuel) RAS(L) Replenishment at Sea (Liquids) RAS(S) RAS(Stores) RASH Radar Absorbent Sheet RASO Rear Airfield Supply Organisation RASON Remain At Sea OverNight RASP Recognised Air Sea Picture RAST Replacement Aerial Subsonic Target RAT Reliability Assessment Trial RATAC Radar for Field Artillery Fire RATS Rationalised Allocation of Tools System RATS Repairable Asset Tracking System RATT Radio Teletype RATTAM Response Against Attack on Munitions RAU Range Administering Unit RAuxAF Royal Auxiliary Air Force RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps RBCP Rotor Brake Control Panel RBE Report By Exception RBI Risk Based Inspection RBL Royal British Legion RBSD Reduced Burst Safety Distance RC Reactor Compartment RC Readiness Category RC Regional Command

RC Regional Commissioner RC Running Contract RCA Request for Contract Action RCA Return Call and Address (to Ships Company) RCAAS Remote‐Controlled Anti‐Armour System RCC Radar Consultative Committee RCC Remote Controlled/Cable Cutter RCC Rescue Coordination Centre RCC Resource Cost Centre RCD Regional Clinical Director/Directorate RCDM Royal Centre for Defence Medicine RCDS Royal College of Defence Studies RCDU Remote Controlled Defence Unit RCIU Remote Control Interface Unit RCK Rapid Catering Kit RCL Ramped Craft Lighter Rcl Recoilless RCM Reliability Centred Maintenance RCMDS Remote Control Mine Disposal System RCMIT Reliability Centred Maintenance Implementation Team RCNC Royal Corps of Naval Constructors RCO Range Conducting Officer RCO Reactor Co‐ordination Officer RCO(ATC) Range Control Officer (Air Traffic Control) RCS Radar Cross Section RCS Radio Control System RCS Reliability Centred Stockholding RCSS Radio Controlled Sub System RCT Resource Control Targets RCT Resource Control Total RCU Remote Control Unit RCY Royal Clarence Yard RCZ Rear Combat Zone RCZ Rear Control Zone RD Rapid Decompression RD Receive Data RD Redundantly configured equipment RD Reference Document RD Reserve Decoration RD Rotor Diameter (Helicopter Main Rotor) RD* Reserve Decoration and Bar RDA Range Danger Area RDA Regional Development Agency RDBMS Relational Database Management System RDBMS Relational Data‐Base Management System RDC Remote Diagnostic Concentrator RDC Reproduction and Distribution Centre RDC Resource Data Catalogue RDD Rapid Demolition Device RDD Rear Divisional Dump RDD Required Delivery Data RDEL Resource Delivery RDET Remote Data Entry Terminal

RDF Radio Detection/Direction Finder RDF Rapid Deployment Force RDF/LT Rapid Deployment Force Light Tank RDGT Reliability Development/Growth RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force RDL Remote Digital Loop RDM Remotely Deliverable Mine RDMSS Remotely Deployable Mission Support System RDP Radar Data Processor RDP RN Radar Video Recorder RDR Receipt Defect Report RDS Rapidly Deployable Systems RDS Rationalised Design Scenario RDSS Rapidly Deployable Surveillance System RDT&E Research, Development, Test and Evaluation RDU Reinforced Drafting Unit RDX Research Department Formula X RE Radar Echo (chaff) shell RE Requirements Engineering RE Royal Engineers REA Rapid Environmental Assessment REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals rebro Rebroadcast REC Radio Electronic Combat REC Regional Emergency Committee REC Resettlement and Education Co‐ordinator RECCE Radiation Effects Circumvention Concept Experiment recce Reconnaissance RECCEXREP Reconnaissance Exploitation Report RECM Radar Electronic CounterMeasures RECS Radio Electronic Combat Support RED Risk Estimate Distance REDACS REgenerated DAta Communications System REDS Ruggedized Electronic Display System REE Runway End Elevation REES Rural Elements of the Estate Strategy REG Radio Frequency Environment Generator reg Regulation REG Regulatory Executive Group Regt Regiment RELM REgeneration Loop Management REM Rapid Eye Movement REMAPS Re‐Engineered Manpower Allocation and Planning System REMBASS Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers REMIDS Remote Mine Detection System REO Resident Engineering Officer REPAC Regional Environmental Protection Advisory Committee REPPIR Radiation Emergency Preparedness & Public Information Regulations REQADEX Request for Small Area Air Defence Exercise REQD Required RES Radio Engineering Services RES Regional Economic Strategy

RESA Runway End Safety Area RESM Radar Electronic Support Measures RETM Regional Employment and Training Manager RETTER Requirement, Evaluation, Technology Trends and Exploitation Routes REU Radio Engineering Unit REWDB Relational EW DataBase RF Radio Frequency RF Reaction Forces RF Regional Forces RF Response Force (anti‐terrorist) rf Rimfire RF(DEW) Radio Frequency (Directed Energy Weapon) RFA Restrictive Fire Area RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary (Ship and/or Organisation) RFA  80  Reserve Forces Act  1980  RFA  96  Reserve Forces Act  1996  RFA Sup Royal Fleet Auxiliary Support RFAB Right Forward Avionics Bay RFAC Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee RFACCY RFA CPO Communications Yeoman RFAF Radio Frequency Application Form RFANSU Royal Fleet Auxiliary Naval Support Unit RFAT Reserve Forces Appeal Tribunal RFC Request for Change RFC Request for Comment RFCA Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations RFD Company that makes quick release hooks RfD Railfreight Distribution RFD Ready For Deployment RFD Reason For Demand RFD Request for Deviation RFDAP Running Fleet Design Assistance Programme RFDC Regional Flood Defence Committee RFEA Regular Forces’ Employment Association RFED Ready Force Element Days RFES Radio Frequency Environmental Study RFI Radio Frequency Interference RFI Ready For Issue RFI Request For Information RFI Requests for Information RFIC Request for Infrastructure Change RFID Release For issue Date RFIMS NATO Request for Intelligence Management System RFJ Radio Frequency Jammer RFL Restricted Frequency List RFM Runway Friction Meter Rfn Rifleman RFP Request for Proposal RFP Request for Proposals RFQ Request for Quotation RFR RadioFrequency Radiation RfR Request for Resources

RFR Royal Fleet Reserve RfR1 Request for Resources  1  RfR2 Request for Resources  2  RfR3 Request for Resources  3  RFRC Regional Fault Reporting Cell RFS Ready For Service RFS Reason for Selection RFSC Ready For Sea Check RFSD Ready For Sea Date RFT Ready For Training rft Reinforcement RFTD Ready For Training Date RFW Radio Frequency Weapon RFW Request for Waiver RG Refitting Group Submarines Rg to Tgt Range to Target RGBW The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment RGGS Rifle Grenade General Service RGJ Royal Green Jackets Rgn Region RGN Registered General Nurse RGPD Rating of Government Property Department RGPI Range Gate Pull In RGPO Range Gate Pull Off RGPO Range Gate Pull‐Off Rgr Ranger RGS Remote Ground Sensor RH Relative Humidity RH Right Hand RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armour RHA Royal Horse Artillery RHAG Rotary Hydraulic Arrestor Gear RHAG Runway Hydraulic Arrestor Gear RHE Right Hand Edge RHG Right Handgrip RHH Royal Hospital Haslar RHI Range Height Indicator RHOC(s) Return to Harbour On Completion RHQ Regimental Headquarters RHS Right Hand Seat RHS Right Hand Side RHWR Radar Homing and Radar Warning Receiver RHWR Radar Homing Warning Receiver RI Research Item RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat RIC Rating In Charge RIC Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre RICE Rationalised Internal Communications Equipment RICE Rationalised Internal Communications System RICL Repair Instruction Contractors List RID Requirement Interpretation Document RIDDOR Report of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations RIDELS Royal Naval Invoicing and Delivery System

RIDS Rangeless Instrumental Debriefing System RIF Radio Information Field RIGC Related Item Group Code RIGs Roll/Pitch/Yaw rate Integrating Gyros RIH Replenishment In Harbour RIM Reaction Injection Moulding RIMS Remote Influence Minesweeping System RIP Reliability Improvement Programme RIPS Rotor Ice Protection System RIS Radio Investigation Service RIS Resettlement Information Staff RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer RISE Reliability Improved Selected Equipment RISTA Reconnaissance Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition RISTA Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition RIT Ready in Theatre RIT Ready In Time RIU Radio Introduction Unit RIU Remote Interface Unit RIV Rapid Intervention Vehicle RKCC Replaceable Kilostream Communications Controller rkt Rocket RL Religious Leave RL Rocket Launcher RL Rome Laboratory RLA Repair Level Analysis RLC Royal Logistic Corps RLG Relief Landing Ground RLG Rifle Launched Grenade RLG Ring Laser Gyroscope RLG Ring‐Laser Gyro RLi Restricted LAN Interconnect RLi Restricted LAN interconnection RLI RA RESTRICTED LAN Interconnect Remote Access RLO Range Liaison Officer RLO Regional Liaison Officer RLP Recognised Land Picture RLPG Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun RLS Real Life Support RLS Rocket Launching System RM Reliability and Maintainability RM Replaceable Module RM Resident Manager RM Risk Management/Resources Manager RM Royal Marines RM&T Reliability, Maintainability and Testability RMA Real Maintenance Area RMA Rear Maintenance Area RMA Regional Marketing Agreement RMA Reliability, Maintainability & Availability RMA Reliability, Maintainability and Availability RMA Remote Manipulator Arm RMA Royal Military Academy

RMAS Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service RMAS Royal Military Academy Sandhurst RMC Radio Modification Committee RMC Regional Military Commander RMC Right Management Consultants RMC Risk Management Committee RMC Royal Marine Command RMCC Royal Marine Cadet Corps RMCS Royal Military College of Science RMD Regional Marketing Directorate RMF Remote Management Facility RMG Ranging Machine Gun RMG Resource Management Group RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator RMIs RM Instructions RMP Recognized Maritime Picture RMP Reprogrammable Micro‐Processor RMP Risk Management Plan RMP Royal Military Police RMPA Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft RMPR Reliability Model and Prediction Report RMR Royal Marine Reserve RMR Royal Marines Reserve RMS Reconnaissance Management System RMS Root Mean Square RMSG Resource Management Steering Group RMSMD Root‐Mean‐Square Miss Distance RMT Requirements Management Team RMTC Radioactive Material Transport Containers RN Review Note RN Royal Navy RN D3020 Harbour Movement/ Service Request RN EOD Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal RN RSO Royal Naval Range Safety Officer RN(MH) Registered Nurse Mental Health RNAAIU Royal Naval Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit RNAD Royal Naval Armament Depot RNAESS Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School RNAS Royal Naval Air Station RNAW Royal Naval Aircraft Workshop RNAY Royal Naval Aircraft Yard RNB Royal Naval Barracks RNC Royal Naval College RNCA Royal Naval Codification Authority RNCP Royal Naval Communications Publication RNCSS Royal navy Command Support System RNDA RN Distribution Authority (for classified books, crypto etc) RNEAWC Royal Naval Element: Air Warfare Centre (Waddington) RNEC Royal Naval Engineering College RNEWOS Royal Naval Electronic Warfare Online System RNFPMC Royal Navy Fire Prevention Management Committee RNFSAIC Royal Naval Flight Safety & Accident Investigation Centre RNFTS Royal Naval Flying Training School

RNH Royal Naval Hospital RNLO RN Liaison Officer (e.g. to HO ashore) RNLO Royal Naval Liaison Officer RNMC Royal Netherlands Marine Corps RNMHT Royal Naval Missile Handling Team RNNARCS RN Nuclear Accident Response Communications System RNO Resident Naval Officer RNR Royal Naval Reserve RNSD Royal Naval Stores Depot RNSETT RN School of Educational and Training Technology RNSFC RN School of Fighter Control RNSH RN Sub‐Launched Harpoon RNSHC RN School of Helicopter Control RNSMS Royal Naval Submarine School RNSSS Royal Naval strategic Systems School RNSTS Royal Naval Supply & Transport Service RNTI Royal Navy Tomahawk Integration RNTM Royal Naval Temporary Memorandum RNU Royal Naval Unit RNVD Royal Naval Victualling Depot RO Reference Object RO Replenishment Objective RO Research Objective RO Royal Ordnance ROB Remote OSLAN Bridge ROBAT Robot Counter‐Obstacle Vehicle ROC Rate Of Climb ROC Required Operational Capability ROC Requisition / Order / Contract ROC Rough Order Cost ROC Royal Observer Corps ROCE Return on Capital Employed ROD Rate Of Descent ROD Record of Decision ROD Record of Decisions ROD Report Of Discrepancy ROE Rules Of Engagement ROF Rate of Fire ROF Royal Ordnance Factory ROG Railway Operating Group ROHC Regional Occupational Health Centre ROHT Regional Occupational Health Team ROI Return on Investment ROL Re‐Order Level ROLAND Revised On‐Line Ammunition Development. Ammunition issues. Replaced by AMANDA/ASTRID in 89/91 ROM Read Only Memory ROM Record of Meeting ROM Review of Maintenance ROM Rough Order of Magnitude ROMIS Recruiting Organisation Management Information System ROP Re‐Order Point ROR Range Only Radar

RoR Requirements of Response ROR Rule of the Road (Collision Avoidance) Ro‐Ro Roll on ‐ Roll off RORSAT Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite RORV Remotely Operated Rescue Vehicle ROS Reduced Operating Standard ROSS Revised Orbat & Scales System ROTA Release Other Than (NBC) Attack ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle ROVER Remote Operation Video Enhanced Receiver ROW Rest of the World RP Red Phosphorous RP Refit Period RP Repair Pool RP Replenishment Park RP Reporting Post RP Reprovisioning RP Re‐Provisioning RP Resource Plan RP Resources and Plans (Centre) RP Resources and Programmes RP Rocket Projectile RP(Navy) Resources and Programmes (Navy) RP1 Repair Period Type  1  RPA Radiation Protection Advisor RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft RPA Risk Potential Assessment RPAG Refuelling Procedure Authorisation Group RPAS Remotely Piloted Air System RPB Regional Planning Body RPC Regional Prime Contract RPC Remote Procedure Call RPC Request the Pleasure of your Company (invitation to meal/party) RPE Relative Price Effect RPE Respiratory Protective Equipment RPG Regional Planning Guidance RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade RPH Remotely Piloted Helicopter RPI Retail Price Index RPI Routine Periodic Inspection RPIC Radiation Protection Instrument Committee RPL Ramp Powered Lighter rpm Revolutions Per Minute rpm Rounds Per Minute RPO Record Purposes Only RPO Regimental Pay Office RPO Regulating Petty Officer RPO Research Project/Package Officer RPO Resident Project Officer RPOD Rail Port of Disembarkation RPOE Rail Ports of Embarkation RPOR Reservist’s Post Operational Tour Report RPP Recognised People Picture

RPP Reliability Programme Plan RPPDC Radiation Protection Policy Development Committee RPPPLT Repair Production & Post‐Production Lead Time RPR Reliability Programme Reviews RPS Review of Protective Security RPSJ Reactor Plant Safety Justification RPSR Radiation Protection Senior Rating RPSTL Repair Parts and Special Tools List RPT Readiness Preparation Time RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle RQT Reliability Qualifications Test (Programme) RR Radio Relay RR Recoilless Rifle RR Retro‐Reflection RR Rolls Royce RRA Regional Resettlement Adviser RRA Rolls Royce & Associates RRADAR Rolls‐Royce and Associates Defect Analysis Report RRB Type of Helicopter Radar Echo Enhancer RRC Regional Resettlement Centre RRD Return Routing Document RRDA Rotor Running De Arm (For helicopter) RRDS Racal Radar Defence Systems RRF Rapid Reaction Force RRF Riggers Report File RRL Replenishment Review Level RRM Radar Resource Management RRR Repair Recoverability Rate RRR Required Rate of Return RRRA Rotor Running Re Arm (For helicopter) RRRF Rotors Running Refuelling (for helicopter) RRTM Rolls Royce Turbomeca RRTP Reduced Range Training Projectile RRU Regional Rehabilitation Unit RS Radio Supervisor (Senior Radio Rating) RS Reelable Stub RS Requirement Scrutiny RS422 EIA interface standard RSA Repair and Salvage Authority RSA Reverse Saturable Absorption RSA Royal Society of Arts RSAF Royal Small Arms Factory RSBP Range Siting Board Proceedings RSC Regional Servicing Centre RSCD Regional SaBRE Campaign Directors RSCH Royal Surrey County Hospital RSCN Registered Sick Children’s Nurse RSD Reduced Safety Distance RSDC Reconnaissance Support Development Cell RSEL Recommended Support Equipment Lists RSG Rear Support Group RSGB Radio Society of Great Britain RSI Radiation Status Indicator

RSI Regimental Signals Instructor RSIP Radar System Improvement Programme RSIT Representative Sustainment Integration Testing RSIT Royal Signals Inspection Team RSIT(A) Range Safety Inspection Team (Army) RSM Regimental Sergeant major RSME Royal School of Military Engineering RSMS Royal School of Military Surveying RSO Range Safety Officer RSO Regimental Signals Officer RSO(NGS) Range Safety Officer (Naval Gunfire Support) RSOI Reception, Staging, Onward movement, and Integration RSP Ramped Support Pontoon RSP Render Safe Procedure RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds RSPSC Range Safety Policy Sub‐‐Committee RSR Reliability Status Report RSRE Royal Signals and Radar Establishment RSRWG Range Safety Review Working Group RSS Rosette Scan Seeker RSS Rosette Scanning Seeker RSS Royal School of Signals RSSC Refuelling Safety Sub Committee RST Regional Servicing Teams RSTA Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition RSU Repair and Salvage Unit RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol RT Radio Telephone/Telephony RT Radio Telephony RT Real Time RT Recognition Trainer RT Reelable Tow RT Remote Terminal RTA Reelable Towed Array RTA Research and Technology Agency RTA Road Traffic Accident RTADB Range and Training Area Development Board RTB Research and Technology Board RTB Return to Base RTC Resettlement Training Centre RTCA Radio & Technical Committee of America RTD Required Target Date RTE Rail Transfer Equipment RTE Remote Terminal Equipment RTEM RFA Temporary Memorandum RTF Rich Text Format RTI Run Time Infrastructure RTITB Road Transport Industry Training Board RTLP Recognised Theatre Logistic Picture RTM Ready To Move RTM Resin Transfer Moulding RTO Railway Traffic RTO Resident Technical Officer

RTODAH Rejected Take‐Off Distance Available (Helicopter) RTOF Recoverable Tethered Optical Fibre RTOGS Regulated Takeoff Graph System RTOS Real‐Time Operating System RTP Recovery & Trials Period RTP Reinforced Theatre Plan RTS Ready To Send RTS Release to Service RTS Response To Stress RTSA Release to Service Authority RTSS Radio Transmitter Selector Switch RTTS RAF Tactical Telecommunications System RTTS RAF Transportable Telecommunication System RTU Remote Transmitter Unit RTU Right to Use RTW Return‐to‐Works RU Ready Use RU Replaceable Unit RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary RUF Revolutionary United Front RUFN Retain Until Further Notice RUGS Regenerative Underground Structure RUMA Reinforced Units Marshalling Area RUMTAC Regional Utilities Management Tariff Analysis Cell RUP Revalidation & Upkeep Period RUPS Revalidation Update Periods RUR Refit Upkeep and Revalidation RUR Refuel, Update & Revalidation Rushton Type of towed AA Target (see MRTT) RV Rateable Value RV Re‐entry Vehicle RV Rendezvous RVC Reconciliation Validation Certificate RVC Remote Virtual Console RVCU Remote Voice Control Unit RVD Residual Vapour Detector RVQ Related Vocational Qualification RVR Runway Visual Range RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima RVT Remote Viewing Terminal RW Rotary Wing RW(CSW) Rotary Wing (Crew Served Weapons) RW(IWS) Rotary Wing (Integrated Weapon Systems) RWG Resettlement Working Group RWR Radar Warning Receiver RWS Radar Warning System RWSG Rotary Wing Support Group Rx Generic Peacetime Readiness Level Rx Preparation of Forces for Readiness RX Receiver RYED Report Year End Date S Man Supply Management S Secret

S South S & MO Salvage and Marine Operations S of S Secretary of State (for Defence) S&C Search and Clear S&EA Sustainability and Environmental Advisory Team S&FF Float, Smoke & Flame No.  2  Mk  3  S&T SWIFTSURE and TRAFALGAR Class S&TE Support & Test Equipment S/V Survivability/Vulnerability S10 The current general service respirator S1000D AECMA Specification 1000D S1092 Temporary Loan Log S145 Stores Demand Voucher S2022 Defect & Shortcomings Report S232 RN form for reporting a Collision or Grounding S2O Support to Operations S340 Work Requisition Form ( General Service) S549 Stores Transfer Voucher SA Schedule Authority SA Selective Availability SA Simple Alert SA Siting Authority SA Situational Awareness SA Small Arm(s) SA Small Arms SA Stores Accountant. SA Supervisor’s Allowance SA Support Authority SA‐ 80  Personnel Weapon SAAR Ships A&A Register SAAvn School of Army Aviation SAAWC Shore Anti‐Aircraft Weapon Control SAB Spares Advice Book SABRE Statistical Assessment of Beam Engagement Response SaBRE Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers SABRE System for Aircraft Branch REME Equipment Section SAC Scene of Action Commander SAC Senior Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman SAC Special Area of Conservation SAC Strategic Air Command SAC(T) Senior Aircraftman or Aircraftwoman Technician SACC Support Arms Coordinating Centre SACC Supporting Arms Coordination Centre SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe SACLANT Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic SACLOS Semi‐Active Command to Line Of Sight SACLOS Semi‐‐Automatic Command to Line Of Sight SACRU Semi Automatic Cargo Release Unit SACS Service Air Cargo System SAD Surface‐to‐Air Defence SAD Survey & Docking SADA Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly SADARM Search And Destroy Armour

SADARM Seek and Destroy Armour SADE Solar Array Drive Electronics SAE Society of Automotive Engineers SAEO Staff Air Engineering Officer SAF Semi‐Automated Forces SAFARI Supply for Accounting For Army Rations and Issues SAFFRON Passive ASW Sonar SAFIRE Surface‐to‐Air Fire SAG Scenarios Assessment Group SAG Search & Attack Group (ASUW) SAG Service Award Group SAG Simulation/Special Advisory Group or Scenario Approval Group SAG Studies Assumption Group SAG Surface Action Group SAGE Ship Acoustic Gathering Equipment SAGOP Semi‐Automatic General Operations Plot SAGW Surface‐Air Guided Weapon SAGW Surface‐to‐Air Guided Weapon SAGW/M Surface To Air Guided Weapon/Missile SAINT Satellite Interceptor SAINT Sonar Analysis INitial Trainer SAL Semi‐Active Laser SAL VEX Salvage Exercise SALOME System for the Accounting, Location and On‐line Management of Equipments SALT Strategic Arms Control Treaty SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks SAM Scheduled Ancient Monument SAM School of Aviation Medicine SAM Sickness Absence Management SAM Specialist in Aviation Medicine SAM Surface‐Air Missile SAM Surface‐to‐Air Missile SAMA Station Administration Management Aid SAMHADS Submarine Automated Message Handling And Distribution System SAMIS Stock Accounting Management Information Systems SAMM Security Assistance Management Manual SAMS Satellite Access Management System SAMS Supplier Approval Management System SANDF South African National Defence Force SANDS Sea ANimal Database System SANE Synthetic Ambient Noise Environment SANS Sensor, Avionic and Navigation Systems SANS Sensors Avionics and Navigation Systems SAO Secure Area of Operations SAP Safety Air Plot SAP Semi‐Armour Piercing SAP Special Access Programme SAPC Stand Alone Prime Contract SAPC Submarine Air Purification Committee SAPC Submarine Atmosphere Purification Committee SAPCO Special Access Programme Co‐ordination Office SAPHEI Semi Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary SAPI Semi‐Armour Piercing Incendiary

SAPPHIRE IR signature prediction code SAR Safety Assessment Report SAR Search & Rescue SAR Search and Rescue SAR Ship Activity Return SAR Software Action Reports SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar SARA Skynet AOCS Recovery Assistant SARE Sonar Aural Recording Equipment SARO Supply Aero‐Engine Record Office SARS Ship Activity Returns System SARSAT Search and Rescue Aided Tracking SAS Single Attached Station SAS Special Air Service SAS Stability Augmentation System SAS Statistical Analysis System SAS Subsidiary Access Switch SAS Surface to Air Missile in the Surface to Surface M SASC Small Arms School Corps SASG Secure Air Systems Group SASO Secretary and Assistant Supply Officer SASO Senior Air Staff Officer SASO Staff Air Standards Officer SASS Sonar Array Sounding System SAT Satisfactory Assessment SAT Sea Acceptance Trial SAT Small Arms Trainer SAT Systems Approach to Training SATCO Senior Air Traffic Control Officer SATCO Senior Air Traffic Controller SATCOM Satellite Communications SATNAV SATellite NAVigation SATO Senior Ammunition Technical Officer SATRO Science and Technology Regional Organisation SATS Small Airfield for Tactical Support SATS Small Arms Target System SAU Safety and Arming Unit SAU Search & Attack Unit (ASW) SAU Search Attack Unit SAUNA Structured and Unstructured Numerical Analysis SAVE Systematic Approach to Vehicle Electronics SAW Squad Automatic Weapons SAW Stand‐Alone Workstation SAW Surface Acoustic Wave SAWCS Submarine Acoustic Warfare Control System SAWG Safety Assessment Working Group SAWS Submarine Acoustic Warfare Suite SAXON Mechanised Infantry Vehicle SB Stretcher Bearer SBA Sovereign Base Area SBA Sovereign Base Area Cyprus SBAA Sovereign Base Areas Administration Cyprus SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies

SBC Services Booking Centre SBD Special Boat Detachment sbd Switchboard SBEO Space Based Electro Optical SBI Supplementary Budgetary Information SBIR Space Based InfraRed SBIRS Space Based Infra‐Red System SBLTS Sort Base Line Tracking System SBNO Senior British Naval Officer SBO Senior British Officer SBR Space Based Radar SBRIR Space Based Radar and Infra Red SBRPM Space based radar performance model SBS Small Business Service SBS Special Boat Service. SBS Stimulated Brillouin Scattering SBSD Special Burst Safety Distance SBSO Single Balance Sheet Owner SBWP Space BandWidth Product SC Safety Case SC Schedule Control SC Security Checked SC Service Certificate (record of ratings career) SC Service Complaints SC Shaped Charge SC Sonar Controller SC Special Communications SC Staff Captain SC Staff Check SC Standard Clearance SC Standard Conditions SC Steering Committee SC Stores and Clothing SC Strategic Commands SC Supply Coordination SC&IS Site Communication and Information Services SC&IS(W) Service Agency (Site Communications & Information Systems) (West) SCA Ship Controlled Approach (type of helicopter recovery) SCA Specialist Conservation Advisor SCA Static Code Analysis SCAD Submarine/Sonar Countermeasures Acoustic Device SCAD Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy SCADS Seaboard Containerised Air Defence System SCAHC Space Components Ad Hoc Committee SCAID Submarine Classification Aid SCAM Subsonic Cruise Attack Missile SCAMBL Simulator Chemical Attack Multi‐‐Barrelled Launcher SCAMP Sealless Centrifugal Axial Magnetic Pump SCAO Staff Catering Officer SCAR Sonar Central Archive Recorder SCARF STC Change Action Review Forum SCARS Status Control Alerting & Reporting System SCAS Stability and Control Augmentation System

SCATCC Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre SCBFO Shore Connection Box (Fibre Optic) SCC Sea Cadet Corps SCC Security Control Centre SCC Service Complaints Commissioner SCC Ship Control Centre SCC Site Clearance Certificate. SCC Specialist Conservation Consultant SCC Submarine Control Console SCC Supply Control Centre SCCAR Set up, Control, Coaching, and Analysis Reporting SCCB Software Configuration Control Board SCCS RAF Supply Chain management System SCD Source Control Document SCDL Surveillance and Control Data Link SCE Sonar Controller’s Equipment SCEIP Standing Committee on Electronic Info Protection SCF Super Critical Fluid SCG Self‐Changing Gears SCG Specialist Construction Group SCGS Small Calibre Gun System SCH Simplified Combined Harness SCHCR Sonar Central Hard Copy Recorder SCI Scaleable Coherent Interface SCIAD Scientific Advisor SCIDA Site Coordinating Installation Design Authority SCIDA Site Co‐ordinating Installation Design Authority SCIDA Systems Coordination Installation Design Agency SCION Staff Communications Integrated Office Network SCION System for Consumable Inventory Optimisation SCIS Supply Chain Information System SCLM Sea‐Launched Cruise Missile SCM Software Configuration Management SCM Support Chain Management SCMB Software Configuration Management Board SCME Sonar Central Maintenance Equipment SCMI Supply Chain Management Instruction SCMR Surface Combatant Maritime Rotorcraft SCN Specification Change Notice SCO Ship’s Communications Officer SCO Staff Communications Officer SCO Supply Chain Optimisation SCOCIS Support Command Operational Command Information System SCOI SATCOM Community of Interest SCOIN Support Command Office Information Network SCONTO Scottish Council of NTOs SCOR Streamlined Certification Of Receipts SCORE SDI Collaborative Research SCORE Signal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment SCORM Shareable Content Object Reference Model SCORM Shareable Courseware Object Model SCORR Standing Committee for Refit and Repair SCORR(SM) Standing COmmittee for Refit & Repair (submarines)

SCORR(SS) Standing COmmittee for Refit & Repair (Surface Ships) SCOSER Standing Committee On Submarine Escape & Rescue SCOT Satellite Communications Ocean Terminal SCOT Satellite Communications System SCOTS(A) Standing Committee On Training Safety (Army) SCP Service Complaints Panel SCP Slotted Cylinder Projectors SCP System Control Point SCP Systems Control Point SCPOMA Staff CPO Medical Assistant SCPS Space Communication Protocol Standard SCPT Supply Chain Pipeline Times SCPT Supply Chain Processing Time SCR Sonar Control Room SCR Supportability, Cost and Readiness SCRA Single Channel Radio Access SCRA(T) Single Channel Radio Access (Terminal) SCRIA Supply Chain Relationships in Action SCRIMP Seeman Composite Resin Infusion Moulding Process SCS Senior Civil Service SCS Stabilator Control System SCS Stock Collation System SCS Stock Control Section SCS Supply Chain Support SCSAP Satellite Communications System Analysis Package SCSI Small Computers Systems Interface SCSR Summary of Component Servicing Requirement SCT Service Control Team SCT Strategic Customer Team SCTS Ships Compass Transmission System SCUD Subsonic Cruise Unarmed Decoy SCUG SCOT Capability Up‐Grade programme SCUM Submarine Computerised Upkeep Management SCWT Staff Covered Weapon Training SD Self Destruct SD Sensors/Surveillance Devices SD Service Deviation SD Spatial Disorientation SD Staff Duties SD Standard Deviation SD Supportability Decisions SD Sustainable Development SDA Senior Defence Auditor SDA Service Delivery Agreement SDA System Design Authority SDA/Z Sea Danger Area/Zone SDAP Sustainable Development Action Plan SDB Shallow Dive Bombing SDC Software Development Centre SDCC Safety Design Change Committee SDD Self Destruct Device SDD Software Design Development SDDE Surface Demand Diving Equipment

SDDR Software Design Development Plan SDDS Ships Data Distribution System SDE Service Director(s) of Education SDE Shared Data Environment SDE Shared Data Environments SDE Software Development Environment SDE Statement of the Defence Estimates SDE Statement on the Defence Estimates SDEN Software Development Environment Network SDEP Sustainable Development Education Panel SDF Shore Development Facility SDF Skills Development Fund SDF Software Development File SDFC Source of Delivery Forecast Code SDG Southern Diving Group SDG Systems Direction Group SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDI Serious Defect Instructions SDI Sonar Data Integration SDI Strategic Defence Initiative SDI Strategic Defense Initiative (US) SDiG Sustainable Development in Government SDINS Strapped‐Down INS SDIT Spectral Difference Imaging Technique SDL Software Development Library SDL Standard Distribution List SDM Service Delivery Manager SDM Site Development SDM Standard Design Memorandum SDMS Support Defence Missile System SDN Standard Drawing Number SDO Station Duty Office SDOMP Station and Deployed Forces Operational Management Project SDOR Stores Defective On Receipt SDP Service Delivery Point SDP Software Development Plan SDP Strategic Development Plan SDQ Seadart Quarters SDR Site Directors Representative SDR Software Design Review SDR Sonar Direction Room SDR Special Dispatch Rider SDR Strategic Defence Review SDR System Design Review SDRFs Subcontractor Data Review Forms SDS Safety Data Sheet SDS Satellite Data System SDS Senior Dental Surgeon SDS Ships Diving Supervisor SDS Signal Dispatch Service SDS Standing Data Systems SDS System Design Specification SDSR Strategic Defence and Security Review

SDT Spatial Disorientation Trainer SDTT Software Development Tracking Team SDV Supplier & Debtor Validation SDWEUFS Stores Depot Weapon Equipment Upkeep Facility Statement SE Safety Equipment SE Simultaneous Engineering SE South East SE Static Electric SE Support Engineering SE Support Equipment SE Supportability Engineering SE Synthetic Environment SE Synthetic Environments SE&G South East & Germany SEA Significant Event Analysis SEA Statistical Energy Analysis SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment Sea WIFS Sea Viewing Wide Field of View Sensor SEACL Ship Engineering Assessment Consolidated List SEAD Ship Engineering Assessment Document SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defence SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defences SEAE School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering SEAGNAT Decoy Launching System SEAL Sea Air Land (US Special Forces) SEALITE Code name for a pointing mirror SEAMEX Seamanship Exercise SEASAT Oceanographic Satellite SEAT Site Estate Authority Team SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organisation SeaWiFS Sea Viewing Wide Field Sensor SEC Secondary Position SEC Secretary (of Supply Officer Specialisation) SEC Service Executive Committee SEC Service‐Engineered Changes SEC Software Engineering Centre SEC(O) Secretariat (Overseas) Sect Section Section Often means Damage Control Section SEDG Senior Estate Development Group SEDIST SouthEast District SEDRIS Synthetic Environment Data Representation & Interchange Specification SEE Software Engineering Environment SEEDA South East England Development Agency SEFX Support Engineering Facility Exeter SEI Specific Emitter Identification SEI SCE Software Engineering Institute Software Capability Evaluation SEIE Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment SEIG Systems Engineering and Integration Group SEISP System Electronic Information Security Policy SEL Ship Equipment List SEM Saving and Enhancement Measure or Synthetic Environment Models SEM Service Engineered Modification

SEMA Station Engineering Management Aid SEMB Synthetic Environments Management Board SEMC Systems Engineering and Management Course SEMC(AE) Air Engineering Systems Engineering and Management Course SEMP Systems Engineering Management Plan SEMS Safety & Environmental Management System SEMs Savings and Enhancement Measures SEN Skills and Enterprise Network SENICLE Support Environment for NEC In Land Environment SEO Secure Electronic Office SEO Senior Executive Officer SEO Station Education Officer SEP Spherical Error Probable SEP Support Element Plan SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency SEPADS Sonar Environment Prediction And Display System SEPADS Sonar Prediction & Display System SEPG Spacecraft Environment and Protection Group SEPROMT Synthetic Environment PRoject Management Team SER Site Estate Representative SER Support Equipment Report SERA Single European Rules of The Air SERCO Marine Services Contractor SERD Service Electoral Registration Day SERD Support Equipment Recommendation Data SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction SERP South East Regional Prime SERP Submarine Escape & Rescue Project SERPC South East Regional Prime Contract SERPRC Submarine Escape & Rescue Policy Review Committee SERPROG Serial Programme SES Secure Equipment Section SES Societe European Satellite or Shelf Edge Studies SES Surface Effect Ship SESAME Supply Executive System and Automated Management Environment SESAR Single European Skies Air Traffic Management Research SESC Submarine Engineering Support Contract SESSU South East Sector Skills Unit SET Site Estate Team SETL Site Estate Team Leader SETT Submarine Escape Training Tank SEU Sight Electronics Unit SEV Specially Equipped Version SEXSSI Ship’s Explosive Store Safety Instructions SF Security Force SF Special Forces SF Sustained Fire SFA Safe Firing Arc SFA Senior Finance Adviser SFC Specific Fuel Consumption SFCS Shore Fir Control spotting SFCS Simplified Fire‐Control System SFD Ship Fit Definition

SFE Supercritical Fluid Extraction SfED Skills for Employment Division, DfEE SFEOs Surface Flotilla Engineering Orders SFF Self Forging Fragment SFI Special Flying Instruction SFIA Skills Framework for the Information Age SFIRR Solid‐Fueled Integral Rocket/Ramjet SFLIR Steered FLIR SFM Sensor‐Fuzed Munition SFM Special Facilities Management SFM Spin Frequency Modulation SFM Superintendent Fleet Maintenance SFO Senior Finance Officer SFOR Stabilisation Force SFP Service Feature Profile SFPA Starting Focal Plane Array SFPT Stage Fuel Payload Tables SFQ(L) Single Flux Quantum (logic) SFQE Service Family Quarters Estates SFRMO Surface Flotilla RM Officer SFRSM Surface Flotilla Regimental Sergeant Major SFS Serious Fault Signal SFTM Surface Flotilla Temporary Memorandum SFTS Sensor Functionality Trainer Suite SG Specific Gravity SG Sponsors Group SG Steam Generator SG Steering/Standards Group SG Surgeon General SGEMP System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse SGEMP Systems Generated Electromagnetic Pulse SGIS Surgeon General’s Information Strategy SGLS Space Ground Link System SGM Submarine General Memorandum SGML Standard Generalised Markup Language SGML Standard Generalised Mark‐up Language SGPA Sortie Generation Planning Aid SGS Satellite Ground Station SGT Satellite Ground Terminal Sgt Sergeant SH Support Helicopter SH/PRAC Squash Head Practice SHA Safe Handling Area SHA Special Handling Area SHA Statutory Harbour Authority. SHA System Hazard Analysis SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SHAR Sea Harrier SHC Staff Harbour Check SHE Safety, Health & Environment SHED Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment SHEF Safety Health Environment & Fire SHELREP Shelling Report

SHEMS Safety, Health, Environment Management System SHEP Safety Health Environment Protection SHEP Storage and Handling Equipment Procedure SHF Super High Frequency SHF Super High Frequency (3 ‐  30  GHz) SHF Super High Frequency (300 MHz –  3  GHz) SHG Support Helicopter Group SHHU Ships Husbandry SHIM Storage & Handling Instruction for Munitions SHIMS Safety and Health Information Management System SHM Sensor Head Module SHOC Supreme Headquarters Operations Centre SHOL Ship Helicopter Operating Limits SHOLS Safe Helicopter Operating Limits SHOM Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine SHORAD Short Range Air Defence SHORAN Short Range Navigation (radio) SHORDIS SHOrt Range air Defence Information System shp Shaft Horsepower SHP(P) Senior Health Physicist Policy SHQ Station Headquarters SHRes System High Restricted SHSec System High Secret SI Security Intelligence SI Sensor Integration SI Service Instruction SI Servicing Instruction SI Single Impulse (fuze) SI Social Inclusion SI Spark Ignition SI Special Intelligence SI Standing Instructions SI Statutory Instrument SI Synthetic Instrumentation SI System integration SI Systeme International des Unites SI Systeme Internationale (International system of units) SI(T) Special Instructions (Technical) SIA Sector Integration Authority SIA Systems Integration Architecture SIAM Submarine Interactive Attack Model SIAP Single Integrated Air Picture SIB Special Investigation Branch SIB Submarine Indicator Buoy SIBCA Sampling and Identification of Biological and Chemical Agents SIBCRA Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical or Radiological Agents SIBET Soft Issue Bid Evaluation Tool SIC Sector Integration Coordinator SIC Standard Industrial Classification SIC Statement of Internal Control SIC Subject Identification Code SIC Subject Indicator Code SICA Systems Information Co‐ordinating Agency

SICS Ship Installed Chemical System (Chemical Detectors) SID Significant Injury or Damage SID Stores Inspection Detachment TSBS DSDA SID System Integration Department SID System Interface Diagram SIDFAC Shore Integration & Demonstration FACility SIDS Station Infrastructure Data System SIE Standard Interface Equipment SIE Systems Information Exploitation SIF Selective Identification Feature SIF Shore Integration Facility SIF Standard Interchange Format SIFF Successor Identification Friend or Foe SIFT Strategic/Source Intelligence Fusion Testbed sig Signal(ler) Sig Signals SIGACTS Significant Activities SIGINT Signal Intelligence SIGINT Signals Intelligence SIJ Stand In Jammer SIL Safety Integrity Level SIL Speech Interference Level SIMNET Simulation Network SIMNET Simulator Networking SIMOP SIMultaneous Operation SIMP Sector Integration Management Policy SIMS SLA & UIN Interim Management System SIMS Source Information Management System SIMS Strategic Interface Management Study SIMTEC SIMulation Tool for Electronic Combat SINC Site of Interest for Nature Conservation SINCGARS Single Channel Ground & Airborne Comms System SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Air Radio System SINS Ships Inertial Navigation System SIO Sector Integration Office SIO Senior Information Officer SIO Senior Instructional Officer SIO Site Implementation Officer SIO Software Issuing Organisation SIO Staff Instructor Officer SIO Staff Intelligence Officer SIP Separate Initial Provisioning SIP Software Intensive Project SIP Software Intensive Projects SIP Software Intensive Projects Improvements Programme SIP Submarine Secondary plant Improvement Programme SIPS Small Integrated Propulsion System SIPS Survey Information Processing System SIR Ship Installed Radiac System SIRL System Integration Readiness Levels SIRO Senior Information Risk Owner SIRR System Integrator Risk Reduction SIRS Ship Installed RADIAC System (Radiation Detectors)

SIRSA Specification for an IR Seeker for an Autonomous guided bomb SIS Sonar Instrument Space SIS Supplier Information System SISP System Interconnection Security Policy SIT science innovation technology sit Situation SITREP Situation Report SIU Sensor Interface Unit SIWG Simulation Interoperability Working Group SIWG Structural Integrity Working Group SIWS Sea Ice Work Station SJC(UK) Standing Joint Commander (UK) SJP Safety Justification Plan SK Soft Kill SKA Amphibious support Seaking SKJ Sea King Helicopter with Jezebel system SKU Stock Keeping Unit SKW Airborne Early Warning Seaking SL Sea Level SL Service Leaver(s) SL Shoulder Launched SL Sick Leave SL Start Line SL‐ 1  Proprietary GPT PABX SLA Sea Land Air SLA Service Level Agreement SLA Site Licence Arrangement SLA Supply Loading Airfield SLAB Submarine Locator Acoustic Beacon SLAB Subsonic Low‐Altitude Bomber SLAM Single Living Accommodation Modernisation SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile SLAM Submarine Launched Attack Missile SLAM‐ER Standoff Land Attack ‐ Expanded Response SLANT South Atlantic SLAP Saboted Light Armour Penetrator SLAPI Software Licensing Application Programming Interface SLAR Sideways Looking Airborne Radar SLARR Sideways Looking Airborne Reconnaissance Radar SLAT Supersonic Low Altitude Target SLBM Sea Launched Ballistic Missile SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile SLC SideLobe Canceller SLC Standard Learning Credit SLCM Sea Launched Cruise Missile SLCM Sea/Submarine Launched Cruise Missile SLCSAT Submarine Laser Communication Satellite sldr Solider SLED Shelf Life Expiry Date SLEP Service Life Extension Programme SLGM Submarine Launched Guided Missile SLI SECRET LAN Interconnect Service SLi Secret LAN Interconnect

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol SLIP Service Leavers Information Pack SLIR Sideways Looking Infra Red SLM Spatial Light Modulator SLO Ships Liaison Officer SLOC Sea Lines Of Communication SLOC Sea Lines of Communications SLP Ship Life Plan SLPD Safe Landing Period Designator SLR Self Loading Rifle SLR Super Low Recoil SLT Stores Lead Time SLt Sub Lieutenant SLTE Special Laboratory Test Equipment SLU Shortest Lifed Unit SLUFAE Surface Launched Unit FAE SLV Specialist and Logistic Vehicles Project Team SM Safety Mechanism SM Scatterable Mine(s) SM Service Management SM Stock Management SM Submarines SM Support Manager SM (QA) Support Manager (Quality Assurance) SM(LS) Site Manager (Licensed Site) SM(Wpns)15 Support Management(Weapons)15 SM2 Second Submarine Squadron SMA Safety Management Arrangements SMA Seized Media Analysis SMA Signal Message Address SMA Stealthy Missile Airframe SMAC Scene Matching by Area Correlation SMAC Short Miscellaneous Air Course SMAG Spectrum Management Advisory Group SMART Specific Measurable Agreed Realistic Timely SMART Symbolic Method Aiding Representation of Tactics SMARTI Simulation and Modelling of ARray Thermal Imagers SMARTIS Stock Management And Repair Transaction Information Service SMARTT Stress Management And Resilience Training Team SMB System Management Block SMBI Supply Management Branch Indicator SMC Sea Mounting Centre (Marchwood) SMC Staff Message Control SMC Structural Materials Centre SMC Structures and Materials Centre SMC Sub machine Carbine SMCDO Staff Mine Countermeasures & Clearance Diving Officer SMCLOS Semi Manual Command to LOS SMCO Standard Manufacturing Company SMCS SubMarine Command System SMCS Submarine Command SystemS SMD Ship Maintenance Data Centre SMD Stealthy Missile Demonstrator

SMD Supply Management Data SMDS Switched Multi‐megabit Data Service SME Small / Medium [sized] Enterprise SME Small or Medium‐sized Enterprise SME Sonar Maintainer’s Equipment SME Subject Matter Expert SME Subject Matter Experts SMEO Squadron MEO SMEO Staff MEO SMEO Staff/Squadron Marine Engineering Officer SMET Stock Management & Evaluation Team SMET Stock Management Enabling Team SMG Safety Management Group SMG Study management Group SMG Sub Machine Gun SMG Sub‐Machine Gun SMG Supported management Grouping SMH Sonar Modelling Handbook SMI Secure Managed Interface SMIC Service Management Information Cell SMIS Support Management Information System SMIST Submarine Inspection Team smk smoke SML Surveying Motor Launch SMMAS Sub Marine Mine Avoidance Sonar SMN Safety and Maintenance Notes SMO Senior Medical Officer SMO Staff Medical Officer Smoke BE Smoke Base Ejection Smoke‐WP Smoke White Phosphorus SMO‐MSU(S) Salvage & Marine Organisation‐ Marine Salvage Unit (South) SMOPS School of Maritime Operations SMP Safety Management Plan SMP Secondary Medical Position SMP Self Maintenance Period SMP Special Maintenance Party SMPSS Strategic Manpower Planning Support System SMPT Simple Message Transfer Protocol SMQA Section Manager Quality Assurance SMR Senior Maintenance Rating for Helicopter SMR Sites and Monuments Records SMR Source Maintenance‐Recoverability SMR Standard Mileage Rate SMRA Submarine Maintenance & Refit Authority SMRC Submarine Reactor Control Officer SMRE Secure Management Radio Equipment SMRI System Master Record Index SMS Safety Management System SMS Ships Missile Systems SMS Stores Management System SMS Stress Management System SMS IPT Ship Missile System Integrated Project Team SMSZ System Modification State Zero

SMT Small Model Test SMT Standard Maintenance Tasks SMT Surface Mount Technology SMT System Management Toolkit SMTN Supply Management Terminal Network SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP Simple Mail Transport Protocol SMUW Stealthy Missile Unitary Weapon SMWSL Submarine Weapon Stowage and Launch SN Self Noise SN Serial Number SNA Systems Network Architecture SNAC Secure Net Alongside Communication SNAC Secure Network Alongside Communications SNAM Senior Nuclear Assurance Manager SNAP Ships Navigation And Processing System SNAPS Ship Navigation & Plotting System ‐ Automated Plotting Table SNARK Semi‐strapdowN Autonomous Reliable Killer SNAS Secure Network Access Service (CSV6) SNBC Sub Navy Board Committee SNBCDO Staff NBCD Officer SNCO Senior Non‐Commissioned Officer SNEO Senior Nuclear Engineering Officer SNFL Standing Naval Force Atlantic SNI Scotland and Northern Ireland (Naval Command) SNIP Signal Net Information and Position Reporting SNISP Strategy for Naval Information Systems for Personnel SNISP Strategy for Naval Information Systems in Personnel SNITTs Special Notices and Instructions To Tenderers SNM Special Nuclear Material SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol SNMTI Staff Naval Military Training Instructor SNMTO Staff Naval Military Training Officer SNO Senior Naval Officer SNO Senior Nursing Officer SNO Staff Navigation Officer SNR Signal to Noise Ratio SNR(A) Senior National Representatives (Army) SNS Standard Numbering System SNVQ Senior National Vocational Qualification SNY Staff Navigators Yeoman SO Scientific Officer SO Senior Officer SO Staff Officer SO Standardisation Objective SO Standards Officer SO Standing Objective SO Standing Order SO Supply Officer SO (A) Supply Officer (Administrative) SO (FS) Supply Officer (Fleet Support) SO(N) Staff Officer (Nuclear) SO(S) Supply Officer (Stores)

SO1 Staff Officer Level  1  Military (Cdr or equivalent) SO1C Staff Officer Level  1  Civilian (Band C1 or equivalent) SO2 Staff Officer Level  2  Military (Lt Cdr or equivalent) SO2C Staff Officer Level  2  Civilian (Band C2 or equivalent) SO3 Staff Officer Level  3  Military (Lt or equivalent) SO3C Staff Officer Level  3  Civilian (Band D or equivalent) SOA Safety: Organisation and Arrangements SOA Scene of Action SOA Service Orientated Architecture SOA Staff Officer Administration SOAP Spectrometric Oil Analysis Programme SOAR Process model of human cognition SOB Service Operations Branch SOBS Senior Observer (of an Air Squadron) SOBS Standard Occasions for Breaking Radio Silence SOC Scheme of Complement SOC Sector Operations Centre SOC Service Order Confirmation SOC Standard Occupational Classification SOCC Span Of Command and Control SOCD Source Control Drawings SoCS Sonar Classification System SOCS Standardised Operator Checks SOE Safety Operating Envelope SOE  85  Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act  1985  SOF Safety‐of‐Flight SOF Satellite Operation Facility SOF Special Operations Forces SOF Squadron Operations Facility SOFA Status of Forces Agreement SOFAR Sound Fixing And Ranging SofS Secretary of State SofS Secretary of State for Defence Soft FM Soft Facilities Management (porterage, cleaning and some catering) SOG Speed Over Ground SOGE Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate SOHO Small Office, Home Office SOI Signal Operation Instructions SOI Silicon On Insulator SOI Standard Operating Instruction SOinC(A) Signal Officer in Chief (Army) SoIP Spend on Inventories Purchase SOIU Statement of Operating Intent and Usage SOJ Stand Off Jammed SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea SOM Stand‐Off Missile SOM Support Options Matrix SOMA Station Operational Management Aid SON Statement of Need SONAR SOund NAvigation and Ranging SONET Synchronous Optical Network SOO Special Order Only SOO Staff Operations Officer

SOOR Statement Of Operability Requirement SOOTAX Helicopter for personnel movements SOP Standard of Preparation SOP Standard Operating Procedure SOP Submarine Operating Programme SOPEPs Ships Oil Pollution Emergency Plans SOPs Standard Operating Procedures SOR Schedule of Requirements SOR Service Order Request SOR Stand‐Off Radar SOR Statement Of Requirement SOR Statement/Schedule Of Requirement SORE Synthesis of Reverberation Environment SORF Service Order Request Form SOS Secure Open System or Silicon On Sapphire SOS Staff Officer Seamanship SOs Standing Orders SoS System of Systems SOSA Systems of Systems Approach SOSF Senior Officer Search Force SOSG Sigint Operational Support Group SOSP Spend On Stock Purchase SoSR Statement of Security Requirements SOSS Strategic Ocean Surveillance System SOSUS Sound Surveillance System SOTAS Stand‐Off Target Acquisition System SOTEM Supply Officers Temporary Memorandum SOTR Statement Of Technical Requirement SOUTHAXE Exercise in the Bay of Biscay SOW Stand Off Weapon SOW Statement of Work SOx Sulphur Oxides SP Self‐Propelled SP Service Provider SP Signal Processing SP Spain SP Systems Processor SP HVM Self Propelled High Velocity Missile SP Pol Service Personnel Policy SPA Safety Policy and Assurance SPA Service Provision Agreement SPA Service Provision Agreements SPA Single Point of Accountability SPA Special Protection Area SPA Strategic Psychological Activities SPAAG Self‐Propelled Anti‐Aircraft Gun SPAAM Self‐Propelled Anti‐Aircraft Missile SPACES Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services SPAD Shear Pin Actuated Decoupler SPADDET Self Propelled high velocity Air Defence Detachment Engagement Trainer SPADE Searchwater Processor and Display Enhancer SPADE Southampton (University) Program Analysis Development Environment. See SPARK SPAG Self‐Propelled Assault Gun

SPALT Special Project ALTeration SPAME Specialist Aeromedical Equipment SPARC Scalar Processor Architecture SPARK Solid Propellant Advanced Ramjet Kinetic energy missile SPARK SPADE Ada Reduced Kernel SPATG Self‐Propelled Anti‐Tank Gun SPATS Special Purpose Automatic Test Systems SPAW Self‐Propelled Artillery Weapon SPAWAR SPAce WARfare SPB Service Personnel Board SPC Semi Permanent Circuit SPC Spares Price Challenge SPC Statistical Process Control SPC Stored Program Control SPC Surface Plot Compiler SPCD Specification Control Drawings SPD Security Policy Documentation SPDC Spare Parts Distributing Centre SPDL Standard Page Description Language SPEC Specification SPEC Student Performance Evaluation by Computer SPEC Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative SPEG Service Personnel Executive Group SPEWG Submarine Platform Equipment Working Group SPF Special Purpose Force SPF Super Plastic Formed SPF/DB Super Plastically Formed/Diffusion Bonded SPFS Station Publications and Forms Store SPGR Specialist Personal Gps Receiver SPH Self‐Propelled Howitzer SPH Smooth Particle Hydrocode SPH Special Handling SPHR Standard Predicted Horizontal Range SPI Service Provider Interface SPI Smart Procurement Initiative SPI Standard Procedure Instructions SPI Still Photographic Image SPICE Simulation Programme with Integrated Circuit Emphasis SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination SPINS Special Instructions SPIRIT SPectral IR Imaging sysTem SPIRS Supply Progression Information Retrieval System SPIT Smart Procurement Implementation Team SPL Self‐Propelled Launcher SPL Signature Performance Level SPL Special Paid Leave SPM Scanning Probe Microscopy SPM Secondary Propulsion Motor SPM Self Protective Measures (against mines) SPM Self‐Propelled Mortar SPM Site Project Manager SPO Senior Police Officer SPO Ship Protection Organisation (anti‐terrorist)

SPOC Single Point of Contact SPOCC Space Operations Co‐Ordination Centre SPOD Sea Port of Disembarkation SPOE Sea Ports of Embarkation SPOT Satellite Pour L’Observation de la Terre SPP Service Personnel Plan Spr Sapper SpR Specialist Registrar SPR Surface Plot Reporter SPR System Platform Review SPRN Special Projects Royal Navy (Washington USA) SPRO Staff Public Relations Officer SPROGO Staff Programming Officer SPS Sharepoint Team Server (Microsoft product) SPS Siemens Plessey Systems SPS Specialist Procurement Services SPS Staff and Personnel Support SPS Standard Positioning Service SPS Support Policy Statement SPS Surface Plot Supervisor SPS/CF Specialist Procurement Services/Cost Forecasting SPSC Safety Principles & Safety Criteria SPSD Secondary Power Systems Display SPSO Senior Personnel Staff Officer SPSO Senior Principal Scientific Officer SPTD Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation SPTME Special Purpose Test & Measurement Equipment SPUR Synthetic Pulse Reception SPV Special Purpose Vehicle (PFI Commercial Consortium) SPVA Service Personnel and Veterans Agency SQ Sea Question SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA Software Quality Assurance SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan SQAPP Software Quality Assurance Programme Plan SQE Senior Quality Engineer SQEP Suitably Qualified & Experienced Persons SQL Standard Query Language SQL Structured Query Language SQL Structured Query Language Database SQM Safety & Quality Manager (DM) Sqn Squadron Sqn Ldr Squadron Leader SQP Supplier Quality Plan SQTU Small Quantity Top Up SQUID Superconducting QUantum Interference Device SR Senior Rate SR Short Range SR Specific Range SR Sponsored Reserves/Reservists SR Staff Requirement SR Station Radio SR Surveillance Radar

SR System Requirement SR(A) Staff Requirement (Air) SR(D) Staff Requirement (Defence) SR(L) Staff Requirement (Land) SR(S) Staff Requirement (Sea) SR(SLA) Staff Requirement (Sea/Land/Air) SRA Schedule Risk Analysis SRA Service Resettlement Adviser SRA Special Repair Activity SRA Sub Responsibility Area SRA Surveillance Radar Approach SRAAM Short Range Air‐Air Missile SRAAM Short Range Air‐to‐Air missile SRAC Strategic Resources Allocation Committee SRAD Susceptibility RADHAZ Designator SRAHW Short Range Anti‐Helicopter Weapon SRAM Short Range Attack Missile SRAM Static Random Access Memory SRAM Structural Radar Absorbent Material SRAP Surface and Recognised Air Picture SRB Solid Rocket Booster SRBOC Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff SRC Space Research Cooperation SRC Submarine Refit Complex (Devonport) SRCO Senior Range Conducting Officer SRD Safety & Reliability Directorate SRD System Requirements Document SRD Systems Requirements Document for DII SRD/URD Service Requirements Document/User Requirement Document SRDH Senior Rating’s Dining Hall SRE Safety Related Equipment SRF Challenger  2  Sight Repair Facility SRFAO Staff RFA Officer SRFAO(C) Staff RFA Officer (Communications) SRFAO(N) Staff RFA Officer (Navigation) SRFAO(S) Staff RFA Officer (Supply) SRG Shell Replacement Gear srg Sound Ranging SRHA Software Requirements Hazard Analysis SRI Sound Reduction Index SRIM Service Radio Installation Modification SRINF Shorter Range Intermediate Nuclear Force SRIs Shop Replaceable Items SRLE Sting Ray Life Extension SRLT Stores Repair Lead Time SRM Scan Rate Modulation SRM Shop Replaceable Module SRMH Single Role Mine Hunter SRN Store Reference Number SRO Sea Riding Officer SRO Senior Responsible Officer SRO Senior Responsible Owner SRO Sport & Recreation Officer

SRO Station Routine Order SRP Strategic Research Programme (now CRP) SRP Survey & Repair Period SRPH Sonar Range Prediction Handbook SRR Search and Rescue Region SRR Standard Readiness Requirement SRR Strategic Resource Rebalancing SRR System Requirements Review SRs Senior Ratings (Petty Officers & above) SRS Submarine Rescue System SRS Surplus Review Statement SRSOM Short Range Stand Off Missile SRT Slow Run Through SRU Shop Replaceable Unit SRU Slip Ring Unit SRU Specialist Repair Unit SRV Source of Relative Velocity SRV Submersible Rescue Vehicle SRV Surrogate Research Vehicle Srvl Survival SS Diesel Powered Submarine SS Safety Stock SS Sea Scouts SS Sea Systems sector SS Ships Staff SS Ship’s Staff sS single Service SS Squadron Switch SS Strategic Systems SS Submarine(s) SS Subsidiary Switch SS(A) SACEUR’s Strategic Reserve (Air) SS(D) Superintendent Ships (Devonport) SS3 Stores System  3  ‐ RLC supply management system SSA Senior Safety Advisor SSA Ship Support Agency SSA Software Support Analysis SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology SSADM Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology SSAFA Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Families Association SSAFA (FH) Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association (Forces Help) SSB Ship Safety Board SSB Single Side Band SSB Single Side Band (radio) SSB Single Sideband (radio) SSBM Ship Submarine Ballistic Missile SSBN Ballistic Missile Carrying Nuclear Powered Submarine SSBN Ballistic Missile Submarine ‐ Nuclear SSBN Ship Submarine Ballistic Nuclear SSBN Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear (TRIDENT) SSBN Submarine (ballistic, nuclear) SSBR Security Service Business Resilience SSC Sea Systems Controllerate

SSC Shared Service Centre SSC Single Shaped Charge SSC Site Safety Committee SSC Staff Sea Check SSCA System Specific Communications Architecture SSCP Sea Systems Controllerate Publications SSCS Surface Ship Command System SSD Special Safety Distance SSD Special Sea Dutymen SSD Static Sensitive Device SSD Stores Sub‐Depot SSD Structural Signal Device SSDE Surface Supplied Diving Equipment SSDS Ship Self Defence System SSE Spring Supplementary Estimate SSE Submerged Signal Ejector SSE Surface Support Equipment SSEI Software Systems Engineering Initiative SSEP Standing Sea Emergency Party SSEPO Senior Safety & Environmental Protection Officer SSES Surface Ship Engineering Standards SSF Shore Support Facility SSFAP Standing Sea First Aid Party SSG Sea Systems Group SSG Security Services Group SSG Strategy Steering Group SSG(ASI) Specialist Support Group (Aircraft Structural Integrity) SSGN Nuclear Powered Submarine carrying Cruise Missiles SSGW Surface to Surface Guided Weapon SSGW Surface‐to‐Surface Guided Weapon SSI Ship Standard Increment SSI Special Signals Intercept SSI Standing Signal Instruction SSID Sonar System Integrated Demonstrator SSIEMT Ship/Shore Interface Environmental Management Team SSIFC Statement on the System of Internal Financial Control SSIN Secure Survivable Integrated Network SSIP Sonar & Signature Improvement Programme SSIT Support Solutions Improvement Team SSIXS Submarine/Satellite Information Exchange System SSJ Site Safety Justification SSJ Slow Stretching Jet SSJO Senior Site Justification Officer SSK Conventional Diesel Powered Submarine SSK Conventional Submarine SSK Diesel‐powered Attack Submarine SSK Single Shot To Kill SSKP Single Shot Kill Probability SSL Secure Socket Layer SSLC Strategic Systems Logistic Co‐ordinator SSLP Ship Staff Life Plan SSM Single Source Maintenance SSM Standard Stores Memorandum

SSM Submarine Stores Manager. SSM Sub‐System manager (BCMS) SSM Surface‐to‐Surface Missile SSMO Ship Safety Management Office SSMOB Ships Staff Move On‐Board SSMP Specialised Signal Message Preparation SSMS Ship Safety Management System SSN Attack Submarine ‐ Nuclear SSN Nuclear Powered Hinter Killer Submarine SSN Nuclear Propelled Attack Submarine SSN Nuclear‐powered Attack Submarine SSN Ship Submarine Nuclear SSN Ship Submersible Nuclear SSN Submarine (attack, nuclear) SSNS Nat Designator for Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines SSO Senior Scientific Officer SSO Senior Supply Officer (Navy) SSO Ship Standard Outfit SSO Station Staff Officer SSO Support Solutions Officer SSO System Security Officer SSOs Ship’s Standing Orders SSP Sea Systems Publication/Programme SSP Secondary Steering Position SSP Single Shot Probability SSP Sound Speed Profile SSP Strategic Systems Programme SSP Supply Support Plan SSP Supply Support Procedures SSP System Security Policy SSPA Solid State Power Amplifier SSPAR Solid State Phased Array Radar SSPP System Safety Program Plan SSPS State Second Pension Scheme SSQ Safety and Support Questionnaire SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar (i.e. IFF etc) SSR Software Specification Review SSR Supply Senior Rate. SSR Surface Surveillance Radar SSRA System Safety Risk Assessment SSRF Safety Stock Restriction Factor SSRM Swept Scan Rate Modulation SSS Safety and Suitability for Service SSS Secure Speech Service SSS Selected Ships Systems SSS Solid Support Ship SSS Strategic Source Simulator SSS System/Segment Specification SSSA Substitute Single Service Accommodation SSSA Surface Ship Support Alliance SSSB Ship Shore Ship Buffer SSSB Ship‐Shore‐Ship Buffer (for data link) SSSC Systems and Software Support Cell

SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI Software Support Significant Item SSST Service Software Support Team SST Sea Surface Temperature SST Standard Serviceability Test SSTD Surface Ship Torpedo Defence SSTLO Staff Syllabus Training Liaison Officer SSTR Safety Stock Truncation SSU Sight Survey Unit SSU Submarine Support Unit SSVC Services Sound & Vision Corporation SSVS Services Sound and Vision Corporation SSyO Staff Security Officer ST Self Test ST Single Transaction ST Staff Target ST Standby Time st Static Thrust ST Strategic Transport ST(SLA) Staff Target (Sea/Land/Air) STA Shell Transfer Arm STA Supersonic Tunnel Association STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition STA&SP SS Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Special Projects System Support STA&SPSS Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Special Project Support Systems STACCS Standard Theatre Army Command and Control System STAF System/Sea Trial Analysis Facility STAFF Smart Target Activated Fire and Forget STAG Site Test Authorisation Group STAGE Special to Type AGE STAGE Special to Type Aircraft Ground Equipment Stage1/2/3 Stage of NBCD Training STAIR Simulation, Training and Artificial Intelligence Research (Group) STAIRS Sensor Technology for Affordable Infra Red Systems STAMA Station Transport Management Aid STANAG NATO STANdardisation Agreement STANOC Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Night Observation and Counter Measures STAP Space Time Adaptive Processing STAP Surveillance and target Acquisition Plan STAR Stores Enquiry, Archiving and Retrieval STAR Surveillance and Targeting or Synthetic Target STAR Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance STAR System Threat Assessment Report START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty STARTLE Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar for Tank Location and Engagement STARTS Software Tools for Application to (large) Real‐Time Systems STASS Short Term Air Supply STASS Short Term Air Supply System STAWA Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Weapon Aiming STAWS Submarine Tactical Anti‐Ship Weapon System STC CD SHAPE Technical Centre CAOC Demonstrator STC SHAPE Technical Centre or RAF Strike Command

STC Special to Contents STC Strike Command STCICS Strike Command Communications & Information Control System STCICS Strike Command Integrated Comms System STD Signal Test Definition STD Software Test Description STD Subscriber Trunk Dialling (telephone system) STDR System Trial Data Recorder STE Software Test Environment STE Staff Technical Equipment STE Synthetic Training Equipment STE System Test Equipment STE/IC Simplified Test Equipment/Internal Combustion Engine STEL Short Term Exposure Limit STEP STandard for the Exchange of Product STEP STandard for the Exchange of Product data (ISO 10303) STEP STandard for the Exchange of Product Model Data STEP Submarine Training & Education Programme STF Shore Test Facility STF Special Trials Fit STF System Trial Facility STI Service Technical Instruction STI Servicing Technical Instruction STI Special Technical Instruction STL Signature Target Level STM Sea Dart Test Missile stn Station STO Survival to Operate STO Survive to Operate STO(N) Stores & Transport Officer (Naval) ‐ civilian stores support STOBAR Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery STOIC Survive to Operate Information Control STOL Short Take Off & Landing STOL Short Take‐Off And Landing STOMIS Supply & Transport Officer Management Information System STOREDEM Message Demanding Stores STORM STation Operational Resource Management STOROB STOres ROBbery STOVL Short Take Off Vertical Landing STOVL Short Take‐Off And Vertical Landing STOVL Short Take‐Off Vertical Landing STOW Synthetic Theatre Of War STP Sea Trials Period STP Sewage Treatment Plant STP Short Term Plan STP Software Test Plan STP Space Test Programme STPS Static Target Projection System STR Software Test Report STR Statement of Technical Requirements str Strength STRADIS STRuctured Analysis Design and Implementation of Software‐based systems STRAPSO Strap Security Officer

strat Strategic STRE Specialist Team Royal Engineers STRGL Statement of Recognised Gains and Losses STRICOM US Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command STRIFAX STRIke command FAX network STRIKE RAF Front Line Command (now AIR) STRS Strategic Terrestrial Radio System STRS IPT Strategic and Tactical Radio Systems IPT STRV Space Technology Research Vehicle STS Sharepoint Team Services STS Space Transportation System (US Shuttle) STS Specialist Technical Support STS Synthetic Training Service STS/SPS Sharepoint Team Services/Sharepoint Portal Server STSA Short Term Strategic Airlift STT Standard Tactical Trial STTE Special to Type Test Equipment STTMPS Special to Type Multi Platform System STTT Special to Type Tools STU Stabilised Turning Unit STUFT Ship Taken Up From Trade STUFT Ships Taken Up From Trade STUP Spinning Tubular Projectile STV Special to Type Vehicle StV Strategic View(s) STW Setting to Work STWG Submarine Tactics & Weapons Group STWS Ship Torpedo Launching Weapon System STWS Shipborne Torpedo Weapon System STWS Ships’ Torpedo Weapon System SU Signals Unit SU Signals Unit (RAF) SU Step‐Up SU Submersible Unit SU Support Unit SU(P) Inert shells for surface gunnery practices Sub Submarine Support SUBVUL Submarine Vulnerability assessment code SUDS Submarine Upkeep Data System SUDT Staff User Data Terminal SUME Single Use Military Equipment SUN Statement of User Need SUN Statement of User Needs SUO Specialist User Officer (of explosives) SupFAC Supervisor Forward Air Control SUPINTREP Supplementary Intelligence Report Supt (AS) Superintendent (Armament Specialization) Supt (NS) Superintendent (Naval Stores) Supt Wks Superintendent of Works Supvr IS Supervisor Information Systems SUR Statement of User Requirements SURFEX Surface Warfare Exercise SURTASS Surface Ship Towed Away Surveillance System

SUS Signal Underwater Sound SUS Signal, underwater Sound, Mk  84  Mod  1  SUSTAT Sustainability Statement SUWG System/Support Upkeep Working Group SUY Senior Upper Yardman SV Support Vehicles SV System View(s) SV(H) Survey Vessel (Hydrographic) SV(O) Survey Vessel (Oceanographic) SVC Switched Virtual Circuit SVEC Scottish Vocational Education Council SVGA Super Video Graphic Array SVID System V Interface Definition SVO Small Value Order SVOC Small Value Order Cell SVP Sound Velocity Profile SVQ Scottish Vocational Qualification SVS Synthetic Vision System SW South West SW Special Weapons SWAARM Smart Weapon Anti‐ARmour Missile SWAG Secondary Weld Acceptance Group SWAP Squadron Weapon Analysis Programme SWAPPS South West Approaches to the UK SWARF SoftWare And Reliability Focus SWARM Wake Model SWAT Split Window adaptive Threshold SWATH Small‐Waterplane‐Area Twin Hull SWDP Sector Workforce Development Plan SWEO Squadron Weapons Engineering Officer SWEO Squadron WEO SWEO Staff Weapons Engineer Officer SWEO Staff WEO SWFLANT Strategic Weapon Facility, Atlantic SWG Smoking Working Group SWG Submarine Weapons Group SWHQ Static War Headquarters SWIFT Static Workshop Information Fast Track. Was to have replaced ARROW SWIR Short Wave Infra Red SWISS Seawolf In Service Support SWISS Submarine Weapons Interconnector SubSystem SWL Safe Working Load SWMLU Sea Wolf Mid Life Upgrade SWMLU Sea Wolf Mid‐Life Update SWO Senior Welfare Officer SWO Staff Warfare Officer SWO Station Warrant Officer SWO(AIO) Staff Warfare Officer (Above Information Organisation) SWO(AV) Staff Warfare Officer (Aviation) SWO(AWW) Staff Warfare Officer (Above Water Warfare) SWO(C) Staff Warfare Officer (Communications) SWO(EW) Staff Warfare Officer (Electronic Warfare) SWO(FC) Staff Warfare Officer (Fighter Control)

SWO(HM) Staff Meteorological and Oceanographic Officer SWO(N) Staff Warfare Officer (Navigation) SWO(RFA) Staff Warfare Officer (RFA) SWO(UW) Staff Warfare Officer (Underwater Warfare) SWORDSMAN Static Workshop Organisation Repair Data System MANagement SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats SWP(CEW) Staff Warfare Officer (Communications & Electronic Warfare) SWQO Statutory Water Quality Objective SWRDA South West Regional Development Agency SWS Satellite Warning System SWS ShipWright Store SWS Signals Works Services SWS Strategic Weapon System SWSA Ship Weapon System Authority SWUPI Ship Weapon Upkeep Planning Information SX Mitel range of PBX’s SX2000 Mitel PABX SXO Staff Executive Officer Sy Security SYNADEX Synthetic Air Defence Exercise SyOP Security Operating Procedure SyOPs Security Operating Procedures SysML Systems Engineering Modelling Language SZ Surf Zone T&D Training and Development T&E Training and Evaluation T&E Trials & Evaluation Section T&G Temporary and Geographical T&P Temporary & Permanent (chart corrections) T&RF Test & Reference Facilities T&S Travel & Subsistence T.S.S.S Top Secret S Study T/B Test Bed (Radar) T/C Thermocouple T/R Transmit Receive Switch T/R Transmit/Receive T/W Thrust‐to‐Weight ratio T22 Type  22  Frigate T23 Type  23  Frigate T23(U) Type  23  Upgrade T3 Customer Base Work Requisition Form T42 Type  42  Destroyer T4MS Tornado GR4 Mission Simulator TA Technical Area TA Territorial Army TA Towed Array TA Towed Array sonar TA Training Area TAA Type Airworthiness Authority TAAM Temperature Airfield Attack Munition TAAS Tactical Airfield Attack Munition TAAS Traffic Accident Analysis System TAAU Towed Array Analysis Unit

TABIDU Towed Array BroadBand Interim Display TABOO Friendly frequencies that must never be jammed or interfered by friendly forces tac Tactical TAC Tactical Air Command (US Air Force) TAC Technical Assurance Coordinator TAC Total Acquisition Cost tac/log Tactical‐Logistic TACAN Tactical Air Navigation TACC Tactical Air Control Cell TACC Tactical Air Control Centre TACDEM TACtical DEMonstrator TACDI Tactical Direction TACDS Threat Adaptive Countermeasures Dispensing System TACEVAL Tactical Evaluation TACFIRE Tactical Fire Direction System TACFIRE Tactical Fire Network TACOM Tactical Command TACOM Tank Automotive Command TACOMMS TActical COMMunicationS TACON TActical CONtrol TACOS Terms and Conditions of Service TACS Tactical Air Control System TACSY Tasking And Control SYstem (SE District Transport and Movement) TACWAN TACtical WAN TAD Tactical Air Direction TAD Target Audience Description TAD Target Audience Descriptions TAD Towed Acoustic Decoy TAD Towed Active Decoy TAD Trailing Arm Device TAD/PNVS Target Acquisition and Designation Sight/Pilots Night Vision Sensor TADC Tactical Air Direction Common TADDS Target Alert Display Data Set TADMICM Towed Acoustic Decoy & Magnetic Influence mine Counter‐Measure TADMICM Towed Acoustic Decoy Mine Influence Counter‐Measure TADS Tactical Laser and Designation System TADS Target Acquisition Designation Sight TAF Task Authorisation Form TAFADS Tactical Aid for Active Dipping Sonar TAFFS Towed Array Free Flood Space TAFIM Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management TAFMIS Training Administration and Financial Management Information System TAG TAG Small Arm School Corps TAG Task Acceptance Group TAG Technical Advisory Group TAG Towed Acoustic Generator TAGs Technology Advisory Groups TAHS Towed Array Handling System/Space TAI Trident Applicable Indicator TALM Tomahawk and Land Attack Missile TALO Tactical Air Landing Operations TAM Tactical Air Management TAM Towed Acoustic Monitor

TAM Type Airworthiness Meeting TAMPA Tornado Advanced Mission Planning Aid TAMS Test & Monitoring System tan tangent (trigonometric) TANDEM Tactical ATM Network DEMonstrator TANS Tactical Air Navigation System TANS Tactical Air Navigation System In helicopter TAOBT Towed Array On Board Trainer TAOBT Towed Array On‐Board Trainer TAOR Tactical Area of Operational Responsibility TAP Technical Activities Plan TAP Technical Assistance Process TAP Telephone Access Point (UNITER) TAP Tender Assessment Panel TAP Terminal Access Point TAP Terminal Approach Procedure TAP Towed Array Plotter TAR Tactical Air Reconnaissance TARE Telegraph Automatic Routing Equipment TAREQ Towed Array REQuirement TARIF Telegraph Automatic Routing in the Field TAS Technology Assessment Stage TAS Towed Array Streaming Authority TAS Tracking Adjunct System TAS True Air Speed TAS Typed Air Station TAS(RE) Technical Advisory Section (Royal Engineers) TASG Technical Advice & Support Group TASM Tactical Air to Surface Missile TASM Tactical Anti‐Ship Missile TASMO Tactical Air Support of Maritime Operations TASMOD Typed Air Station Modification TAST Tornado Avionics System Trainer TAT Turnaround Time TATC Tactical Air Traffic Control TATU Towed Array Terminal Unit TAV x BICES Target Architecture Version x TAVR Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve TAVRA Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association TAWP Towed Array Working Party TB Technical Bulletin TB Towed Body TBA To be Advised TBC To be confirmed TBD To be decided TBD To be Detailed TBD To Be Determined TBJ Target Borne Jammer TBLS Towed Body Locating System TBMCS Theatre Battlefield Management Command System TBMD Tactical Ballistic Missile Defence TBMD Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence TBN To Be Notified

TBO Time Between Overhauls Tbrb To Be Replaced By TBS To be Specified TBSR Team Battle Shooting Range TBT Tank Bridge Transporter TBT TriButylTin TC Radar Tactical Control Radar TC TeleCommand TC Termination Certificate TC Type Commander TC(R) TRAFALGAR Class replacement TCA Track Crossing Angle TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System TCAS Training Course Admin System TCB Telephone Connection Box TCC Tactics Control Centre TCC Technical Control Centre TCC Turret Control Computer TCCC Two‐Compartment Compression Chamber TCG Turkish Ship TCM Technical Coordination Meeting TCM Torpedo Counter Measures TCMA Time Critical Multicast Architecture TCMD Transport Control and Movement Document TCN Transport Control Number TCN Troop‐Contributing Nation TCO Tempest Control Officer TCO Trial Conducting Officer TCOS Terms and Condidions of Service TCP Traffic Control Post TCP Transmission Control Protocol TCP Transport Communication Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCP/IP Transport Communication Protocol/Internet Protocol TCQ Time, Cost and Quality TCR Test Clarification Report TCR Towable Cable Reeler TCR Tube Clearance Round TCS Tactical Command System TCSC Treasury & Civil Service Committee TCU Tactical Control Unit TCU Toilet Combination Unit TCV Troop Carrying Vehicle TCW Tactical Comms Wing TCW Thermal Camouflage Woodland TD Tactical Doctrine/Display TD Tank Destroyer TD Technical Documentation TD Technology Demonstrator TD Transmit Data TD/RR Technical Definition/Risk Reduction TDA Training Development Advisor T‐DAB Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcast

TDCL Torpedo Detection Classification and Localisation TDCS Tank Driver Command System TDES Tactical Data Encryption System TDFM Training Device Fidelity Matrix TDHS Tactical Data Handling System TDI Time Delay and Integrate TDL Tactical Data Link TDLB Training and Development Lead Body TDM Time Division Multiplexing TDM Transportable Data Module TDO Training Development Officer TDO Type Design Organisation TDP Technical Data Package TDP Technical Demonstration Programme TDP Technical Demonstrator Programme TDP Technology Demonstration Programme TDP Technology Demonstrator Programme TDR Technical Design Review TDR Test Discount Rate TDR Time Domain Reflectometer TDR Treasury Discount Rate TDRC Theatre Reception and Departure Centre TDRS Tracking and Data Relay State TDS Tactical Data Systems TDS Tactical Display System TDS Thermal Day Sight TDS Training Device Suite TDSU Training Development and Support Unit TDT Training Development Team TDU Theatre Drawdown Unit TDU Trusted Disk Unit TE Tangent Elevation TE Task Element TE Test Equipment TE Training Equipment TE&A Trials, Evaluation & Acceptance TEA Towed Enhanced Array TEA Training and Employment Agency, Northern Ireland TEACASE Thermal Effects on Airborne Conventional Armament Stores and Equipment committee TEAL Tactics, Equipment And Logistic TEBU Training Estates Business Unit TEC Test Equipment Calibration TEC Training and Enterprise Council TEC NC TEC National Council TECA TADS Electronic Control Amplifier TECHINT Technical Intelligence TECO Test Equipment Calibration Organisation TECO(NS) Test Equipment Calibration Organisation (Non Strategic) TEE Task Essential Equipment TEE Task Essential Equipments TEE Theatre Essential Equipment TEE Training Effectiveness Evaluation TEEP Training and Education Enhancement Programme

TEF Test & Evaluation Facilities TEI Telecommunications Equipment Inventory TEI Text Element Identifier TEJ Temporary Enclosure Jacket TEK Traffic Encryption Key TEL Transporter‐Erector, Launched and Radar TEM Targeted Employment Module TEM Threat Evaluation Model TEMPEST Radiation Security TEMPEST System for monitoring transmission security TenDRA Trademark for the development of a portability technology TEP Training Equipment Proposal TEPO Test Equipment Procurement Organisation TER Temporary Exercise Range TER Test & Evaluation Ranges TERCOM Terrain Contour Matching TERPROM TERrain PROfile Matching TERPROM Terrain Profile‐Matching TES Tactical Engagement Simulation TES Target Echo Strength TES Target Engagement System TES Technical Enabling Services TESR Training, Education, Skills and Resettlement Division of DCDS (Pers) TESTAT Tactical Engagement Simulation Training Advisory Team TET Tender Evaluation Team (CFQ) TET Theatre Establishment Table TET Turbine Entry Temperature TETA Threat Evaluation & Tactical Advice TETRA Terrestrial Enhanced Trunked Radio System TEU TADS Electronic Unit TEV Test, Evaluation and Verification TEWA Threat Evaluation and Weapon Allocation TEWA Threat Evaluation Weapon Assignment TEWMIS Test Equipment Wing Management Information System TEWT Tactical Exercise Without Troops TEZ Total Energy Zone TF Task Force TF Technical Factors TF/TG Task Force/Task Group TFEC Technical Framework foe Electronic Commerce TFL Tube Fixed Launcher TFR Terrain Following Radar TFR Terrain‐Following Radar TFS Technical Flight Servicing TFS Tornado Flight Simulator TfT Technologies for Training TFTA Terrain Following Terrain Avoidance Tg GPS Satellite Time TG Task Group TG Technology Group (of the Corporate Research Programme) TG Turbo Generator TGC Task Group Commander TGD Thickened Soman

TGDA RAF Training Group Defence Agency TGDA Training Group Defence Agency TGM Technology Group Manager TGMB Terminally Guided Mortar Bomb TGNTS Tank Gunnery Missile Tracking System TGP Technology Group Proposal/Programme TGPL Test Gear Provision List TGR Technology Group Requirements TGRF Tornado GR1 Force TGS Tank Gun Sight TGS Tri Glycerine Sulphate TGSM Terminally Guided SubMunition TGT Turbine Gas Temperature TGTS Tank Gunnery Training Simulator TGW Terminally Guided Weapon THAAD Theatre High Altitude Air Defence (US) THAAD Theatre High Altitude Area Defence THEL Tactical High Energy Laser THQ Theatre Headquarters THSG TTTE/Harrier Steering Group TI Tactical Internet TI Target Indication TI Target Indication or Thermal Image TI Target Indicator TI Technical Information TI Telecommunications and Instruments TI Thermal Imager TI Thermal Imaging TI Trial Installation TIAD Technical Instructions for Armament Depots TIALD Thermal Imager Airborne Laser Designator TIALD Thermal Imaging And Laser Designation TIALD Thermal Imaging And Laser Designator TIARA Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft TIB Telecommunications Interface Box TIBS Tactical Information broadcast System TIC Technical Information Centre TIC Toxic Industrial Chemicals TICM Thermal Imaging Common Module TICM Thermal Imaging Common Modules TID Technical Information and Data TIDE Tactical Information Data xchange TIF Task Interval or Frequency TIFF Tagged Image File Forma TIG Type of welding TIGR Tactical Ground Reporting system TIGRE Thermal Image Generation Research Environment TIH Time In Hand TIM Technical Interface Meeting TIM Toxic Industrial Material TIMS Tucano Information Management System TINS Technical Instructions for Nuclear Submarines TIP Technology Insertion Programme

TIP Turn‐In Point TIPSS Tornado Initial Provisioning Support System TIR Target Illuminating Radar TIRE Tank Infra‐Red Elbow TIRRS Tornado Infra Red Reconnaissance System TIS Target Indication System TIS Thermal Imaging System TIS Thermal Imaging Systems TISH Thermal Imaging Sensor Head TISMs Technical Instructions for Submarines TISS Thermal Imaging Sighting System TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature TITAN Name of a data fusion project TIW Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing TIWG Threat Information Working Group TJF Test Jack Frame TJF Transportable JAPNMS Facility tk Tank TKA Temporary Keep Alive TKSS Tank Systems Support TL Transmission Loss TL/SA Team Leader Smart Acquisition TLA Thin Line Array TLA Three Letter Acronym TLA Three‐letter Acronym TLAM Tactical Land Attack Missile (Tomahawk) TLAM Theatre Land Attack Missile TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile TLAM‐C Tactical Land Attack Missile ‐ Conventional TLBH Top Level Budget Holder TLBs Top Level Budget Holders TLC Theatre Learning Centre TLC Through Life Costs TLC Through‐Life Cost TLC Training Liaison Co‐ordinator TLCM Through Life Capability Management TLCM Through Life Cost Model TLCR Through Life Coherence Review TLE Through Life Engineering TLESP Through Life Equipment Support Plan TLF Through Life Finance TLF Total Electrical Failure TLIA Through Life Information Architecture TLM Through Life Management TLMP Through Life Management Plan TLO Training Liaison Officer TLO Transport Liaison Officer TLOF Touchdown And Lift‐off Area TLR Tank Laser Rangefinder TLR Total Logistic Requirement TLS Tank Laser Sight TLS Through Life Support TLS Torpedo Launch System

TLS Transit Levels (Air Lanes) TLS Transmitter Location System or Towed Laser Slopemeter TLS Trident Low Stock TLT Total Lead Time TLV Toxicity LeVel TM Target Marking TM Task Manager TM Technical Maintenance TM Technical Manual TM Telemetry TM Trade Mark TM Training Manual TMA Target Motion Analysis TMA Time Motion Analysis TMA Troop Manoeuvre Area TMAS Transport Management Accounting System TMC Temporary Mobilisation Centre TMCC Transportable Manned Compression Chamber TMD Theatre Missile Defence TMDE Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment TME Test & Measuring Equipment TME Test and Measurement Equipment TME Total Managed Expenditure TME Totally Managed Expenditure TMF Tactical Management Functions TMF Temporary Mortuary Facility TMFR Total Mitigated Funding Requirement TMG Test & Measurement Group TMJ Technical and Military Judgement TMMB Two Member Medical Board TMN Telecommunication Management Network TMPS Tornado Mission Planning System TMS Temporary Modernisation System TMS Theatre Maritime Sustainment TMS Transport Management Systems TMSL Thomson Marconi Sonar Ltd TMSS Total Mine Simulation System TMT Trade Management Training TMTF Trident Maintainer Trainer Facility TMUAS Turret Mortar Under Armour System TN Tasking Notice TNA The National Archives (formerly the Public Records Office) TNA Training Needs Analysis TNC Tetranitrocarbazole TNO Belgian textile and clothing research TNP Telematics Network Protocol TNS Tactical name Service TNT Tri Nitro Toluene TNTLS Tactical Navigation TL System TO Technical Officer TO Thales Optronics TO Training Objective TO&E Table of Organisation & Equipment

TOA Time Of Arrival TOA Transfer of Authority TOA Treasury Officer of Accounts TOAT formerly Hawk Aircraft Low Observable TOBA Terms Of Business Agreement TOC Threshold Of Concern TOC Total Operating Costs TOC Treat Official Correspondence TOCMOD The Other Countries? MODs TOD Take‐Off Distance TOD Time Of Dispatch TODA Take‐Off Distance Available TODAH Take‐Off Distance Available (Helicopter) TOE Table of Organisation and Equipment TOF Tag Out Form TOF Time Of Flight TOGS Thermal Observation and Gunnery Sight TOI Time of Interest TOIL Time Off In Lieu TOM Telemetered Operational Missile TOPCAT The OGC Project for Categorisation TOPEX Space based surveillance system TOPL Training On Private Land TOPMIS TOP Management Information System. Replaces NIMIS TOR Time Of Receipt TORA Take‐Off Run Available TORs Terms of Reference TOS Tactical Operations Systems TOSL Tactical Oceanographic Simulation Laboratory TOST Turkish OST TOT Time On Target TOT Time Over Target TOTE Tracker, Optical, Thermally‐Enhanced TOW Technical Office Writer TOW Tube launched Optical tracked Wire guided TOW Tube‐launched Optically‐tracked Wire‐guided (missile) TOW Tube‐launched, Optically tracked, Wire guided bomb TOWR/P Type Of Work Required/Permitted TOXREP Toxic Incident Report TP Target Practice TP Teaching Point TP Technical Plan TP Test Procedures TP Transition Plan tp Troop TP&N Triple Phase & Neutral TP/T Training Projectile /Traced TPA Two‐Photon Absorbers TPAGs Training Policy Advisory Groups TPB Transportable Prefabricated Building TPC Thermocouple Probe Container TPE Target Parameter Estimation TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer

TPFSDS‐T Target Practice Fin‐Stabilised Discarding Sabot Tracer TPG Tactical Procedures Group TPI Technical Publication Index TPM Terrain Profile Mode TPMH The Princess Mary’s Hospital TPMS Transaction Processing Management System TPO Tree Preservation Order Tpr Trooper TPS Tactical Picture Supervisor TPS TADS Power Supply TPS Test Program Sets TPS Training Performance Standard TPS Training Performance Statement TPSM Technical Platform Systems Management TPT Third Party Targeting Tpt & Mov Transport and Movement TQ Tactical Questioning TQ Torque TQ Total Quality TQM Total Quality Management TQMS Triple Quadruple Mass Spectrometer TQP Total Quality Programme/Process TQS Total Quality System TR Technical Report TR Technical Review TRA Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical TRAC Tradoc Analysis Command TRACER Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement TRACER Tactical Reconnaissance for Armoured Combat Equipment TRACSTAR Tracked Search and Target Acquisition Radar TRAD Transmitter RADHAZ Designator TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command TRADOC US Army TRAining and DOctrine Command TRAMP Torpedo Recognition Active Multibeam Processor TRANMIS High Level fleet management system TRANSOP Transport Operation Order Processing System TRAS Training Requirements Analysis Section TRAWLERMAN Current UK strategic Defence Intelligence Information System TRB Tail Rotor Blade TRBL The Royal British Legion TRD Test Requirement Documentation TRD Towed Radar Decoy TRDP Technology Research & Development Programme TREE Transient Radiation Effect on Electronics TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics TREF Tornado Reconnaissance Exploitation Facility TREF Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Facility TRF Time to Rectify Faults TRF Trident Refit Facility TRF Trouble & Failure Report TRfN Terrain Relief Navigation Trg Training TRICAT Tri‐Service catering system

TRIGAT Third Generation Anti‐Tank missile TRIL Tailored Repairable Item List TRIM Temporary Radio Installation Modifications TRiM Trauma Risk Management TRIPER TRident Planned Equipment Replacement programme TRL Technology Readiness Level TRL Terrestrial Rear Link TRLI Terrestrial Rear Link Instruction TRLT Total Repair Lead Time TRLV Tracked Repair Launch Vehicle TRM Technical Reference Model TRM Transmit Receive Module TRN Terrain Referenced Navigation TRP Technical Packaging Requirement TRR Test Readiness Review TRRAP Technology Readiness and Risk Assessment Programme TRS Technical Requirements Specification TRS Tornado Reconnaissance System TRSV Tracked Rapier Support Vehicle TRT Turn‐Round Time TS Technical Support TS Test Specification TS Threshold Shift TS Transport Support TSA Temperature Swing Adsorption TSA Total Ship Arsenal TSA Training Standards Authority TSAR Turret System Assembly Repair TSAT Technical Specification and Assessment Technique TSC Neutron Test Source Container TSC Tornado Steering Committee (?) TSC Training Standards Council TSC Transport Simplified Fire Control TSC(L) Training Support Command (Land) TSCIDA Technical Supervisory Coordinating Design Authority TSCM Target Supply Chain Model TSCP Transglobal Secure Collaboration Programme TSD Tactical Situation Display TSDF Trident Shore Development Facility TSEC Transmission Security TSF Total Steam Failure TSG Theatre Support Group TSGCE NATO Tri Service Group for Communications and Electronics TSGCE TriService Group on Communications and Electronics TSM Technical Security Measures TSM Total System Model TSM Training Support Manager TSMS Tornado Supply Management System TSMS Tornado Support Management System TSNAPS Trident Ship Navigation And Processing System TSO Technical Staff Officer TSoB TLB Set of Books Tsol Treasury Solicitors Office

TSP Training Support Plan TSPM Tank Self‐Protection Missile TSQ Time and Superquick TSR Tripartite Staff Requirement TSRM Tri‐Service Resettlement Manual TSS Technical Support Survey TSS Thermal Sighting System TSS Trainer System Software TSS Trident Sonar Suite TSSBN Trident Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear TSSD Technical Stores Sub‐Depot TSSDB Trident Sonar Suite Data Bus TSSF Trident Shore Support Facility TSSF Trident Software Support Facility TST Test TSTS Tornado GR4 Synthetic Training Service TSTT TADS selected task trainer TSU Transport Support Unit TSW Tactical Supply Wing TT Technical Transfer TT Tiger Team TT&C Telecommand, Telemetry and Control TT&C Tracking, Telemetry and Control TTB Tank Test Bed TTBT Threshold Test Ban Treaty TTC Tactical Transport Command TTC Tracking Telemetry and Command TTCP The Tactical Cooperation Programme TTCP The Technical Co‐operation Programme TTCP Tripartite Technology Cooperation Panel TTCP UTP‐ 9  Technical panel on HFI for naval systems TTCTS TADS Turret Continuity Test Set TTE Target Track Evaluation TTF Tanker Truck Fuel TTIL Training Task Inventory List TTJL Through‐the‐job learning TTME Thomson Thorn Missile Electronics TTOE Tactical Time Of Event TTP Tactics, Techniques & Procedures TTPs Tactics, Techniques and Procedures TTPs Training, Techniques and Procedures TTR Time to Respond TTR Transportable Tracking Range TTS Tank Thermal Sight TTS Technician Training Standard TTSAR Technology Transfer Security Assistance Review TTTE Tornado Tri‐national Training Establishment TTU Tape Transfer Unit TTW Transition to War TTWMAPS Transition to War Manpower Allocation Planning System TU Task Unit TU Trade Union TU Turkey

TUA Target Uncertainty Area TUA TOW Under Armour TUC Trade Union Congress TUIN Total Unit Information Needs TUK Thales UK TUL Truck Utility Light TUL/TUM Truck Utility Light/Truck Utility Medium TUM Truck Utility Medium TUMS Towed UnManned Submersible TUP Transfer Under Pressure TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment TUTT Twin Unit Tractor Tug TV Technical View(s) TV Television TV Thrust Vectoring TVC Thrust Vector Control TVE Tube Vent Electric TVM Track Via Missile TVRC Thrust Vector/Reaction Control TVT Training Variant Torpedo TVT Training Variant Torpedo. MRI 4002. TVT UK type of practice ASW torpedo TVX Torpedo Vehicle Experimental TWA Time Weighted Average TWACN Theatre Wide Area Communication Network TWACN Theatre‐Wide Area Communications Network TWAIN Technical Wizardry in a Nutshell TWAS Tornado Weapons Analysis System TWC Trident Watch Committee TWG Transition Working Group TWMP Track Width Mine Plough TWOPS Tactical Weapon Operating Procedures in Submarines TWP Technical Working Party TWR Transistional Welfare Requirement TWRS Torpedo Weapon Response Simulator TWS Tactical Weapon System TWS Track While Scan TWSEL Tactical Weapon System Equipment List TWSH Tactical Weapon System Highway TWT Travelling Wave Tube TWTA Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier TWU Tactical Weapons Unit Tx Transmit TX Transmitter TXT Text U/D Upper Deck U/S Unserviceable UA User Actions UA User Agent UAC User Assurance Coordinator UAD User Access Device UAJ Unattended Jammer UAMS Unit Ammunition Management System

UAO Unit Administrative Office UAP Unit Aid Post UARS Underwater Acoustic Recognition System UAS University Air Squadron UAS Unmanned Air Systems UASST Unit Air and Surface Staff Tables UAT User Acceptance Test UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle UAVASMG UAV Airworthiness and Safety Management Group UAVS Unmanned Air Vehicle System UBO Unit Briefing Officer UBRE Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment UBS Unclassified But Sensitive UC Unclassified UC Under Construction UCAS Universities and Colleges Admission Service for the UK UCD User Control Device (VIDS component) UCI User Computer Interface UCLB Unit Civil Labour Board UCM Urban Camouflage Material UCMP UKADGE Capability Maintenance Programme UCMP UKADGE ICCS Capability Maintenance Program UCN Unit Command Net UCP Unit Calibration Procedure UCP Upkeep Change Proposal UCP User Datagram protocol UCPD Upkeep Contract Placement Date UCT User Conversion Training UCTP Used Core Transport Package UDC Universal Display Consoles UDL Uniformly Distributed Load UDM User Data Module UDR Ulster Defence Regiment UDT Underwater Defence Technology UDT Upkeep Delivery Team UDT User Data Terminal UE Unintentional Emissions UE98‐ 1  Unified Endeavour UEO Unexploded Explosive Ordnance UEP Underwater Electric Potential or Unified Electrode Potential UEP Underwater Electrical Potential UER Urgent Equipment Requirement UER Urgent Estate Requirement UESO Unit Employer Support Officer UET Unit Establishment Table UET Universal Engineer Tractor UF Urea Formaldehyde UfI University for Industry UFO UHF Follow On satellites UFPM Used Fuel Progress Meeting UFR Unsatisfactory Feature Report

UGL Under‐slung Grenade Launcher UGS Unattended Ground Sensors UGS Underground Structure UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle UHAF Upper Harbour Ammunitioning Facility UHB Ultra High Bi‐pass ratio UHC Unburnt Hydrocarbons UHF Ultra High Frequency UHF Ultra High Frequency (300 ‐  3000  MHz) UHF‐AM Ultra High Frequency Amplitude Modulated UHY Ultra Heat Treated (milk) UIA Urgent Interim Amendment UID Useful to the Ill‐Disposed UIN Unit Identity Number UIO Unit Interviewing Officer UK United Kingdom UK COE United Kingdom Common Operating Environment UK DAUG United Kingdom Danger Area User Group UK DIE UK Defence Interoperability Environment UK NCB United Kingdom National Codification Agency UK TG United Kingdom Task Group UK/NL United Kingdom/Netherlands UK/NL LF United Kingdom/Netherlands Landing Force UKACCS UK Air Command & Control System UKADGE UK Air Defence Ground Environment UKADGE United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment UKADR UK Air Defence Region UKAFHA UK Armed Forces Humanist Association UKAIR CCIS UKAIR Command and Control Information System UKAIS UK Academy for Information Systems UKAS UK Accreditation Service UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service UKBC UK Based Civilians UKBC United Kingdom Base Civilians UKBEP UK bomb enhancement programme UKCCM UK Common CIS Methods UKCeB United Kingdom Council for e‐Business UKCEC UK Co‐operative Engagement Capability UKCICC UK Commanders‐in‐Chiefs’ Committee UKCOE UK Common Operating Environment UKDEL United Kingdom Delegation UKDIE United Kingdom Defence Interoperability Environment UKDPO United Kingdom Defence Procurement Office UKFSGC UK Foreign Source Garbage Co‐ordinator UKGAAP UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice UKINCA UK Intelligence CIS Architecture UKLF United Kingdom Land Forces UKMACCS UK Maritime Coastal Comms System UKMACCS United Kingdom Coastal Communications System UKMCCIS UK Maritime Command & Control Info System UKMF UK Mobile Force UKMF United Kingdom Mobile Force UKMFTS UK Military Flying Training System

UKMIST United Kingdom Military Intelligence Support Terminal UKMSCS UK Military Satellite Comms System UKMSCS UK Military Satellite Communications System UKMSCS United Kingdom Military Satellite Communications System UKNAVCAMS UK Naval Communication Area Master Station UKNAVCAMS UK Naval Communications Area Master Station UKNCB United Kingdom National Codification Bureau UKOPMOD UK OPerational MODel UKOPSDOC UK Operational Doctrine UKPFAT UK Peacetime Frequency Allocation Tables UKREP United Kingdom Representative UKRSS UK RATT Ship Shore System UKSAG UK Simulation Advisory Group UKSIWG UK Simulation Interoperability Working Group UKSP UK IT Evaluation & Certification Scheme Publication UKSSC UK Spectrum Strategy Committee UKTAP UK Trained Army Personnel UKWFAT UK Wartime Frequency Allocation Tables UKWMO United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation UL Unlisted UL Unpaid Leave ULAV Ultra Light Armoured Vehicle ULC Unit Load Carrier ULC Unit Load Container ULD Unit Level Device (for filling radios) ULD Unit Load Device ULEEF Unit Level EFR Entry Facility ULF Ultra Low Frequency ULS Ultra Low Side‐lobe ULS Unit Load Specification UM Universal Modem UM Upkeep Manager UMA Unmanned Aircraft UMA Unmanned Military Aircraft UMAV UnManned AirVehicle UMC Under Ministry Control UML Universal Modelling Language UMMIPS Uniform Material Movement & Issue Priority System UMMS Unit Maintenance Management System UMP Underwater micro‐Processor UMR Urgent Maintenance Requirement UMS Unattended Machinery Space UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication Terminal UN United Nations UNCED United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCLAS United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea UNCLOS United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea UNDEX UNDerwater EXplosion UN‐EDIFACT United Nations ‐ Electronic Data Interchange Standard for Administration, Commerce and Transport UNEP United Nations Environment Programme UNESCO UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNFICYP United Nations Force In CYPrus UNFICYP United Nations Forces in Cyprus

UNI User Network Interface UNICOM UNIt COMputer UNICOM UNIt COMputer Project UNIKOM United Nations Iraq Kuwait Observer Mission UNIRAS UNified Incident Reporting and Alert System UNIRAS Unified Incident Reporting and Alerting Scheme UNITER RAF secure survivable communications system UNIX UNIversity system UNOMIG United Nations Observer Mission In Georgia UNPROFOR United Nations PROtection FORce UNSAT Unsatisfactory Assessment UNSC United Nations Security Council UNSCOM United Nations Special Commission UNSCR United Nations Security Council Resolution UOB Unit Of Behaviour UOR Urgent Operational Requirement UOR Urgent Operational Requirements UOS Urgent Operational Status UoSAT University of Surrey Satellite UOT Urgent Operational Tasking UP Upkeep Period UPC Unit Production Cost UPC Unit Purchase Price UPCE Unit Production Cost per Equipment UPKEEP IT System to support upkeep and stores supply for Navy UPKEEP Naval logistics core system UPO Unit Personnel Office (personnel admin) UPP Unit Pay Parade UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply UPSD Upkeep Period Start Date UPSN UNITER Packet Switched Network UPSU Uninterruptable Power Supply Unit Upt Upkeep port UPTH Upkeep Period Time in Hand UQS Ultra Quiet State UR Unscheduled Replacement UR Usage Rate UR User Requirement URA Ultra Reliable Aircraft URB Unit Resettlement Brief URC Unit Resettlement Clerk URCMR Uniformed Regular Core Manpower Requirement URD User Requirement Document URD User Requirement Document for DII URD User Requirements Document URDs User Requirement Documents URG Underway Replenishment Group URI Unit Resettlement Interview URL Uniform Resource Locator URO Unit Resettlement Officer URO Unit Routine Order URS User Requirement Specification

URSO Unit Ranges Specialist Officer US United States US ACTD United States Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstrator US of S Under Secretary of State USA United States of America USAF United States Air Force USAS Unit Supply ADP System USAS Unit Supply and Accounting System USB Universal Serial Bus User members of the Authority’s staff or agents that are required to used any service or system USG Underwater Studies Group USG Upkeep Support Group USGW Under Sea Guided Weapon USI Unique Service Identifier USI Upkeep System Integrator USL Under Slung Load USL Under Slung Loads USMC United States Marine Corps USMC US Marine Corps USN United States Navy USo S (DP) Under Secretary of State for Defence Procurement USofS (AF) Under Secretary of State for the Armed Forces USP Upkeep and Support Plan USR Unit Security Representative USS United States Ship UST Upholder Sales Team USVF United States Visiting Forces USWP Upkeep & Support Working Party USYO Unit Security Officer UT Upkeep Time UTA Unmanned Tactical Aircraft UTC Universal Co‐ordinated Time UTC Universal Time Coordinated UTI Urgent Technical Instruction UTIH Upkeep Time In Hand UTM Underwater Threat Manual UTM Universal Transverse Mercator UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair UTS Universal Turret System UTT Unit Tactical Trainer UTT Unplanned Tactical trial UUB Upkeep User Board UUP Use of Upkeep plan UUT Unit Under Test UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicle UV Ultra Violet UVA Ultraviolet Absorption UW Under Water UWB Ultra WideBand UWE UnderWater Engineering UWG User Working Group UWO Underwater Warfare Officer UWS Underwater Warfare Systems

UWSS Underwater Sound Signals UWT Underwater Telephone UWW Under Water Warfare UXB Unexploded Bomb UxE Upkeep by Exchange UXO Unexploded Ordnance UxR Upkeep by Repair v volt(s) V Volts V of D Velocity of Detonation V&A Valuable & Attractive (stores) V&V Verification and Validation V.24 ITU interface standard V/STOL Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing V3 Vizegrad  3  ‐ new NATO entrants: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland VAAC Vectored thrust Aircraft Advanced flight Control VAAC Vectored‐thrust Aircraft Advanced Control VAB Vickers Armoured Bridgelayer Vadm Vice Admiral VALUE Value‐Added Acquisition and Logistics for Ultimate Efficiency VAMP VC‐ 10  Aid to Management Planning VAN Value Added Network VAPS Virtual Application Prototyping System VARRV Vickers Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle VAS Visible Infra‐Red Spin‐Scan Radiometer Atmospheric Sounder VAS Voice Alarm System VAT Value Added Tax VAUTOmax Maximum speed for autorotation flight VBA Virtual Bank Account VBIED Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device VBR Velocity for best range VCAD Vehicle Chemical Agent Detector VCC VIDS Communications Controller VCC Volunteer Cadet Corps VCD Vertical Coverage Diagram (radar) VCDS Vice Chief of Defence Staff VCDS Vice Chief of the Defence Staff VCMG Vanguard Combat system Management Group VCP Vehicle Check Point VCR Videocassette Recorder VCRUISE Maximum Level Forward Flight Velocity using the lower of MPC or transmission limit VCS Versatile Console System VCS Visually Coupled System VCSELs Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers VCSMC Vanguard class submarine Combat System configuration Management Committee VCTWG Vanguard Class Trials Working Group VD94 Vienna Document  94  VDCC Vanguard Degaussing Configuration Control VDD Version Description Document VDL Design Limit Velocity VDPR Vertical Direct Passive Ranging VDS Variable Depth Sonar VDSL Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line

VDSL Vickers Defence Systems Ltd VDU Video Display Unit VDU Visual Display Unit VE Value Engineering VECTACs Vectored (ASW) Attacks (using a helicopter) VEDES Vehicle Exhaust Dust Ejection System VEDS Vehicle External Distribution System VEMASID Vehicle Magnetic Signature Duplicator VEMS Versatile Exercise Mine System VERA Versatile Experimental Receive Array VESPER Vehicle Equipment and Spares, Provision Economics VET Vocational Education and Training VfM Value for Money VfMB Value for Money Benchmark VFR Visual Flight Rules VFR Visual Flying Rules VG Very Good Assessment VG Vortex Generator VGA Video Graphics Adapter VGA Video Graphics Array VGE Venous gas emboli VGPI Velocity Gate Pull In VGPO Velocity Gate Pull Off Vh Maximum horizontal velocity at intermediate rated power (IRP) VHDL Very High Speed Integrated Circuit(VHSIC) Hardware Description Language VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language VHF Very High Frequency VHF Very High Frequency (30 ‐  300  MHz) VHF Very High Frequency (radio) VHF‐AM Very High Frequency Amplitude Modulated VHF‐FM Very High Frequency Frequency Modulated VHI Visual Hit Indicator VHIS Visual Hit Indicator System VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit VIA Virtual Integration Authority VIB Vibration VIGV Variable Inlet Guide Vane VIM Vibration Isolation Module VIM Vibration Isolation Modules VIP Very Important Person VIP Video Image Processing VIRSS Visual and Infra‐Red Smoke Screening System VISA VME Inoperable Support Application VISA VME Inoperable System Access VITAL Visibility In Transit Asset Logging VITS Video Image Tracking System VL Vertical Launch or Vectored Lift VLA Very Large Array VLF Very Low Frequency VLF Very Low Frequency (3 –  30  kHz) VLH Vote Ledger Heading Vlimit Maximum forward flight velocity VLLAD Very Low Level Air Defence

VLS Vertically Launched missile System VLSMS Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System VLSW Vertical Launch Sea Wolf VM Value Management VMAP Digital map standard (vector data) VMAT Versatile Multi Aimer Trainer (for all types of PDMS) Vmax R/C Airspeed for maximum rate of climb Vmax R/D Airspeed for maximum rate of descent VMBT Vickers Main Battle Tank VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions VME Versa Module Eurocard VME Virtual Machine Environment VMF Variable Message Format VMFI Visual Mine Firing Indicator VMI Vendor Managed Inventory Vmin R/D Airspeed for minimum rate of descent VMMG Vehicle Mounted Machine Gun VMP Vehicle on Mobilisation Plan Vne Never exceed speed VNE Velocity Never Exceed VNIR Very Nearly Infra‐Red Vno Normal operating speed VO Variation Order VoA Vote On Account VOC Volatile Organic Compound VOIDS Video Output Interface Description Specification VOIP Voice over IP VoP Variation of Price VOR VHF Omnidirectional Range VOR VHF Omni‐Directional Range VOR RX VHF Omni Range Receiver VP Virtual Prototyping VP Vulnerable Point VPN Virtual Private Network VPO Vanguard Project Office VPOB Vice President of the Ordnance Board VPS Vacuum Pumping System for sewage VQ Vocational Qualification VR Virtual Reality VR Voluntary Release VRC Vehicle Radio Communications VRF Volunteer Reserve Force VRML Virtual Reality Mark‐up Language VRML Virtual Reality Modelling Language VRN Vehicle Registration Number VROC Vertical Rate of Climb VRS Voice Response System VSA Value Stream Analysis VSA Valued Stock Accounting VSA Vertical Sextant Angles VSAR Versatile Synthetic Aperture Radar VSAT Very Satisfactory Assessment VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal

VSBL Very Short Base‐Line VSC Vanguard Support Cell VSEL Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd VSEL Vickers Shipbuilding Engineering Limited VSHORAD Very Short Range Air Defence VSHORADS Very Short Range Air Defence System VSI Vehicle Systems Integration VSI Vertical Speed Indicator VSI Virtual Super Instrument VSI Vote Sub Item VSRAAM Very Short Range Air‐to‐Air Missile VSS Voluntary Sports Subscription (RN) VSTOL Vertical or Short Take‐Off and Landing VSW Very Shallow Water VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio VT Variable Time VT Variable Time (fuze) VT Vosper Thornycroft VTC Video Tele Conferencing VTOL Vertical Take Off and Landing VTOL Vertical Take‐Off And Landing VTOM Vulcan Trials, Operations & Maintenance VTT Video Target Trainer VTT Video Tele‐Training VUDT Vehicular UDT for use on the move VUR Vehicle Usage Report VV & A Verification, Validation & Accreditation VV&T Verification, Validation & Test VVIP Very Very Important Person VVR Video Voice Recorder VVSS Vertical Volute Spring Suspension VWS Veterans Welfare Service VXI Versa eXtension for Instrumentation W Watts W West w/days working days w/o Without W/R Wardroom W2K Windows  2000  Operating System W3C World Wide Web Consortium WAC Weapon Acceptance Committee WAC Weapons Authorisation Card WAD Work Authorisation Document. WADS Wholesale Automated Distribution System WAGE Wide Area GPS Precise Positioning Service Enhancement WAH Westland Attack Helicopter WAH Working At Height WAIS Wide Area Information Service WAIT Weapon Aiming In the Turn WAM Work Allocation Model WAN Wide Area Network WAR The Multi‐Threat War Exercise held every Thursday WARCON War Consumables (IT System)

WARM War And Reserve Mode WART Weapon Action Repair Team (RFA) WARTO Weapon Action Repair Team Officer (RFA) WAS Weapons Action Switch WAS Wide Area System WASP Weapons Application Signal Processor WASP(A) WR Assumptions Planning Tool (Army) WASS Wide Angle Star Sensor WAVELL Army Battlefield MIS WBGT Wet Bulb Globe Temperature WbLA Work‐based Learning for Adults WBP Water and Boil Proof grade plywood WBRA Whole Base Risk Assessment WBS Work Breakdown Structure WBSC Whole Base Safety Case WBSS Wide Band Secure Speech WCA Warnings, Cautions and Advisory WCA Waste Collection Authority WCET Worst Case Execution Time WCFS Water Compensated Fuel System WCP Warfare Capability Package WCS Whitehall Communications System WCS Wire‐Free Communication Systems WCU Winch Control Unit WD Weapon Direction (section of WE Department) WDA Waste Disposal Authority WDA Weapon Danger Area WDA/Z Weapon Danger Area/Zone WDAAPS Weapon Danger Area Assessment and Prediction System WDD Warship Design Definition WDDC Weapons Design and Development Committee WDIST Western District WDO Warfare Development Organisation WDO Weapon Direction & Ordnance WDP Workforce Development Plan WE War Establishment WE Weapon Engineer(ing) WE Weapons Engineering WE(OST) Weapon Engineer (Officer Sea Training) WE/L Weapons Engineering/Electrical WEAG Western European Armaments Group WEAO Western European Armament Organisation WebTAS Web‐enabled Temporal Analysis System WEC World Energy Council WECDIS Warship Electronic Chart Display Information WEDP Weapon Equipment Delivery Programme WEEA World Energy Efficiency Organisation WEF With Effect From WEG Weapon Engineering Guide WEL GKN Westland Engineering Limited WELG Western European Logistics Group WEMIT Weapon Equipment Mutual Interference Trial WENDI Web Enabled Document Index

WEO Weapon Engineer Officer WEO Weapons Engineering Officer WEORM WE Operations Room Manager WES Weapon Engineering Stores WES Weapon Equipment Stores WES Weapons Effect Simulator WESOs WE Standing Orders WESSCOM Weapons Electronic Emission Security Steering Group WESTAXE Exercise in the SW Approaches to the UK WETEM WE Temporary Memoranda WEU Western European Union WEZ Weapon Engagement Zone WF Warfighting WF Waterfront WFI Westland Free Issue WFM Whole Fleet Management WFOV Wide Field Of View WFSV Wheeled Fire Support Vehicle WFT Withdrawal From Training WFU Weapons Function Unit WG Water Gauge WG Working Group WGA Whole of Government Accounts WGS World Global System WGT Wet Globe Temperature WHA Weapons Holding Area WHDE Weapon Handling & Discharge Equipment WHIDDS War Headquarters Information Dissemination & Display System WHIS Whole Hospital Information System WHL GKN Westland Helicopters Limited WHL Westland Helicopters Limited WHMS Westland Helicopters Materials Specification WHO World Health Organisation WHPS Westland Helicopters Process Specifications WHT Weapon Handling Test WHT Weapon Harbour Trial WIA91 Water Industry Act  1991  WID Waste Information Document WIE Weapon Interface Equipment WIF Wet Inlet Facility WiH Warships in Harbour WILs Weapons Inhibits and Limits WIMP Windows Icon Mouse Pointer WIMPS Windows Icons & Mouse Pulldown menu System WIN Weather Information Network WIN Wider IIP Network WINS Windows Internet Name Server WIP Work in Progress WIS Weapons Intelligence Specialist WIS Weather Information System WIS Wounded, Injured & Sick WITS Warehouse Information Technology system WIU Winch Interface Unit

WIW Work In Way WLC Whole Life Cost WLC Whole Life Costing WLC Whole Life Costs WLCM Whole Life Cost Model WLCSG Whole Life Cost Steering Group WLHR Weapon Launch & Handling Rig WLR Weapon Locating Radar WM Weapons Management WM Workstream Manager WMC Weapon Maintenance Condition WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction WMF Windows Meta File WMI Wider Markets Initiative WMO Weapon Maintenance Officer (RFA) WMP With Much Pleasure (affirmative reply to an RPC) WMR War Maintenance Reserve WMRV Wheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle WMS Warehouse Management System WMS Weapons Multi block Euler Code Wng Cdr Wing Commander WO Warrant Officer WO Welfare Officer WO(L) WO(Electrical) WO(M) WO(Mechanical) WO(U) Warrant Officer (Upkeep) WOC Weather & Oceanographic Centre WOC Work Order Control WOCA WO Catering Accountant WOCY Warrant Officer Communications Yeoman WOCY WO Chief Yeoman WOME Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives WORM Write Once Read Many WORS WO Radio Supervisor WOSA Windows Open Systems Architecture WOSA WO Stores Accountant WOTSAC When Old Type Spares are Consumed WOW Weight On Wheels WOWE(RFA) WO Weapons Engineering (RFA) WOWTR WO Writer WP Warsaw Pact WP Water Point WP Weapons Processor WP White Phosphorous WP Work Proposal WPAFB Wright‐Patterson Air Force Base WPD Warship Planning Document WPD Warship Policy Document WPI Wavell Processor Installation WPM Warship Project Manager WPM Words Per Minute WPM Work Package Management

WPP Weekly Practice Programme WPP Works Project Programme WPT Weapons Procedure Trainer WPWSR Working Party on War Stocks & Reserves WR War Reserve WR OPV Warrior Observation Post Vehicle WRA91 Water Resources Act  1991  WRAM Work Recording and Asset Management WRAM Work Recording and Asset Management system WRAP Waste Resources Action Programme WRC World Radio communications Conference WRNS Women’s Royal Naval Service WRPC Weapon Repair Policy Code wrt with regard to WRVS Women’s Royal Voluntary Service WS Weapon System WS Weapons Systems WS Work Study WS3 Weapons Secure Survivable Storage WSA Warship Support Agency WSB Weapon Section Base WSC Weapon Safety Committee WSC Weapon Stowage Compartment WSC Weapon System Coordination or Wargaming and Simulation Centre WSC Whole Ship Coordinator (MM in RN) WSCTDS Weapon System Coordination Technology Demonstrator WSDEM Weapon System Design Effectiveness Model WSEAF Weapons Systems Effectiveness Analysis Facility WSER Weapon System Effectiveness Report WSI Work Site Inspection WSL Whole Ship Life WSM Water Space Management WSM Weapon System Manager WSM Weapon System Model WSM Work Service Manager WSM Work Services Manager WSM Works Service Manager WSMR White Sands Missile Range WSO Washington Standardisation Officer WSO Weapon Section Officer WSO Weapons System Operator WSP Warship Support Plan WSP Whole Ship Procurement WSP Works Scrutiny Panel WSPS Wire Strike Protection System WSS Weapons System Specification WSS Weapons Systems Sector WSS Windmill Signal Station WSS Windows Sharepoint Services WSS Workshop Support Services WSSS Wideband Secure Speech System WSTG Weapon Systems Tuning Group WSU Weapon System Upgrade

WSWSB Whole Ship Watch & Station Bill WT Wireless Telegraphy WTMS Warehouse and Transport Management System WTMS Warehouse and Transportation Management System WTO World Trade Organisation WTSV Watertight Slide Valve WUDD Weapon Upkeep Disclosure Document WUP Weapon Upkeep Plan WWCCS World Wide Control and Communication System WWFN World Wide Fund for Nature WWG Weapon Working Group WWMCCS World Wide Military Command and Control System WWW World Wide Web WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get X.121 The numbering scheme for Packet Switched Service X.21 ITU protocol standard X.25 ITU interface standard for terminals operating in the packet mode X.29 ITU standard of procedures for the exchange of Control and Data information X.3 ITU standard for Packet Assembly/disassembly (PAD) facility X.400 International Standard for message handling systems X.500 International Standard for Directory Services X1 WOMAA who works for SXO X2/BDX NBCDX2/Battle Damage Exercise XB Executive Board (as in DPA) XBS eXternal Breathing System XBT eXpendable Bathy Thermography XBT eXpendable BathyThermograph XD Executive Director (as in DPA) XMI XML Metadata Interchange XML Extensible Markup Language XML Extensible Mark‐up Language XO Executive Officer XOT eXpendable Optical Temperature/Depth XP eXchange Point XSV eXpendable Sound Velocimeter XTM XO’s Temporary Memorandum Y of S Yeoman of Signals Y2K Year  2000  (Millennium Bug) YARD Yarrows Admiralty Research & Development. yd Yard (UK unit of measurement) yd(s) yard(s) YO Young Officer (under training) YOFB Young Officers Fleet Board YPG Yuma Proving Ground Yr Year YSM Yard Services Manager Z Zone ZEUS Harrier GR5/7 Mission Planning Aid? ZMC Zone Military Commander ZZ Zig‐Zag